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Featured Weekly NYT Columnists

- You Want to Clean Up the House? Same Here, By Jamelle Bouie
- Wonking Out: Much Ado About Wages, By Paul Krugman
- Recession? Not for Big Tech., By Farhad Manjoo
- Finally, a Dr. Oz Show That I Really Want to Watch, By Frank Bruni
- How Goes the War on Inflation?, By Paul Krugman
- Why Andrew Yang’s New Third Party Is Bound to Fail, By Jamelle Bouie
- The Anti-Abortion Movement Is in Denial, By Michelle Goldberg
- MAGA Doesn’t Care About Cops, By Charles M. Blow
- Biden’s Big, Bold, Surprising Plan for a Green Transition (I Hope), By Thomas L. Friedman
- Red and Blue America Will Never Be the Same, By Thomas B. Edsall
- There’s Hot, and Then There’s Hot as … Politics, By Gail Collins and Bret Stephens
- The Dystopian Myths of Red America, By Paul Krugman
- Recession: What Does It Mean?, By Paul Krugman
- We Can’t Afford Not to Prosecute Trump, By Charles M. Blow
- There’s More Than One Way to Ban a Book, By Pamela Paul
- Wonking Out: What’s the Matter With Italy?, By Paul Krugman
- The Myth of the Good Trump Official, By Michelle Goldberg
- There Are 100 People in America With Way Too Much Power, By Jamelle Bouie
- Why Republicans Are Having Gas Pains, By Paul Krugman
- There’s a Reason Trump Could Try to Overturn the Results of the 2020 Election, By Jamelle Bouie
- A Top Mental Health Expert on Where America Went Wrong, The Ezra Klein Show
- Feel Utterly Hopeless About American Climate Policy, By Farhad Manjoo
- Thomas Friedman: I Was Wrong About Chinese Censorship, By Thomas L. Friedman
- Paul Krugman: I Was Wrong About Inflation, By Paul Krugman
- Gail Collins: I Was Wrong About Mitt Romney (and His Dog), By Gail Collins
- Michelle Goldberg: I Was Wrong About Al Franken, By Michelle Goldberg
- Farhad Manjoo: I Was Wrong About Facebook, By Farhad Manjoo
- We’re Asking the Jan. 6 Committee to Do the Impossible, By Frank Bruni
- Inflation: A Revolution of Falling Expectations, By Paul Krugman
- How You Feel About Gender Roles Can Tell Us How You’ll Vote, By Thomas B. Edsall
- One of America’s Most Seductive States Is Also One of Its Scariest, By Frank Bruni
- Climate Politics Are Worse Than You Think, By Paul Krugman
- The Anti-Abortion Movement’s Contempt for Women Is Worse Than I Imagined, By Michelle Goldberg
- Why Housing Is So Expensive — Particularly in Blue States, The Ezra Klein Show
- Joe Manchin Is a Symptom, but It’s the Senate That’s Sick, By Jamelle Bouie
- Shed No Tears for Carolyn Bryant Donham, By Charles M. Blow
- Sometimes the Earth Makes the Rest of the Universe Look Very Good, By Gail Collins and Bret Stephens
- Inflation Has Unmasked the Depths of Our Affordability Crisis, By Ezra Klein
- Wonking Out: The Meaning of the Plunging Euro, By Paul Krugman
- Irish Eyes Aren’t Smiling, By Maureen Dowd
- You Asked, I Answer, By Jamelle Bouie
- A 10-Year-Old Endures the Predictable Result of an Abortion Ban, By Michelle Goldberg
- The Webb Telescope Restored (Some of) My Faith in Humanity, By Farhad Manjoo
- Why Markets Shrugged Off Bad Inflation News, By Paul Krugman
- Only Saudi Arabia and Israeli Arabs Can Save Israel as a Jewish Democracy, By Thomas L. Friedman
- A Weird, Wonderful Conversation With Kim Stanley Robinson, The Ezra Klein Show
- After Abortion, Republicans Are Targeting the Right to Travel, By Jamelle Bouie
- Trump: A Brat, but Not a Child, By Charles M. Blow
- The Humbug Economy, By Paul Krugman
- The Prime Minister Britain Needs Now, By Bret Stephens
- Mitt Romney Is Inventing Policies for a Fantasy G.O.P., By Jamelle Bouie
- Crypto Is Crashing. Where Were the Regulators?, By Paul Krugman
- Joe Biden Is Too Old to Be President Again, By Michelle Goldberg
- The Ukraine War Is About to Enter a Dangerous New Phase, By Thomas L. Friedman
- We Are Political Hostages, By Charles M. Blow
- And the Next President Will Be …,By Gail Collins and Bret Stephens
- What a Reckoning at the Supreme Court Could Look Like, By Ezra Klein
- If Only John Roberts Would Retire, By Pamela Paul
- Wonking Out: Rockets, Feathers and Prices at the Pump, By Paul Krugman
- Eric Adams, the New York Mayor Who Never Sleeps, By Maureen Dowd
- That Was the Stagflation That Was, By Paul Krugman
- Where My Research Has Taken Me Lately, By Jamelle Bouie
- Next Time Trump Tries to Steal an Election, He Won’t Need a Mob, By Jamelle Bouie
- The Delightful Implosion of Boris Johnson, By Michelle Goldberg
- Michelle Goldberg Grapples With Feminism After Roe, The Ezra Klein Show
- Show the Carnage, By Charles M. Blow
- Joe Biden Better Watch His Back!, By Frank Bruni
- Liberals Need a Better Vision of the Constitution. Here’s What It Could Look Like., The Ezra Klein Show
- Abortion, Like Prohibition, Has a Clear Racial Dimension, By Charles M. Blow
- How Can We Still Be Talking About Trump?, By Gail Collins and Bret Stephens
- Keep Czars Far Away, in Moscow or Mar-a-Lago, By Bret Stephens
- Another Step Toward Climate Apocalypse, By Paul Krugman
- Wonking Out: Taking the ‘Flation’ Out of Stagflation, By Paul Krugman
- The National Ambitions of States’ Rights Reactionaries, By Jamelle Bouie
- The Supreme Court Is the Final Word on Nothing, By Jamelle Bouie
- Was Jan. 6 Really ‘Un-American’?, By Frank Bruni
- Crazies, Cowards and the Trump Coup, By Paul Krugman
- America’s Post-Roe Chaos Is Here, By Michelle Goldberg
- How to Understand the Supreme Court’s Shift to the Right, The Ezra Klein Show
- The Supreme Court Takes Us Back … Way Back, By Gail Collins
- Women Will Save Us, By Charles M. Blow
- Dobbs Is Not the Only Reason to Question the Legitimacy of the Supreme Court, By Ezra Klein
- Was Jan. 6 Really ‘Un-American’?, By Frank Bruni
- Technology and the Triumph of Pessimism, By Paul Krugman
- On Israeli and American Ballots: The Soul of Democracy, By Thomas L. Friedman
- Will the Jan. 6 Committee Finally Bring Down the Cult of Trump?, By Bret Stephens
- If Only Trump Had Been Stopped From Grabbing America’s Steering Wheel, By Frank Bruni
- Democrats Are Having a Purity-Test Problem at Exactly the Wrong Time, By Thomas B. Edsall
- The Supreme Court’s Fighting Words, By Bret Stephens
- Lessons From the Terrible Triumph of the Anti-Abortion Movement, By Michelle Goldberg
- Why Did Republicans Become So Extreme?, By Paul Krugman
- How to Discipline a Rogue Supreme Court, By Jamelle Bouie
- The Dobbs Decision Isn’t Just About Abortion. It’s About Power., The Ezra Klein Show
- America the Merciless, By Pamela Paul
- Wonking Out: Hot Economies and High Prices, By Paul Krugman
- The Radical Reign of Clarence Thomas, By Maureen Dowd
- Beware the Dangers of Sado-Monetarism, By Paul Krugman
- The Case for Prosecuting Trump, The Ezra Klein Show
- The Jan. 6 Hearings Have Been So Much Better Than I Expected, By Michelle Goldberg
- Conservatives Are Attempting a Broad Attack on Gay Rights and Culture, By Charles M. Blow
- Your Summer Politics Quiz, By Gail Collins
- Eric Greitens’s Plug for Political Violence Is No Joke, By Frank Bruni
- Is the Era of Cheap Money Over?, By Paul Krugman
- Naftali Bennett’s Exit Interview, By Bret Stephens
- Why Conspiracy Theories Flourish in Trump’s America, By Thomas B. Edsall
- What We Do — and, Frustratingly, Don’t — Know About Long Covid, The Ezra Klein Show
- Mike Pence Was of Two Minds, By Gail Collins and Bret Stephens
- How to Celebrate Juneteenth, By Jamelle Bouie
- This Is a Weirder Moment Than You Think, By Ezra Klein
- Hence, Mike Pence, By Maureen Dowd
- Wonking Out: Wasn’t Bitcoin Supposed to Be a Hedge Against Inflation?, By Paul Krugman
- Mike Pence and the Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations, By Jamelle Bouie
- Don’t Let Bill Barr and Ivanka Trump Visit the Reputation Laundromat, By Frank Bruni
- Crypto, Houses, Sneakers, Rolexes: How FOMO Drove the Economy, By Farhad Manjoo
- What Is Golf’s Problem? Sellout Culture., By Paul Krugman
- The Stock Market Is Plummeting. Welcome to the End of the ‘Everything Bubble.’, The Ezra Klein Show
- Ginni Thomas Has a Lot of Explaining to Do, By Jamelle Bouie
- While Roe Is Being Overturned, Feminists Fight Among Themselves, By Michelle Goldberg
- Five Blunt Truths About the War in Ukraine, By Bret Stephens
- We’re Staring at Our Phones, Full of Rage for ‘the Other Side’, By Thomas B. Edsall
- Normalizing Mass Hysteria, By Charles M. Blow

Issues We Still Care About

SUPPORT SJ RES 19 - a Joint Senate Amendment to undo the harm caused by Citizens United. Sign this petition now.

SUPPORT CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT THAT DOESN'T GIVE PERSONHOOD TO CORPORATIONS. We have got to send a constitutional amendment to the states that says simply and straightforwardly what everyone - except five members of the United States Supreme Court - understands: Corporations are not people with equal constitutional rights. Corporations are subject to regulation by the people. Corporations may not make campaign contributions -- the law of the land for the last century. And Congress and states have the power to regulate campaign finances. Sign Sen. Sander's petition.

SUPPORT PFAW'S GRASSROOTS CAMPAIGN. People for the American War want to pass an amendment to the U.S. Constitution which would nullify the worst part of the USSC's decision by granting Congress the authority to limit corporate influence in elections. The Supreme Court's decision in Citizens United v. FEC threatens to tear apart the fabric of our democracy and grant powerful corporations unfettered influence in our political process. Tell congressional leaders to support and pass a constitutional amendment granting Congress the authority limit corporate influence in elections without delay. Sign PFAW's online petition now.

How do you milk a flock of sheep?
Attribution: ODaction.com

Message for our viewers: Trumpism will remain a cancer on our democracy until the last vestiges of his supporters and enablers in Congress and those promoting lies in rightwing media, violent white supremacists and violent Christian white nationalists, whose ignorance and vileness is beyond our comprehension, crawl back into the sewers they came from and stay there. And we must insist that every USSC Justice who lied in their confirmation hearings are impeached for perjury. So our post-Trump mission must be to make sure all the damage Trump and his enablers have done is repaired as quickly as possible and those who who broke the law or violated their oaths of office while doing so are held accountable and this list includes all but seven Republican Senators who willfully violated their oaths of office to acquit Trump of the worse possible crimes against the Constitution imaginable. Here's a list of all 43 Republican Senators who sided with Trump. Please vote them all out of office when they run for re-election!

Every. Vote. Matters. Check your voter registration status and polling place on ODAction to ensure you’re prepared for upcoming primaries and the midterms — and tell your network of like-minded friends and family to do the same.

Watch "Debunking 4 Myths About Inflation | Robert Reich" on YouTube

Both of these books are now for sale: Trump in Limericks: For those who've groaned to dislike him and More Trump in Limericks: An October Surprise which covers the Trump Administration right up to election day. Both books are chock full of interesting and funny limericks and illustrations. Even when he's out of office you will enjoy these books because the sordid history of his administration is written with humor.

The BIG Guide: Who's who in the Jan. 6 committee's investigation, By Brandi Buchman, Daily Kos Staff. An excellent guide for everyone to keep track of most of the key players in the Jan. 6th Committee investigation. Who they are and what they did to become targets in this investigation.

Building the “Big Lie”: Inside the Creation of Trump’s Stolen Election Myth
by Doug Bock Clark, Alexandra Berzon and Kirsten Berg, This story is part of an ongoing collaborative reporting effort between ProPublica and FRONTLINE that includes the documentary film “Plot to Overturn the Election.”

Donald Trump brought our democracy to the brink and exposed its weak spots. How to thwart the next American tyrant.
, By The Editorial Board of The Boston Globe, June 2021

So you never forget, here is the complete list of all the Republicans who now are part of the Sedition Caucus in Congress.

Social Media warning: Don't put your privacy, security, mental health, and future at risk. Stay away from social media as much as possible. Insurance companies, banks, scam artists, and employers all use social media when deciding how they should and can treat you. Be reminded that Facebook and Twitter are infected with foreign bots and bad actors. Their money is made by encouraging deception, conflict, and disinformation because it is more profitable for them to do so. Social media algorithms interfere with normal brain functioning and the damage it causes can be severe. But we also applaud Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for removing Trump's posts and/or banning him from using their platforms. This must be a permanent ban.

Humor that will be updated on our site even though Trump is not in office:

We urge our viewers to support these very funny and smart hosts of late night TV who aren't afraid to continually share their political opinions and will still be very funny even though Trump is out of office: Trevor Noah, The Daily Show on Comedy Central, Stephen Colbert, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on CBS, Seth Meyers, Late Night with Seth Meyers on NBC, and Bill Maher, Real Time With Billl Maher on HBO.

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All older articles that appeared in this section through December 31, 2012 can be found in our archives.

Trump's direct role in attempted overturn under increasing scrutiny by DOJ prosecutors, sources say
By Brandi Buchman

Justice Alito's bad theology: Abortion foes don't have "morality" on their side
Alito's conception of morality, in his abortion decision, relies on a patriarchal theology most Americans reject
By Elizabeth M. Freese - Angela Tyler-Williams

A glimmer of hope in a summer of blinding heat
By Leonard Pitts Jr.

Rut! Roh!... RNC Warns Trump That If He Runs For President Again They'll Stop Paying His Legal Bills
By PvtJarHead

Dawn of the apocalypse: Existential crisis for our species is right here, right now
We've been warned for decades about the death march of climate change. But global elites have done almost nothing
By Chris Hedges

Merrick Garland must rekindle Americans' faith in rule of law
By Leonard Pitts Jr.

GOP senators have a plan to avoid a marriage equality vote. Are Democrats really falling for it?
By Laura Clawson

ICE is again transferring immigrants to remote locations without any notice to family or lawyers
By Gabe Ortiz

Trump's inner turmoil: He craves credit for January 6 — but can't admit it for fear of prison
New January 6 video shows an unrepentant Trump — and predicts the increasing threat of right-wing violence
By Amanda Marcotte

Just 27 Billionaires Have Spent $90 Million to Buy GOP Congress: Report
"They're counting on that 'small' investment in anti-tax Republicans to save them billions in taxes," said Americans for Tax Fairness, which conducted the analysis.
By Kenny Stancil

Donald Trump's new plan to completely destroy America
By Mark Sumner

Alan Dershowitz defends Bannon against conviction controversy
Dershowitz spoke with Newsmax host Greta Van Susteren late Friday on the subject of Bannon
By Tom Boggioni

Josh Hawley became the laughingstock of the internet and a thousand hilarious memes were born
By Jen Hayden

'CEOs, Not Working People, Are Causing Inflation': Report Shows Soaring Executive Pay
"When you look at those numbers and at CEOs trying to blame workers for inflation, it just doesn't add up," said the secretary-treasurer of the AFL-CIO.
By Jake Johnson

Malcolm Nance on the Trump insurgency: Jan. 6 was a "template to do it correctly next time"
Bestselling author and former intelligence officer: "We were within hours of a full-scale coup d'état" on Jan. 6
By Chauncey DeVega

1977- If only they had told the truth.
By LaFeminista
"Exxon was aware of climate change, as early as 1977, 11 years before it became a public issue, according to a recent investigation from InsideClimate News."

Two decades of Alzheimer's research may be based on deliberate fraud that has cost millions of lives
By Mark Sumner

Donald Trump 'was the cancer in the center' of January 6th plot: Lincoln Project
By Brandon Gage

"A constitutional joke": Jamie Raskin destroys Republicans' 2nd Amendment fantasy
Democratic Rep. Raskin called out GOP Rep. Chip Roy of Texas for his views on using guns against the government
By Abigail Goldberg-Zelizer

Kinzinger shames MAGA republicans - "they are laughing that they can manipulate you so easily"

Beware the extremist, dangerous and unconstitutional ‘constitutional sheriffs’
By Christy E. Lopez

Toobin says Trump's continued reinstatement efforts are that of a "tinfoil hat crazy person"
Jeffrey Toobin talked about Trump's obsession with the 2020 election results during Wednesday's "New Day"
By Kelly McClure

Trump was the 'malignant influence' his enablers bowed to
Leonard Pitts Jr.

Here’s a wake-up call for the country: 195 House Republicans want to end right to birth control
By Joan McCarter

Republicans increasingly viewed by Americans as the party of violence
By Kerry Eleveld

“They’re coming for contraception”: 195 Republicans vote against right to birth control, condoms
Just 8 Republicans supported the bill as Democrats call out the GOP's "assault on women's rights"
By Igor Derysh

Retired U.S. Military Leaders Speak Out Against Trump's 'Dereliction Of Duty'
Josephine Harvey

Abbreviated Pundit Roundup: The hammer falls
By Greg Dworkin for Daily Kos

Vince McMahon's hush-money scandal: A window into Trump's America
Pro wrestling mogul (and Trump pal) Vince McMahon built an empire on exploitation — and that's barely even news
By Irvin Muchnick

Trumpists team up with far-right ‘constitutional sheriffs’ to promote plan to seize voting machines
By David Neiwert

Merrick Garland must rekindle Americans' faith in rule of law
Leonard Pitts Jr.

Gavin Newsom says Democrats need to ‘organize with more ferocity of focus,’ put GOP ‘on the defense’
By Rebekah Sager

Dear Trump supporters, please make your fake antifa crimes more believable
By Hunter

Final act of empire? U.S., Israel and the Saudis now heading for war with Iran
Urged on by Israel and the murderous Saudi prince, Biden may be on the verge of a truly catastrophic mistake
By Chris Hedges

Trump’s “Big Lie” Was Also a Big Grift
The January 6 committee’s revelations that the Trump campaign raised money for a bogus “Official Election Defense Fund” point to criminal fraud.
By Elie Mystal

Lauren Boebert's Shooters Grill is out of ammo: Open-carry bar and grill closes for good
By Walter Einenkel

MAGA is complicit — not conned: Trump supporters were the most pivotal part of his coup
Trump is a "man, not an impressionable child" — but his followers aren't naive children, either
By Amanda Marcotte

Trump Scammed Supporters Out of $250 Million for Nonexistent Fraud Fund
Supporters who thought they were donating to “election integrity” instead saw some of their money funneled to Trump hotels

Report: Mark Meadows' finances under microscope of the Jan. 6 committee
By Brandi Buchman

Was this finally enough? Trump and his terrorist confederates must be prosecuted
Donald Trump led a terrorist conspiracy that aimed to overthrow democracy. What more does Merrick Garland need?
By Chauncey DeVega

Bannon detailed Trump's scheme to steal the election: ‘I’m the winner. Game over. Suck on that'
By Mark Sumner

Gavin Newsom’s plan to save the Constitution by trolling the Supreme Court
A new California gun law should force the Supreme Court to confront the enormity of its worst decision in decades.
By Ian Millhiser

Conservatives tried — and failed — to cast doubt on tale of Ohio child rape victim
Charges have been filed in the case of a 10-year-old girl who fled to Indiana to receive an abortion
By Abigail Goldberg-Zelizer

'Misled the American people': AOC calls out Gorsuch and Kavanaugh on lying about abortion views
By Aysha Qamar

More than one coup: Jan. 6 committee draws a direct line to Donald Trump
The committee downplayed the infamous Dec. 2020 White House meeting. It was actually much, much crazier
By Heather Digby Parton

Donald Trump could be charged with 'manslaughter' over insurrection inaction: Barbara McQuade
By David Edwards and Raw Story

Mary Trump's Uncle is "Terrified" of Cipollone
By Dan K

The first five images from the James Webb Space Telescope, explained
NASA revealed five stunning images which demonstrate the immense observational capacity of the new space telescope
By Matthew Rozsa

Pete Buttigieg on Fox News - Scathing Reply to Question About Kavanaugh Protestors; Chasten's Tweet
By jazzed

How One Senator Doomed the Democrats’ Climate Plan
Senator Joe Manchin III of West Virginia led his party and his president through months of tortured talks, with nothing to show for it as the planet dangerously heats up.

By Coral Davenport and Lisa Friedman

A surgeon explains why AR-15-style rifles are so deadly
“It's not uncommon to see bones that are disintegrated,” one doctor told Salon
By Nicole Karlis

Mark Meadows connected to messages attempting to intimidate Cassidy Hutchinson before her testimony
By Mark Sumner

So where did all this right-wing religious nuttery come from?
Most Americans — and most Christians — don't want religious doctrine dominating our laws. So how did we get here?
By Thom Hartmann

Biden has given many forceful speeches this year. Here's why they're not breaking through
By Kerry Eleveld

Report: Roger Stone and Ali Alexander seen strategizing overturn in documentary
By Brandi Buchman

January 6 hearing makes it clear: MAGA is a cult
The January 6 committee portrays Trump as a sinister cult leader and his followers as his dupes
By Amanda Marcotte

Earth Matters: Hate the way things are going environmentally and otherwise? Thank the Kochtopus
By Meteor Blades

Cacophony of dunces: When the Supreme Court trashed the Constitution
Sam Alito and John Roberts appeal to "history and tradition" — while they dance around the burning Constitution
By Lucian K. Truscott IV

Can any animal recognize its reflection? New studies shake up old ideas
Animals whom no one thought would be able to identify their own reflection appear to be doing just that
By Nicole Karlis

Justice Department is investigating Greg Abbott's racist Operation Lone Star scheme, report says
By Gabe Ortiz

"White life" and the fascist movement: Hey, at least they're being honest
Republicans don't bother to speak in code anymore. Why should they? Their big plans for America are no mystery
By Chauncey DeVega

Democrat Rep. calls for Michael Flynn to lose his pension after Army fined him for attending a 2015 Moscow gala with Putin: 'Traitors don't get pensions'
By Katie Balevic

'Not Christianity' begins trending on Twitter in response to Supreme Court's perverse rulings
By Walter Einenkel

Legal experts: Lindsey Graham can try to avoid Georgia's subpoena — but he is still screwed
Graham called Georgia's state secretary to discuss the "the possibility of a more favorable outcome" for Trump
By Jon Skolnik

Guardian reporter Hugo Lowell: What we still don't know about Jan. 6 and Trump's "full-blown coup"
Going deep with Hugo Lowell: What was Mike Flynn's plan? How much did Meadows and Giuliani know? What happens next?
By Chauncey DeVega

All older articles that appeared in this section through December 31, 2012 can be found in our archives. Starting in 2013 we will no longer be archiving articles in this section.

Links to Tom Tomorrow, This Modern World cartoons

Links to Mark Fiore animations and other funny animations

Check out our collection of Trump limericks and our original collection of anti-Trump oneliner jokes and we think you'll also enjoy our very humorous list of the most awful things Trump might have to do before Republicans stop defending him. It's interactive too.

Justice Department Urges Trump to Hire Alex Jones’s Lawyers
satire by Andy Borowitz

Kansas Republicans Face Dark Future in State Where Women Have Rights
satire by Andy Borowitz

Trump Demands Recount After Biden Has More Positive COVID Tests Than He Did
satire by Andy Borowitz

The open carry debate, in black-and-white terms
cartoon by Ruben Bolling

Foreign policy fetishes
cartoon by Brian McFadden

David Brooks' working class safari
cartoon by Brian McFadden

Sick burn
cartoon by laloalcaraz

The Kansas abortion vote
cartoon by Nick Anderson

Toxic Ted
cartoon by Nick Anderson

What does 'liberal' mean, anyway?
cartoon by Jen Sorensen

Existential crisis
cartoon by Tom Tomorrow

animation by Mark Fiore

Mitch McConnell Expels Joe Manchin from Republican Party
satire by Andy Borowitz

Trump Claims Justice Department Cannot Prove He Ever Acted as a President
satire by Andy Borowitz

Hawley Concerned That Being a Coward Is Overshadowing His Work as a Fascist
satire by Andy Borowitz

A Calvinesque and Hobbesian look at January 6
cartoon by Ruben Bolling

Foreign policy fetishes
cartoon by Brian McFadden

Climate coping strategies
cartoon by Brian McFadden

2024 decision
cartoon by laloalcaraz

Abortion Lawyer
cartoon by Nick Anderson

Fragrant future
cartoon by Jen Sorensen

The time traveler from 1977
cartoon by Tom Tomorrow

animation by Mark Fiore

Bannon’s Lawyers Argue That Imprisoning Him Would Be Cruel and Unusual Punishment for Other Prisoners
satire by Andy Borowitz

Tucker Carlson Claims Secret Service Texts Were Deleted by Hillary Clinton
satire by Andy Borowitz

Lucky Ducky, stop causing inflation!!
cartoon by Ruben Bolling

Ballistic shields
cartoon by Nick Anderson

cartoon by Jen Sorensen

Alternate realities
cartoon by Tom Tomorrow

animation by Mark Fiore

Marjorie Taylor Greene Accuses James Webb Telescope of Making Other Galaxies Available to Jewish Lasers
satire by Andy Borowitz

Steve Bannon Claims He Spent January 6th Washing His Hair
satire by Andy Borowitz

Tucker Carlson Accuses Biden of Lowering Gas Prices
satire by Andy Borowitz

'I Love Ginni'
cartoon by Ruben Bolling

animation by Mark Fiore

Merrick Garland's summer vacation
cartoon by Brian McFadden

Doctor Doormat
cartoon by Jen Sorensen

Insurrection? What insurrection?
cartoon by Tom Tomorrow

Boris Johnson Freaks Out After Giuliani Arrives in London to Help Him
satire by Andy Borowitz

Look! Polluting the sky! It's... Earthman!
cartoon by Ruben Bolling

cartoon by Brian McFadden

Still at large
cartoon by laloalcaraz

Alito's logic
cartoon by Nick Anderson

If Watergate happened with today's media
cartoon by Jen Sorensen

Witching hour
cartoon by Tom Tomorrow

Nation’s Fetuses Puzzled Why Supreme Court Wants Them Exposed to Air Pollution
satire by Andy Borowitz

Trump Denies Ever Knowing Ketchup
satire by Andy Borowitz

Trump Claims Ketchup Would Never Have Hit Wall if Giuliani Had Not Ducked
satire by Andy Borowitz

Women Declare Themselves Corporations to Force Supreme Court to Grant Them Rights as People
satire by Andy Borowitz

The tale of the pregnant gun
cartoon by Ruben Bolling

The power of reactionary thinking
cartoon by Brian McFadden

Death on the highway
cartoon by laloalcaraz

Roe overturned
cartoon by Nick Anderson

Delivering the goods
cartoon by Jen Sorensen

The end of Roe
cartoon by Tom Tomorrow

animation by Mark Fiore

Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Request for Pardon Rejected After She Spelled It “Parton”
satire by Andy Borowitz

Merrick Garland, A.G., and the slippery defendant
cartoon by Ruben Bolling

Surviving the crypto crash
cartoon by Brian McFadden

cartoon by Nick Anderson

The guilty party
cartoon by Jen Sorensen

Defending Donald
cartoon by Tom Tomorrow

animation by Mark Fiore

John Eastman Considering Applying to Law School
satire by Andy Borowitz

Elon Musk Announces Purchase of Ron DeSantis
satire by Andy Borowitz

Giuliani Demands Recount of His Blood-Alcohol Level
satire by Andy Borowitz

Palin Vows to Seek Statehood for Alaska
satire by Andy Borowitz

Super-Fun-Pak Comix, feat. Tom Cruise & Xenu, Man's Best Friend, and MORE!
cartoon by Ruben Bolling

Coming distractions
cartoon by Brian McFadden

All hat
cartoon by laloalcaraz

cartoon by Nick Anderson

cartoon by Jen Sorensen

Glox news update
cartoon by Tom Tomorrow

animation by Mark Fiore

Eric Trump Asks Dad Whether He Can Have Ivanka’s Room Now
satire by Andy Borowitz

Elon Musk Withdraws Offer to Buy Big Mac at McDonald’s Drive-Through
satire by Andy Borowitz

Fox News Unable to Air January 6th Hearings Owing to Reruns of Benghazi Hearings
satire by Andy Borowitz

Biden and Zelensky Reach Agreement to Send Americans’ Four Hundred Million Guns to Ukraine
satire by Andy Borowitz

Elon Musk Mystified That Tesla Employees Don’t Want to Spend All Day with Him
satire by Andy Borowitz

Keeping schools safe from guns with a few modifications!
cartoon by Ruben Bolling

Forever stamping out democracy
cartoon by Brian McFadden

Sleeping on the job
cartoon by laloalcaraz

Buyer's Remorse?
cartoon by Nick Anderson

More guns, please
cartoon by Jen Sorensen

History will judge!
cartoon by Tom Tomorrow

animation by Mark Fiore

Republicans Blast Canada for Insanely Responding to Gun Violence by Banning Guns
satire by Andy Borowitz

Richard Scarry's busy, busy 21st Century classroom
cartoon by Ruben Bolling

Monuments to gun 'culture'
cartoon by Brian McFadden

Good luck, Teacher
cartoon by laloalcaraz

Hardening Schools
cartoon by Nick Anderson

cartoon by Nick Anderson

Republicans call for school control
cartoon by Jen Sorensen

Another typical week
cartoon by Tom Tomorrow

animation by Mark Fiore


"If you’d taken the measure of the man (Donald Trump) before Election Day 2020 and decided, yes, he’s fit to lead America, good for this country and worthy of my efforts and energies on his behalf, there was nothing normal about you."-Don’t Let Bill Barr and Ivanka Trump Visit the Reputation Laundromat," By Frank Bruni
June 16, 2022, The New York Times

"To me, the bottom line is this: If we move on now without fully documenting what occurred, without acknowledging the betrayal of our values, and without determining whether or not any laws have been broken, we cannot help but validate all that has gone on before. If we look at the Bush record and conclude that the book should simply be closed, we will be tacitly approving both the documented abuses and the additional misdeeds we will have chosen to leave uncovered." --The late Rep. John Conyers Chair of House Judiciary Committe, D-MI, January 31, 2009, Huffingtonpost.com

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You can find a list of Israeli products and companies that profit from the occupation of Palestinian land to boycott on this website.

What will it take for Republicans to abandon Trump? - yes, they're crazy so your suggestions should be outrageous and funny.
Find a New Slogan for Fox News - Clever & funny slogans from our viewers
Create a New Slogan for the GOP - Big list of funny slogans
Create Better Language for Dems and Progressives - A worthwhile project to correct the misuse of terms and language we often hear.
What you might hear a military recruiter tell a potential enlistee - List of fun but mostly true gimmicks and lies being used by military recruiters to fill quotas. Designed to protect the uninformed from joining the military.
Blame Everything on Ronald Reagan - Fight back against those who blame the Democrats and Clinton for everything while they regale in the false myths of the Reagan Administration. This interactive and informative page details many of the horrors of Reagan's administration - what conservatives don't want you to hear about. This one will appeal more to history buffs and those who wish to understand the real damage the Reagan Administration did to our country.
• Send us your Donald Trump jokes to add to our list.
Viiew past Photo Caption Contest entries and winners.
Send Pills to Rush Limbaugh (Friends don't let friends broadcast or get divorced unmedicated) - We created funny address labels and stickers for you to use to send Rush your unused pills.
Interactive Bush resume - Already 13 pages! Impressively long - and a serious indictment of BushCo. We dare you to read it all and tell us Bush doesn't belong behind bars!

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