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Featured Weekly NYT Columnists

- What’s Driving Dollar Doomsaying?, By Paul Krugman
- Requiem for the Newsroom, By Maureen Dowd
- Which Inflation Measures Matter?, By Paul Krugman
- Gun Idolatry Is Destroying the Case for Guns, By David French
- The Culture Creating A.I. Is Weird. Here’s Why That Matters., The Ezra Klein Show
- The ‘Woke Mind Virus’ Is Eating Away at Republicans’ Brains, By Jamelle Bouie
- The U.S. Dollar as Reserve Currency: Probably Still Safe, By Paul Krugman
- Does America Realize That Sudan Is Too Big to Fail?, By Lydia Polgreen
- This Is What the Right-Wing Takeover of a Progressive College Looks Like, By Michelle Goldberg
- A Sinister New Page in the Republican Playbook, By Jamelle Bouie
- Disney v. DeSantis: How Strong Is the Company’s Lawsuit?, By David French
- This Is Why Politicians Like to Change the Subject, By Gail Collins and Bret Stephens
- Biden’s Highest Hurdle Isn’t Age. It’s Passion., By Charles M. Blow
- Democrats: Pay Attention to What’s Happening in California, The Ezra Klein Show
- It Is a Delusion to Think Having a Gun in the Home Makes Us Safer, By Nicholas Kristof
- Clarence Thomas Can Do No Wrong, By Jamelle Bouie
- Why Kamala Harris Matters So Much in 2024, By Thomas Friedman
- The Harry Belafonte Speech That Changed My Life, By Charles M. Blow
- What’s the Matter With New York?, By Paul Krugman
- Tucker Carlson’s Great Replacement, By Michelle Goldberg
- Tucker Carlson and the Tragedy of Fox News, By Bret Stephens
- We Were Wrong About President Biden, By Frank Bruni
- Republicans Did Something Most People Don’t Like, So They’re Changing the Rules, By Jamelle Bouie
- Tim Scott Faces Long Odds, By Jamelle Bouie
- When the Mad Lead the Blind, Maureen Dowd
- Biden Has Something He’d Like to Tell You, By Gail Collins and Bret Stephens
- Matthew Desmond on America’s Addiction to Poverty, The Ezra Klein Show
- ChatGPT Is Already Changing How I Do My Job, By Farhad Manjoo
- Turns Out Republicans Don’t Hate Big Government, By Jamelle Bouie
- The Sickening Déjà Vu of Watching Trump Manhandle DeSantis, By Michelle Goldberg
- Wonking Out: Is the American Economy Awesome?, By Paul Krugman
- DeSantis’s Puddin’ Head Campaign, By Maureen Dowd
- Plutocratic Power and Its Perils, By Paul Krugman
- The Surprising Thing A.I. Engineers Will Tell You if You Let Them, By Ezra Klein
- The ‘Quiet Catastrophe’ Brewing in Our Social Lives, The Ezra Klein Show
- Promising Signs for Free Speech on Campus, By David French
- A Few Ways Out of the Debt Ceiling Mess, By Paul Krugman
- Undeterred Criminals Plus Demoralized Cops Equals More Crime, By Bret Stephens
- Why Fox Had to Settle, By Michelle Goldberg
- ‘One of the Odd and Scary Things About American Politics’ Is What Republicans Are Doing, By Thomas B. Edsall
- Twitter Is Broken. Thanks, Elon, By Farhad Manjoo
- Republicans Are Forgetting One Crucial Truth About People and Their Bodies, By Lydia Polgreen
- Wonking Out: International Money Madness Strikes Again, By Paul Krugman
- A Justice in Trouble, By Jamelle Bouie
- What a Girl’s Goat Teaches Us About Our Food, By Nicholas Kristof
- The Republican Strategists Who Have Carefully Planned All of This, By Thomas B. Edsall
- Easter Rebukes the Christian Will to Power, By David French
- The Hideous Resurrection of the Comstock Act, By Michelle Goldberg
- Why Is DeSantis Against Central Bank Digital Currencies?, By Paul Krugman
- The Meaning of an Awesome Employment Report, By Paul Krugman
- The Cold Truth at the Heart of ‘Succession,’ Lying on an Airplane Floor, By Michelle Goldberg
- What Biden’s Top A.I. Thinker Concluded We Should Do, The Ezra Klein Show
- Clarence Thomas Is as Free as Ever to Treat His Seat Like a Winning Lottery Ticket, By Jamelle Bouie
- Understanding the Red State Death Trip, By Paul Krugman
- Inequality Ahoy! On the Meaning of the Superyacht., By Paul Krugman
- Tennessee Republicans Exposed Their Authoritarian Streak, By Charles M. Blow
- The Internet Was an Economic Disappointment, By Paul Krugman
- Putin Should Have Read Evan Gershkovich, Not Imprisoned Him, By Bret Stephens
- A.I. May Change Everything, but Probably Not Too Quickly, By Paul Krugman
- Clarence Thomas Decided Against the Staycation, By Gail Collins and Bret Stephens
- Is It Too Late for DeSantis to Take On Trump?, By Jamelle Bouie
- Ivanka Trump Is Pained, By Frank Bruni
- Putin’s Energy Offensive Has Failed, By Paul Krugman
- The Abortion Ban Backlash Is Starting to Freak Out Republicans, By Michelle Goldberg
- Why A.I. Might Not Take Your Job or Supercharge the Economy, The Ezra Klein Show
- When George W. Bush Was a Hero, By Nicholas Kristof
- A Tale of Fire and Ice, Maureen Dowd
- Trump, the Incredible Shrinking Defendant, By Charles M. Blow
- Do Critics of Trump’s Indictment Have a Point?, By Nicholas Kristof
- The Rich World Has a Shockingly High Tolerance for Cruelty, By Lydia Polgreen
- The Most Amazing — and Dangerous — Technology in the World, The Ezra Klein Show
- You Could Have Walked a Block Away and Had No Clue Trump Just Got Arrested, By Michelle Goldberg
- Who’s Afraid of Integration? A Lot of People, Actually., By Thomas B. Edsall
- The First Trump Indictment Is Here, and It Matters, By Michelle Goldberg
- If DeSantis Thinks His Competence Will Help Him Beat Trump, He May Want to Think Again, By Jamelle Bouie
- The Rule of Law Now Depends on Republicans, By David French
- What Did We Learn From Trump’s Waco Rally? He’s Stuck in the Past., By Charles M. Blow
- Human Trafficking May be Strong, but a Mother’s Love Is Stronger, By Nicholas Kristof
- The Unsettling Truth About Trump’s First Great Victory, By Thomas B. Edsall
- Can’t Read? Here’s a ‘Barefoot College’ for You., By Nicholas Kristof
- Trump May Face Prosecution. America Faces a Test., By Charles M. Blow
- Sex, Lies and … Trump. What More Can You Ask For?, By Gail Collins
- Free Speech Doesn’t Mean Free Rein to Shout Down Others, By David French
- A Radical Way of Thinking About Money, The Ezra Klein Show

Issues We Still Care About

Petitions to sign online:

Impeach Justice Clarence Thomas

Expel members of Congress who supported the January 6 insurrection

Conviction or not, Trump must be disqualified from public office

I.R.S. must crack down on wealthy and corporate tax cheats TARGET: Internal Revenue Service

Elect the president by national popular vote

No government contracts for pharmacies that refuse to carry Mifepristone.

Fox News admitted they’re a GOP mouthpiece. Democrats must boycott Fox.

All judges, including SCOTUS, must be bound by a code of ethics

President Biden can and should declare a climate emergency

Immigrants are here to stay. Pass the DREAM Act of 2023.

The Iraq War was 20 years ago. Repeal outdated war powers!Pass the PRO Act to protect workers' rights!

Pass the People Over Pentagon Act
The US military budget is currently $858 billion, more than China, Russia, and the next seven countries combined! Yet, we are told there isn’t money for healthcare, ending childhood poverty, or protecting the planet. Reducing the Pentagon budget by $100 billion would still leave plenty to keep America safe at a level well above our country’s post-World War II average.

SUPPORT PFAW'S GRASSROOTS CAMPAIGN. People for the American War want to pass an amendment to the U.S. Constitution which would nullify the worst part of the USSC's decision by granting Congress the authority to limit corporate influence in elections. The Supreme Court's decision in Citizens United v. FEC threatens to tear apart the fabric of our democracy and grant powerful corporations unfettered influence in our political process. Tell congressional leaders to support and pass a constitutional amendment granting Congress the authority limit corporate influence in elections without delay. Sign PFAW's online petition now.

Matt Gaetz Big Boy

Message for our viewers: Trumpism will remain a cancer on our democracy until the last vestiges of his supporters and enablers in Congress and those promoting lies in rightwing media, violent white supremacists and violent Christian white nationalists, whose ignorance and vileness is beyond our comprehension, crawl back into the sewers they came from and stay there. Our post-Trump mission must be to make sure all the damage Trump and his enablers have done is repaired as quickly as possible and those who broke the law or violated their oaths of office while doing so are held accountable. There are no good Republicans anymore in Congress. Just the vile, stupid, corrupt, and cowardly ones.

Visit Rising Tide North America to send letters telling Fox New's advertisers to stop funding Fox News. You can write your own letter or use the detailed one they supply on their website that will be sent to many Fox Advertisers. And it's easy to spread the word.

Impeach Clarence Thomas for hiding corrupt payments to his wife!

Watch "Debunking 4 Myths About Inflation | Robert Reich" on YouTube

Both of these books are now for sale: Trump in Limericks: For those who've groaned to dislike him and More Trump in Limericks: An October Surprise which covers the Trump Administration right up to election day. Both books are chock full of interesting and funny limericks and illustrations. Even when he's out of office you will enjoy these books because the sordid history of his administration is written with humor.

The Trump Investigation You Probably Haven’t Heard About
Plus: A handy list to sort out the ones you have heard of, including the case expected to result in his arrest this week.
, By KIMBERLY WEHLE  MARCH 20, 2023, The Bulwark

Merrick Garland hasn’t tipped his hand, but it’s clear to me that he will bring charges against the former president., By Franklin Foer, The Atlantic, OCTOBER 11, 2022

Donald Trump brought our democracy to the brink and exposed its weak spots. How to thwart the next American tyrant.
, By The Editorial Board of The Boston Globe, June 2021

So you never forget, here is the complete list of all the Republicans who now are part of the Sedition Caucus in Congress.

Social Media warning: Don't put your privacy, security, mental health, and even your own life at risk. Stay away from social media as much as possible. Insurance companies, banks, scam artists, criminals, and employers all use social media when deciding how they should and can treat you. Be reminded that Facebook and Twitter are infected with foreign bots and bad actors including Elon Musk. Their money is made by encouraging deception, conflict, and disinformation because it is more profitable for them to do so. Social media algorithms interfere with normal brain functioning and the damage it causes can be severe. We insist that all social media companies ban Trump's posts and prevent him and other lying hate-mongers from using their platforms.

Humor that will be updated on our site even though Trump is not in office:

We urge our viewers to support these very funny and smart hosts of late night TV who aren't afraid to continually share their political opinions and will still be very funny even though Trump is out of office: The Daily Show on Comedy Central, Stephen Colbert, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on CBS, Seth Meyers, Late Night with Seth Meyers on NBC, and Bill Maher, Real Time With Billl Maher on HBO.

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All older articles that appeared in this section through December 31, 2012 can be found in our archives.

Trump's out of office, but DeJoy's still running the Postal Service to the ground. That changes now
By Paul Hogarth

Living like Rudy: Giuliani is the face of MAGA "freedom"
Shielding debauched racists is exactly why there's so much right-wing whining about "cancel culture"


Coastal Cities Priced Out Low-Wage Workers. Now College Graduates Are Leaving, Too.
By Emily Badger, Robert Gebeloff and Josh Katz

Now we know what the Feds were after in their Miami Trump Tower III condo raid
By ItsSimpleSimon

“A big fat nothing”: Legal experts say "bogus" John Durham report proves “he’s failed miserably”
“Combined with his lack of success in the courtroom, this investigation was a flop,” ex-prosecutor says


A new Supreme Court case threatens to make gerrymandering even worse
South Carolina’s lawyers propose a rule that could make it virtually impossible to challenge racial gerrymanders.

By Ian Millhiser 

The debt ceiling crisis can end today—if Biden goes it alone
By Joan McCarter

Special prosecutor recommends no new charges in Russia probe Trump called 'crime of the century'
AP story chosen by Daily Kos Staff

Elon Musk, “free speech absolutist,” complied with more than 800 government requests
Musk attacked for censoring Turkish opposition — but that's just one example of Twitter’s deference to government


CNN's defense of Trump town hall is generating more outrage
By Mark Sumner

What Americans think about the debt ceiling fight
William A. Galston

Inside the 'White Gold' Rush to Mine American Lithium and Make Millions
Lithium could power the 21st century. But the methods used to find it are largely from the 1800s.

By Alex Lubben

As faith in SCOTUS plummets, Ginni Thomas gets her own new scandal
By Mark Sumner

Texas man shoots his girlfriend dead after she got an abortion in Colorado
By OK Dodo

The Momentum Shift is Here: Russian Planes Drop from the Skies, Zaluzhny Interview: F-16s

Gosh, how do the Trumps keep "accidentally" hanging out with Hitler fanboys?
Eric Trump wants to hide it, but he's speaking alongside anti-semites at a QAnon-linked rally at a Trump resort


Trump's sexual assault verdict marks a rare moment of accountability. And women are noticing
Associated Press story chosen by Daily Kos Staff

Texas hospitals force patients with high-risk pregnancies to get sicker 'by design'
By Dartagnan

Confronting the gun lobby's biggest myth
We must move past the myth that guns make us safer


Vice Media files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, the latest in a string of digital media setbacks
Associated Press stories chosen by Daily Kos staff

The GOP has to keep pretending its Biden investigations are legit
A new document from the House Oversight Committee's Republican staff claims that there's a serious legislative reason for its probes.

By Hayes Brown

Trump lied shamelessly in CNN's Town Hall — but he's just a symptom of our national dysfunction
As Kevin McCarthy is held hostage by the likes of George Santos, Trump returns to prime time to trigger everyone


CNN's Chris Licht reportedly scolded employee who criticized Trump town hall
By Aldous J Pennyfarthing

Tucker Carlson's takeover and the dramatic decline of Twitter
Tucker Carlson being a marquee attraction can only hasten Twitter's descent


League of Women Voters foils Trumpist voter suppression scheme in Pennsylvania
By Wilson Dizard III

The GOP's shrinking Senate map
By Josh Kraushaar

Jury finds Trump sexually abused and defamed E. Jean Carroll — orders him to pay $5 million
But the jury found Trump not liable for rape


Sen. Tuberville told us something new about white nationalism: it's a religion
By novapsyche

Former Trump prosecutor mostly mum before Congress on details of hush-money investigation
Associated Press stories chosen by Daily Kos staff

“Disastrous”: Legal experts pan Trump’s “remarkably bad” lawyer after he’s “humiliated” by judge
“He was not the right choice for this case," former federal prosecutor says


FBI cuts head off Russia's 'premier espionage tool'
By Mark Sumner

Sexual abuse verdict renews Republican doubts about Trump’s electability
On Capitol Hill and in the presidential race, the former president faced criticism from some in his party

By Isaac Arnsdorf, Josh Dawsey and Marianne LeVine

The Gun Industry Wants America’s Malls and Schools to Be War Zones
The bodies pile up. Republicans say it’s in God’s hands. And the new weapons coming to market are even deadlier. There’s only one logical conclusion.


Clarence Thomas apologists should take a lesson from Justice Kagan
By Joan McCarter

GA Republican says fake elector scheme came from Trump's legal team
By Hunter

Trump's rape deposition tape shows exactly why MAGA loves him
Trump is sulky, entitled and misogynist in his rape deposition — exactly what MAGA loves about him


Rep. Comer's anti-Biden crusade is a big bowl of nothing, and even Fox News knows it
By Aldous J Pennyfarthing

E. Jean Carroll Won, But the Country May Still Lose
The more trouble Trump gets in, the more his fans admire him.


What has gotten into Republican women?
GOP women freak out over losing reproductive rights, but embrace cruelty when it's someone else's rights at stake


One very rich billionaire bought Supreme Court and made himself richer
By Joan McCarter

Biden puts the screws to McCarthy on default
By Kerry Eleveld

The intoxication of war
The public, bombarded with war propaganda, cheers on their self-immolation


The Corruption of Lindsey Graham

New study: Oil and gas production exclusive of burning causes 7,500 premature U.S. deaths yearly
By Meteor Blades

Why are Republicans so bad at lying?
They lie so much, shouldn’t they be better at it?


Thirteen counts in DOJ indictment of George Santos who is now in custody
By ItsSimpleSimon

Trump better beware! Proud Boys guilty verdict shows America wants Jan. 6 ringleaders to pay
Once again, a jury shows they're more interested in punishing the seditious generals than the foot soldiers


Biden team aims to compete in North Carolina, test ground in Florida
The strategy could provide alternate paths to victory if the president falters in other battleground states

By Michael Scherer and Tyler Pager

Billionaire Crow won't disclose gifts to Clarence Thomas, refuses Senate request
By Joan McCarter

6 GOP megadonors quietly propelling Republicans through Trump-era turbulence
With tech billionaire Peter Thiel showing reluctance to spend big, meet the other rich Republicans being wooed


Donald Trump woke up a numb country — and Joe Biden faces a higher bar now
Biden's desire to be the anti-Trump in everything is potentially harming the nation the most


Donald Trump Is Not a Legitimate Candidate for President
He may have legal standing to run, but anyone who attempts to stay in power after American voters tell them to leave should be barred from holding any office of the public trust
By Jack Holmes

This is what the world will look like in 100 years if we do nothing to stop climate change
Climate change experts forecast our ecological future if humanity continues polluting at the current rate


Vermont bans owning, running paramilitary training camps
By Associated Press stories chosen by Daily Kos staff

Abortion poised to expand the map for Democrats
By Kerry Eleveld

How Joe Biden’s Economic Ratings Could Rebound with Voters
Strong job growth and falling inflation may still pay off in 2024.

By John Cassidy

Liz Cheney plans to haunt Trump throughout his 2024 run. She just got started
By Kerry Eleveld

All older articles that appeared in this section through December 31, 2012 can be found in our archives. Starting in 2013 we will no longer be archiving articles in this section.

Links to Tom Tomorrow, This Modern World cartoons

Links to Mark Fiore animations and other funny animations

Watch "Conservatives vs. KKK: Spot the Difference | The Daily Show" on YouTube

Watch "Hasan Minhaj Tells Elon He's Out, Deletes Twitter…" on YouTube

Check out our collection of Trump limericks and our original collection of anti-Trump oneliner jokes and we think you'll also enjoy our very humorous list of the most awful things Trump might have to do before Republicans stop defending him. It's interactive too.

Floridians Demand to Know Where Disney Is Going so They Can Come With
satire by Andy Borowitz

Florida Teacher Arrested for Showing Disney Movie Featuring Boy Character with Girl’s Name
satire by Andy Borowitz

The new fantasy adventure from the mind of JK Rowling
cartoon by Ruben Bolling

Box office bombs
cartoon by Brian McFadden

Negotiating to nowhere
cartoon by Jen Sorensen

Another regrettable incident
cartoon by Tom Tomorrow

animation by Mark Fiore

George Santos Pleads Nonexistent
satire by Andy Borowitz

Americans Shocked by Spectacle of Liars Not Getting Away with It
satire by Andy Borowitz

George Santos Claims Arraignment Conflicts with His Role in N.B.A. Playoffs
satire by Andy Borowitz

MyPillow Guy Saving Up to Buy a Supreme Court Justice
satire by Andy Borowitz

Lucky Ducky gets private equitied
cartoon by Ruben Bolling

COVID's over* party supplies
cartoon by Brian McFadden

Artificial Intelligence
cartoon by Nick Anderson

Return of the selective 'free speech' warrior
cartoon by Jen Sorensen

Teacherbot activated
cartoon by Tom Tomorrow

animation by Mark Fiore

Ginni Thomas to Be Listed on New York Stock Exchange
satire by Andy Borowitz

Billionaire Offered Tuition to Send Ginni Thomas to Law School for Second Time
satire by Andy Borowitz

Tucker Carlson Reportedly Enraged Fox by Saving His Best Material for His Texts
satire by Andy Borowitz

Tucker Carlson and Kari Lake Announce Plans for Alternate Universe
satire by Andy Borowitz

Disney's latest little prince: Ron DeSantis
cartoon by Ruben Bolling

Scab scripts
cartoon by Brian McFadden

Proud new logo
cartoon by laloalcaraz

The Ten Commandments
cartoon by Nick Anderson

Sun's out, guns out
cartoon by Jen Sorensen

Tuck around and find out
cartoon by Tom Tomorrow

animation by Mark Fiore

Tucker Carlson Enters Rehab After Texts Show Him Telling Truth
satire by Andy Borowitz

Fox Replaces Tucker Carlson with Lying Chatbot
satire by Andy Borowitz

Elon Musk Falls Below Clarence Thomas on List of World’s Richest People
satire by Andy Borowitz

Billy Dare, in 'Escape in a Narrative Convention'
cartoon by Ruben Bolling

Media Perverts
cartoon by Brian McFadden

Tucker Carlson
cartoon by Nick Anderson

The perks of child labor
cartoon by Jen Sorensen

Home of the brave
cartoon by Tom Tomorrow

animation by Mark Fiore

Elon Musk Says Rocket Exploded Because It Insisted on Working Remotely
satire by Andy Borowitz

DeSantis Ends Feud with Disney and Launches Attack on Smurfs
satire by Andy Borowitz

Cash-Strapped Fox Forced to Sell Kevin McCarthy
satire by Andy Borowitz

Tucker Carlson Reports That Fox Did Not Settle Dominion Lawsuit
satire by Andy Borowitz

Dominion Trial Delayed Five Hours While Fox Anchors Apply Makeup
satire by Andy Borowitz

Fox News Lawyers to Cite Hiring of Kimberly Guilfoyle as Part of Insanity Defense
satire by Andy Borowitz

Ginni Thomas Vows Not to Let Husband’s Problems Interfere with Her Work on Supreme Court
satire by Andy Borowitz

Increasingly Unhinged Jim Jordan Subpoenas Himself
satire by Andy Borowitz

Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions, 2023
cartoon by Ruben Bolling

Super-Fun-Pak Comix, feat. Percival Dunwoody, Doug, Axnon Duul, and MORE!
cartoon by Ruben Bolling

Dick Durbin's Judiciary Committee Arsenal
cartoon by Brian McFadden

Rupert's roadkill
cartoon by laloalcaraz

Garden of Evil
cartoon by laloalcaraz

Fox News
cartoon by Nick Anderson

The unimaginable lives of earlier generations
cartoon by Jen Sorensen

Spring book pile
cartoon by Jen Sorensen

Maga goggles!
cartoon by Tom Tomorrow

Checking in!
cartoon by Tom Tomorrow

animation by Mark Fiore

Elon Musk Says Rocket Exploded Because It Insisted on Working Remotely
satire by Andy Borowitz

DeSantis Ends Feud with Disney and Launches Attack on Smurfs
satire by Andy Borowitz

Cash-Strapped Fox Forced to Sell Kevin McCarthy
satire by Andy Borowitz

Tucker Carlson Reports That Fox Did Not Settle Dominion Lawsuit
satire by Andy Borowitz

Dominion Trial Delayed Five Hours While Fox Anchors Apply Makeup
satire by Andy Borowitz

Fox News Lawyers to Cite Hiring of Kimberly Guilfoyle as Part of Insanity Defense
satire by Andy Borowitz

Ginni Thomas Vows Not to Let Husband’s Problems Interfere with Her Work on Supreme Court
satire by Andy Borowitz

Increasingly Unhinged Jim Jordan Subpoenas Himself
satire by Andy Borowitz

Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions, 2023
cartoon by Ruben Bolling

Super-Fun-Pak Comix, feat. Percival Dunwoody, Doug, Axnon Duul, and MORE!
cartoon by Ruben Bolling

Dick Durbin's Judiciary Committee Arsenal
cartoon by Brian McFadden

Rupert's roadkill
cartoon by laloalcaraz

Garden of Evil
cartoon by laloalcaraz

Fox News
cartoon by Nick Anderson

The unimaginable lives of earlier generations
cartoon by Jen Sorensen

Spring book pile
cartoon by Jen Sorensen

Maga goggles!
cartoon by Tom Tomorrow

Checking in!
cartoon by Tom Tomorrow

animation by Mark Fiore


"If you’d taken the measure of the man (Donald Trump) before Election Day 2020 and decided, yes, he’s fit to lead America, good for this country and worthy of my efforts and energies on his behalf, there was nothing normal about you."-Don’t Let Bill Barr and Ivanka Trump Visit the Reputation Laundromat," By Frank Bruni
June 16, 2022, The New York Times

"To me, the bottom line is this: If we move on now without fully documenting what occurred, without acknowledging the betrayal of our values, and without determining whether or not any laws have been broken, we cannot help but validate all that has gone on before. If we look at the Bush record and conclude that the book should simply be closed, we will be tacitly approving both the documented abuses and the additional misdeeds we will have chosen to leave uncovered." --The late Rep. John Conyers Chair of House Judiciary Committe, D-MI, January 31, 2009, Huffingtonpost.com

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Blame Everything on Ronald Reagan - Fight back against those who blame the Democrats and Clinton for everything while they regale in the false myths of the Reagan Administration. This interactive and informative page details many of the horrors of Reagan's administration - what conservatives don't want you to hear about. This one will appeal more to history buffs and those who wish to understand the real damage the Reagan Administration did to our country.
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