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George W. Bush's Resume "Expanded"

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Accomplishments as president:

  • As many as 6 million workers would lose their overtime protection under new rules proposed by my administration that take effect August 23, 2004 according to a new study released by the Economic Policy Institute.[1]
  • I not only support but promote an ammendment to the constitution that would for the first time restrict the rights of a minority (gays). --from viewer Tom, CA
  • I had our envoy ask the UN to exempt America from prosecution when we torture our prisoners. But they scoffed at the proposal. I am probably the first president to caused Thomas Jefferson to turn in his grave. --from viewer Tom, CA
  • I suspended "habeus corpus" - one of the most basic and fundamental rights accorded to us by our founders. But the Supreme Court finally ruled against me and said that prisoners must be allowed access to lawyers and the courts. --from viewer Tom, CA
  • A poll of historians showed that 80 percent of them believe I am one of the worst president we have ever had.[2] --from viewer Tom, CA
  • For the first time in history - 26 former diplomats and generals and adminals (of both parties) have banded together to denounce my foreign policy.[3] --from viewer Tom, CA
  • My state department put out a completely erroneous report on the effects on terrorism of my war on Iraq. I was forced to admit faulty data, recind it, and reverse its conclusion. --from viewer Tom, CA
  • I am the first president to ever be forced to say the words "I did not order torture." Putting me in the same league with Richard Nixon's "I am not a crook" and Bill Clinton's "I did not have sex with that woman." --from viewer Tom, CA
  • I have proven that I don't understand my role as president because I have not vetoed a single bill and thus have offered no check or balance on the dangerous spending habits of the congress. --from viewer Tom, CA
  • My arrogance and aggression has caused the reputation of the US to be greatly diminished in the eyes of most of the other countries in the UN. --from viewer Tom, CA
  • Conveniently no one can locate any paper backups for my military records that were "destroyed" to prove that I had been paid for Guard duty during that three month time period when my whereabouts are in question. --from Daily Mislead
  • Not only lied about the number of retirees who would be cut off from prescription drug coverage under my new Medicare bill but actually acted to reward companies who cut off their retirees with a lavish new tax break. --from Daily Mislead
  • Under my administration, the Pentagon's finances are in such a shambles that no one knows precisely how much of the $450 billion that the Defense Department spends each year goes astray -- or what happens to the bills it pays or the equipment it buys.[4]
  • Because of continued violence, I caused Doctors Without Borders to leave Afghanistan after 24 years of operations there.[5] --from a viewer
  • A footnote in the 911 report notes that my administration discussed needing a Treasury unit to counter terrorist financing but the Foreign Terrorist Asset Tracking unit had no people hired, no security clearances and no office space to work from despite having funds appropriated to it on the eve of 9/11.[6]
  • According to Labor Department's Bureau of Labor Statistics, layoffs occurred at the second fastest rate on record during the first three years of my administration.[7]
  • Because of my wars and the prospects of multiple 12-month overseas requirements, the Army likely will face recruiting shortfalls later this year.[8]
  • Under my administration, the U.S. trade deficit widened much more than expected in June 2004, hitting a record $55.8 billion dollars as the biggest drop in exports in nearly three years combined with record imports.[9]
  • Fully one-third of my tax cuts in the past three years have gone to people with the top 1% of income, who have earned an average of $1.2 million annually.[10]
  • My tax cuts since 2001 have shifted more of the tax burden from the nation's rich to middle class families according to a study released Aug. 13, 2004 by the Congressional Budget Office.[11]
  • Am trying to appoint as CIA director a man who said on film that he was not qualified to work at the CIA --from a viewer.
  • 4000 scientists, including 48 Nobel Prize Winners, are outraged and have signed a petition against the shameful way that science is manipulated in my administration.[12] --from viewer Tom, CA
  • On July 12, 2004 my administration announced a proposal to overturn a policy protecting almost 60 million acres of our nation's last wild forests.[13]
  • The number of Americans living in poverty increased by 1.3 million last year [2003], while the ranks of the uninsured swelled by 1.4 million during my administration, the Census Bureau reported. It was the third straight annual increase in both categories.[14].
  • Two reports issued the week of Aug. 22, 2004 on the Abu Ghraib prison scandal are an indictment of the way my administration set the stage for Iraqi prisoners to be brutalized by American prison guards, military intelligence officers, and private contractors.[15]
  • My administration tried to bury the bad news during the Labor Day weekend, of a record 17% hike in Medicare premiums for doctor's visits that will take effect next year.[16]
  • During my administration with four years of double digit growth in health-care premiums, there are now at least 5 million fewer jobs providing health insurance in 2004 than there were in 2001 a Kaiser Family Foundation and Health Research and Trust study showed.[17]
  • My administration bowing to pressures from the NRA allowed the ban on assault rifles and other rapid fire battlefield type weapons to expire on Sept. 13, 2004.[18]
  • Eighty-two of the countries largest profitable corporations paid no federal income tax for at least one year of the first three years of my administration.[19]
  • Despite my positive spin on the economy during my campaign stops, leading economic indicators (the Conference Board's Composite Index of Leading Economic Indicators fell for the third straight month) point to a weakening of the economy since late spring.[20]
  • Lied to Congress about the expected cost of the Medicare Reform Bill when I provided a false number ($400Bn) just within the Republican majority's maximum allowable for passage. The true estimated cost, revealed afterwards, has gone up to $534Bn.[21] - from viewer Richard Pollak
  • My administration has blocked an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) initiative to impose security measures for extremely hazardous chemicals stored at power plants across the country. As a result, some 3.5 million people living near these non-nuclear power plants continue to face the danger that a terrorist attack could send a cloud of toxic and lethal gas into their neighborhoods. - from Daily Mislead
  • A new examination of documents by the Boston Globe shows, "I fell well short of meeting my military obligation." Twice during my Guard service - first when I joined in May 1968, and again before I transferred out of my unit in mid-1973 to attend Harvard Business School. - from Daily Mislead
  • Failed in the lesson of one "U". There is one U in the word N-U-C-L-E-A-R. Just like the word hubris. One U. There are, however, 2 I's in the word IDIOT! - from viewer Susan, CA
  • Overwhelmingly lost the first debate to Sen. Kerry because I couldn't defend my failures in Iraq and in fighting terrorism and couldn't think on my feet without a script and an audience of rabid supporters.
  • Deliberately mislead Congress into supporting the war in Iraq by withholding key pieces of information that my administration had back in early 2001 which didn't support that those aluminum tubes were suitable to be used by Iraq for uranium centrifuges.[22]
  • Mishandled the war by not putting enough troops on the ground even though other military experts had insisted on this before the invasion.[23]
  • My Justice Dept. suffered a major setback when a Federal Judge ruled that key provisions of my Patriot Act violated the 4th Amendment and were an excessive affront to personal security.[24]
  • I'm the first president to ever receive a grade of "F" from the League of Conservation Voters for my environmental record.[25]
  • Among 34,330 people polled by the Program on International Policy Attitudes, majorities in only three - Nigeria, Poland, and the Philippines - favored my re-election and four out of five preferred Kerry.[26]
  • During my administration is was reported by the nonpartisan Working Poor Families Project, that one in every five U.S. jobs pays less than a poverty-level wage for a family of four.[27]
  • Allowed garbage from Toronto, Canada to be hauled across the border and dumped into our sites here in Michigan. This includes toxic waste. Michigan is becoming known as "the garbage state". --from a viewer
  • During the four years of my presidency the murder rate in the U. S. has gone up every year.[28]
  • During the Iraq War, my poor planning allowed 400 tons of explosives to get into the hands of the insurgents by failing to secure an Iraq military installation.[29]
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