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George W. Bush's Resume "Expanded"

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Past work experience:

  • Set up an offshore tax dodge while on the board of Harken energy.
  • As Governor of Texas used my security police to suddently sweep down on a group of peaceful picketers who were on the public sidewalk in front of the governor's mansion -- a sidewalk that historically has been the site of protest. This occurred when launching my presidential run, to prevent these dissenters exposing my environmental record and getting between me and the TV cameras. Got the state police move them to a designated protest zone in a faraway parking lot.

Accomplishments as president:

  • Drafted energy bill in cahoots with lobbyists like Enron that will increase the deficit by $19 billion to provide unnecessary tax breaks and subsidies to utilities, railroads and oil, coal and gas companies--all big donors to my campaign. [1]
  • Signed off on a $19 billion farm subsidy program, which went against my promise of "free trade" and stuck consumers with higher prices. [1]
  • Gave the "swing state" Pennsylvania steel industries protective tariffs resulting in higher prices for everyone else. [1]
  • Got the FDA to relax the rules on making health claims on labels on behalf of the food industry. [1]
  • Cleared the way for a Montana silver and copper mining company by scrapping a carefully negotiated settlement for protection of grizzly bears.[1]
  • Got the Interior Department to kill a 1997 regulation that limited mining wastes, including cyanide and other chemicals by reverting to an outdated reading of the 1872 Mining Law. [1]
  • Cut backs in need-based state aid programs and federal Pell grants prevented 170,000 high school graduates who were the brightest in their classes from going to college because they couldn't afford it. [2]
  • Ran an ad campaign (now discontinued) that promoted my Clear Skies initiative to the Hispanic community, a sought-after group of voters, that omitted key information about air pollution that is particularly adverse to Hispanics living in California - from Daily Mis-lead
  • Stacked scientific and medical advisory panels with political ideologues and fanatics. With weak credentials and conflicts of interest, they have flooded schools with medically worthless "abstinence-only" programs. They punished HIV/AIDS prevention groups with audits and gagged overseas healthcare workers who receive U.S. funds. - from Intervention Magazine
  • The number of U.S. jobs lost has swelled to over 3.2 million since taking office. [3]
  • Broke the all time budget deficit record when the deficit hit 374.2 billion in 2003. [4]
  • Stopped playing by the rules candidates had voluntarily adhered to since 1976 by refusing to take public money to cap spending and instead opted out relying on private money to spend as much as possible. Now the system for campaign spending has been seriously undermined and big money threatens to play a more pivotal role in forthcoming elections. [5]
  • During my administration funding for Homeland Security and the Iraq occupation are coming at the expense of public safety and municipal leaders are facing cuts of $1 bn. in annual federal money for community policing. [6]
  • Trying to block a court ordered award of nearly $1 bn. in damages to 17 U.S. combat veteran POWs from the Gulf War. [7]
  • My administration is being sued by 13 states and more than 20 cities seeking to block changes to the Clean Air Act contending that the new rules would weaken air quality and threaten public health. [8]
  • Overturned the 1978 law that required presidential and vice-presidential papers to become public record after 12 years to protect the records of past, current and future top executives but primarily his dad.
  • During my administration nearly 3.8 million families were hungry in 2002 to the point that someone in the household skipped meals because the family could not afford them. That is 8.6 percent more families than in 2001, when 3.5 million were hungry, and a 13 percent increase from 2000. [9]
  • The Bush Administration's roll back of the Clean Air Act caused the EPA to drop their investigation on 50 of the oldest and dirtiest power plants; many of which had already received notices of violation. - from Kerry campaign
  • Provided revised environmental modeling data in order to justify an increase in the allowable level of mercury pollution.- from Daily Mis-lead
  • World Trade Organization declared my March 2002 steel tariffs illegal and the European Union is threatening the U.S. with $2.2 billion in retaliatory sanctions if these tariffs are not lifted immediately. [10]
  • My Attorney General, John Ashcroft, blacked out half of a 168-page report detailing a poor record of workplace diversity in the Justice Department.
  • Released a statement announcing that the Inspector General in Iraq, "shall refrain from initiating, carrying out or completing an audit or investigation or from issuing a subpoena which requires access to sensitive operation plans" due to reasons of national security. The office of the Inspector General traditionally has been responsible for matters relating to the prevention of fraud, waste, and abuse. - from CauseNet
  • Supported bill that undermines the entire Medicare program, pushing people into the very HMOs which contribute heavily to Republican lawmakers and barring the government from negotiating for lower drug prices.
  • Successfully pressured Congress for new rules that could lead to 8 million Americans losing eligibility for overtime pay, largely white-collar workers earning more than $65,000 a year. More than 644,000 such employees would lose the time-and-a-half pay now required when they work more than 40 hours in a week. - from Salon
  • During my term government spending increased more than 27 percent in the previous two fiscal years. In fact, the investor class being reminded of fiscal discipline in Washington is warning that, "The U.S. budget is out of control," as asserted weeks ago by Wall Street investment firm Goldman Sachs & Co.- from Daily Mis-lead
  • I've called for mercury emission rules that would reduce mercury to 34 tons by 2010, and 15 tons by 2015, regulations that are "three times less stringent and would take 10 years longer to achieve than reductions critics say are required under the Clean Air Act.- from Daily Mis-lead
  • Civil enforcement of pollution laws has plummeted since I took office over three years ago and we have caught and punished far fewer polluters than the previous two administrations. [11]
  • The success of my administration's anti-terrorism efforts have been grossly overstated in that of the 6,400 people referred by investigators for criminal charges in the two years since the attack, only 879 were convicted, the median sentence was 14 days and only five people were sentenced to 20 years or more. [12]
  • Chose to put the vast majority of the new funding for AIDS programs into programs the US controls and operates, rather than the effective Global Fund.- from Daily Mis-lead
  • Sent US troops to Iraq without sufficient body armor to protect themselves. As many as 30,000 soldiers in Iraq are without body armor and are being forced to use '"Vietnam-era flak jackets" that provide insufficient protection from shrapnel and bullets. Military families across the country are so concerned about the president's negligence, that many have felt forced to raise the $1,400 personally to pay for their loved one to have the armor.- from Daily Mis-lead
  • Responsible for more military casualties during the first year of the takeover of Iraq than in the 1st year of the Vietnam war.- from a viewer
  • Ignored GAO investigation report claiming the USDA and the Food and Drug Administration had been lax in enforcing beef safety regulations intended to protect people from mad cow disease, including those intended to guarantee that cattle feed wasn't contaminated. The GAO report also claimed the FDA's record keeping was so bad it was hard to tell whether these companies were complying with feed bans intended to keep prohibited proteins out of cattle feed. [13]
  • The IMF on January 8, 2004 called my huge budget deficits a threat to the global economy by roiling currency markets and driving up interest rates. [14]
  • My administration awarded a $1.8 bn. dollar contract to Bechtel National, Inc and Parsons Corp. in partnership, companies whose executives donated thousands of dollars to my campaign and have two top executives serving on White House and Pentagon advisory boards 15]

    Records and References:

  1. Tom Teepen, Atlanta-based Cox Newspaper's columnist, October 17, 2003 column appearing in the Detroit Free Press on "Power of Big Buck Players", referencing deals cut by the Bush Administration to help out key political allies who are also big campaign donors.
  2. Article in The Nation citing findings from recent Advisory Committee on Student Financial Assistance.
  3. Bureau of Labor statistics on number of jobs lost as of 10/03.
  4. Associated Press article of October 21, 2003 on record budget deficit.
  5. Knight Ridder article by Dick Polman, October 23, 2003 entitled: Election funding system at risk.
  6. Report from the annual convention of the International Association of Chiefs of Police in Philadelphia on October 24, 2003 on the already noticeable effects of less federal money on public safety.
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  8. AP article of October 28, 2003 titled: States, Cities Sue EPA over New Air Rules.
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  15. Detroit Free Press news article on Bechtel $1.8 bn. contract, Jan. 7, 2004, Sec. 4A.

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