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George W. Bush's Resume "Expanded"

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Past work experience:

  • Record of successes in education as Governor of Texas was grossly inaccurate too. Houston, the most frequently praised district, is being monitored by the state after an audit showed that more than half of the 5,500 students who left school in the 2000-2003 year should have been counted as dropouts, but were not.

Accomplishments as president:

  • Made many high profile speeches, including one in my 2002 State of the Union address, to call on citizens to commit to volunteerism and community service. Yet hypocritically, my Administration and Congress are slashing the budget for AmeriCorps by 58%. The program is short by so much money that there will be approximately 20,000 fewer slots available this year. Newsweek reports that ≥with a measly $185 million supplemental appropriation (about one half of 1 percent of the latest tax cut)≤ the program could fully fund the 50,000 slots in place last year. [1]
  • Personal bankruptcy filings for year ending June 30, 2003 were 1,613,097, up 10% from previous year. [2]-- submitted by one of our viewers
  • Made sure the Environmental Protection Agency gave New Yorkers misleading assurances that there was no health risk from the debris-laden air after the World Trade Center collapse. [3]-- submitted by one of our viewers
  • Restricted stem cell research funding to lines already extracted from embryos thereby severely limiting scientists' in their efforts to find cures for many diseases or developing new stem cell lines. [4]-- submitted by one of our viewers
  • Relaxed the clean air rules August 03 to allow thousands of industrial plants to make upgrades without installing pollution controls. It's the most far-reaching environmental actions I have signed. It will allow thousands of power plants, refineries, pulp and paper mills, chemical plants and other industrial facilities to make extensive upgrades that increase pollutants without having to install new antipollution devices. Attorney General Thomas F. Reilly of Massachusetts, which is also going to court to stop the rule, said: "The Bush administration is giving the green light to major industrial plant operators to spew millions of tons more in air pollution without being held accountable." [5] --submitted by Karen Seavey, one of our viewers
  • The following week, after easing the restrictions on air pollution rules for older power plants allowing more than 500 of these plants to upgrade without adding pollution control devices, two of my EPA officials, who actively worked for this rule change, both took private sector jobs with companies that benefited from this rule change. John Pemberton is joining Southern Co. in Atlanta, the nation's number two top polluting utility, and Ed Krenik already joined Bracewell & Patterson, a D.C. law firm that actively lobbied on behalf of several utilities.
  • On August 27, 2003 limited the pay increase for many federal workers next January (2004) to 2 percent -- well below the 15 percent some employees would have been entitled to receive citing 9/11 as a reason.
  • Reversed 1998 Clinton Administration EPA position that regulated carbon dioxide emissions, the chief cause of global warming, as a pollutant. Now that the EPA can't regulate these emissions, cars and plants won't have to undergo improvements to cut down on this gas. [6]-- submitted by one of our viewers
  • Inspired more protest web sites than any previous president, Republican or Democrat.--submitted by Nate, one of our viewers [Editor note: In fairness only Clinton and this Bush were presidents during a time of high internet usage]
  • The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) announced settlements on August 29, 2003 with energy companies (my buddies at Enron) accused of manipulating markets during the California energy crisis. For bilking CA to the tune of approx. $8.9 billion dollars in excess charges the amount of the settlement was ONLY a bit over $1 million. Translated further: Each CA resident lost $250 but will now get $.03 cents back. Furthermore the Republican controlled commission wouldn't allow CA to negate the long term contracts they had to sign because of this manipulated energy shortage. [7]
  • Proposed an educational budget which would cut $200 million from my "No Child Left Behind Act. Many programs will now be cut that I promised the voters when I ran for office. Obviously just another lie. [8]
  • Proposed changes to overtime provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act, which could substantially reduce the amount of overtime pay available to certain white collar workers.[Editor's note: So far the Dems in the Senate have blocked this]
  • Received a grade of "F" in July from the bi-partisan, fiscally savvy, mainstream group, Concord Coalition, in their report titled: "Fiscal Responsibility." [9]
  • Violated campaign promises by spending surplus social security revenue.
  • Nearly 1.4 million MORE people in the United States fell into poverty in 2002--almost half of them children. About 12.4 percent of the population or nearly 34.8 million people lived in poverty during 2002 up from 16.4 percent, or about 11.5 million in 2001 according to Census Bureau survey. [10]
  • Failed to plan for a post-Saddam Iraq and the search for weapons of mass destruction.
  • My administration has diluted and weakened environmental rules on these: emissions that cause global warming, air pollution from old coal-fired power plants, ballast water on ships contaminated with foreign species of plants and animals, sales of land tainted with PCBs, drilling for oil and gas on federal land, and scientific studies that underpin federal regulation. [11]
  • Cut $8 billion from the promised funds for education.
  • Nearly half of all taxpayers get less than $100. And 31% of all taxpayers get nothing at all from my tax cuts.
  • Pushed for $1 billion less than authorized by Congress (and promoted by myself for AIDs funding to Africa), which effectively blocks 1 million people from treatment and nearly 2.5 million new HIV infections that could be avoided.
  • The third part of my EPA's pre-Labor Day 2003 giveaway of health protections offers a free pass to chemical companies that have been mysteriously "losing" huge amounts of toxic mercury.This missing mercury is "probably" released into the air. But rather than forcing the companies to find out and to prevent leaks and emissions into the environment, my team simply called the problem "an enigma" and issued a weak standard that applies only to a tiny fraction of the mercury these plants lose. [12]
  • Against abortion, but cut money for family planning and contraception.--submitted by one of our viewers
  • Instead of using revenues from Iraqi oil to finance reconstruction, as my White House predicted before the war, my Administration now is asking for more than $900 million to import oil, propane, diesel and gasoline to the beleaguered country.--from the daily.misleader.org, 9/23/03
  • Appealed for aid in the reconstruction of Iraq to the United Nations, the same body I dismissed a year ago as nearly "irrelevant" for failing to support my war against Saddam Hussein.--from the daily.misleader.org, 9/24/03
  • My anti-abortion policy has forced family planning clinics in poor countries to close, leaving some communities without any healthcare. [13]
  • A full investigation of me and my staff for the alleged leak of classified information regarding the identity of an undercover CIA agent is being undertaken by the Justice Department. [14]
  • Signed into law a bill containing the Ferency Amendment, which makes it easier for appeals courts to lengthen sentences imposed by judges that are shorter than federal guidelines. This will set up a "soft on justice" blacklist of many judges who would normally be doing an excellent job imposing sentences using their judicial discretion. [15]
  • The number of Americans without health insurance jumped to 43.6 million in the last year, the largest single increase in the last decade. [16]
  • On nearly every count my claims about Iraq's weapons program have proven to be unfounded. A lengthy $300 million search by 1,200 U. S.-led inspectors, headed by David Kay, turned up no new evidence that Saddam possessed weapons of mass destruction.--from the daily.misleader.org, 10/8/03
  • Even though seven million Iraqis [6 in 10] are unemployed, U. S. sub-contractors are rebuilding the Iraqi infrastructure with cheap migrant labor from South Asia. The use of Asian laborers is at odds with my emphasis on the importance of Iraqis taking on the job themselves.--from the daily.misleader.org, 10/16/03
  • Records and References:

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