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George W. Bush's Resume "Expanded"

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Accomplishments as president:

  • My administration wanted to cut the Head Start Program, which has serviced over 2-million children since its pilot over 35 years ago. Since taking office, I've spent almost $200 billion on the War in Iraq, not counting interest, when only 1-month of that money would fully fund the Head Start Program for 5 years! --from Andrea, Detroit, MI
  • Under my administration Japan and China now own 1/2 of the U.S. National debt. This debt translates into $25,000 per person!
  • While most Americans were focused on the 2004 election, my administration was working hard to quash an international report on global warming reported to contain data claiming that global warming is accelerating twice as fast as we thought it was.
  • Under my administration the government is going into debt at the rate of $600 bn. per year including the borrowing from social security, which is not included when telling voters what our debt has become under my administration. This borrowing helped pay for my tax cuts.
  • Asked the Supreme Court to block the nation's only law allowing doctors to help terminally ill patients die more quickly.[1]
  • Because my administration won't buy cheaper versions of AIDS drugs made in India, the U.S. government is paying twice as much for many of the drugs in its global AIDS program as other international aid organizations.[2]
  • Was responsible for the largest protest march since Chile's military dictatorship ended 14 years ago when at least 25,000 demonstrators and as many as 70,000 battled with police because of my arrival for a summit of Asia-Pacific leaders.[3]
  • Antiwar activists in Chile also filed suit in criminal court, charging me with violations of the Geneva Convention and other International Laws. I was forced to ask the President of Chile for diplomatic immunity during my visit.
  • Of my 416 campaign "Rangers" and "Pioneers" - donors who had raised $200,00 and $100,000 respectively for my 2004 campaign - 90% represented the special interests of America's most powerful corporations. The top six got an average bonus of $270,00 each last year, on their personal tax reductions.[4]
  • A federal grand jury on 12/1/04 indicted James Tobin, my former New England campaign chairman, on four counts related to the Republican jamming of get-out-the-vote phone lines on Election Day 2002.[5]
  • My administration was criticized in a confidential report by the International Commitee of the Red Cross for the treatment of terror suspects detained at the U.S. mlitary prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The report described the psychological and physical coercion used as "tantamount to torture."[6]
  • For the third time in three years while I have been President, Congress will have to raise the federal debt ceiling, thus increasing the government's borrowing authority by as much as $800 billion. This latest hike in the debt limit will amount to a grand total of more than $2 trillion during Bush's first term.[7]
  • My plans are to push major amendments that would shield interest, dividends and capitals gains from taxation, expand tax breaks for business investment and take other steps to "encourage economic growth." To pay for these changes, my administration is considering eliminating the deduction of state and local taxes on federal income tax returns and doing away with tax deductions for employers who provide their workers with health insurance.[8]
  • Since taking office, the FDA or Department of Justice has repeatedly intervened in cases on behalf of pharmaceutical company defendants, each time claiming that the FDA's own judgment to approve drugs means that drug companies cannot be held responsible.[9]
  • Despite all of my photo ops appearing like I support the troops in Iraq and despite my Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld's assertion that the military is outfitting Humvees with armor as quickly as possible, the company, Armor Holdings in Jacksonville, Fla., providing the vehicles said it has been waiting since September for approval from the Pentagon to increase monthly production by as many as 100 of the all-terrain vehicles, intended to protect against roadside bombs in Iraq.[10]
  • First incumbent president to have an approval rating below 50 percent one month after winning re-election.[11]
  • My administration has sunk more than $15 billion into a missile defense system that's technologically unfeasible and doesn't work.[12]
  • My new initiative will allow managers of 155 U.S. national forests to approve more logging and other commercial projects without environmental reviews.[13]
  • My administration was responsible in giving "faith-based organizations" more than $1 billion in federal grants in 2003.[14]
  • Sent U.S. troops to war in Iraq without the proper equipment. --from a viewer
  • My administration paid black radio pundit, Armstrong Williams, $240,000 to pitch "No Child Left Behind" to blacks, likely violating laws against using taxpayer monies for propaganda to promote a political agenda.[15]
  • Currently working on destroying social security so that it only benifits the rich. --from a viewer
  • The torture and degrading treatment of prisoners in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Guantanamo Bay by my administration have undermined the credibility of the US as a defender of human rights and opponent of terrorism.[16]
  • Succeeded in uniting the world....against me and anyone supporting me. --from a viewer
  • First president anyone can recall who cut taxes in a time of war.
  • The Pentagon's own Defense Science Board came to the conclusion that my invasion of Iraq played right into bin Laden's hands uniting the Middle East against the U.S. and increasing the number of insurgents in Iraq fighting us to as many as 200,000 according to a CIA estimate.
  • Fastest lying President in history. Within 12 minutes of my second inauguration, during my acceptance speech, I lied twice to the world. First, I said "America will not impose our form of government on the unwilling" while I had already set up a puppet government in Afghanistan and am preparing to place another one in Iraq. Secondly, I said to foreign nations "We will not ignore your oppression" while totally ignoring the genocide in Darfur because that region has no natural resources we can use or any strategic location that could make me and my government friends richer. --from "Chief Jack Boulerice, popular, radio host
  • Under my administration in 2005, the U.S. will have the largest budget [$427bn] and trade deficit in history. 86% of this deficit is owned by foreign banks with 1/3 of this owned by the Chinese.[17]
  • The Congressional Budget Office [CBO] claims the deficit I helped create for the next decade is $504 billion worse than anticipated in CBO's previous estimate last September. In other words I am slowly putting our country into bankruptcy. [18]

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