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George W. Bush's Resume "Expanded"

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Accomplishments as president:

  • My Department of Education has paid education advocacy groups to produce newspaper opinion pieces, advertisements, and other public materials that reached audiences all over the country without revealing that the government paid for their production and distribution.[1]
  • Faced with a natural disaster and not knowing what constructive things I could do exactly, I took the daring and strenuous step of declaring a day of prayer. We must pray to God. Was it God or Satan who sent the hurricane? I've been told by Pat Robertson that there is a large community of homosexuals in New Orleans! Hmmmm. --from viewer Cameron, Houston, TX
  • The only President in the history of the United States (Unless shown otherwise) who visited the site of a major natural catastrophy and during the visit, joyfully reminisced about his drinking days of his youth. I wanted to boost the morale of the homeless, sick, wounded and dead. So much empathy! --from viewer Cameron, Houston, TX
  • The only President who has praised the job performance of an underling and that same underling was immediately demoted because of his poor job performance. --from viewer Cameron, Houston, TX
  • My deployment of thousands of National Guard troops from Mississippi and Louisiana in Iraq when Hurricane Katrina struck hindered those states' initial storm response, according to military and civilian officials.[2]
  • Appointed the apopletic John Bolton to the UN during a recess because the Senate couldn't confirm him. Bolton despies the UN and wants to dismantle it as the US ambassador and even the Brits want him gone.--from a viewer
  • My administration violated the law by buying favorable news coverage of my education policies, by making payments to the conservative commentator Armstrong Williams and by hiring a public relations company to analyze media perceptions of the Republican Party.[3]
  • Relief efforts to combat Hurricane Katrina suffered near catastrophic failures due to endemic corruption, divisions within the military and troop shortages caused by the Iraq war.[4]
  • It was bad enough that anxious parents of poorly equipped Army National Guard and reserve soldiers had to rush out and buy body armor, radios and goggles before their sons and daughters were shipped out to fight in the Iraq war. But it's even worse but now Pentagon under my administration is reluctant to obey a congressional directive that it reimburse soldiers and their families for the cost of the military equipment they supplied.[5]
  • Of the 14 pardons I delivered yesterday, three were for drug charges, four were white collar crimes. And amazingly, one of the pardons issued by your "security president" was for this crime: Property damage by use of explosives and destruction of an energy facility; 18 U.S.C. 844(i) and 1366(a).[6]
  • My "No Child Left Behind" sex education policy (abstinance only) was so ineffective that the state of Maine told me to keep the money and they are dropping out of the sex education provision. --from viewer Clinton, Biddeford, ME
  • As a result of my wars of choice 49,000 veterans of Afghanistan and Iraq have received some type of medical treatment and care at a Department of Veterans Affairs facility between October 2003 and February 2005 with 26% screened positive for a mental disorder.[7]
  • My Iraq War contributed to the deaths of 66 journalists and media workers since March 2003, many of whom were killed by American forces.[8]
  • A prime reason my Iraq war fell into chaos was because I ignored assessments by the Central Intelligence Agency that warned of major cultural and political obstacles to stability in postwar Iraq.[9]
  • I made sure no one would be held accountable for security failures during 9/11 by having my appointment Porter Goss formally decline to open accountability review boards that would have investigated the conduct of former director George Tenet and other senior administration officials. The accountability boards had been recommended in a formal report from the CIA inspector general, who found grave shortcomings in the agencies pre-9/11 operations. If Tenet had been faulted, he might not have wanted to take most of the blame himself and therefore could have implicated me.[10]
  • I consider the plight of a single mother working three jobs to be"uniquely American" and a source of great amusement. --from DT1@malakandsky.blogspot.com
  • Was handed an embarrassing defeat by Hugo Chavez who was joined by leaders from other Latin American countries at the Global Trade summit of the Western Hemisphere held at Mar Del Playa, Argentina.[11]
  • My administration demoted Bunnatine H. Greenhouse, a high-ranking Army Corp of Engineers official after she criticized the Pentagon's awarding of a no-bid contract to Halliburton for work in Iraq.[12]
  • Nominated Tom Hicks to the University of Texas Endowment Board where he promptly skimmed vast sums of money. Now, instead of possessing the largest endowment in the US, the University of Texas is 2nd tier in endowmnet.--from viewer Hugh from charlottesville, VA
  • Despite Justice Dept. warnings that the redistricting plan in Texas pushed forward by Tom DeLay in 2003 was illegal and violated voting rights, I made sure officials in my administration approved the plan anyway.[13]
  • Used the media again to sell my agenda but this time in Iraq where the U.S. military secretly payed Iraqi newspapers to publish stories written by American troops in an effort to burnish the image of the U.S. mission in Iraq.[14]
  • "Won" re-election by the narrowest margin in history for a second term president in both electoral college votes and percentage of votes cast (51-47 is not a mandate). --from a viewer
  • The 9/11 Commission issued a follow-up report giving my administration a grade of "F" for failing to provide adequate radio spectrum for first responders, allocating Homeland Security funding to pork barrel politics not based on risk, failure to make critical improvements in airline screening, refusing to declassify the intelligence budget preventing Congress from having oversight, and failing to set international standards for detainees suspected of terrorism. The same panel gave my administration two incompletes, twelve "Ds", twelve "Bs" and nine "Cs" - and this grading was generous considering what it overlooked that it should have been highly critical of.
  • Illegally permitted the NSA to conduct secret domestic wire-taps and surveillance of phones and emails without a court order. I have now committed high crimes and treason and would be impeached if the Dems controlled Congress.[15]
  • Because my war in Iraq is draining off resources, the National Cancer Institute is now only able to fund about 9% of research applications it receives with almost 60% of them being valid proposals while at the same time causing many researchers to give up or leave their professions for lack of funding.[16]
  • Texas had the highest execution rate under my governorship and I also personally attended many of those executions so I could watch them squirm and die. --from a viewer
  • My recent Congressional bill aimed to cut government spending in many areas will eliminate $12.7 billion in federal student loan programs.[17]
  • Under my administration the average cost of health insurance has already increased 73% from $6,300 to $10,000 per year. Big Pharma just loves my administration.
  • An independent congressional investigation found that my administration totally bungled the response to Hurricane Katrina.[18]
  • Tried to stop a top climate scientist at NASA from speaking out since he gave a lecture last month calling for prompt reductions in emissions of greenhouse gases linked to global warming.[19]
  • My administration has run up such a big deficit the U.S. will need to borrow a record $188 billion.[20]
  • Leaders of two expert commissions that spent years examining the nation's ocean policies gave Congress, my administration and governors a near-failing grade for not moving quickly enough to address hundreds of their recommendations.[21]
  • Told the American people they're at the mercy of the oil companies so tough luck, it's a marketplace out there! - from viewer George, Oxnard, CA
  • My administration wasted millions of dollars in Hurricane Katrina aid by accounting flaws, mismanagement and fraud.[22]
  • Want an Arab company (with 9/11 links) to manage six major American sea ports controlling what comes in and out. In a few months, I am hoping to have Arab companies control other docking ports in Maryland and other ship ports along the East Coast.[23] - from a viewer
  • In my second term the U.S. reached a record trade deficit of $68.5 bn in January 2006, and the rate of increase was higher than for any other president in U.S. history.[24]
  • Arrogant handling of the Duboi Ports' deal; threatened to veto any bill by Congress that would try to stop it (even by my own party); in a historic vote, Congress rendered me powerless. - from a viewer in Georgia
  • I cut the funding for nursing hours in Group Homes for people with disabilities and put the most vulnerable citizens at great risk causing some deaths that were reported in Tallahassee due to these cuts. - from a viewer
  • I cut the money for people who are in need of G-tube feedings and now state employees respond to their client needs by using normal pureed foods - a procedure that could cause serious medical health problems. - from a viewer reporting on a Miami Herald article
  • Never traveled outside the USA before being elected president. - from viewer Jeffrey, New Orlean, LA
  • Accomplished in 4 years what took 42 U.S. presidents 224 years to accomplish: Borrowed $1.05 trillion from foreign sources while all of the others only borrowed $1.0 trillion combined (according to the U.S. Treasury Department). - from viewer Steve
  • Agreed to supply nuclear technology to India in blatant violation of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty.[25]
  • I have already surpassed the spending for the entire Vietnam War - an inflation adjusted $549 bn - having spent $811 bn in Afghanistan and Iraq with no end in sight.[26]
  • Made sure mine deaths would go up during my Administration for these reasons: Cuts in the Mine Safety and Health Administration [MSHA] budget in real terms every year, reduction in MSHA staff, reduction in the numbers of fines and prosecutions for violations of mine safety, weakened regulations on ventilation, removal of MSHA employees who have fought for tougher safety standards or were whistleblowers, and interference with on-going safety violations.[27]
  • The U.S. Supreme Court declared my policy for war criminal trials at Guantanamo illegal and in violation of the Geneva conventions.[28]
  • It was found that enforcement of our nation's food and drug laws declined sharply during the first five years of my administration putting consumers at serious risk.[29]

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