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A word to all of Trump's ignorant supporters and enablers and the media who tried to nomalize their bigotry and hatred

by R. J. Crane, editor, topplebush.com
November 20, 2016

This essay contains some truths Trump supporters ignored, were ignorant of, didn't care about, or dismissed believing Trump would lead their country in the right direction and solve all their problems and fears.

Your politicians and the media are attempting to normalize and justify your concerns and fears as if they are rational and fact-based. They are not. They need to do that because they are afraid of losing your support. My goal is the opposite: To shine a bright light on all the mis-guided thinking of those who aided and abetted Trump. All you folks need a serious ass-whipping and this is my attempt to do that to you.

Trump is an embarrassement to our country and thus all of us living here whether we voted for him or rejected this lying charlatan.

If you think Trump will build you a wall across our southern border with Mexico and the Mexican government will pay for it, I'll sell you Trump Tower for a dollar. While Mexicans have crossed the border "illegally" for years and many have stayed here, many more have been coming and going in a regular ebb and flow cycle because they could cross the border and find temp work and then return home. Building a wall would only disrupt this cycle and deter their exodus. Since the 2008 recession the rate of "illegal" immigration has come way down. But idiot Trump wasn't going to tell you that assuming he knows it. You Trump voters don't seem to understand that Mexicans wanting to come into the U.S. can get a tourist visa and fly into this country and stay here until someone finds them. Many who have come here and stayed came in that way. By plane. Not by walking/driving across the border. Do you think Trump should shut down our airports? Secondly, if you knew anything about the typography and costs of building a long and tall wall like this across our southern border you would instead ask your government to spend all these billions of dollars of your money fighting cancer. Why? Because cancer will more likely hurt or kill you or a loved one than some "illegal" immigrants will. The only person Donald should be rounding up and deporting is his wife, Melania, who worked in this country illegally making $20,000 and lied about that to get the papers she needed to stay in this country and work legally. So next time Trump appears in your community to con you again on his wall, I want to see all those "Deport Melania" signs on display.

If you think it's a good idea to rip up NAFTA because your better-paying jobs will come back and all the companies who built large assembly plants employing thousands of people in Mexico and Canada will be forced to shut them down, I have a Trump "made in China" tie to sell you. Many of those good-paying jobs were lost to other Americans in cheaper labor states. The states that don't have unions and are union-unfriendly. Are you willing to start a civil war to get those jobs back? The truth about NAFTA is that it increased prosperity in this country, Mexico, and Canada and greatly benefitted our agriculture industry and smaller businesses who build and sell parts to assembly plants in Mexico. Also I suspect you never heard this fact either: The vast majority of U.S. automobiles are still assembled in the U.S. But it's an interconnected world and we are a part of that world like it or not. And many countries we depend upon are part of that world too. They buy are products and we buy theirs. They buy our debt so we can fight wars sold on lies like in Iraq. Right now more of these jobs are going to China. Eliminating NAFTA will do nothing to stop jobs going to China. Trump called NAFTA the worst deal ever. Then he called The Iran deal the worst deal ever. Then he called the pending TPP trade pact the worst deal ever. News flash: The deal you made with Trump was the worst deal ever. By now you should have learned that Trump knows almost nothing about any of these deals. He used them as bait to get you worked into a frenzy knowing you were as ignorant about these deals as he was and wouldn't question what he told you. He stoked your fears over globalization because your ignorance let him do that.

If you think Trump's 35% tariffs on companies moving jobs to China will save your jobs or improve your wages you are just plain stupid. First Trump can't raise tariffs by himself. Congress would have to do that but they won't. Why? Because they don't want a trade war to follow, which would be very bad for you and our economy. It's the interwoven connection between our economy with the rest of the world that has created more not less manufacturing jobs in this country. Maybe not your jobs but other jobs in manufacturing. Trump's tariff would hurt manufacturing and likely cost you your job. And his proposed trade war with China would do the same. Blue collar workers who voted for this con man were foolish to do so. If you are now praising Trump for preventing Ford Motor Co. from moving a Lincoln plant from Kentucky to Mexico [something that was never going to happen], you are worse than stupid.

Yes, I know the sources listed above don't come from Reichbart News and FAUX News, the primary sources of your news and information but these are the facts...not the shit you hear coming from Trump's anus-shaped mouth.

If you think it's a good idea to abolish Obamacare, what are you going to replace it with? Come on! Speak now or STFU! And what are you going to say to 20 million Americans who bought and paid for this insurance and depend upon it, who won't have anything if Obamacare is repealed? And some could die. Yes, I know many of you are this cruel and heartless because I have seen many of you on TV at Trump rallies. The word "deplorables" fits you to a tee. And if you had a better plan we would have heard about it long before now. The problems with Obamacare are fixable and easy fixes. But you wouldn't know that because all you ever hear from your brain dead media and your brain dead politicians is how terrible Obamacare is. Only the problems get reported. Not all the millions of people who are glad to have this insurance and love it. I also suspect if a white Republican like Mitt Romney proposed the same - oh, wait a minute, he already did that - you would be fine with it. The reason you hate Obamacare is not because of your understanding of any of it's provisions and how it works but because it was a major goal of our first Black President's agenda, Admit it! This is your brand of racism. And don't think you won't be affected by the repeal of Obamacare. As many as five million of you depend upon Obamacare. It's your ass Trump's screwing.


To those of you who think neither the banks nor financial institutions need strong regulation anymore, have you lost your bloody mind? I realize 2008 was eons ago to you but really, you can't remember that lax regulation and greedy banks caused the last big recession? So you think it's a great idea to elect someone who wants to roll back all these regulations? I thought no one could be that stupid but I guess I was wrong.

To those of you who think more dirty energy is the wave of the future and good for your health and the planet, you'd better hope Obamacare isn't repealed. Or Medicare either. You will need good health insurance to repair your pollution-related lung and heart damage. Weren't you the same ones chanting "drill baby drill" because you thought Sarah Palin was more than just a sleazy pitch woman who knew what she was talking about? If so, I have some oil-contaminated water to sell you from Michigan. Yes, we're still dealing with the after effects of the Enbridge pipeline leak. And of course the Deepwater Horizon spill was and still is an ecological disaster after all these years. So is the Exxon Valdez spill. If you haven't noticed gasoline prices are really cheap now. Why is that? It's because we don't need to drill for more dirty oil. Supply far outstrips demand. There isn't enough storage space for what has already been taken out of the ground. Much of this oil is sitting in storage on tankers. The market is flooded with oil and will be for a long time. Other than in a few locations in Texas and California most oil producers can't even break even on their production at today's market prices. Same for coal with energy providers converting to natural gas. When Trump told you he would bring back 100% of coal jobs and mining jobs that had been lost, he was flat out lying to you. You should have coughed up a big black lung spitball right in his face, but you didn't. Most of these jobs are NEVER coming back. 95% of the companies that buy your coal have already retired 1/3 of their coal burning plants and plan to mothball many more of them. Coal is being replaced with natural gas because it's cheaper. And even if gas prices go higher than coal, those gas burning plants will be in place and won't revert back. This country is moving toward a clean energy economy and future and meglomaniac Trump can't stop it. Hillary was telling you the truth about coal - maybe not that diplomatically - but nonetheless the truth. Instead you chose to believe your lying conman. So don't feel smug. Feel Stupid!


And to the farmers and those who depend upon them in rural areas who are hurting now from cheap commodity prices, why are you punishing Democrats for that? If it hadn't been for NAFTA your cropland wouldn't be worth anywhere near the millions it is now. And surely you understand how commodity markets work? Right? When there's a good year and farmers produce an abundance of something, the price usually falls. When your product is more scarce for a variety of reasons, the price goes up. This is simple economics. Trump is the last person who knows anything about the Ag business and how it works. The federal government has given your industry big safety nets when prices drop. Who do you think is buying up your over abundance of milk and cheese? So don't tell me you hate big government. If you want to make more money from farming change over to hops or organic produce. And get rid of your hogs if they have to stay confined to cages they can't even move in. Chickens too living in small cages or pens. If you don't or can't provide your animals with humane care, you need to find another business. Those who abuse their animals and livestock are dead to me.

Okay, you are pissed off because you work in manufacturing and don't get paid as much now in real wages as workers did before. Don't blame Democrats for that. It was the Republican Party starting with Reagan, that "nice guy" you and many other union blue dog Dems voted for in droves - TWICE, who destroyed your unions. Yes, you did this to yourself. And that trend has continued because the Republicans you've continued to support against your own best interests have maintained enough power since then to keep busting unions. So why on earth do you think turning your country over to these same assholes and Trump will get your jobs back or help unions to grow again so your wages will go up? If you want to keep shooting yourself in the foot, I will gladly buy you the bullets. Also to manufacturing workers, many of your same jobs aren't ever coming back despite what Trump has told you. Certain manufacturing jobs will be lost for good to automation and robotics. But manufacturing jobs in this country have been increasing over the decades...not shrinking. So learn some new skills to deal with these new technologies. The big government you hate will assist you.

Yes, many of you white folk living in rural areas and white enclaves clustered around cities are upset because minorities will soon become the majority in this country. I get it! But most of your ancestors were once immigrants and/or minorities too. If someone is willing to work hard and pay their taxes to support their family to live in this country, why on earth don't you welcome them? Those nice white folks in Maine have welcomed refugees and immigrants with open arms because they are the life blood of their economy. Shouldn't they be more welcome than a tax dodging grifter like Trump? How do you think most of your produce gets onto your dinner table? You think young white kids who spend most of their time on cellphones, playing video games, and social media will pick tomatoes or lettuce for you? Or pick your peaches and apples etc. I couldn't get these same kids to work for me cleaning stalls in the mid-nineties for $15/hour! Way more than they could make working in fast food. And more then many people earn now. Workers at O'Hare Airport in Chicago are demanding to be paid $15/hour or they will go on strike! And how do you think the tech industry, engineering, and medical professions can fill their needs for qualified people without more immigration? Many of these jobs are filled with highly skilled and educated foreigners that come into this country to go to our colleges and universities so they can work in these industries or take this training back to their own country. Go ahead and keep them out. I can assure you if you ever become disabled and need your ass wiped because you can't get out of bed, you will be thankful that you have hard-working immigrants willing to do that job.

And to all the media who thought their main purpose was to make as much money as they could during this presidential election, what were you thinking? Did you really need to give Trump billions of dollars of free air time to pad your bottom line? Didn't you understand that Trump would turn against you and already has. Why do you think he railed against the mainstream media and ridiculed reporters at his rallies? He told his supporters not to ever trust what they heard from you. The millions of his followers dumb enough to believe him will do just that if they haven't already. Did you not understand that the only media Trump will put up with is compliant media that bows to him as President and does and says what he wants. I don't think most of your reporters wish to be Trump's mouthpiece. At least not the dedicated ones. What will your big advertisers do once they realize they don't need you anymore because your viewership has shrunk and they can get better and cheaper coverage on Trump News Network? You can barely keep your eroding market share now. At least you could have gone down with a big bang and did your country a big service by not kow-towing to Trump as you did during the election. At least you would have gotten respect from a large swath of this country, who could have been a new audience for you. But no. That was too much to ask of you greedy cowards.

Finally: To Trump supporters who said Trump spoke honestly to them and is on their side. ARE YOU F**KING CRAZY???? What happened to you? You can't even recognize a sleazy con man anymore. Even one who's not that good at it. No wonder those Nigerians took all your money using email scams. And no wonder you still cling to those preachers who take your money and use it to build rich life styles for themselves. But you have only yourself to blame for believing all of Trump's outright proven lies. The ones he used to dupe you. No, he's not an honest man. Never has been either. And never will be. I take it you threw out the wise old adage: "A leopard never changes its spots". That one never had a chance. The millions of those who lived and worked among Trump for decades in New York City knew he was a sleaze ball. Manhattan, the borough he lives in, rejected Trump by about 90% in this election for good reason. They're protesting in front of Trump Tower as I speak and hopefully until his sorry ass is dragged out of office. None of his blue collar supporters will ever be able to afford living in Trump Tower. Trump is the New York liberal elite you once hated with a passion. What caused you to change your mind? Trump is the shady car repair man, you know which one I mean, who once did some work on your car that made the problem worse but never gave you your money back. That's why the next time your car needed service you went somewhere else. Trump is the guy who if he had moved into your neighborhood there would have been a "child molester in the neighborhood" alert put out. I can only hope that when you come to your senses and recognize Trump for what he really is, you will abandon him in droves. And if you don't, I hope you remember this wise old saying "Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me." For some reason I suspect the next time around it will be "shame on me". Because you all are too f**king dumb to know any better.

Posted: November 20, 2016

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