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You'll want to own our new book called Trump in Limericks featuring many of the limericks we wrote for our site currently plus lots of new ones you won't find anywhere else. There are over 300 limericks and 200 pages in the book. You will really enjoy reading it. Available in paperback and ebook. Get more ordering information here.

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And you'll also want to buy our most recent book More Trump in Limericks with original artwork, poems, a few interesting topics, and over 100 limericks right up to the election. Now available in paperback. Find more ordering information here.

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Featured Weekly NYT Columnists

- What Did We Learn From Trump’s Waco Rally? He’s Stuck in the Past., By Charles M. Blow
- Human Trafficking May be Strong, but a Mother’s Love Is Stronger, By Nicholas Kristof
- The Unsettling Truth About Trump’s First Great Victory, By Thomas B. Edsall
- Can’t Read? Here’s a ‘Barefoot College’ for You., By Nicholas Kristof
- Trump May Face Prosecution. America Faces a Test., By Charles M. Blow
- Sex, Lies and … Trump. What More Can You Ask For?, By Gail Collins
- Free Speech Doesn’t Mean Free Rein to Shout Down Others, By David French
- A Radical Way of Thinking About Money, The Ezra Klein Show
- This Column Is Dedicated to Silicon Valley Venture Capitalists, By Farhad Manjoo
- Don’t Be Fooled. Ron DeSantis Is a Bush-Cheney Republican., By Jamelle Bouie
- How Big a Deal Is the Banking Mess?, By Paul Krugman
- Our New Promethean Moment, By Thomas L. Friedman
- What if Kids Are Sad and Stressed Because Their Parents Are?, By David French
- Never Mind About Ron DeSantis, By Gail Collins and Bret Stephens
- A.I. Is About to Get Much Weirder. Here’s What to Watch For., The Ezra Klein Show
- Trump Could Stand in the Middle of Fifth Avenue and Not Lose Mike Pence, By Jamelle Bouie
- Silicon Valley Bank’s Collapse Makes Everyone Look Terrible, By Ezra Klein
- Narendra Modi Is the World’s Most Popular Leader. Beware., By Nicholas Kristof
- Donald Trump Must Be Prosecuted, By Charles M. Blow
- The Kamala Removal Fantasy, By Gail Collins
- Why Silicon Valley Bank Collapsed — And What Comes Next, The Ezra Klein Show
- There Was Ronald Reagan, Calling Out Russia. And Now We Have … Ron DeSantis., By David French
- Three and a Half Myths About the Bank Bailouts, By Paul Krugman
- Tucker Carlson Is No Less Dangerous, By Gail Collins and Bret Stephens
- Silicon Valley Bank Isn’t Lehman, By Paul Krugman
- Abortion Opponents Want to Make Women Afraid to Get Help From Their Friends, By Michelle Goldberg
- The Boys Who Cried ‘Woke!’, By Jamelle Bouie
- Disinformation Is Not the Real Problem With Democracy, By Jamelle Bouie
- Wonking Out: The Future of Taxes, By Paul Krugman
- This Changes Everything, By Ezra Klein
- Don’t Let the Culture War Degrade the Constitution, By David French
- The Men — and Boys — Are Not Alright, The Ezra Klein Show
- The Right’s Obsession With Wokeness Is a Sign of Weakness, By Michelle Goldberg
- Take Threats of ‘National Divorce’ Seriously, By David French

- Here’s Why the Science Is Clear That Masks Work, By Zeynep Tufekci
- What Newspapers Can Do for a Democracy’s Wandering Spirits, By Jamelle Bouie

Issues We Still Care About

Petitions to sign online:
Expel members of Congress who supported the January 6 insurrection

Conviction or not, Trump must be disqualified from public office

I.R.S. must crack down on wealthy and corporate tax cheats TARGET: Internal Revenue Service

Elect the president by national popular vote

No government contracts for pharmacies that refuse to carry Mifepristone.

Fox News admitted they’re a GOP mouthpiece. Democrats must boycott Fox.

All judges, including SCOTUS, must be bound by a code of ethics

President Biden can and should declare a climate emergency

Immigrants are here to stay. Pass the DREAM Act of 2023.

The Iraq War was 20 years ago. Repeal outdated war powers!Pass the PRO Act to protect workers' rights!

Pass the People Over Pentagon Act
The US military budget is currently $858 billion, more than China, Russia, and the next seven countries combined! Yet, we are told there isn’t money for healthcare, ending childhood poverty, or protecting the planet. Reducing the Pentagon budget by $100 billion would still leave plenty to keep America safe at a level well above our country’s post-World War II average.

SUPPORT PFAW'S GRASSROOTS CAMPAIGN. People for the American War want to pass an amendment to the U.S. Constitution which would nullify the worst part of the USSC's decision by granting Congress the authority to limit corporate influence in elections. The Supreme Court's decision in Citizens United v. FEC threatens to tear apart the fabric of our democracy and grant powerful corporations unfettered influence in our political process. Tell congressional leaders to support and pass a constitutional amendment granting Congress the authority limit corporate influence in elections without delay. Sign PFAW's online petition now.

Ron Desantis' new book cover
A topplebush.com (not a Mad Magazine) creation that's free to download and share to piss off this thin-skinned, frumpy, wannabe dictator.

Message for our viewers: Trumpism will remain a cancer on our democracy until the last vestiges of his supporters and enablers in Congress and those promoting lies in rightwing media, violent white supremacists and violent Christian white nationalists, whose ignorance and vileness is beyond our comprehension, crawl back into the sewers they came from and stay there. Our post-Trump mission must be to make sure all the damage Trump and his enablers have done is repaired as quickly as possible and those who broke the law or violated their oaths of office while doing so are held accountable. There are no good Republicans anymore in Congress. Just vile, stupid, and corrupt ones and cowardly ones.

Visit Rising Tide North America to send letters telling Fox New's advertisers to stop funding Fox News. You can write your own letter or use the detailed one they supply on their website that will be sent to many Fox Advertisers. And it's easy to spread the word.

Impeach Clarence Thomas for hiding corrupt payments to his wife!

Watch "Debunking 4 Myths About Inflation | Robert Reich" on YouTube

Both of these books are now for sale: Trump in Limericks: For those who've groaned to dislike him and More Trump in Limericks: An October Surprise which covers the Trump Administration right up to election day. Both books are chock full of interesting and funny limericks and illustrations. Even when he's out of office you will enjoy these books because the sordid history of his administration is written with humor.

The Trump Investigation You Probably Haven’t Heard About
Plus: A handy list to sort out the ones you have heard of, including the case expected to result in his arrest this week.
, By KIMBERLY WEHLE  MARCH 20, 2023, The Bulwark

Merrick Garland hasn’t tipped his hand, but it’s clear to me that he will bring charges against the former president., By Franklin Foer, The Atlantic, OCTOBER 11, 2022

Donald Trump brought our democracy to the brink and exposed its weak spots. How to thwart the next American tyrant.
, By The Editorial Board of The Boston Globe, June 2021

So you never forget, here is the complete list of all the Republicans who now are part of the Sedition Caucus in Congress.

Social Media warning: Don't put your privacy, security, mental health, and even your own life at risk. Stay away from social media as much as possible. Insurance companies, banks, scam artists, criminals, and employers all use social media when deciding how they should and can treat you. Be reminded that Facebook and Twitter are infected with foreign bots and bad actors including Elon Musk. Their money is made by encouraging deception, conflict, and disinformation because it is more profitable for them to do so. Social media algorithms interfere with normal brain functioning and the damage it causes can be severe. We insist that all social media companies ban Trump's posts and prevent him and other lying hate-mongers from using their platforms.

Humor that will be updated on our site even though Trump is not in office:

We urge our viewers to support these very funny and smart hosts of late night TV who aren't afraid to continually share their political opinions and will still be very funny even though Trump is out of office: The Daily Show on Comedy Central, Stephen Colbert, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on CBS, Seth Meyers, Late Night with Seth Meyers on NBC, and Bill Maher, Real Time With Billl Maher on HBO.

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All older articles that appeared in this section through December 31, 2012 can be found in our archives.

Make No Mistake, the Investigation of Donald Trump and the Stormy Daniels Scheme Is Serious
By Ryan Goodman and Andrew Weissmann

Trump is trying to incite another Jan. 6, and his supporters are responding
By Laura Clawson

Is democracy starting to turn the tide around the world? A new report says just maybe
Eight small countries have fought back hard against authoritarianism — oh, and there's Brazil and the U.S. too


‘An indictment would help Trump!’ is wholly premature
By Jennifer Rubin

Labor and delivery centers are closing in red states. What happens to pregnant women next?
The closure of a labor and delivery unit in Idaho is a harbinger of what's to come


No more Ben&Jerry’s, founder comes out as tankie
By Swedish liberal

The Trump Investigation You Probably Haven’t Heard About
Plus: A handy list to sort out the ones you have heard of, including the case expected to result in his arrest this week.


Masters of disinformation: How Republicans and Putin warp our perception of reality
Americans no longer share a common reality — but can we all agree that Donald Trump's just in it for the grift?


Stormy Daniels tweets up a storm about 'Tiny' Trump ahead of possible hush money indictment
By Charles Jay

How the Stormy Daniels case could backfire in Donald Trump's favor
The Department of Justice's slow build of a case against Donald Trump may end like the mystery of Al Capone's vault


Former Texas governor led effort to sabotage Jimmy Carter’s reelection, urged Iran to keep hostages
By Mark Sumner

Whatever justice Donald Trump may face, America will need a reckoning
What do we do if Donald Trump is not held accountable and vanquished?


Right-wing host calls for military to execute Obama if Trump is indicted
“Military, join us and put all of them up against a concrete wall,” said podcast host Pete Santilli


Six More Oath Keepers Were Convicted Today For Their Participation In The Capitol Insurrection...
By PvtJarHead

The Iraqi journalist who threw his shoes at George Bush is still not ready to forgive
Muntadhar al Zaidi became a symbol of resistance when he threw his shoes at president Bush. Years later, he has no regrets

By Richard Hall

Republicans in disarray: Matt Gaetz attacks Ron DeSantis for not protecting Trump from indictment
By Walter Einenkel

Trump allies misrepresent crime in NYC
By Tesnim Zekeria

Judge Gives Trump Mafia Boss Treatment And Says So
Ny KeithDB

Yes, Trump’s indictment could cause a constitutional crisis. Just look at Israel.
Benjamin Netanyahu’s radical response to his indictment — and what it might portend for a potential Trump arrest.

By Zack Beauchamp

Trump lawyer ordered to turn over docs after federal appeals court sides with the Justice Dept.
Associated Press stories chosen by Daily Kos staff

Idaho Republican abortion bans have Hospital ending Labor and Delivery Services
By xaxnar

Trump’s indictment over hush money to a porn star would be poetic justice
Unfortunately, actual justice may prove to be far more elusive

Margaret Sullivan

Fox News producer sues, claiming company is making her a scapegoat in Dominion lawsuit
By Laura Clawson

We should never forget that America was lied into Iraq invasion
By Meteor Blades

Ukraine to get Patriot Missiles, Abrams tanks, sooner than expected
By Witgren

Whatever justice Donald Trump may face, America will need a reckoning
What do we do if Donald Trump is not held accountable and vanquished?


The party of 'lock her up' insists prosecuting Trump would be 'unAmerican'
By Laura Clawson

Following recent collapses, Americans’ trust in banking industry sharply declines: poll

New report on Uvalde mass shooting exposes why law enforcement sat on their hands for over an hour
By Walter Einenkel

Trump legal team tries to get all of Georgia's grand jury evidence quashed in Big Lie investigation
By Walter Einenkel

Stop Overthinking It: An Indictment Would Be Bad For Trump
Yes, the Trump diehards can be expected to rise up against Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg. But that still wouldn’t earn him a single additional vote.


Dominion lawsuit makes clear exactly how the Fox News feedback loop works
Can Dominion disrupt the Fox News loop?


Leave Tucker Carlson alone
By Hunter

McCarthy Puts Republicans in a January 6 Bind
Fox News’ Tucker Carlson debuts his latest round of January 6 revisionist history.

By Declan Garvey, Esther Eaton, Mary Trimble and Grayson Logue

Gerry Connolly knocks a hole in the Jim Jordan show with one simple question about the Twitter Files
By Laura Clawson

Dominion lawsuit makes clear exactly how the Fox News feedback loop works
Can Dominion disrupt the Fox News loop?


A Startling Document Predicted Jan. 6. Democrats Are Missing Its Other Warnings.
In 2020, one hitherto unknown report accurately predicted what was to follow Biden’s election. It also laid out a plan to preserve democracy in an uncertain future.


Rep. Jamie Raskin once again proves why he’s a national treasure
By Rebekah Sager

Trump is already winning the "war" with Fox News
Fox News leaders may secretly hate Trump, but they will always publicly genuflect before the MAGA leader


Finally: Conservative prescribes calling out Trump supporters as moral failures and bad citizens
By Dartagnan

House GOP's COVID Hearing Features Advocate Of Racist Theories About Genetics
Republicans welcomed testimony from Nicholas Wade, a widely criticized science writer who has speculated about Black and Jewish people's innate qualities.

By Jennifer Bendery

Tucker Carlson may be able to fool gullible Fox viewers, but not federal courts
By Hunter

What Marjorie Taylor Greene's "safe space" for conservatives would look like
When Marjorie Taylor Greene talks of a "safe space" of civil war she is making an existential threat to the nation


The Link Between Gaming and Violent Extremism
For years, militant groups have used video games as a means of linking supporters, spreading propaganda, and attracting youth to their cause.

By Rueben Dass

The Governator stuns with a 12-minute speech against fascism that’s a must-see
By Walter Einenkel

The Vibes Are Off With the Republican Party
CPAC’s lackluster energy points to a GOP that has lost its pulse on America.
An empty MAGA-themed stage is seen from outside a room at the Conservative Political Action Conference.


CPAC: Taste the Sadness
Go ahead and laugh. They deserve it.

By Tim Miller

All older articles that appeared in this section through December 31, 2012 can be found in our archives. Starting in 2013 we will no longer be archiving articles in this section.

Links to Tom Tomorrow, This Modern World cartoons

Links to Mark Fiore animations and other funny animations

Watch "Conservatives vs. KKK: Spot the Difference | The Daily Show" on YouTube

Watch "Hasan Minhaj Tells Elon He's Out, Deletes Twitter…" on YouTube

Check out our collection of Trump limericks and our original collection of anti-Trump oneliner jokes and we think you'll also enjoy our very humorous list of the most awful things Trump might have to do before Republicans stop defending him. It's interactive too.

DeSantis Installs Higher Heels on White Boots in Preparation for 2024 Race
satire by Andy Borowitz

DeSantis to Replace Disney World with “Dilbert” Theme Park
satire by Andy Borowitz

Chinese Spy Balloon Finds No Information at Fox News
satire by Andy Borowitz

All the President's Friends... at Fox News
cartoon by Ruben Bolling

Silicon Valley bailout package contents
cartoon by Brian McFadden

Drug problem
cartoon by laloalcaraz

cartoon by Nick Anderson

Iraq War memories
cartoon by Jen Sorensen

Just asking questions!
cartoon by Tom Tomorrow

Freedom-From-Woke Bank
animation by Mark Fiore

Tucker Carlson Airs Edited Footage Showing Fyre Festival Was Huge Success
satire by Andy Borowitz

Lucky Ducky, in 'Railroaded'
cartoon by Ruben Bolling

White House sophistry briefing
cartoon by Brian McFadden

Fox lies
cartoon by Nick Anderson

'Culture wars'
cartoon by Jen Sorensen

Ron has notes
cartoon by Tom Tomorrow

animation by Mark Fiore

DeSantis Rounds Up Disney Characters and Puts Them on Bus to New York
satire by Andy Borowitz

Rupert Murdoch Calls Telling Truth Under Oath Worst Experience of His Life
satire by Andy Borowitz

George Santos Quickly Removes Job at Wuhan Lab from Résumé
satire by Andy Borowitz

cartoon by Ruben Bolling

Fox News's deposition bloopers
cartoon by Brian McFadden

cartoon by Nick Anderson

How to get people to vote for you even after you show complete disregard for their lives
cartoon by Jen Sorensen

Where we're going
cartoon by Tom Tomorrow

animation by Mark Fiore

Fox News Announces Acquisition of Kevin McCarthy
satire by Andy Borowitz

Amy Coney Barrett Searches Bible for God’s Opinion of the Internet
satire by Andy Borowitz

Aunt-Man, in Auntumania!
cartoon by Ruben Bolling

Transphobic times
cartoon by Brian McFadden

Help has arrived
cartoon by laloalcaraz

cartoon by Nick Anderson

Missing the story
cartoon by Jen Sorensen

The select subcommittee
cartoon by Tom Tomorrow

animation by Mark Fiore

Tucker Carlson Fears That Leaked Texts of Him Telling Truth Will Kill His Brand
satire by Andy Borowitz

Elon Musk to Seek Life on Mars and Keep It from Unionizing
satire by Andy Borowitz

Extraterrestrials Admit Responsibility for Unidentified Objects but Claim They Were Only Monitoring Weather
satire by Andy Borowitz

Super-Fun-Pak Comix, feat. 'Musk & Maher - Non-Woke Warriors,' and MORE!
cartoon by Ruben Bolling

Identified aerial phenomena
cartoon by Brian McFadden

Balloon guide
cartoon by laloalcaraza

Nikki Haley
Cartoon by Nick Anderson

Mail fail
cartoon by Jen Sorensen

The enlightened ones
cartoon by Tom Tomorrow

animation by Mark Fiore

Pence Says Mother Will Not Give Him Permission to Testify
satire by Andy Borowitz

Dick Cheney Offers to Shoot Down Future Balloons
satire by Andy Borowitz

Elon Musk Seething with Envy Over Attention Balloon Is Getting
satire by Andy Borowitz

Omnipotent Friends, featuring God-Man!
cartoon by Ruben Bolling

House programming guide
cartoon by Brian McFadden

Cops of color
cartoon by laloalcaraz

Sarah Huckabee Sanders
cartoon by Nick Anderson

E-commerce chaos
cartoon by Jen Sorensen

Valentines for 2023
cartoon by Tom Tomorrow

animation by Mark Fiore

Kari Lake Furious That No One Has Searched Her Home for Stolen Documents
satire by Andy Borowitz

Trump Says DeSantis Lacks the Classified Documents Necessary to Be President
satire by Andy Borowitz

DeSantis-approved felony-free versions of children's books
cartoon by Ruben Bolling

Ron DeSantis's book club
cartoon by Brian McFadden

Cops of color
cartoon by laloalcaraz

cartoon by Nick Anderson

Beaten down
cartoon by Jen Sorensen

Outraged again!
cartoon by Tom Tomorrow

animation by Mark Fiore


"If you’d taken the measure of the man (Donald Trump) before Election Day 2020 and decided, yes, he’s fit to lead America, good for this country and worthy of my efforts and energies on his behalf, there was nothing normal about you."-Don’t Let Bill Barr and Ivanka Trump Visit the Reputation Laundromat," By Frank Bruni
June 16, 2022, The New York Times

"To me, the bottom line is this: If we move on now without fully documenting what occurred, without acknowledging the betrayal of our values, and without determining whether or not any laws have been broken, we cannot help but validate all that has gone on before. If we look at the Bush record and conclude that the book should simply be closed, we will be tacitly approving both the documented abuses and the additional misdeeds we will have chosen to leave uncovered." --The late Rep. John Conyers Chair of House Judiciary Committe, D-MI, January 31, 2009, Huffingtonpost.com

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