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George W. Bush's Resume "Expanded"

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Past work experience:

From now on, we will update this section with new additions on prior resume pages where this section is shown as we find and receive them.

Accomplishments as president:

  • Saved the government money by under-funding the Veterans Hospitals. In addition to saving money for their medical care, the Vets will die sooner saving compensation payments. Also closed several Vet Hospitals and Clinics.-from Frank Gardin, a viewer in Georgia
  • An army of U.S. veterans more than twice the size of Operation Iraqi Freedom have lost their health insurance benefits during my administration. As many as half a million vets are homeless. Seven VA hospitals are being closed as part of an effort to "restructure" the Department of Veterans Affairs. Meanwhile, veterans of the Iraq campaign can fall in line with over 250,000 U.S. veterans who are already waiting at least six months to see a doctor.- from counterpunch.org
  • The Army War College wrote a scathing report broadly criticizing my administration's handling of the war on terrorism, accusing it of taking a detour into an "unnecessary" war in Iraq and pursuing an "unrealistic" quest against terrorism that may lead to U.S. wars with states that pose no serious threat. The report, by visiting professor Jeffrey Record, who is on the faculty of the Air War College at Maxwell Air Force Base, Ala., warns that as a result of those mistakes, the Army is "near the breaking point." It recommends, among other things, scaling back the scope of the "global war on terrorism" and instead focusing on the narrower threat posed by the al-Qaida terrorist network. [1]
  • Repeatedly hyped the threat posed by alleged Iraqi weapons of mass destruction before the war and so it appears weapons inspections worked after all. [2]
  • Bypassed the Senate confirmation process and appointed Charles Pickering -- who authored the GOP anti-abortion plank and argued for lenience for a convicted cross-burner -- to a lifetime seat on the federal bench just hours after laying a wreath at the grave of Martin Luther King, Jr. drawing opposition from an unprecedented coalition of pro-choice, civil-rights, labor, environmental, and gay and lesbian groups. [3]
  • Drug companies and insurance companies gave millions of dollars to help push through Congress my Medicare bill, which will greatly increase the profits for these companies while pulling the rug out from under our seniors. This bill was designed to do in Medicare. [4]
  • Proposed cutting almost $700 million out of the same job training and education programs being touted as getting $500 million.- from Daily Mis-Lead
  • Pressured the Dept. of Health and Human Services to revise an early draft study of racial disparities in health care to play down questions of inequity. [5]
  • Using the Homeland Security rider, helped to protect Eli Lilly from lawsuits from Thimerosal. My father did serve on their board before becoming president.- from viewer Rose Walker, SC.
  • Was mooned by more than 1000 European protesters during my 2001 European trip.- from viewer, name is being withheld by request
  • Republican staffers on the Senate Judiciary Committee repeatedly accessed computer files belonging to Democratic members over the course of the year, stealing strategic memos and leaking them to conservative media outlets.-reported by Boston Globe
  • A recent joint statement by the Committee for Economic Development and the Concord coalition and the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities described the current budgetary situation as the "most fiscally irresponsible" in US history. [6]
  • The war in Iraq couldn't be justified as an intervention in defense of human rights even though it ended a brutal regime claims Human Rights Watch in an annual report filed on Jan. 26, 2004 because Hussein's worst actions occurred long before the war and there was no ongoing or imminent mass killings in Iraq. [7]
  • Contributed to budget deficit projections ballooning to $2.4 trillion in the 10-year forecast according to Congressional Budget Office projections. [8]
  • Part of my Patriot Act dealing with giving terrorists expert advice or assistance was declared unconstitutional by Federal Judge, Audrey Collins in LA. on Jan. 26. 2004. [9]
  • The House ethics committee has been looking into my administration's involvement in retiring Michigan Republican Rep. Nick Smith's allegation, which he later retracted, that he was offered $100,000 for his son's political campaign if he would vote for the Medicare-prescription drug bill. [10]
  • In what may be the first subpoena of its kind in decades, a federal judge has ordered a university to turn over records about a gathering of anti-war activists. Subpoenas were served on four of the activists who attended a Nov. 15 forum at Drake University in Des Moines, IA, ordering them to appear before a grand jury. Federal prosecutors quickly withdrew these subpoenas when it was obvious they would be faced with numerous legal challenges. [11]
  • At least thirty-two top officials in my administration served as executives or paid consultants to top weapons contractors before joining my administration.- from the book "How Much are you Making on the War Daddy" by Bill Hartung.
  • Won the 2000 election with only 24% of eligible voters casting their ballots for me. - from Jim Hightower's book, "Thieves in High Places" page 76.
  • Gutted so many laws protecting the environment that one can find my horrible record on the environment listed on the National Resource Defense Council website.
  • The United States registered a record $489.4 billion trade deficit for 2003 under my watch helping to account for so many job losses overseas. [12]
  • Have taken more special interest money than any person in history.- from the John Kerry campaign
  • Removed 8,000 pages from an 11,800 page Iraq weapon's report that showed unfavorably upon US corporations support of Iraqi weapon's programs as well as his father's former administration. Fortunately the pages were also released in Europe so that freedom loving American citizens can get around US media censorship of the topic. [13] - from a viewer
  • Allowed John Ashcroft's Justice Department to subpoena the private medical records of women across the country who've had abortion care. The Ashcroft Justice Department actually argued in court that the law shouldn't honor the confidentiality of the doctor-patient relationship. - from NARL, Feb. 13, 2004
  • I secretly visited Iraq for Thanksgiving in 2003 and offered the brave, faithful troops of the US Army a huge, succulent fake turkey for the benefit of the photo-op.-from viewer, name is being withheld by request

    Records and References:

  1. AP article by Army War College professor Jeffery Record, appearing January 11, 2004, in Billings Gazette.
  2. Carnegie Endowment for International Peace statements on Bush administration hyping threat of WMD, appearing in US News & World Report article, Jan. 19, 2004, p. 19.
  3. Judge Pickering's appointment to the federal court, NARAL, Jan. 17, 2004
  4. Leonard Pitts of the Miami-Herald on Jan. 21, 2004 quoting a report from the Washington Post regarding the Bush Admin. playing down inequities in health care based on race.
  5. Statements on current budgetary situation taken from: The $45 Trillion Problem, by Nathan Littlefield, The Atlantic, Jan/Feb 2004, p.147
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  10. Ryan J. Foley of the Associated Press writing on subpoenas served on Drake University students quoted in Intevention Magazine. And US nixes subpoenas against protesters, Tues. Feb. 10, 2004, AP.
  11. Record trade deficit article by JEANNINE AVERSA, Associated Press Writer, Feb. 13, 2004.
  12. Removal of pages from Iraqi weapon's report.


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