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Below is a list of funny anti-Bush photos by title. The newest ones are added at the bottom. If you have a funny Bush photo please send it along and we will post it. Many of the photos on this list were sent to us by other viewers and friends. We always give credit to the creator of the photo when this information is supplied or available. If you feel a photo we are using on our site has been taken without credit or reprint rights, please contact us and we will give you credit or remove the item.

This list has all of our fun photos posted through 2005. We have added another list for 2006 and one for 2007-2009.

Please note that below each photo in this section, is a separate numbered navigation bar allowing you to skip the normal sequence and view our photos in any order you choose from this list.

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Bush and his Chimp Doubles
More Bush - Chimp poses. Not only do they look alike but they also have about the same intelligence or does the chimp have more?
Bush and Cheney - The 4th Reich
9/11 Didn't Change Anything Sign
Afghanistan After the War
Air Force One
Bush Holding Baby While in England
Osama bin Bush
Suggested Use of Duct Tape
New Sprint PCS Ad
Next Bush - Cheney License Plate
Moe Bush
Bush Reading to Child--What's Wrong with this Picture?
Revised Map of the Middle East
Shameless Self Promotion -- Bush Landing on Carrier
Bush Getting a Briefing on Foreign Affairs
Gulf Wars, Episode 11, Clone of the Attack Poster, from Mad Magazine
Why Bush Can't Find bin Laden
Bozo Bush
Who's Living Inside Bush's Head?
Look Who's Pulling Bush's Strings?
Bush Reading in an Elementary School Classroom
Bush with Pope Paul
Bush on the Cover of Time
Another Bush Administration?
One Nation Under Surveillance
Same Shit, Different Assholes
If You're Not With Us, Your Against Us
Bush and His Enron Connections
Bush "Flipping the Bird"
Bush the Liar
The Bush Billboard
Bush Deception Dollars
Lie Lie Bush Pez Dispenser -- by MoPaul.com
Bush and Blair and Those Missing WMD
Great Minds and then there is George Bush
Bush Drops Dog Barney in Front of Softball Team
Bush Riding With Father in golf Cart -- from Bushspeaks.com
New World Order = New Media Order -- from AllHatNoCattle.com
Bush getting brain scan -- by Hakman
Politics by Dummies
King George
You're Free Now, Ain't Ya?
The Liars Road to Baghdad
The Truth Inside Bush's Flight Suit
A Visionary for Our Times -- by Destonio
No Bigger Task -- by MoPaul.com
The UN Speech You Won't Hear
The Three Faces of Evil
Block Bush -- by John Carr from The Nation
Piece of Me? -- by MoPaul.com
Rumsfeld answering questions about the size of Bush's nose
Bush meets Arnold in California
More Bush talking to Arnold in California
"A really sorry group" - Barbara Bush talking to son George
Barbara Bush on the Larry King Show
Cheney didn't get the memo -- by PoliticalStrikes.com
Napoleon Bush -- by John le Francois
Right wing fixation on penis size
The only bioweapon that will be discovered in Iraq
Nazi tête-a-tête
Mission: Impossible
Bush viewing the California landscape
Bush signing bill banning partial birth abortions
Bush shaking hands with Community College president
Passionate Conservatism -- from BushSpeaks.com
Uncle Sam, the White House Man
Master and Commander Movie Poster
Love, Actually Movie Poster
The Twilight Zone -- by MoPaul
Rush Limbaugh back in the studio after rehab
Bush Talking Turkey
Corporate Crime Wave
I'm Proud of you Folks, Too
Hebrew Message from Bush -- from viewer Roger Gordy
Boys Gone Wild -- from Buckfush.com
Bush eating Thanksgiving dinner with troops in Baghdad
Bush passing out Thanksgiving turkey to troops in Baghdad
Snowflake and Snowjob
A Silver Lining View of Bush's not attending Funerals -- poem by Calvin Trillin
Bush SETI -- from Buckfush.com
Flush Bush -- by John Chuckman, Canada. This page also contains a large collection of funny photos by John Chuckman recently added.
Iraq Travel Poster -- from viewer, Edward Boswell
Vulture's View of Iraq -- from viewer, Edward Boswell
Wanted for Murder -- from viewer, Lucien in Belgium
The World's Mine Oyster

Peace for All Through Martial Law

Bring 'em on? For What? -- from viewer, Edward Boswell
View photos of a statue of U.S. President George Bush being toppled in London's Trafalgar Square, Thursday Nov. 20, 2003, in a reenactment of the destruction of Saddam Husseins's statue in Baghdad, as part of a demonstration against President Bush's state visit to Britain. Photo One, Photo Two, Photo Three, Photo Four, Photo Five. We applaud the actions of our British friends and co-patriots in amassing such an impressive demonstration.
Asses of Evil - One Down, Two to Go!
Bush on Mars
The Bush Vision of Mars Colonization
4 More Years of BU_ _ SH_ _? -- from viewer, Gary Molitor
Obey Rumsfeld -- from viewer, Darcy LaPointe
Join the Army
Your Guide to Homeland Security Warnings
Bush Grinch -- by MoPaul
Fly Me!
The Enola Bush
Bush coming in for a landing on aircraft carrier, USS Lincoln -- by tinfoilhelmet.com
The Bush Cabinet
Bush Giving State of the Union Address, Jan. 2004
Bush welcoming world champions, The Florida Marlins, to the White House
Bush offering up Thanksgiving Day dinner
Right wing ex-comedian Dennis Miller with guest, Arnold Schwarzenegger
Bush Think: Perfect timing - after the Nov. 2nd election
Bush explaining his reasons for the war in Iraq
Justin Timberlake exposes the ultimate BOOB at the Super Bowl halftime
The Sinking of the USS BushCo
Bush Think: Do as I say..not as I do
Bush leaving the Texas Air National Guard
The Lyin' King
Recreation 2004 -- Sent to us by a viewer
Bush admiring race car at Daytona 500
The Bizarro World of Compassionate Conservatism
Elitism - Bush at Daytona -- from rushlimbaughonline.com
The Proof! Bush has served in Vietnam (well kinda) -- from fakewiz.com
Bush Administration War Policy Chalkboard
Bush talking to troops at Ft. Polk, LA
Bush telling officers what to do with group of illegals
Bush encouraging illegals to come ashore for jobs
Cheney and US Supreme Court Justice, Antony Scalia on a recent, controversial duck hunting trip
Where was Bush when he went AWOL? -- by filmmaker Dan Mirvish at respectbootleggers.org
Bush at the Vatican - same photo as another we have but different captioning
What should happen to Bush and Cheney
The Son-of-a-Bush
Bush and Cheney - Beavis and Butthead -- from a viewer
Bush Almighty
Bush the Lord
Lost in Translation
Bush spends a quiet day with Vincente Fox, the President of Mexico, in Crawford
Bush gas pump logic
The 2004 re-election campaign begins
Vision -- sent to us by Paul Donahue
Bush Family Photos -- sent to us by Vinnie Armstrong from Glasgow, Scotland
Collection of Bush/Cheney campaign banners -- sent to us by Dan Randall of The Carcinogens
The Last Samurai
Another Look at the Bush/Cheney Campaign Ad
Consent form to victim's families and loved ones from Bush/Cheney '04
Ashcroft's Gall
oops!....I did it again...
Bush attends rodeo in Houston
Bush always finds time to campaign...
Brain cells don't grow on Bushes
Home Alone
Three Men and a Baby Named Bush
Fall of the House of Busher
Texas Chainsaw Massacre
The Last Supper - Gesus of Crawford
Condi and Colin in the style of Amos 'n Andy
Bush thinking about Enron cash
Bush Think: The buck stops over there
Dumb Man Talking
Dawn of the Dead Campaign
Liar, Liar
Black Box Voting -- sent to us by joelinux
Bush Baghdad Blast -- sent to us by joelinux
Bush talking to Osama
Iraqi celebration
Stop "W" sign
Bush emerging from his spider hole
Men hanging President's seal in Crawford, TX
Condoleeza Rice and Bush fly
Bush the Dunce
Top 10 Things Going through Bush's Mind at Press Conference, April 13, 2004 - by Duane T.
Bush press briefing before April 13, 2004 press conference
Typical moment in Bush press conference of April 13, 2004
Baby pissing on Bush
Field of Bad Dreams
Bush Strangelove
Good Morning Iraq
A Rush Limbaugh Christmas
Men in Black
Don't Change Horsemen
Sean Hannity's New Book
Cheney Billboard
Bush with Tim Russert
Bush Gollum - by FreakingNews.com
Bush/Cheney Election Ad [one we'd like to see]
The Three Stooges Go to War - by Lloyd Mongo
Mad Cowboy Disease
Mission Accomplished - by MoPaul.com
Bush and Tommy Franks planning Iraq War in Crawford
God and Generals
Team Bush
Bush giving a press conference
Bush rigging oil prices with Saudi Prince Bandar
Armageddon Man
Bush celebrates EarthDay 2004
Bring 'Em On!
New Iraqi Flags
Butchers of Baghdad
New Look to the White House
Bush addressing his flock in Kalamazoo
Farewell to Fiends
Rush Limbaugh in Abu Ghraib prison
Rush Limbaugh on leash in Abu Ghraib prison
Bush and Rummy having fun in Abu Ghraib prison - by Rado Vieugel
Nader soliciting support
My Lai, My Lie, My! Oh My!
Dumbbell the Elephant
An American War Criminal in London
Bush, the Christian Crusader, running Abu Ghraib prison
Saving Private Rumsfeld - by Michael Dickinson, a talented artist living in Turkey
President from Hell - by Michael Dickinson, a talented artist living in Turkey
WARped - by Michael Dickinson, a talented artist living in Turkey
The Black Hole
WNBA champions, The Detroit Shock, visit Bush at White House
The Economist Cover: Better ways to attack Bush, from Dave in Alberta, Canada
The Economist Cover: One down, three to go? - from Dave in Alberta, Canada
The Economist Cover: Resign, Rumsfeld - from Dave in Alberta, Canada
The Economist Cover: Wielders of Mass Deception? - from Dave in Alberta, Canada
Bush's last hope for re-election
Bush campaign bus
Bush meeting with HOGS
Bush shuts down Iraqi newspaper
A fond look back on the Reagan Presidency
Bush meeting with the Pope
Empty Warheads
Pride of Frankenbush
Wizard of Oz
City of God
Bush head made from a composite of American soldiers who have died in Iraq over the last year
Bush urges the Vatican to help his re-election. Yes, he did attempt this!
The Bush family paying respects to Reagan
The Empire Strikes Out!
The Rational Inquirer: Bush Confesses!
Virtual Feminization Clinic
Global: Scalia cuts deal for Cheney
Bush the foreign policy expert - from Russ Davey, a viewer
Little Cowboy - from a painting by Robert Maniscalco
Bush-Man 2
Clear and Present Danger
Bush beheading freedoms
Bushy Wonka & the Politics Factory, by newworldodour.co.uk
Nader on the John McEnroe Show
Bush giving speech to his supporters with our modification of backdrop
9-11 Report
Bush and Osama: Two warped egos
The Shady Bunch
Nice piece of protest art - by Rocco Albano
Reagan on the $20 Bill
A Bush Bushism on the campaign trail
Dennis Hussein and Saddam Miller
Help us! Our leaders are possessed by demons - from David Katz, evilbushadministration.com
"Worst President Ever" Sign
Another Bush on the Cover of Time Magazine
We're Sorry!
Uncle Sam says, "Stop Asking!"
Trashcroft - from David Katz, evilbushadministration.com
Republican Prescription Drug Plan - from Dennis Baer
Oz Bush - from Carl Groat
Draft Dodger
Draft Dodgers
Bush the Divider
Navy Giving Bush a "Swift Boot"!
Paul Revere Riding Through NYC
What Bush Has in Common With Olympics
The Lack of Compassion
Arnold speaking at the Republican Convention
Don King at the Republican Convention
All Bush can sell is fear - Cheney in Des Moines, IA
Zig Zag Zell (Miller)
Kerry delivering a knock-out blow to Bush - from viewer J. Czason
Bush launching news - from viewer J. Czason
Fastest selling pencil holder in Iraq
What Proof?
Bush foreign policy
Absolut Jerk - from a viewer
Bushentia - from a viewer
Drunk with Power - from a viewer
Bush Presidential Seal - from a viewer
Bush running ad against Jesus - from a viewer
Titanic - from a viewer
Bush economic numbers - appearing on jimhightower.com
GOP Convention - from rense.com
Laura Bush supporting the Warmonger
Laura Bush trying to explain her past
Hurricane Map of Florida
Meet The Real Bush Daughters
Dan Rather apologizes
President Evil
Pork Palace (funny real sign) - from viewer Jack Neville
Funny label inside garment headed to France
Obeyance - by artist Stephen Pitt at light-to-dark.com
Dubya's Commandments - by artist Stephen Pitt at light-to-dark.com
VP Debate - from a viewer
Tales from a Snorting Life
Collection of funny stickers - from bubbygram.com
New Texas - from viewer Gerry Miraldi
GOP Women - from rense.com
The first debate
Wanted for Murder
Jail to the Chief
Bush and Manson
Notorious Lip-Synchers
Bush on the cover of re-Play magazine - from JS BOYD, Maryland, former Republican
Two animated Bush/Cheney .gifs for free use as attachments, sig. files - by "netsky"
Undead Presidents
Freedom Fried
Creature from the White House
Set of three fun images of Bush speaking with various people - from reedmorezines.com
Where peace cannot live - by Gerry Miraldi
Rambush - from TJ of Hampton, VA
Archbishop campaigning for Bush
Bush gives real reason for Iraq War
Welcome to Diebald from Jeb Bush
The handiwork of the devil
What phone sex with Bill O'Reilly would sound like
Hypocrisy ala mode - by Robert Burns
The Idiossy - from Gerry Miraldi
The Iraqi Horror Picture Show - from Gerry Miraldi
Kids trick or treating on Halloween with Bush
Halloween Party
Taliban Republicans
Banana Republicans
Terrorist warning before elections
Bush's view of Iraq - from Gerry Miraldi
Pinnochio - by Rebecca Price
Bush explains the bulge on his back
A thousand pointed lies
Satan George - by Robert Burns
Star Whores - from Gerry Miraldi
Boston Red Sox pitcher, Curt Schilling campaigning for Bush
Death of Democracy - post Nov. 2, 2004 election
Bush on the cover of Businessweek post-election
The Bush Man-date
Herr Bushler
Buzz Bush - by Neff as appearing on rense.com
Furious George - by John LeFrancois
Daily Mirror Cover post-election
Bush giving the finger - real photo
The Dynamic Duo - by Todd Browning as appearing on rense.com
Impeach W license plate
Post election U. S. map
Seed of Bushy
Bush Thanksgiving Turkey 2004
Powell complaining of fraud in Ukraine election
Call of Duty: New Bush Video Game
"BUSHARON'S agenda" - original art from coolon.net
"Themis - Lady of Justice" Under the Bush Administration - original art from coolon.net
Rumsfeld addressing US Troops in Kuwait
New Army Recruiting Slogan
Rumsfeld surveys a damaged humvee in Iraq
Bush explaining his adminstration's failures
Unfortunate Events
Chimp Pimp "Thief" - original artwork by Stephen Pitt at light-to-dark.com
Planet in Peril - by Michael Dickinson, a talented artist living in Turkey
A peek into Arlington Cemetary during the Iraq War
Bush at the economic summit
Bush signs Intelligence Bill
Oval Office Christmas Party 2004
Bush family Christmas card
Dubya Sings Christmas CD
Seasonal Screensaver - by Michael Dickinson, a talented artist living in Turkey
Bush: Time Magazine's "Poison of the Year"
Rumsfeld visiting soldier in Iraq hospital
Rumsfeld dining with the troops in Iraq
Bushy Dooby
Oval Office New Years
Wonder Drugs - from a viewer

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