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Bush in Limericks book cover
You'll want to own our new book called Trump in Limericks featuring many of the limericks we wrote for our site currently plus lots of new ones you won't find anywhere else. There are over 300 limericks and 200 pages in the book. You will really enjoy reading it. Available in paperback and ebook. Get more ordering information here.

More Trump in Limericks book
And you'll also want to buy our most recent book More Trump in Limericks with original artwork, poems, a few interesting topics, and over 100 limericks right up to the election. Now available in paperback. Find more ordering information here.

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Recommended Books and DVDs

The Conservatives have no clothes book
Greg Anrig is Vice President of Programs at the Century Foundation, a progressive think tank, and former Washington correspondent for Money magazine. Drawing inspiration from the work of the early neoconservatives who demolished public support for liberal programs, Anrig casts a sharp eye on conservative ideas and nostrums and shows that many of them simply don't work because they are rooted more in ideological dreams than in reality.

I am America Colbert book
I Am America (And So Can You!) contains all of the opinions that Stephen Colbert of Comedy Central's Colbert Report doesn't have time to shoehorn into his nightly broadcast. Dictated directly into a microcassette recorder over a three-day weekend, this book contains Stephen's most deeply held knee-jerk beliefs on The American Family, Race, Religion, Sex, Sports, and many more topics, conveniently arranged in chapter form.

God id not great book
Hitchens, one of our great political pugilists, delivers the best of the recent rash of atheist manifestos. The same contrarian spirit that makes him delightful reading as a political commentator, even (or especially) when he's completely wrong, makes him an entertaining huckster prosecutor once he has God placed in the dock. The book's real strength is Hitchens's on-the-ground glimpses of religion's worst face in various war zones and isolated despotic regimes. But its weakness is its almost fanatical insistence that religion poisons "everything," which tips over into barely disguised misanthropy.

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Below is a list of progressive political animations. Many of the items on this list were sent to us by other viewers and friends and many of the older animations may not show up anymore. We always give credit to the creator of the piece when this information is supplied or available. If you feel something we are using on our site has been taken without credit or reprint rights, please contact us and we will give you credit or remove the item. If you are looking for animations by Mark Fiore, please note that all Mark Fiore animations appear on their own page.

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Watch "Conservatives vs. KKK: Spot the Difference | The Daily Show" on YouTube
Late Night with David Letterman took a clip of Alita and Mike Ditkowsky with Bush during the class action conference and made it look like they were just talking about the T.V. - Alita on Letterman (watch the whole three minutes, it's in two parts) and Alita Returns to Letterman. - YouTube videos
Kid impersonating Bush
Chicks with Dick: Learn the truth behind the events of 2/11- the day Cheney blew his buddy's face off. - political spoof video from AtomFilms
Rodham Rap: Hillary Clinton makes her case to elect a different kind of "bush" into office. - political spoof video from AtomFilms
Andy Griffith vs. The Patriot Act - YouTube video
I can't afford my gasoline - flash animation by Atom films [1MB]
NSA Telephone Monitoring Center - flash animation using original lyrics to Stevie Wonder song by Walt Handlesman cartoonist for Newsday [2MB]
SNL: Funhouse with audio called: Presidential Outtakes - on crooksandliars.com. This one is hilarious!
In the Dark - an excellent flash animation commenting on our secret government by talented artist and cartoonist, Matt Wuerker. [1.8MB]
Very funny video of Bush impersonater doing Foxworthy comedy - from wimp.com
In the time of chimpanzees Bush was a monkey - flash music/video parody by Behind the Election: Bush Cheated '04. [1.5 MB]
Cheney's Got a Gun - Video and video with music for free viewing/download from The Bob Rivers Show
Harlan McCraney: Presidential speechologist - A very brilliant concept of the person behind Bush's speeches. Requires broadband to watch. Director: Russell Bates and appearing on Badmash website.
Bushwhacked - a very funny doctored version of Bush's State of the Union Address a while back done by Chris Morris of Brass Eye fame.[14.1MB]
Become Republican - one of the best and funniest flash animations we have seen by thefrown.com. [336k]
What the right says, and what Cindy says [1.3MB] - this fine animation is a tribute to the efforts of Cindy Sheehan to end the war by Bushflash.
If it ain't broke, don't privatize it! [894KB]-winning flash animation with music by Andy Meconi explaining social security in MoveOn.org's contest .
Idiot son of an A**hole and he's our President [755KB]- animation set to original music with lyrics from bushflash.com. View their home page to find lots more of them.
Rush Limbaugh: I'm a Nazi - flash animation [1.5 MB]
Audio Visual Experience - very cool flash animation with sound mixing, photos and lots of interactivity.[318k]
The Anti-Bush video Game [4.7MB]
Give Bush a brain game - really terrific flash animation game. When Bush gets a brain you get to hear one of his famous quotes. From beatgreets.com [465k]
Boot Bush - A really fun interactive flash animation game from www.pricklyrose.com and Mary R. Vogt where you can give Bush and his cronies the boot. High score wins! [328k]
Bush asserting his mandate - short flash animation [151KB] - rense.com
Click on Dick - Very clever interactive flash animation where you click on Dick Cheney, he pulls a string on puppet Bush's back and stupid statements [real soundbites] come out of Bush's mouth from www.pricklyrose.com and Mary R. Vogt.[260k]
Leadership Happens. Very funny and excellent flash animation by Jerome Taylor and Margaret Pillow.[780k]
Fuzzy Math Test. Very funny animated satire. 3.0MB
George Bush interviewed by G.J. Kelley of Beat The Press - online streaming movie created by viralpropaganda. This works only for PCs with Windows Media players. It's terrific and very funny so pass the word around. If you are on a Mac please recheck as they might add a download link.
Build a Better Bush. Interactive online game where you can change Bush's appearance.
Whack-a-Bush. Online animation game where you can whack Bush on his environmental policies.
Polygraph, movie ad by Adam Feinstein & Rich Garella
The Lord of the Right Wing, Flash animation, 1.1MB
Top Gun - Excellent flash animation proving that Bush is no Top Gun, 689k
War Pigs - Excellent anti-war flash animation set to original music, 2.0 MB file
Dick is a Killer - free downloadable mp3 audio file with clips from Bush speeches set to music, from thepartyparty.com
John Kerry Beware....A Bushman, Streaming Quicktime movie created by James W Johnson, 7.8 MB, 2:12 minutes
Oreo cookie video featuring Ben Cohen - the one everyone is talking about and the one Bush doesn't want you to see. - by truemajority.org
End of the World - funny flash animation, 3.4MB.
Who will Donald Trump fire next? - funnymovie by truemajority action pac, 1,940 KB in Windows media, 2.191 KB in Quicktime.
Should Bush be fired? What happens when Richard Clark and Paul O'Neill face Dubya in the board room. Animation with music. - by Act Now Productions
Meet Halliburton - the new White House pet - flash animation by American Family Voices. Look for the graphic link on their website to download.
Grand Theft America. Flash animation by Eric Blumrich on the voter fraud in FL during the 2000 election. 680k.
If Bush was a girl. Flash animation 155 KB
Dishonest Dubya Lying Action Figure. Flash animation 550 KB
Where the Bush Administration actually spends our money. High bandwidth animation from Truemajority.org
Leader of the free world. Flash animation. Make sure you click on all of the buttons below and mouseover the main image to see the different effects. This is a very clever and funny use of flash animation.
Thanks for the Memories - Great flash animation from Bushflash.com detailing the rise of Saddam Hussein (1 MB file)
Bush in 41.2 Seconds. Flash movie from liberaloasis.com
Bushum. From Mike and Wilco in the Netherlands. Short flash animation in Dutch.
MoveOn.Org's Bush-Hitler Comparison Commercial 1 - Free download, 5.0 MB Quicktime movie
View various cartoon/flash animations from Eric Zahler
Test George Bush's Credibility with this interactive Twister Game

Animations/movies from: Toostupidtobepresident.com

[Please note this website is no longer working. We are keeping our list of toostupidtobepresident.com animations posted on our site in case you want to try and find these videos somewhere else if you can by name.]

Penis Enlargement
The Art of War
New GOP Mascot Auditions
Bush Speaks, the Markets Tumble...Again
What did the President Not Want him to know? - 270KB
Where does the Buck Stop?
Rumsfeld - 836KB
Diebolt Machines that will vote so you don't have to - 600k
Get Stupid - Saddam's Capture - 1.2MB
White House Rock - 344KB
Dr. Bush - 123KB
Star Trek: The Wrath of Condi - 1.4BM
Pigeonhawks - 734KB
We're Turning the Corner - 546KB
Camp Redemption - 588KB
National Jeopardy Part 1 - 1.0MB
October Surmise - 194KB
The Emperor's Apprentice - 658KB
Intelligence Failure - 121KB
Love Letters - 486KB
Meet the Pres. - 487KB
Star Trek: The wrath of Condi - 1.4MB
Dr. Bush - 123KB
Can you Hear Me Now? - 78KB
Recountdown with Keep Hopinman - .9MB
Polishing My Peabody - 548KB
Laura Bush Stand-Up - 206KB
Disassembler/Socioapthic Insecurity - 144KB
The Great Disassemblerer - 322KB
Logrolling - 850KB
George Double - Yooh and the Oil Tree - 536KB
Aggrandizement: How this Whole Mess Really Got Started
Saddam's Capture - Get Stupid - 1.2 MB

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