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Below is a list of funny anti-Bush photos by title. The newest ones are added at the bottom. If you have a funny Bush photo please send it along and we will post it. Many of the photos on this list were sent to us by other viewers and friends. We always give credit to the creator of the photo when this information is supplied or available. If you feel a photo we are using on our site has been taken without credit or reprint rights, please contact us and we will give you credit or remove the item.

This list will include photos posted during 2006. You can also view our extensive photo list prior to this one. Or photos for 2007-2009.

Please note that below each photo in this section, is a separate numbered navigation bar allowing you to skip the normal sequence and view our photos in any order you choose from this list.

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A chilehead's spin on Dubya, by Larry Noggle
Right Noise - our remake of the movie, White Noise
American Gothic
Bush Monkey Billboard - Photo by Mike Segar/Reuters
Real photo of Bush getting his fly zipped
The Grinch Who Stole Freedom - by John LeFrancois
Kinky Bush - by Kanuter2000
Bush on the draft - by Kyle
Mein Kampf - by coolon.net
Night of the Waking Dead - by Tony Naz
Happy Thanksgiving
There is only one weapon of mass destruction - from Seven's Heaven
Quacker Bush - we thought Barbara Bush would make a perfect replacement
The new Presidential Seal
Uncle Bush
The Bush inaugural limo
The "swearing" in of Bush
Lighting a fire of democracy
Cheney attending ceremonies at Auschwitz
The Real Fraud - by José López from Costa Rica
Bush Voodoo Doll - by José López from Costa Rica
Liar, Liar - by José López from Costa Rica
I, Robot - by José López from Costa Rica
Unsmart - by José López from Costa Rica
Bush Confesses - another Rational Inquirer cover
Bush greets the NBA champion Detroit Pistons at the White House
Bush getting the finger at SOTU
The Demographics of Social Security Privatization
Bush and Social Security
The Ring - by José López from Costa Rica
Bush carrying a casket - by José López from Costa Rica
Soldiers training - by José López from Costa Rica
Gang wars - composite images from a viewer
The Boogey Man
The Great Law Giver - by Neff
Bring 'em on! - by Space Commando
Meet the F*ckers - by mentalmercy.com
Decisions - by gegenbush.de
Wead & Weed
Marijuana Poster
Jane Goodall reprehends Georgie the chimp - by José López from Costa Rica
Bush smoking dope - from Philip B.
Magic Bush - by José López from Costa Rica
Designated Bush Protest Zones
White House Briefing
Orc Bush - by José López from Costa Rica
Sheeple - by Neff
Presidential Seal
Zionist Tool - by Neff
"Bush Doesn't", funny sign
George and Laura Bush get appropriate plant on St. Patrick's Day
What Terri Shiavo might wish to say
What someone in a persistent vegetative state looks like
Congress holds hearings on steroid abuse
Persistent Vegetative States
The religious reich's dilemma over Schiavo
Taking Lives
Lying in State(s)
Lost in Translation: Bush on Social Security
American Idle
BushCo urging his party to keep dragging along their Taliban wing
Bush throwing opening day pitch
DeLay about to get his plug pulled
Bush signaling that Bolton has not been approved as UN ambassador
The Interpreter
The Crucifiction
Fumigate DeLay sticker
The new look to the Frist Campus Center at Princeton
X-ray proves Bush's head up his ass!
Seven - "deadly sins" movie poster
Rice in Iraq
Onward Fristian Soldiers - our remake of a scene from the movie, Kingdom of Heaven
Map of America [Free States/Kerry States - Slave States/Bush States - from Aaron
Scott McClellan press conference
Bush the Snake Oil Salesman
Iran and Iraq become cozy
The Bushanic Sinks
Photo of Bush in prison released
Tyrant in underpants - from Michael Dickinson, Turkey
Bushler - from a viewer
Laura Bush surrounded by large crowd
Bush having sex with sheep on White House lawn
Bush holding an embryo baby
Bush clones
Iraq: Bush's golden moment
Bush in a bubble
Satan revealed
The case against "intelligent design"
Lord and Master - by talented artist, Michael Dickinson from Turkey
Holy Shit! - by talented artist, Michael Dickinson from Turkey
Head in sand
Badman Begone!
Resistance is futile - from BernieVision
Hot Tub Party - from BernieVision
A tough day of questioning for Rumsfeld
Bushie Fully Loaded
Bush speaking at Can't Bragg
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
Why we don't need the Homeland Security Dept.
DeLay on Iraq War
Bush's meaningless babble
Draft the whole family! - from BernieVision
Ann Coulter Robo-Dog - from BernieVision
Bombastic 4
Bombastic 4: Mr. Bombastic
Bombastic 4: The Iraqi Torturer
Bombastic 4: Mr. Doom
Bush discussing the London terrorist attack with Blair
G8 - from BernieVision
Coulter Mouse Pad - from BernieVision
Bush and the Ten Commandments
Drunk driver
First family celebration - from BernieVision
Bush telling it like it is about Rove
Rove Confesses - Rational Inquirer cover
Good application of eminent domain
The Weakly Standard Cover
Integrity in the White House?
Bad News Bush
Soldier in Iraq finds the enemy in hiding
Fashion Police
Bush Animal House - by viewer Nokturn41
Bush flipping bird at reporters
Bush bodybuilder
Choose Life
Sons of a Bitch - from a viewer
Bush Behind Bars
The Thing with Two Heads
The American Queen
The Village Voice
W Girls
Never another Bush
Rove on the cover of Slime Magazine
Oil, Shmoil!
Loose Cannon
Is your neighbor a jihad-loving liberal?
Hard-working George
Ice Princess
Got Coke?
Bush Witch
Send Bush to Gitmo Ribbon
Bush iPod
Bush Corination
Bush Devil
Bush Cannon
Bush's Brain
Commander in chief - from Michael Dickinson, Turkey
Karl Rove - from Michael Dickinson, Turkey
Iraq re-named
Bush happy about high gas prices
Bush discussing troop withdrawal from Iraq
Texas beleaguer
Portrait of Young Bush - by artist Michael Dickinson from Turkey
The Three Nooges - by The Heckler
Crass (the movie)
Bush promoting Mke Brown
Bush and Barney survive Hurricane Katrina
Rehnquist praying for God's forgiveness
High and Dry - by artist Michael Dickinson from Turkey
In Control - by artist Michael Dickinson from Turkey
Bush relaxing in flooded New Orleans - two photos
Bush the disaster - real TV news' scroll
Bush singing in the Oval Office - by Gregg Smith, England
Media waste in New Orleans floodwater
Lord of War
FEMA Director opening
Bush on bullhorn in New Orleans
Mike Brown tells Bush his priorities
Cheney gets his knees fixed
Evidence Mars destroyed by Bush - by The Heckler
The Hannityville Horror
Bush aboard Air Force One
What did Brown Do To You?
God corrects Bush
The Hammer in the Slammer
Bush "working" with the Habitat for Humanity
Oval Office Mount
The Power of Make-up
Is Bush Next?
Is Bush Next? - another version
Bush addresses troops in a teleconference photo op
Change the channel!
DeLay smiles
Saddam in court
Rice holding Renegade's jersey
The grand ayatollahs of the Republican party
Little Chicken
"We Don't Torture"
Lucky Me!
Remembering who lied us into the Iraq war
The McBush: The two-headed monster that wants to stay the course in Iraq
Bush prepares to pardon turkeys
Evil Bush - Illustration by Scott Browne
The Bipolar Express
Rumsfeld puts deaths in Iraq into perspective
Embedded reporters
Condi Rice lying about torture
GOP in AC/DC - funny animated .gif by Mike
Christmas greetings from the White House - by Michael Dickinson
Bill O'Reilly models his new show promo jacket
Blowback Mountain
Bush Holiday Card 2005
Bush the dictator - by Dave Barnett
I Spy
U.S. Bush stamp
The Great Guzzler - by Michael Dickinson
Bush rolls out new pre-emptive war model
Samuel Alito Beer
Martha Alito sobbing at hearings
King Con - by Michael Dickinson
Would you buy anything from this man?
Bush fears America - by "Wolfuncle" at marketingtheworld.com
State of the Union
Another State of the Union
And another State of the Union
An Army of One
Muhammad for Beginners - by Michael Dickinson
Bush Sells White House - by "Wolfuncle" at marketingtheworld.com
Emperor George - by "Wolfuncle" at marketingtheworld.com
Lost Bush - by "Wolfuncle" at marketingtheworld.com
Oil Owns Bush - by "Wolfuncle" at marketingtheworld.com
Bush at King Funeral - by Democratsforum.com
The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight
The Spy Who Bugged Me
Cheney Headline in NYT - by "Wolfuncle" at marketingtheworld.com
Bush Hears from God - by "Wolfuncle" at marketingtheworld.com
Have you seen this man? - by "Wolfuncle" at marketingtheworld.com
Secret Bush - by "Wolfuncle" at marketingtheworld.com
Bush's Terror Failure - by "Wolfuncle" at marketingtheworld.com
My Name is Squirrel - by "Wolfuncle" at marketingtheworld.com
Bush doing a heckuva job!
President's Day 2006
The war criminal visits Pakistan
American Freedoms - from a viewer
Pee Wee Bush's Big Adventure - by "Wolfuncle" at marketingtheworld.com
Wag the Dog - by "Wolfuncle" at marketingtheworld.com
Bush Terror Fighter - by "Wolfuncle" at marketingtheworld.com
Bush steals your tax dollars - by "Wolfuncle" at marketingtheworld.com
Apocalypse Now - by "Wolfuncle" at marketingtheworld.com
Bush studies for photo op - by "Wolfuncle" at marketingtheworld.com
Eye test for Bush voters - by "Wolfuncle" at marketingtheworld.com
Bush winning war - by "Wolfuncle" at marketingtheworld.com
The Wiretap Guy - by "Wolfuncle" at marketingtheworld.com
Bushhack Mountain
Making Baghdad Bob the credible one
Cheney, Retire! - a real press photo
Big Chief - by Michael Dickinson
Bush runs for Prez of Afghanistan - by "Wolfuncle" at marketingtheworld.com
Bush the military dolt - by "Wolfuncle" at marketingtheworld.com
Bush the GOP executioner - by "Wolfuncle" at marketingtheworld.com
The Bush mystery - by "Wolfuncle" at marketingtheworld.com
Bush gets a new job - by "Wolfuncle" at marketingtheworld.com
Bush lives in the environment he helped create - by "Wolfuncle" at marketingtheworld.com
Bush running out of time - by "Wolfuncle" at marketingtheworld.com
Billary Clinton - by Worth 1000.com
Insideous Man
Whether Man
Bush empty head - by "Wolfuncle" at marketingtheworld.com
Bush debt - by "Wolfuncle" at marketingtheworld.com
Bush the false prophet - by "Wolfuncle" at marketingtheworld.com
Bush frog - by "Wolfuncle" at marketingtheworld.com
Bush border patrol - by "Wolfuncle" at marketingtheworld.com
Bush the deserting aviator - by "Wolfuncle" at marketingtheworld.com
Bush sacrifice - by "Wolfuncle" at marketingtheworld.com
Bush can't hear - by "Wolfuncle" at marketingtheworld.com
The Bush money clip - by "Wolfuncle" at marketingtheworld.com
Bushnocchio - by "Wolfuncle" at marketingtheworld.com
Bush on race - by "Wolfuncle" at marketingtheworld.com
Tommy Boy
Uncle Sam Quits!
Why help never came to New Orleans
Bush Gothic - by "Wolfuncle" at marketingtheworld.com
Bush is not flawless - by "Wolfuncle" at marketingtheworld.com
Bush doesn't need no diplomacy - by "Wolfuncle" at marketingtheworld.com
The Bushies - by kokopelli
Sgt. Peckers - by kokopelli
Spin City
Statue of Liberty
Up Yours, Bush!
The Decider House Rules
Bush Patriot Act - by "Wolfuncle" at marketingtheworld.com
Bush Pres Defective - by "Wolfuncle" at marketingtheworld.com
Bush and his prison gang - by "Wolfuncle" at marketingtheworld.com
Bush is a joker - by "Wolfuncle" at marketingtheworld.com
Bush type - by "Wolfuncle" at marketingtheworld.com
Bush's jobs for America - by "Wolfuncle" at marketingtheworld.com
Bush doesn't understand Jesus - from democratsforum.com
Iraqi Horror Picture Show
Barbara Bush Goes Berserk - by Michael Dickinson
Bush Lost Park - by "Wolfuncle" at marketingtheworld.com
Moron Bush - by "Wolfuncle" at marketingtheworld.com
Bush the Weakest Link - by "Wolfuncle" at marketingtheworld.com
Bush Condoms
New USA Logo
Diebold Code - from constructdiveanarchy.com
Bush masked - by "Wolfuncle" at marketingtheworld.com
Bush foot in mouth - by "Wolfuncle" at marketingtheworld.com
Bush Files - by "Wolfuncle" at marketingtheworld.com
Apocalypse Now - by Rob Ostir
Bush Man - by Steve
Stop Bush sign - real photo
Franken Decider
The 30% Solution
Bush lays wreath at Arlington Memorial Day 2006
Giant Liar - by "Wolfuncle" at marketingtheworld.com
Bush Exposed - by "Wolfuncle" at marketingtheworld.com
Battyman - by "Wolfuncle" at marketingtheworld.com
Bush hoodlum - by "Wolfuncle" at marketingtheworld.com
Bush report card - by "Wolfuncle" at marketingtheworld.com
Bush policy termination - by "Wolfuncle" at marketingtheworld.com
Bush lost his balls
Suicider - by Michael Dickinson
Bush reads - by "Wolfuncle" at marketingtheworld.com
Bush policies in trouble - by "Wolfuncle" at marketingtheworld.com
Bush dangerous mind - by "Wolfuncle" at marketingtheworld.com
Bush is illusion - by "Wolfuncle" at marketingtheworld.com
Collateral Damage - by "Wolfuncle" at marketingtheworld.com
Bush kills forests - by "Wolfuncle" at marketingtheworld.com
Civilization - by Michael Dickinson
Cong. Rangel on Bush
Bush meeting Al-malaki in Iraq
Fill in the blank
Bush state of disunion - by "Wolfuncle" at marketingtheworld.com
Hu's on First? - from democratsforum.com
Bush on Mine Safety - from democratsforum.com
Failure to Launch
Big check
Bush drill - by BuckFush.com
Bush walks on rights - by "Wolfuncle" at marketingtheworld.com
Dr. Strangelove - by Neff
Jesus loses patience - by Michael Dickinson
Why Bush needs time to deal with N. Korea
The emperor has no brains
"Don't mess with Texas" sign
Crocky - by "Wolfuncle" at marketingtheworld.com
Bush Snake Eyes - by "Wolfuncle" at marketingtheworld.com
New Middle East Map
Democracy rules!
White Houseboy - by internetweekly.org
Bush driving golf cart at G8 summit
Bush in the Army - by "Wolfuncle" at marketingtheworld.com
The Last Emperor - by "Wolfuncle" at marketingtheworld.com
Bush gets GOP feedback - by "Wolfuncle" at marketingtheworld.com
With Us or Against Us? - by John Chuckman
Bush speaking at G8 summit
Bush speaking at G8 summit - another one
Bush in wheelchair with spinal cord injury
Bill Clinton stumps for Joe Lieberman in CT
Bush's Vietnam memories - by "Wolfuncle" at marketingtheworld.com
Bush is nuts! - by "Wolfuncle" at marketingtheworld.com
Mad Cake
Some support the war
Bush Stamp - another one
We are winning... - by Shamm
American Idle
Shut the f**k up! - by Michael Dickinson
Bush makes the world go around - by Michael Dickinson
Bad Santa - by "Wolfuncle" at marketingtheworld.com
Fear and Loathing - by "Wolfuncle" at marketingtheworld.com
Rearview Mirror - by "Wolfuncle" at marketingtheworld.com
Ship of State - by "Wolfuncle" at marketingtheworld.com
Not a good time - by Michael Dickinson
Puppet Joe Lieberman - by the freespeechzone.net
Curious relationship between Bush poll numbers and terrorist plots
Bush Whisperer Lesson No. 1
Bush Whisperer Lesson No. 2
Bush denies he's an airhead - by internetweekly.org
Bush the airhead - by "Wolfuncle" at marketingtheworld.com
Bush at the end of his rope - by "Wolfuncle" at marketingtheworld.com
Bush oil addiction - by "Wolfuncle" at marketingtheworld.com
Bush secrecy - by "Wolfuncle" at marketingtheworld.com
Bush Whisperer Lesson No. 3
Bush under pressure - by "Wolfuncle" at marketingtheworld.com
Fly Me!
Vote Shredders - by Democratsforum.com
Bush Fiddles
Bush Light
Selfish economy - by "Wolfuncle" at marketingtheworld.com
Orleans - by "Wolfuncle" at marketingtheworld.com
No evolution - by "Wolfuncle" at marketingtheworld.com
Terrorist - by Michael Dickinson
False flag
Bush's Iraq glasses - by "Wolfuncle" at marketingtheworld.com
Cowardly Crusader - by "Wolfuncle" at marketingtheworld.com
Broken Iraq - by "Wolfuncle" at marketingtheworld.com
Lying through your teeth
Jackass the President
Chavez speaks at the UN
Bush propaganda - by "Wolfuncle" at marketingtheworld.com
Is that a poor person? - by "Wolfuncle" at marketingtheworld.com
A little torture is good fer ya - by "Wolfuncle" at marketingtheworld.com
Neocon black heart - by "Wolfuncle" at marketingtheworld.com
Cheney corporate greed - by "Wolfuncle" at marketingtheworld.com
Bush taking liberties - by John Chuckman
Politics stays the same - by "Wolfuncle" at marketingtheworld.com
Something smells fishy - by "Wolfuncle" at marketingtheworld.com
Great license plate - by priceless420.com
Congressman Foley checks into rehab
Jackass Number 2 - from Graham Bebbington, England
The Nightmare Before Christmas - from Graham Bebbington, England
Use religion - by Democratsforum.com
King and Queen of America - by "Wolfuncle" at marketingtheworld.com
Bush Glory - by "Wolfuncle" at marketingtheworld.com
Bush killing spree
Careers in Torture book - by "Wolfuncle" at marketingtheworld.com
Confederate Philosophy book - by "Wolfuncle" at marketingtheworld.com
Dying for Freedom - by David Dees
BushCo on Elections
Dubya Antoinette - from Graham Bebbington, England
Fright House - by Michael Dickinson
Clunk - from Graham Bebbington, England
The Da Dubya Code - from Graham Bebbington, England
Osama thanks RNC - by Democratsforum.com
Bush has no plan - by Democratsforum.com
Torture: The true road to democracy book cover - by "Wolfuncle" at marketingtheworld.com
Torturing children book cover - by "Wolfuncle" at marketingtheworld.com
3-D Real Scary - from Graham Bebbington, England
The Butchery - by David Dees
Satananic Republicans
Tales from the Bush Scrypt - by The Spooky Truth
Election 2006 graveyard
Even the dogs desert Bush
Ship of State book cover - by "Wolfuncle" at marketingtheworld.com
House of cards - by David Dees
Crossing - by Michael Dickinson
Staying the course - by Michael Dickinson
War criminals - by David Dees
Democracy in action - by David Dees
Black Christmas - from Graham Bebbington, England
Turkey pardons Bush Thanksgiving 2006
Rum Toad - for Christmas from Graham Bebbington, England
Coming Soon! The new G.W. Bush Presidential Library
Our version of the Vietnam Memorial Wall
Things to do - by David Dees
Thanksgiving Patriot - artist unknown
No exit - by David Dees
WMD finally found - by Democratsforum.com
The Bush Library - by Democratsforum.com
Education is Over-rated book by GW Bush - by "Wolfuncle" at marketingtheworld.com
Iraq for Dummies - by Democratsforum.com
Don't watch this video - by David Dees
Mr. Bush's Holiday - by Graham Bebbington, England
Rumsfeld's farewell tribute
Bush in a bubble - by Michael Dickinson
DU Christmas - by David Dees
Santa sucks - by Michael Dickinson
Merry Christmas - by John Chuckman
Making a list... - by John LeFrancois

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