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Welcome to our Obama store!
Here is your chance to capture a piece of our historic election in 2008. Buy one of our Obama collectibles now before they are all sold out.

All products featured on this page are shipped by First Class or Priority Mail. Free shipping offers are for U.S. sales only.

To view our product guarantees and return policy, please visit about us. Here's how to order by personal check or M.O.

Obama '09 wallcalendar

2009 Barack Obama Wall Calendar

Now get one free calendar with each one you buy!
Give the extra one as a gift.

• 12" x 12"
• Weight: 12 oz.
• 48 pages

This 16-month wall calendar features the most moving and memorable quotes from Barack Obama's groundbreaking political career, from his electrifying address to the Democratic National Convention in 2004, to his seminal speech on race in early 2008 and his historic win of the Democratic Presidential Nomination in June. Dynamic photos show an engaging Obama in action on the campaign trail, at work in the community, addressing crowds of thousands, in a quiet moment with Michelle and family, and victorious in a sea of confetti. The second printing just arrived and we are ready to ship them to you now!

Buy One Get One FREE!!

The cost of each 2009 Barack Obama Wall Calendar was $12.99

2009 Barack Obama Wall Calendar - Now get two Calendars for only $12.99!
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Obama for President button

Obama for President campaign button

Celebrate the Barack Obama 2008 Presidential victory with this 2.25" button. This celluloid button measures 2.25" and features a safety pin back.  Union Made in the USA.

The cost of each OBAMA for President button is $2.50 or two for $4.00.

Now with FREE shipping.

Single OBAMA for President Button @ $2.50 each
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Two OBAMA for President Buttons for $4.00
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Obamanation Tee shirt

View a larger image of this t-shirt for better detail

Our "OBAMAnation" t-shirt was created exclusively for our website by artist Everett Paul Stretch. We feel our Obama tee is the perfect and most clever combination of a Pro-Obama and anti-McCain message. Please view our larger image of this shirt to see all of the details much better. This tee shirt is destined to get you rave reviews from every progressive who sees it.

Approximate size of image size on t-shirt:
7-1/2"H x 10"W

Our remaining ObamaNation tees have all been reduced down in price from $16.95 to $9.95.

OBAMAnation Short Sleeve T-shirt size M @ $9.95
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OBAMAnation Short Sleeve T-shirt size LG @ $9.95
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OBAMAnation Short Sleeve T-shirt size XLG @ $9.95
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