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- Finding America’s Mother Teresa, By Nicholas Kristof
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- Ten-Step Program for Adjusting to President-Elect Trump, By Gail Collins
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- President Donald Trump, By Roger Cohen
- Donald Trump’s Shocking Success, By Frank Bruni
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- Fiscal Foolishness, By PAUL KRUGMAN
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- Anti-Semitic Anti-Zionism, By Roger Cohen
- Is the Election a Morality Play or Just Reality TV?, By ARTHUR C. BROOKS and GAIL COLLINS
- Their Dark Fantasies, By Paul Krugman
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- Donald Trump, the Worst of America, By Charles M. Blow
- If Hillary Clinton Groped Men, By Nicholas Kristof
- Michelle Schools Donald Trump, By Maureen Dowd
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- Can the U.S. Win This Election?, By Thomas L. Friedman
- When They Go Low, Do We Have to Go, Too?, By By ARTHUR C. BROOKS and GAIL COLLINS
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- What About the Planet?, By Paul Krugman
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- ‘I Am Very Afraid I Will Die Tonight’, By Nicholas Kristof
- Let’s Get Putin’s Attention, By Thomas L. Friedman
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- Donald Trump: Terroristic Man-Toddler, By Charles M. Blow
- Donald Trump’s Pathetic Fraternity, By Frank Bruni
- Girl Talk at Trump Tower, By Maureen Dowd
- When Whites Just Don’t Get It, Part 7, By Nicholas Kristof
- How Could Anyone Vote for Trump?, By Gail Collins
- How the Clinton-Trump Race Got Close, By Paul Krugman
- Trump’s Debate Flameout, By Charles M. Blow
- That Seventh-Grade Bully Is Running for President, By Nicholas Kristof
- Who’s Really Older, Trump or Clinton?, By Gail Collins
- Trump? How Could We?, By Thomas L. Friedman
- Sympathy for the Donald, By Frank Bruni

Issues We Still Care About

SUPPORT SJ RES 19 - a Joint Senate Amendment to undo the harm caused by Citizens United. Sign this petition now.

DEMAND OBAMA RELEASE THE EXECUTION MEMOS. Just as the public demanded the release of the Bush Administration's Torture Memos to expose the ludicrous rationale behind their secret torture program, we too must demand to know the legal rationale for a program that allows our president to unilaterally choose to deprive someone of life and liberty - without the victim even being charged with a crime. Sign FireDogLake's petition demanding the Obama administration produce the internal memos and legal justification for their targeted execution program.

SUPPORT THE StopWatching.Us CAMPAIGN. The StopWatching.Us campaign aims to turn grass-roots anger at secret surveillance into political action.

SUPPORT CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT THAT DOESN'T GIVE PERSONHOOD TO CORPORATIONS. We have got to send a constitutional amendment to the states that says simply and straightforwardly what everyone - except five members of the United States Supreme Court - understands: Corporations are not people with equal constitutional rights. Corporations are subject to regulation by the people. Corporations may not make campaign contributions -- the law of the land for the last century. And Congress and states have the power to regulate campaign finances. Sign Sen. Sander's petition.

SUPPORT PFAW'S GRASSROOTS CAMPAIGN. People for the American War want to pass an amendment to the U.S. Constitution which would nullify the worst part of the USSC's decision by granting Congress the authority to limit corporate influence in elections. The Supreme Court's decision in Citizens United v. FEC threatens to tear apart the fabric of our democracy and grant powerful corporations unfettered influence in our political process. Tell congressional leaders to support and pass a constitutional amendment granting Congress the authority limit corporate influence in elections without delay. Sign PFAW's online petition now.

PROSECUTE BUSH CRIMES. Sign the petition at the Center for Constitutional Rights requesting various Bush officials be prosecuted for committing criminal acts. Also sign their letter to Sen. Leahy telling him that criminal prosecutions are necessary. Make sure you do both! Also download their factsheet to share with others [256k] and read the list that includes 182 people and organizations calling for prosecutions of top officals.

Our 2016 Post Election Section

Message to our viewers:

And voters picked the perfect person to screw them - a serial rapist and sexual predator, who by the way is also an ignoramus just like you. And for the record, to the many progressives out there who were viciously and unfairly attacking Hillary [you know who you are] and to those Democrats and progressives who didn't vote for her or voted for one of the Third Party candidates, you are responsible for tRUMP too. His stench will be forever on your hands. This article is for you: THE MYTHS DEMOCRATS SWALLOWED THAT COST THEM THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION

To the ignoramuses who supported Trump and voted from him, this artice is for you:
A word to all of Trump's ignorant supporters and enablers and the media who tried to nomalize their bigotry and hatred

by R. J. Crane, editor, topplebush.com

Preventing a Trump Presidency in the Electoral College [it's worth a try]: The surprisingly realistic path to eliminating the Electoral College by 2020. Also, Electoral College Can Stop Unfit Trump -- With Another Republican, And states with electors that we could change.

Please read these two excellent pieces: Hillary Clinton’s Resounding Mandate, by Frank Bruni and this one by New York Daily News Bury Trump in a Landslide, and Donald Trump Cannot Be President of the United States: The time has come for voters to decide what it truly means to be an American, By Jesse Berney, Rolling Stone,

2016 topplebush.com election creations and more: Visit our collection of humorous anti-Trump images starting with photo1053 and our interactive page of Trump jokes and over 100 anti-Trump limericks - all in our Humor section. We also added a page called GOP political whores so you can keep track of Vichy Republicans and their enablers who formally trashed Trump but are now endorsing and/or supporting him.

Key Anti-Trump news articles and opinion pieces,:

Donald Trump Cannot Be President of the United States
The time has come for voters to decide what it truly means to be an American, By Jesse Berney, Rolling Stone


The ultimate list of all the women that have accused Donald Trump of rape/sexual assault. Read the list and judge for yourself. Also this list will be updated as soon as more women come forth. Even though most of the MSM has stopped covering this issue with the same intense coverage they did when the video came out, all of us should continue to support these brave women. Just because they weren't the first to come out they should know we still care what they have to say even after the election is over.

Bury Trump in a Landslide, By New York Daily News. Excellent and coomplete summary of everything Trump and why it's a no brainer to reject him and everything he stands for.

Search the Web Search Topplebush.com

All older articles that appeared in this section through December 31, 2012 can be found in our archives.

Jeff Sessions as Attorney General: An Insult to Justice

Michael Flynn: An Alarming Pick for National Security Adviser

Why Rudy Giuliani Shouldn’t Be Secretary of State

Donald Trump’s Tangled Web
"Donald Trump refused to release his income tax returns during the campaign and now seems determined to lug every piece of financial baggage connected to his hotels, golf courses and other businesses into the White House."


3 Reasons the Trump coalition will crumble — and Democrats will need to pick up the pieces
"The Democrats should focus now on winning a majority of seats in the House of Representatives in November 2018."

The End of Identity Liberalism
"In recent years American liberalism has slipped into a kind of moral panic about racial, gender and sexual identity that has distorted liberalism’s message and prevented it from becoming a unifying force capable of governing."

It's time to stop being nice and be honest about what we're up against
posted on Daily Kos, by Doctor RJ

Garrison Keillor: Trump voters will see his disasters fall on them—more than anyone else
posted on Daily Kos, by Leslie Salzillo

David Plouffe: What I Got Wrong About the Election
"Still, the nagging worry about a lack of broad-based enthusiasm for Mrs. Clinton, which I noted often as someone familiar with the Obama coalition, proved to be justified. She had passionate supporters and volunteers, for sure. But for sporadic and potential first-time voters, the spark was not there."

Donald Trump is bringing torture back: His entire foreign-policy team is comprised of big fans of the worst Bush-era practices

Want America First? Try Free Trade
"The only way to advance the interests of American workers and consumers is to negotiate better and stronger international arrangements."

It's Worse Than You Think
By Chris Hedges
"Widespread social unrest will ignite when Donald Trump's base realizes it has been betrayed. I do not know when this will happen. But that it will happen is certain. Investments in the stocks of the war industry, internal security and the prison-industrial complex have skyrocketed since Trump won the presidency. There is a lot of money to be made from a militarized police state."  

The World Waits and Wonders About Donald Trump
"If the president-elect wants to take seriously his responsibilities as head of the free world, he should waste no time in making clear how much of his campaign bluster was just that."

Emboldened by Donald Trump’s win, Republican lawmakers nationwide rush to pass repressive legislation

After Trump, Fear and Gloating in Pakistan
By Mohammed Hanif
"Those who are gloating here in Pakistan have a convincing enough narrative: Everything we already knew about ugly America just got a chest-thumping confirmation from Americans themselves."

Trump Has Declared Climate War. But My Generation Will Win.

The Election was Stolen – Here’s How
by Greg Palast
"Just as the Supreme Court gutted the Voting Rights Act – a coterie of Trump operatives, under the direction of Kris Kobach, Kansas Secretary of State, created a system to purge 1.1 million Americans of color from the voter rolls of GOP–controlled states."

The Danger of Going Soft on Russia

When Republicans Take Power

Donald Trump’s mandate to govern is laughable, a Gallup poll shows
"According to a Gallup poll released on Thursday, 55 percent of Americans surveyed said they had an unfavorable opinion of Trump in a stretch immediately after the election, from Nov. 9 to Nov. 13."

The Myth of Female Solidarity
"The dream that women would vote for a woman overlooked the seductive pulls and interactions among party, class and racial identity that have long divided women as much as their gender was assumed to unite them."

The Democratic Coalition’s Epic Fail
By Thomas B. Edsall
"As the leader of the Democratic coalition, Clinton was unable to get maximum production from her diverse supporters, and at the same time her efforts to appeal to individual demographic groups fueled the retaliatory backlash that Trump capitalized on to make incremental but decisive gains."

Clinton aides blame loss on everything but themselves
‘They are saying they did nothing wrong, which is ridiculous,’ one Democrat says.


“People are definitely dumber”: Thanks to Facebook, a viral fake-news writer is making $10,000 a month

How Donald Trump Will Divide American and Israeli Jews
By Shmuel Rosner
"If his policies match his campaign rhetoric, Israelis, with time, will grow to like him. American Jews, meanwhile, will seethe."

Donald Trump Is Now Hiring

Corey Lewandowski says Donald Trump should thank FBI Director James Comey

What’s the Use of Regret?
By Gordon Marino, THE STONE

Israel’s Alarming Settlement Bill
"Right-wing Israeli politicians see Donald Trump’s election as helpful toward their goal of burying the prospect of a Palestinian state. On Wednesday, Israeli lawmakers gave preliminary approval to a bill that would retroactively legalize settlements built on private Palestinian land in the West Bank."

The Democrats’ Real Turnout Problem
By David Leonhardt
"None of the other three most recent Democratic presidential nominees — Hillary Clinton, John Kerry and Al Gore — inspired great turnout."

Donald Trump’s Plan to Purge the Nation
"President-elect Donald Trump says he will move immediately to deport or imprison two million, maybe three million, unauthorized-immigrant criminals."

The Not-So-Silent White Majority
By Thomas B. Edsall

The Other White People
By Timothy Egan

When Obama’s Gone, Who Will Stand Up for Democracy?
By Carol Giacomo, TAKING NOTE

The Right Way to Resist Trump
"Mr. Berlusconi was able to govern Italy for as long as he did mostly thanks to the incompetence of his opposition. It was so rabidly obsessed with his personality that any substantive political debate disappeared; it focused only on personal attacks, the effect of which was to increase Mr. Berlusconi’s popularity."

Silicon Valley Helped Create Trump, and That’s Bad for It
"Tech companies didn’t face the same degree of populist assault as the banks, but they came to embody as much as Wall Street the harsh, unequal American economy that didn’t care a lick for the people left behind."

Donald Trump’s Revolt
From the NYT
"Here is what we do know: We know Mr. Trump is the most unprepared president-elect in modern history."

Resist Much
By Timothy Egan
"This is a very dangerous man, our next president. Dangerous in his certitude about what he doesn’t know. Dangerous in his ignorance of history, his antipathy toward reading, his inability to sort fact from fiction. The last man to play things by the gut while in control of the world’s most powerful military left a mortal mess."

Donald Trump Trolled Us All. We Should Learn From It.
"Mr. Trump’s unorthodox social media campaign helped him beat more than a dozen other candidates, enjoy free media coverage that would have cost billions, become a major-party nominee and win the presidency."

When Reportage Turns to Cynicism
By David Bornstein and Tina Rosenberg
"The state of the union is mixed. So why did so many people accept Trump’s dark vision? One answer is that it fits with what they feel from the news. In this case, it doesn’t matter if it’s left- or right-wing news."

Mark Zuckerberg Is in Denial
By Zeynep Tufekci
" The problem with Facebook’s influence on political discourse is not limited to the dissemination of fake news. It’s also about echo chambers. The company’s algorithm chooses which updates appear higher up in users’ newsfeeds and which are buried."

Protect Democracy First
By David Leonhardt
"We’ve just finished an election that included unprecedented violations of America’s long-held democratic values, like calls to overturn civil liberties and the interference of a hostile foreign government. And, of course, the candidate who violated those values won the election."

‘Turn On the Hate’: Steve Bannon at the White House

The Coal Industry Isn’t Coming Back

What Happened on Election Day
How the election and Donald Trump’s victory looks to Opinion writers.

From the NY Times

Girls Can Be Anything, Just Not President
"To many of us, Mrs. Clinton was representative of every woman who’s been talked over or overlooked for a job, had her qualifications questioned, or been called a 'bitch'.”

How the media made this monster, normalizing Donald Trump and demonizing Hillary Clinton, and it’s not over

The Rage of White, Christian America
"One clue to the power of this racial and religious identity can be seen in the striking similarity of a map of white Christian population density by state to the red and blue election night map...Donald J. Trump’s Republican Party looked back wistfully to a monochromatic vision of 1950s America, while the major party fronting the first female presidential candidate celebrated the pluralistic future of 2050, when the Census Bureau first projected the United States would become a majority nonwhite nation."

Yes, the white male anger that fueled Trump’s victory was real — but it isn’t valid
Make no mistake, Trumpers are angry. What they're angry about is the loss of unearned race and gender privilege

By Amanda Marcotte

A Coup Against the Supreme Court
"Mr. Gore’s concession that night still stands as the most powerful reaffirmation in modern times of the Supreme Court’s unique and fragile role in the American system of government."

What will the Trump administration look like? Our first clues are uniformly awful

The hyper-polarization of America: It didn’t start with Trump and Clinton, and it won’t end with them

All older articles that appeared in this section through December 31, 2012 can be found in our archives. Starting in 2013 we will no longer be archiving articles in this section.

Links to Tom Tomorrow, This Modern World cartoons

Links to Mark Fiore animations and other funny animations

Trump Picks El Chapo to Run D.E.A.
satire by Andy Borowitz

Angrier Things 2: Trump's Invasion from the Upside Down
cartoon by Ruben Bolling

Transition trial balloons
cartoon by Brian McFadden

Thanksgiving survival tips 2016
cartoon by Jen Sorensen

Trump's new powers
cartoon by Matt Bors

Cartoon: The great divide
cartoon by Tom Tomorrow

animation by Mark Fiore

cartoon by Tom Tomorrow

Super-Fun-Pak Comix: 'I was just elected President of the United States.'
cartoon by Ruben Bolling

White House warning signs
cartoon by Brian McFadden

Not helping
cartoon by Jen Sorensen

And now a world from Donald Trump...
cartoon by Matt Bors

Secretary of Deplorables
animation by Mark Fiore

Trump Confirms That He Just Googled Obamacare
satire by Andy Borowitz

Trump to Create Jobs for Unskilled White Males
satire by Andy Borowitz

Cruz Delivers Early Concession Speech for Trump
satire by Andy Borowitz

In Final Appeal to Voters, Clinton Changes Slogan to “Won’t Blow Up Planet”
satire by Andy Borowitz

F.B.I. Regretfully Announces That Hillary Committed No Crimes
satire by Andy Borowitz

Super-Fun-Pak Comix
cartoon by Ruben Bolling

James Comey's case files
cartoon by Brian McFadden

Let's get real on Election Day
cartoon by Jen Sorensen

And that's a wrap...
\cartoon by Matt Bors

The cliff
cartoon by Tom Tomorrow

DIY funnies
cartoon by Tom Tomorrow

animation by Mark Fiore

Putin Appears with Trump in Flurry of Swing-State Rallies
satire by Andy Borowitz

Comey Says F.B.I. Investigating Hillary’s Ties to Bill Clinton
satire by Andy Borowitz

Ability to Generate E-Mails Key Indicator of Stamina, Medical Study Says
satire by Andy Borowitz

Queen Offers to Restore British Rule Over United States
satire by Andy Borowitz

Do you have an Antisocial Personality Disorder?
cartoon by Ruben Bolling

Down and out in the Senate races
\cartoon by Brian McFadden

cartoon by laloalcaraz

If the media covered climate change the way it covers Hillary's email
cartoon by Jen Sorensen

400 days of bummer
cartoon by Matt Bors 

The return ...
cartoon by Tom Tomorrow

animation by Mark Fiore

Trump Warns Hillary May Rig Election by Getting More Votes
satire by Andy Borowitz

Trump Expands Attacks to Include George Clinton
satire by Andy Borowitz

Putin Cancels Campaign Event with Trump
satire by Andy Borowitz

Obama Reassures Foreign Tourists: “No Other American Man Is This Horrible”
satire by Andy Borowitz

Trump Vows to Defeat Bill Clinton
satire by Andy Borowitz

Republicans Urge Replacing Man Who Hates Women with Man Who Hates Women and Gays
satire by Andy Borowitz

Law and Order - Trump Unit
cartoon by Ruben Bolling

The candidates get out the vote
cartoon by Brian McFadden

My latest on the Trump presidential campaign
cartoon by laloalcaraz

Hillary's internal debate
cartoon by Jen Sorensen

Why are they ditching Trump?
cartoon by Matt Bors

Bizarro Trump
cartoon by Tom Tomorrow

animation by Mark Fiore

Republican Party Could Recover as Early as 2096, Experts Say
satire by Andy Borowitz

Obama Hits Record-High Approval Rating Despite Turning Country Into Jobless Crime-Ridden Hellhole
satire by Andy Borowitz

Pence Opens V.P. Debate by Begging Private Sector to Hire Him
satire by Andy Borowitz

Christie Calls Trump Genius for Plan to Burn Down White House and Collect Insurance
satire by Andy Borowitz

Gary Johnson Says His Favorite Foreign Leader Is Obi-Wan Kenobi
satire by Andy Borowitz

Donald and his publicist prepare for a debate
cartoon by Ruben Bolling

The prison strike on-screen
cartoon by Brian McFadden

The VP Debate
cartoon by laloalcaraz

Trump's tremendous stamina
cartoon by Jen Sorensen 

Trump's tweet storm
cartoon by Matt Bors

The incredible debate
cartoon by Tom Tomorrow

animation by Mark Fiore

Trump Threatens to Skip Remaining Debates If Hillary Is There
satire by Andy Borowitz

CNN Launches Manhunt After Lester Holt Vanishes from Debate
satire by Andy Borowitz

More Americans Expected to Self-Medicate Than for Any Other Debate in History
satire by Andy Borowitz

News of the times: Trump bends reality to will
cartoon by Ruben Bolling

Donald Trump's tremendous charities
cartoon by Brian McFadden

Defective microphone
cartoon by laloalcaraz

Who's on the ballot?
cartoon by Jen Sorensen

Protest in peace
cartoon by Matt Bors

The unpersuadable
cartoon by Tom Tomorrow

animation by Mark Fiore

Trump Warns That Clinton Will Rig Debate by Using
satire by Andy Borowitz

Endorsement of Trump to Play Key Role in Christie’s Insanity Defensesatire by Andy Borowitz

The real story of the investigator Trump sent to Hawaii
cartoon by Ruben Bolling

The undecided zone
cartoon by Brian McFadden

Brands ruined by Trump
cartoon by laloalcaraz

The bright side of a Trump victory
cartoon by Jen Sorensen

Lord, save us from the pundits
cartoon by Matt Bors

Dada journalism
cartoon by Tom Tomorrow

animation by Mark Fiore

Emotional Obama Tearfully Thanks Trump for Granting Him Citizenship
satire by Andy Borowitz

Poll: Unconscious Clinton More Fit to Be President Than Conscious Trump
satire by Andy Borowitz

Life under President Trump
cartoon by Ruben Bolling

Fall TV preview
cartoon by Brian McFadden

The basket is full
cartoon by laloalcaraz

Hillary eruption
cartoon by Jen Sorensen

Mr. Gotcha
cartoon by Matt Bors

Hero worship
cartoon by Tom Tomorrow

animation by Mark Fiore

Gary Johnson Vows to Get Tough on East Korea
satire by Andy Borowitz

Trump Says Ordering People at Rallies to Attack One Another Has Prepared Him to Be Commander-in-Chief
satire by Andy Borowitz


"To me, the bottom line is this: If we move on now without fully documenting what occurred, without acknowledging the betrayal of our values, and without determining whether or not any laws have been broken, we cannot help but validate all that has gone on before. If we look at the Bush record and conclude that the book should simply be closed, we will be tacitly approving both the documented abuses and the additional misdeeds we will have chosen to leave uncovered." --Rep.John Conyers Chair of House Judiciary Committe, D-MI, January 3 1, 2009, Huffingtonpost.com

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Blame Everything on Ronald Reagan - Fight back against those who blame the Democrats and Clinton for everything while they regale in the false myths of the Reagan Administration. This interactive and informative page details many of the horrors of Reagan's administration - what conservatives don't want you to hear about. This one will appeal more to history buffs and those who wish to understand the real damage the Reagan Administration did to our country.
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