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Archived articles that appeared in Sounding Off on our Home page
from January 5, 2009-present that were linked to from outside sources.

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Older archived articles pre-2009 can be found using the below links:

Afghanistan and Iraq: War Crimes Against Children ascribed to former President Bush
by Sherwood Ross
The Forked-Tongue Eunuchs and Israel
by Rami G. Khouri
Soldiers' Accounts of Gaza Killings Raise Furor in Israel
by Ethan Bronner
"Now testimony is emerging from within the ranks of soldiers and officers alleging a permissive attitude toward the killing of civilians and reckless destruction of property that is sure to inflame the domestic and international debate about the army's conduct in Gaza."
by Paul Krugman
Cheney's Mission Accomplished
by Juan Cole
Two Lessons From An Anti-Warrior
by Tom Matzzie
Iraq: Six Long Years Of Deception
by John Bruhns
"So many questions remain unanswered. Did the Bush administration knowingly deceive us into an unnecessary war? Did we kill Iraqis to protect America? Did our troops die fighting terrorism? Or was it just for an ideology of a select group of people in power? Was it for oil? Was it all for nothing?"
Iraq: On the Right Track, Six Years Later
by Brandon Friedman
My Opposition to the Iraq War
by Gary Hart
No Return to Normal
Why the economic crisis, and its solution, are bigger than you think

by James K. Galbraith
Ban Political Contributions by Bailout Recipients and Bring Back Eliot Spitzer
by Brent Budowsky
Congress should investigate roots of financial crisis
by John Nichols
The Big Takeover
The global economic crisis isn't about money - it's about power. How Wall Street insiders are using the bailout to stage a revolution

by Matt Taibbi
Good News, Bad News
by Robert Parry
"Indeed, one could argue that the disparity between how wealthy conservatives have lavished money on right-wing media outlets and how well-to-do liberals did the opposite – essentially starving progressive and independent media – goes a long way toward explaining the financial, political and strategic mess that the United States finds itself in today."
The Real AIG Scandal It's not the bonuses. It's that AIG's counterparties are getting paid back in full.
by Eliot Spitzer
Obama's new message to Iran
by Glenn Greenwald
"It [Obama message to Iran] explicitly repudiates threats and is also deeply respectful not only of the people of Iran but also of its government."
Countdown: Special Comment: Bailouts and Corporate Greed-Enough!
by Keith Olbermann
Populism's Virtues
by E.J. Dionne Jr.
"We are at the beginning of a great popular rebellion against those who showed no self-restraint when it came to lining their own pockets."
Lying Or Incompetent - Either Way, Geithner Needs to Be Fired
by David Sirota
"I've never been a fan of Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner - he's a Rubinite who has been too close to Wall Street, and too focused on using government power to protect private shareholders."
The Nationalization Option
by Harold Meyerson
"Geithner's indulgence of bankers' indulgences is fast becoming the Obama administration's Achilles' heel. The AIG debacle is the latest in a series of bewildering Geithner decisions that threaten to undermine the administration's efforts to restart the economy."
Bush Administration Engaged in a Conscious Policy of Torture
by Jason Leopold
"As more pieces of a very ugly mosaic fall into place – including new details from a confidential 2007 report by the International Committee of the Red Cross about interrogations at CIA “black sites” – any remaining doubt that the Bush administration engaged in a conscious policy of torture is disappearing."
President Obama, Why Did You Pay Blackwater $70 Million in February?
by Jeremy Scahill
"Obama may keep the company on the government payroll months after its Iraq contract expires. Not bad for a firm supposedly going down in flames."
Congress played major role in AIG bonus mess
Changes in laws on CEO pay, derivatives helped create current turmoil

by John W. Schoen
Netanyahu and Lieberman Are the Gravediggers of the Peace Process'
by Siobhán Dowling
Silence Implies Consent
by Bob Patterson
Obama's Middle East moment of truth
His diplomatic moves are a good start. But does he have the will to challenge Israel?

by Gary Kamiya
Clay Shirky is Right: Newspapers' Death is Journalism's Loss
by Tom Watson
Obama's "enemy combatant" policy: following a familiar pattern
by Glenn Greenwald
Obama's War on Terror
"Disappointing many who expected the Obama administration to mark a clean break from the Bush presidency's world view, the attorney general-designate signaled his apparent approval of the "war on terror" paradigm."
The Global Impact of U.S. "War on Terror" Abuses
Obama Rebuffs Israeli Hawk
Israel lobby humiliates Obama Administration
by Uri Avnery
War is Politics: The Israeli Invasion of Gaza
by William James Martin
"Israel's military strategy is to destroy Hamas, directly, by killing as many of its fighters as possible, and indirectly, by destroying the infrastructure of its social services, meaning clinics, food distribution centers, Hamas run schools and day care centers, and also, government offices, public schools, universities and collages, and the police force which provides the stable structure for the people of Gaza."
Is the Israel Lobby Running Scared?
Or Killing a Chicken to Scare the Monkeys

by Robert Dreyfuss
AIG Underscores the Need for Real Time Financial Accountability
by Rep. Carolyn Maloney
"With so much confusion in the financial marketplace one thing is apparent: the American people deserve to know what government-supported banks are doing and how our tax dollars are being used."
What If Jon Stewart, Instead of John King, Interviewed Dick Cheney
by Arianna Huffington
WPost Is a Neocon Propaganda Sheet
by Robert Parry
The outrageous offenses against Richard Cheney
by Glenn Greenwald
Bernanke Leaves Foreign Investors Wanting
by Eric C. Anderson
The Real Scandal of AIG
by Robert Reich
"It's that even at this late date, even in a new administration dedicated to doing it all differently, Americans still have so little say over what is happening with our money."
Medical Care: Availability, Not Cost Could Be The Real Crisis
by Col. Frank Ryan, USMC Ret.
It's All Good: Media Reports for Duty as Militarists Plan More Wars
by Chris Floyd
A Canticle for Liebowitz
Media gets a gobsmacking it richly deserves

by Bryan Zepp Jamieson
Barack Obama, Meet Team B
by Scott Ritter
"Russia did not create the missile defense system crisis. The United States did, and, as such, cannot expect to suddenly receive diplomatic credit when it puts this controversial program on the foreign policy gaming table as if it were a legitimate chip to be bargained away."
The Israeli Lobby Knocks Down Charles Freeman
by Melvin A. Goodman
The media's deliberate stupidity
by Jamison Foser
"Basically, the political philosophy of the GOP right now seems to consist of snickering at stuff that they think sounds funny. The party of ideas has become the party of Beavis and Butthead."
Obama Justice Department defending Rumsfeld on torture
by Rachel Oswald
"In a brief filed Thursday evening, Obama Justice Department lawyers extended many of the same arguments made by Bush attorneys – that top government officials have qualified immunity from prosecution and that Guantanamo detainees do not have constitutional rights to due process."
Tales From Torture’s Dark World
It Can Happen Here
"The ACLU request for, and Justice Department release of, previously secret memos force us to focus on just how eager Bush administration members were to destroy American democracy and replace it with a presidential dictatorship."
In Defense of Obamanomics
History shows that the president's tax plans are consistent with strong economic growth.
Decline of foreign news is dire
by Trudy Rubin
GOP love means saying you're sorry
"Yet, when Republican Party Chairman Michael Steele described Rush Limbaugh's radio program during a recent CNN interview as ''ugly'' and ''incendiary,'' it was Steele who was required to tender a prompt apology."
-Dumbest Proposal Ever?
by Joe Conason
"Things are bad, and seem very likely to get worse--but the Republicans seem determined to plunge us into a real depression, gambling that catastrophe would return them to power."
How to Leave Afghanistan
"President Obama is now confronting the classic problem from hell: either do more to stave off defeat and hope to get lucky, or withdraw and face charges of defeatism and perhaps new terrorist attacks."
Can America be saved?
by Paul Krugman
Conservatives Are Blind, Deaf and Dumb to Class Warfare
by Jim Hightower
The Neocons Strike Back
by Robert Parry
"The neoconservatives have demonstrated that their power in Washington remains strong as they have succeeded in keeping veteran diplomat Chas Freeman out of a top intelligence job."
Charles Freeman fails the loyalty test
by Glenn Greenwald
"In the U.S., you can advocate torture, illegal spying, and completely optional though murderous wars and be appointed to the highest positions.  But you can't, apparently, criticize Israeli actions too much or question whether America's blind support for Israel should be re-examined."
Did Schumer and Emanuel Sink Freeman?
by Juan Cole
The Tactics Of the Israel Lobby
by Charles Freeman
"It is apparent that we Americans cannot any longer conduct a serious public discussion or exercise independent judgment about matters of great importance to our country as well as to our allies and friends."
The Real Problem with CNBC
by Cenk Uygur
Why Labor Law Doesn't Work for Workers
by David Bacon
Reaching Out to Conservative Christians: A Time for Healing Old Wounds
by Joe Brewer
GOP: Feeling Rushed?
Frum the right: a warning

by Bryan Zepp Jamieson
"Angler": The Rise and (Finally!) Fall of Dick Cheney
by Bernard Weiner
Obama Channels Cheney
Obama adopts Bush view on the powers of the presidency.

WSJ Editorial
The Audacity of Audacity
by E.J. Dionne Jr.
An Election, a Budget, and Two Summits = A Bold Obama Strategy for Health Care Change.
by Roger Hickey
"Obama signaled he was serious about health care with his first budget documents, released before his February 24 speech to Congress, containing a $640 billion "down-payment" on the cost of health reform in the next 10 years."
Like Somali Pirates, Wall Street Holds U.S. to Ransom
by Ann Pettifor
"On the contrary. The US Treasury, like the British government, is capitulating to the pirates of the finance sector with a haste and a timidity that is unseemly, and if I may say so, unmanly."
The Economy -- Not the President -- Is Tanking the Market
by Hale "Bonddad" Stewart
Smart Is The New Stupid (And Other Subtle But Profound Effects of the Obama Era)
by David Michael Green
"Whatever one feels about Barack Obama’s policies, watching his thoughtful, respectful and intelligent approach to the politics of our time provides a stunning contrast to the faux swagger, willful stupidity, and inherent contempt for the public of his predecessor."
Why Biofuels Are the Rainforest's Worst Enemy
from Mother Jones
Has Sen. Harry Reid met Mr. Peter Principle?
by P.M. Carpenter
Charles Freeman, Roger Cohen and the changing Israel debate
by Glenn Greenwald
Preventing a judicial ruling on the power to imprison without charges
by Glenn Geenwald
Britain's bizarre reaction to war crimes allegations: investigations needed
by Glenn Greenwald
Obama, Bush Secret-Keeper
What's the president's rationale for keeping so many legal skeletons in the closet?

by Dahlia Lithwick
See No Evil
Why is the Obama administration clinging to an indefensible state-secrets doctrine?

by Dahlia Lithwick
Why the U.S. Under Obama Is Still a Dictatorship
by Andy Worthington
Can Congress Save Obama from Afghan Quagmire?
by Robert Naiman
Last Chance to Get the Bushies
by Scott Horton
"A new Justice Department report could contain a bombshell that would spell fresh legal trouble for top Bush officials. The report may link controversial memos on civil liberties and torture—written by Justice Department lawyer John Yoo—directly to the White House, putting Yoo and other Bushies in the crosshairs of criminal prosecution."
Tangled Up in Karl: The Hidden Connections Behind the Rove-Obama Deal
Open Letter to the Republican Traitors (From a Former Republican)
by Frank Schaeffer
"You Republicans are the arsonists who burned down our national home. You combined the failed ideologies of the Religious Right, so-called free market deregulation and the Neoconservative love of war to light a fire that has consumed America."
Iran in the Crosshairs
by Gareth Porter and Ray McGovern
Neocons Wage War on a 'Realist'
by Robert Parry
"Despite having lost standing with the American people for leading them into the Iraq War and other disasters, the neocons still have a strong beachhead in the national news media and are using it to wage a nasty rear-guard battle against Obama’s appointment of former U.S. Ambassador Chas W. Freeman to be chairman of the National Intelligence Council, which vets National Intelligence Estimates on threats facing the United States."
Why I'm Not Now and Have Never Been the Democrats' "Rush Limbaugh"
by Michael Moore
What Battered Newsrooms Can Learn From Stewart's CNBC Takedown
by Will Bunch
John Yoo's Legal Groundwork for Subverting the Republic
by Naomi Wolf
How Close the Bush Bullet
by Robert Parry
"But it is now increasingly clear that President Bush and his top advisers viewed the 9/11 attacks as an opportunity to implement a series of right-wing legal theories that secretly granted Bush unlimited power to act lawlessly and outside the traditional parameters of the U.S. Constitution."
War Crimes and Double Standards
by Robert Parry
How to build a torture commission
Experts are in surprising agreement: Decide later whether to prosecute Bush officials, and keep members of Congress off the panel.

by Mark Benjamin
On Bush, Cheney Crimes: Seek Truth and Accountability
Rush Limbaugh vs. Michael Steel: You Be The Judge
The Ladner Report
It's Obama's War Now
by Chris Hedges
"The occupation of Iraq will not be disrupted. Lies and deception, which launched the war in the first place, are being employed by Democrats to maintain it. This is not a withdrawal. It is occupation lite."
Ode to the unhappy
Conservatism let you down? Obama nothing more than Bush II? Oh, you poor thing

by Mark Morford
Choosing Atrocity: Israel, America and the Strangling of Gaza
by Chris Floyd
"The inhuman conditions in the world's largest open-air concentration camp have slipped almost entirely from notice in the Western press."
Obama and Holder Must Prosecute War Crimes or Become Guilty of Them Themselves
by Dave Lindorff
"The dithering and ducking going on in the Obama White House and the
Holder Justice Department over the crimes of the Bush administration
are taking on a comic aspect."
Hug the Monster: 4 Secrets of Surviving the Recession
by Ben Sherwood
Obama's FCC Pick Another Good Sign for Open Media
by Timothy Karr
The Re-Redistributor
Why Obama Is Right About Inequality

by E.J. Dionne Jr.
"The central issue in American politics now is whether the country should reverse a three-decade-long trend of rising inequality in incomes and wealth."
Peter Gleick: How We Can Avoid a World Without Water
by Tara Lohan
With droughts from California to China threatening food production, one man has the solution we need to head off a global crisis.
Obama Pressured by Israel Lobby to Boycott World Conference Against Racism
by Roberto Lovato
Threatening to End Reid's Career in 2010: The Best Chance to Pass EFCA
by David Sirota
The Science of Visualization: Maximizing Your Brain's Potential During The Recession
by Srinivasan Pillay
"It is now a well-known fact that we stimulate the same brain regions when we visualize an action and when we actually perform that same action."
Why on Earth Are Democrats Legitimizing and Empowering Rush Limbaugh?
by Peter Daou
Memo to The Media: Having Rove on to Pontificate on the Economy is like Having Madoff on to Pontificate on Investing
by Arianna Huffington
Clearly the G.O.P. Does Not Have Balls of Steel When It Comes to Limbaugh
by Keli Goff
While the Economy Tanks, the President's Team Dawdles
by Ann Pettifor
Geithner's Folly
by Robert Kuttner
"However, all of this good work will be for naught if his team doesn't get the banking system functioning again. And so far the grand design of Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner is entirely on the wrong track."
Obama's DOJ follows lead of Bush regime again: It asks court to cover-up NSA surveillance secrets by dismissing case
by Kenneth Theisen
Is Obama embracing the lawless, omnipotent executive?
by Glenn Greenwald
Obama moves to avoid Supreme Court case in order to preserve indefinite detention of "terrorism" suspects
by Kenneth Theisen
Return of the War Party
by Patrick J. Buchanan
"The campaign to conflate Hamas, Hezbollah, and Syria as a new axis of evil, a terrorist cartel led by Iranian mullahs hell-bent on building a nuclear bomb and using it on Israel and America, has begun. The full-page ads and syndicated columns calling on Obama to eradicate this mortal peril before it destroys us all cannot be far off."
Iraq Vets Want Obama to Issue Complete Withdrawal from Iraq
Press release from IVAW
Can You Trust the Republicans?
by Robert Parry
Budget 2010
Obama shows that he means it

by Bryan Zepp Jamieson
The Bush Administration and the Case for War Crimes Prosecution
by Bob Barker
Filibusters: The Senate’s Self-Inflicted Wound
Obama vs. The Fear
Grin and be enthralled, or tremble and stuff dollar bills into your mattress?

by Mark Morford
"Everyone I know is feeling a little bipolar right now. Everyone I know is going through the most unusual of psychological and socioeconomic fits, a bit unsure what to do and how to feel and exactly which emotional flush should be the one to modulate their equilibrium on a day-to-day basis."
Media Matters: Asymmetrical class warfare
by Jamison Foser
Doomed to repeat history in Afghanistan?
by Joseph L. Galloway
Obama Isn't Doing Enough to Solve the Financial Crisis
by James Galbraith
Leahy, Pelosi Differ on Bush Inquiry
by Jason Leopold
"In an interview with Rachel Maddow on her MSNBC program Wednesday, Pelosi called Leahy's investigative plan “a good idea,” but objected to immunity that could prevent prosecutors from holding Bush administration officials accountable for crimes in a court of law."
Has Bush DOJ Produced Another Political Prisoner?
from the Legal Schnauzer
"Schmitz joins former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman, Mississippi lawyer Paul Minor, and former Mississippi judges Wes Teel and John Whitfield as high-profile individuals who were convicted of 'serving or working while being a Democrat.'"
A Choice Between Peace and Peril
by Chris Hedges
"Bibi Netanyahu’s assumption of power in Israel sets the stage for a huge campaign by the Israeli government, and its well-oiled lobby groups in Washington, to push us into a war with Iran."
A Choice Between Peace and Peril
by Chris Hedges
"Bibi Netanyahu’s assumption of power in Israel sets the stage for a huge campaign by the Israeli government, and its well-oiled lobby groups in Washington, to push us into a war with Iran."
Afghanistan: Obama's Men and Women Go to War
by Mayhill Fowler
What Gulf?
by Hooman Majd
Nationalization: It's Not Scary, It's All Around You
by David Sirota
SOTU 2009
A new tone as a legitimate President speaks

by Bryan Zepp Jamieson
The Seven Intellecutal Underpinnings of the Obama Code
by George Lakoff
Damn that Lincoln. Abe's to blame for Jindal
by Greg Palast
Obama address renews audacity to hope
What should government do? A Jindal meditation
by Paul Krugman
Obama and the Revival of Responsibility
by Robert Creamer
The Two Documents Everyone Should Read to Better Understand the Crisis
by William K. Black
Why Is Geithner Continuing Paulson's Policy of Violating the Law?
by William K. Black
An Open Letter to David Axelrod
by Robert Kuttner
'It will take much stronger medicine to avert a depression than the measures taken to date, and the president needs to rally public opinion if he is to persuade Congress to act at the necessary scale."
Good Money After Bad
by Robert Scheer
"Furthermore, it is obscene that the Republicans who created this mess dare question the cost of a stimulus package directed at meeting a crisis that their radical deregulation of the financial markets created."
Will Obama institute a new kind of preventive detention for terrorist suspects?

by Jane Mayer
Obama Justice Department Misses Opportunity for Transparency
Stays the Course in Defense of Archive Suit About Lost Bush White House E-mail

by Meredith Fuchs and Tom Blanton
Fearing a One-State Solution, Israel’s President Serves Pabulum to Washington
by Franklin Lamb
Is the U.S. Paying Off the Italian Government for Forging the Niger Documents? Evidence suggests a payoff to Italy for supplying the forged documents Bush famously used to justify launching the Iraq war.
by Jeffrey Klein and Paolo Pontoniere
The global reawakening of anti-Semitism
by Irwin Cotler
"In a word, Israel is the only state in the world today - and the Jews the only people in the world today - that are the object of a standing set of threats by governmental, religious and terrorist bodies seeking their destruction."
With malice aforethought
A US court ruling threatens to overturn the American legal principle that truth is an absolute defence against libel

by Dan Kennedy
Why is Obama Poised to Escalate a Bad War?
by Daniel Smith, Foreign Policy in Focus
Death To Zombies: Nationalize Banks Now
by Henry Blodget
Pelosi Hits Back
The House speaker discusses the stimulus battle, prosecuting top level Bush officals and the limits of bipartisanship

by Jim Hightower
"If you want to see the bold future of alternative energy, don’t look to the relatively timid plan coming out of the Obama White House. Instead, look to the green revolution exploding out of the least likely place you could imagine: the Persian Gulf."
Once You See What Truly Happened in Gaza, It Will Change You Forever
by Medea Benjamin
"What I saw was like a form of collective punishment, leaving behind a trail of grieving mothers, angry fathers and traumatized children."
The US Media & Democracy in Crisis
by Robert Parry
Mad as Hell, But We Took It Anyway, for Eight Long Years
by Christine Bowman
War Criminals, Including Their Lawyers, Must Be Prosecuted
by Marjorie Cohn
Troubling signs from Obama's administration
by Anthony D. Romero | American Civil Liberties Union
The Unfinished Case of Maher Arar
NYT editorial
CHRGJ Calls on Obama to Prosecute Abuse of Detainees
Supports Calls for Independent Commission

from Center for Human Rights and Global Justice - .pdf download
Past the point of no return
by David Sirota
'Bitter' Gore; 'Principled' McCain
by Robert Parry
Time Rewrote History With "25 People to Blame for the Financial Crisis"
by David Fiderer
Helicopters, Cover-ups and War Crimes
by Jeffrey Klein and Paolo Pontoniere
Disappeared in the Name of National Security
by Mohamed Farag Bashmilah
McCain's Viagra Problem
by Dylan Loewe
Rumsfeld prosecution could set precedent
"There is now enough evidence to try former U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld for war crimes, Manfred Nowak, the U.N. Special Rapporteur on Torture, recently told "Frontal 21," a German television program."
Obama & the Media Dilemma
by Robert Parry
Increasingly, Obama's Justice Department standing by 'George Bush secrecy'
by Stephen C. Webster
The Far Right's All Out Offensive Against Medical Research
by Howard Dean
It's Time to Treat America's Homeowners as Well as We've Been Treating Wall Street's Bankers
by Arianna Huffington
Bad News From America's Top Spy
by Chris Hedges
"It turns out that Wall Street, rather than Islamic jihad, has produced our most dangerous terrorists."
Former Gitmo Guard Tells All
by Scott Horton
The Obstructionists Lost
by David Sirota
"His [Obama's] Republican opponents congratulate themselves for remaining unified in defeat and whine about the president’s refusal to capitulate to them--but in fact it is they who have failed in the initial episode of a confrontation that will certainly continue for the coming four years."
Cheney: Chief of Churls
by John Seery
"Evidence of these Bush-era war crimes will, no doubt, continue to leak out. It's becoming clearer and clearer that these official acts of cruelty had little to do, either in intent or effect, with enhancing national security or producing reliable intelligence."
Happy B-Day, Chuck
The science has evolved, but not the people

by Bryan Zepp Jamieson
Serve Republicans For Breakfast,
Don’t Take Them To Dinner

by David Michael Green
From SLATE: The Top 10 Cases the Obama Justice Department Should Redo
by Emily Bazelon and Judith Resnik
Democrats Divided Over 'Reckoning' for Bush
by William Fisher
"With growing public support for a public investigation of crimes that may have been committed by the administration of former president George W. Bush in waging its "global war on terror", policy makers and legal experts are deeply divided on how to proceed - and President Barack Obama seems ambivalent about whether to proceed at all."
The Fiscal Stimulus Will Pay For Itself
by Ann Pettifor
The Ultra-Radical Republicans
by Robert Parry
Addicted to fake outrage
by David Sirota
"But one thing is painfully obvious after Michael Phelps' marijuana "scandal" erupted last week: Our society is addicted to fake outrage -- and to break our dependence, we're going to need far more potent medicine than the herb Phelps was smoking."
Obama and liberals: a counter-productive relationship
by Glenn Greenwald
"But I think the main reason that Obama is having trouble is that there is not a popular left movement that is agitating for him to go well beyond where he would even ideally like to go."
End The Honeymoon
Why the left is to blame for the lackluster stimulus and bank bailout.

by John B. Judis
"Obama might not want these kind of strident critics from the left--who wants a Huey Long thundering against him?--but it's exactly the kind of opposition he and the Democrats need."
It Couldn't Happen Here. Could It?
by Ted Rall
"The French are reacting to a situation almost identical to ours--economic collapse, government impotence, corporate corruption--by turning hard left."
Czar Struck: Obama’s Brilliant Pick for Drug Czar
Victory: Buy America And Anti-Outsourcing Measures In The Final Stimulus Bill
by David Sirota
Obama Scores Early Victory of Historic Proportions
by Michael D. Shear and Alec MacGillis
"Twenty-four days into his presidency, Barack Obama recorded last night a legislative achievement of the sort that few of his predecessors achieved at any point in their tenure."
The truth will protect us all
by Clive Stafford Smith
"Binyam Mohamed was rendered by the CIA from Pakistan to Morocco to face 18 months of torture....On 4 February, British judges ruled that the media could not have access to details of his torture. They said their silence was compelled by the Bush administration's "threat" to stop sharing intelligence with Britain if evidence of criminal acts of torture were revealed."
Why is Obama Reluctant to Kill the Zombie Banks Threatening Our Economy?
by Arianna Huffington
"Unlike the conflict over the stimulus package, this is not an ideological fight. This is a battle between the status quo and the future, between the interests of the financial/lobbying establishment and the public interest."
A Plan for Economic Recovery
by George Soros
Don't buy into myths saying buy-American rules are bad
"The misinformation campaign against the "Buy American" requirements attached to Congress' economic recovery legislation is reminiscent of the shrewdest form of propaganda. It's laced with red herrings and glittering generalities but devoid of facts."
Cut the Military Budget--II
by Rep. Barney Frank
Can't Get There from Here
by Robert L. Borosage
"The new plan, described in broad outline by Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner on Tuesday, antes up another $1.5 trillion or more to keep the banks afloat. But it won't convince many that they are seaworthy."
The US Struggle to Keep the Taliban From Stealing What's Inside This Box
by Shahan Mufti, GlobalPos
"Longtime observers of the region and military experts say the open market on U.S. military hardware and technology is increasingly compromising the American military supply route that runs from the Pakistani seaport in Karachi through the Khyber Pass and into neighboring Afghanistan."
Eat the rich
Politicians? Lawyers? Not anymore. Time to loathe the *real* American monsters

by Mark Morford
Netanyahu: Better for America, Better For Israel
by MJ Rosenberg
"I also am taken by an analysis by Yossi Beilin, who was Oslo's architect. He says that it is better to have a pure right wing government than a right wing government covered by a centrist fig leaf."
Top Obama Aides Embrace Bush’s War on Terror Rhetoric and Enemy Combatant Policy
by Jonathan Turley
"The Obama Administration appears to be rushing to dispel any notions that Obama will fight for civil liberties or war crimes investigations."
Newly Declassified DOD Documents Reveal Detainees Tortured To Death
by Jason Leopold 
Shock Absorbers: Progressives Stunned by Obama Non-Surprises
by Chris Floyd
Israel's Nuclear Weapons
by Joe Parko
How Could 9,000 Business Reporters Blow It?
by Dean Starkman
A former Wall Street Journal writer dissects why business reporters bought the bull—and missed the biggest story on their beat.
Energy taxes' Faustian bargain
by David Sirota
John Pilger, Chomsky join foundation accusing Tony Blair of war crimes
by Matthew Brett
Poverty in Time of Depression
A funny thing happened on the way to the poor house

by Bryan Zepp Jamieson
Why the GOP Is Going Down While Seeming to Go Up
by Bernard Weiner
Obama fails his first test on civil liberties and accountability -- resoundingly and disgracefully
by Glenn Greenwald
"We are shocked and deeply disappointed that the Justice Department has chosen to continue the Bush administration’s practice of dodging judicial scrutiny of extraordinary rendition and torture. This was an opportunity for the new administration to act on its condemnation of torture and rendition, but instead it has chosen to stay the course. Now we must hope that the court will assert its independence by rejecting the government’s false claims of state secrets and allowing the victims of torture and rendition their day in court."
Why Did Obama Diss Helen Thomas?
by MJ Rosenberg
"Ms. Thomas' moment came when she asked the president about nuclear proliferation. Her question ended with the query: does he know of any Middle Eastern state with nukes?"
The GOP's Filibuster Hypocrisy
by Robert Parry
"Though seemingly forgotten by most TV talking heads, it was only three years ago, when the Republicans had control of both the White House and Congress – and “filibuster” was a dirty word."
Why The Stimulus Is Too Small
by Ryan Grim
Command and Control?
by Jamie Malanowski
"Maybe I missed it, but where was the Fireside Chat?"
Obama Undermines Jobs Mandate For the Sake of Bipartisanship
by Jane Hamsher
I must be on crazy pills
by Reza
Creating Jobs Is Not "Wasteful"
by Sen. Jeff Merkley
Operation Zero Cred
by Bob Cesca
Fundamentally flawed stimulus coverage
by Jamison Foser
Team of rivals? No, a team of zombies
by David Sirota
"Obama's national security team, for instance, includes not a single Iraq War opponent. The president has not only retained George W. Bush's defense secretary, Robert Gates, but also 150 other Bush Pentagon appointees."
Biden Commits to 'Missile Defenses' to Counter Unspecific Threat from Iran
by Ron Fullwood
Nationalized Banks Are "Only Answer"
by Joseph Stiglitz
George Mitchell and the end of the two-state solution
Israel's settlement growth means we have to find a different plan.

by Sandy Tolan
Understanding Yesterday’s Rulings in Coleman v. Franken
by Edward B. Foley
All Of Them Must Go
by Naomi Klein
"Watching the crowds in Iceland banging pots and pans until their government fell reminded me of a chant popular in anti-capitalist circles in 2002: 'You are Enron. We are Argentina.'"
Time to Play Hardball
by E. J. Dionne Jr.
"In just two weeks, the elation of Inauguration Day has given way to a classic form of partisan hardball. Obama and his advisers have been forced to learn basic lessons on the run."
Bipartisanship (is) for Dummies
by Josh Nelson
It's Japan Again, Stupid
by Ann Pettifor
"Everyone should just calm down and get a grip. The problem is not the fiscal stimulus. It is not pork barrel politics. It is not the banks. Nor is it those parasites, the bankers. It's not even the debt. It's the cost of debt. And it's just like Japan, 1990-2009."
We Can Do Better Than a 'Bad Bank'
And we already have the resources to recapitalize lenders.

by George Soros
Wall Street Bonuses Are an Outrage
The public sees a self-serving system for what it is.

by Thomas Frank
The Action Americans Need
by President Barack Obama
"What Americans expect from Washington is action that matches the urgency they feel in their daily lives -- action that's swift, bold and wise enough for us to climb out of this crisis."
Blacklisting Progressives: The Untold Story Beneath the Daschle Headlines
by David Sirota
First, Jail All Bush's Lawyers
by Robert Parry
"If new Attorney General Eric Holder really means what he said in his oath--that he will "support and defend the Constitution of the United States"--then he must give serious consideration to prosecuting crimes committed by the Bush administration, including its torturing of detainees."
Don't Mourn for Daschle
by John Nichols
"In fact, by opposing Daschle so strenuously, and appropriately, Republicans and a handful of principled Democratic senators (who had quietly let the White House know they were not going to back the nomination) have done the new president and the nation a favor."
The Looming Crisis at the Pentagon: How Taxpayers Finance Fantasy Wars
by Chalmers Johnson
"A similar, if far less well known, crisis exists when it comes to the military-industrial complex. That crisis has its roots in the corrupt and deceitful practices that have long characterized the high command of the Armed Forces, civilian executives of the armaments industries, and Congressional opportunists and criminals looking for pork-barrel projects, defense installations for their districts, or even bribes for votes."
Four Keys to Success in Afghanistan
"The war in Afghanistan is not going well; almost all trends are
moving in the wrong direction. But we still have time to focus, improve our strategy, calibrate our means."
Our Responsibility
by Rep. John Conyers
"As we proceed, however, the question remains how best to respond to the severe challenge posed to our constitutional structure, and to our national honor, by the Bush administration's actions, and in particular its national security programs."
The Meaning of Michael Steele
by Michael Fauntroy
Making Republicans Misbehave
Or how I make Kay Bailey Hutchinson sound nuts

by Bryan Zepp Jamieson
The Stimulus Package Vote
Pubs grandstand themselves into oblivion

by Bryan Zepp Jamieson
Media Matters: Fetishizing off-center centrism
by Jamison Foser
"From the way the media have covered this week's stimulus package vote, you would think the goal of the legislation was to get Democrats and Republicans to sit together for lunch in the House cafeteria, rather than to turn around an economy in free fall."
When did we stop caring about civilian deaths during wartime?
by Robert Fisk
"I wonder if we are "normalising" war. It's not just that Israel has yet again got away with the killing of hundreds of children in Gaza."
Life without Bush
What's a liberal critic to do without his most beloved target?

by Mark Morford, SF Gate Columnist
"Will it now be a bit more challenging to find other equally rich veins of material, now that the tone has changed and Obama is already proving to be so solid, so deeply intelligent, misprision-free, so absolutely, diametrically opposite of everything BushCo stood for? Maybe."
Obama is a two-faced liar. Aw-RIGHT!
by Greg Palast
"Way to go, Mr. O! Mr. Down-and-Dirty Chicago pol. Street-fightin' man. Covering over his break-you-face power play with a "we're all post-partisan friends" BS."
Bush - President Punk
by Gene Lyons
Far-right Obama critics get a reply
by Leonard Pitts Jr.
"The irony is that Limbaugh and the other clowns would have you believe they are bedrock defenders of this country, that they love it more than the rest of us, more than anything."
The worst lies of all? The ones you expect
by Mitch Albom
"As such, big business has created a world in which lies are a tactic. It knows people aren't going to react. It assumes most people will just turn the cheek and take the slap."
U.S. Media Ignore Call for 'Criminal Investigation' of Bush Torture
by Gabriel Voiles
Investigate and Prosecute the Bush Administration
No One Should Be Above the Law

by antiwar.com
"The process of settling up should be about law rather than politics.  It should be conducted in sorrow rather than rancor.  And it may mean far more investigation than prosecution.  But the Constitution must be defended and the law enforced.  By both the president and Congress.  The people of America deserve no less."
Obama Should Act Like He Won
by Thomas Frank
It's Time to Choose Right Over Wrong
by Joseph L. Galloway, McClatchy Newspapers
"The only way we can repair all the damage they did is to confront those who led us astray, led us far from our roots and our hopes and our dreams and into a dark nether world where in order to save freedom we were willing to surrender it."
"Shallow Throat" On Obama and GOP Obstructionism
by Bernard Weiner
Four Things the Republicans Don't Want You to Know About the Economy
by Keith Boykin
It's Show Time for Obama
by Robert Kuttner
Obama Must Prosecute Rumsfeld for War Crimes
by Matthew Rothschild
Why An Asshole Is Always In Charge
by Greg Palast
"Thain was CEO of Merrill Lynch, the big brokerage firm. On a good day, Merrill is worth zero. A week before it was about to go out of business, Thain sold this busted bag of financial feces to Bank of America for $50 BILLION."
Economic Stimulus Bill: Sound Policy vs. D.C. "Bipartisanship"
by David Sirota
"And so again, how many billions of dollars in inefficient tax cuts must taxpayers be forced to finance in order to help Obama attract extra Republican votes that he doesn't actually need?"
How to rescue the bank bailout
by Joseph E. Stiglitz
The US military and its cult of cruelty
The change to 'warrior' creed is encouraging soldiers to commit atrocities

by Robert Fisk
"The hope that President Obama will be able to get us out of the mess is tempered by the reality that throwing hundreds of billions of dollars at the banks has failed to restore them to health, or even to resuscitate the flow of lending."
U.S. Must Back Down on Iranian Uranium Enrichment
by Gary Leupp
"There's really only one solution. Only one way for Obama to get himself out of the box his predecessor Bush, Dick Cheney and the neocons have put him in. He has to affirm Iran's inalienable right under the Non-Proliferation Treaty to enrich uranium."
Someone Take Away Thomas Friedman's Computer Before He Types Another Sentence
by Matt Taibbi
"Where does a man, who needs his own offshore drilling platform just to keep the east wing of his house heated, get the balls to write a book chiding America for driving energy-inefficient automobiles?"
The "Move On" Defense Of George W. Bush
by Cenk Uygur
"The idea is that it is fairly clear that the Bush administration violated the law in several instances, but since we already know this and his party has already lost an election, let's just move on already."
No Economic Team of Rivals On Obama Staff: Rubin's Manic Neoliberals Dominate
by Steve Clemons
"Obama has essentially brought in the same crowd of people or ideological fellow travelers who helped hatch the Clinton era manic finance fest that the Bush administration made worse."
Obama's Impressive Beginnings as an Honest Broker in the Middle East: The Psychology of Perspective-taking Where Perspective is Hard to Find
by Drew Westen
Obama Versus the Republicans: Chill Out, He's Got This
by Bob Cesca
Detroit Takes One (More) for the Team
by Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.
"Why kick the auto industry when it's down? Because it's down."
Obama's orders are just a start
Serious energy policy must have tough love

Road to Ruin: Twenty-Five People at the Heart of the Meltdown
by Julia Finch, Andrew Clark and David Teather, The Guardian UK
A GOP Nightmare
Everything they fear has come to pass. Lucky us!

by Bryan Zepp Jamieson
Legal Jeopardy For American Torturers Here and Abroad? A Q & A Session With An Expert on the Issue, Philippe Sands

"With few exceptions, the discussion about what the Obama Administration will do regarding the torture of detainees during the Bush years has been framed as a domestic matter, and the fate of those involved in torturing has been largely viewed as a question of whether the Department of Justice will take action. In fact, not only is the world watching what the Obama Administration does regarding Bush's torturers, but other countries are very likely to take action if the United States fails to do so."
Lie by Lie: The Mother Jones Iraq War Timeline (8/1/90 - 2/14/08)
Obama must shun Mideast myths
by Trudy Rubin
That's It? If Bushies Escape Justice, What's Left of the U.S.?
by Ted Rall

"With the American government exposed as stupid and weak, all that remains is the American ideal: the 232-year-old democratic experiment that began with the idea that we are all equal under the law and that all human beings enjoy a set of inherent, inalienable rights--even 'enemy combatants' and illegal immigrants."
Obama's Economic Plan Is Not Going to Save Us
by William Greider

"The nation's fast-darkening circumstances define the essential dilemma of Barack Obama's presidency. His instinct is to govern by consensus, in the moderate middle ground of politics. Yet dire events are pushing the new president toward solutions more fundamental than those he had intended. The longer he resists taking more forceful action, the more likely it is that he will be overwhelmed by the gathering adversities."
U.S. Moving Toward Czarism, Away From Democracy
by David Sirota

"Today, keystrokes and mouse-clicks instantly whisk trillions of dollars across the planet, and many of those keystrokes and mouse-clicks are uninhibited by the grindingly slow processes of democracy."
Democrats Inch Toward Torture Probe
by Jason Leopold

"As President Barack Obama reverses some of ex-President George W. Bush’s most controversial 'war on terror' policies, a consensus seems to be building among Democratic congressional leaders that further investigations are needed into Bush's use of torture and other potential crimes."
A Great Start to Restoring the Rule of Law
by Russ Feingold
Obama's Team -- A Slap in the Face to Obama's Base
by Alexander Cockburn
So far, Obama's missed the point on Gaza...
by Robert Fisk
Binding U.S. law requires prosecutions for those who authorize torture
by Glenn Greenwald
"Bush administration officials from Vice President Dick Cheney on down signed off on using harsh interrogation techniques against suspected terrorists after asking the Justice Department to endorse their legality, The Associated Press has learned."
Olmert’s Poodle
by Patrick J. Buchanan
"He had, said Olmert, whistled up George Bush, interrupted him in the middle of a speech and told him to instruct Condi Rice not to vote for a U.N. resolution Condi herself had written. Bush did as told, said Olmert."
Another War, Another Defeat
The Gaza offensive has succeeded in punishing the Palestinians but not in making Israel more secure

by John J. Mearsheimer
The Pundits Who Had Not A Clue Two Years Ago
by Mark Nickolas
President Obama and Our America
by Lincoln Mitchell
Countdown Special Comment: They're guilty of this, Mr. President-Elect. They're guilty as sin.
by Keith Olbermann
"Finally tonight as promised, a Special Comment about the President-Elect, the soon-to-be President-Emeritus, torture, and its prosecution."
Goodbye, Asshole
A fond farewell to the "Mission Accomplished" man

by Bryan Zepp Jamieson
It's Showtime
The lights dim, the curtain rises...

by Bryan Zepp Jamieson
It's money politics by a different name
by David Sirota
The Return of Triangulation
by Norman Solomon
Now I Understand Why They Hate Us
by David Hilfiker
What Obama Must Do
A Letter to the New President

by Paul Krugman
"The extent to which your administration succeeds or fails will depend, to a large extent, on what happens in the first year — and above all, on whether you manage to get a grip on the current economic crisis."
Bush's Farewell Address: Still Delusional After All These Years
by Arianna Huffington
Bush's Original Farewell Address Leaked to Press - satire
by Lee Camp
The 43 Who Helped Make Bush The Worst Ever
by Faiz Shakir, Amanda Terkel, Satyam Khanna, Matt Corley, Benjamin Armbruster, Ali Frick, Ryan Powers, Pat Garofalo, Igor Volsky, Matt Duss, Brad Johnson, and Matt Yglesias
Holding Bush Accountable
"...it is not enough merely to cease the abuses of power and apparent criminality that marked the highest levels of George W. Bush's administration. We cannot simply shrug off the constitutional and criminal misbehavior of the administration, treat it as an aberration and hope it won't happen again."
The real reason Bill Clinton pardoned Marc Rich
During Eric Holder's confirmation hearing, Arlen Specter scolded the attorney general-designate, but no one mentioned Israeli pressure.

by Joe Conason
"Even now, the true machinations behind the Rich pardon cannot be discussed honestly -- perhaps because they implicate the government and the security services of the state of Israel."
Why We Have to Look Back
by John Conyers
"We cannot rebuild the appropriate balance between the branches of government without fully understanding how that relationship has been distorted. Likewise, we cannot set an appropriate baseline for future presidential conduct without documenting and correcting the presidential excesses that have just occurred."
Adios, Dubya. Vaya con Dios
by Joseph L. Galloway
"He's leaving the same way he arrived eight years ago: Clueless and somehow unable to discern up from down, right from left and right from wrong."
History 'last refuge of the failed president'
Bush's Only Gift to America
by Robert Parry
"So far, it appears that President-elect Obama is so set on making friends with Washington’s corrupt Establishment – from dinner with neoconservative columnists like Charles Krauthammer to coffee with the Washington Post’s editorial board, which avidly supported the Iraq War – that he may be missing the opportunity for a genuine transformation."
Gazans in Peril
by Amb. Marc Ginsberg
"So much as been written about the fighting in Gaza and its political and military consequences, but surely not enough has been written about the terrible humanitarian conditions that have befallen its unfortunate non-combatant inhabitants."
Memo to Obama: Moving Forward Doesn't Mean You Can't Also Look Back
by Arianna Huffington
"So as the Obama Years are about to begin, one of the questions facing the new president is what will he do about the transgressions of the Bush Years? Will his promise to protect and defend the Constitution include an investigation into the assaults on it perpetrated by members of the Bush administration?"
Israel Is Committing War Crimes
Hamas's violations are no justification for Israel's actions.

"Israel's current assault on the Gaza Strip cannot be justified by self-defense. Rather, it involves serious violations of international law, including war crimes."
Changes The World Could Live With
by Stephen Pizzo
"Among the things that need change when Obama takes office are the current US positions on both Cuba and the Israeli/Palestinian never-ending piss-fight."
The Damaged Institution of the Presidency and How the Obama Administration Intends to Restore It
by John Dean
Obama Should Act Like He Won
by Thomas Frank
Israel Has No Intention of Granting a Palestinian State
If Hamas Did Not Exist

WPost Finds Second Side to Gaza War
by Robert Parry
"Twelve days into Israel’s punishing war on Gaza, the Washington Post editorial section finally has published an op-ed suggesting that there might be two sides to the dispute, an article by former President Jimmy Carter who presented both Israeli and Palestinian concerns and noted Israel’s failure to live up to the goals of last year’s truce agreement."
What You Don’t Know About Gaza
"NEARLY everything you’ve been led to believe about Gaza is wrong. Below are a few essential points that seem to be missing from the conversation, much of which has taken place in the press, about Israel’s attack on the Gaza Strip."
Sympathy For the W?
In the end, a new portrait of Bush as tired, misunderstood, ruined

by Mark Morford
Israel’s Collective Punishment of Gaza
by Marjorie Cohn
Torture Prosecutor Tops 70,000 Questions for Obama on Change.Gov
by Ari Melber
Were Troops Poisoned? Vets Demand KBR Come Clean on Toxins in Iraq
by Paul Rieckhoff
"New reports suggest these injuries may be the result of exposure to toxins at a KBR-run power plant in Southern Iraq."
I Want To Play Poker With Harry Reid
by Jane Hamsher
A Certain Unease
Few people are pretending it’s just a recession

by Bryan Zepp Jamieson
2008 Sucked
Hopefully, robots will, too

by Bryan Zepp Jamieson
Obama and Gaza: Exiting the Vortex of Violence
by Bernard Weiner

"One definition of mental disease is when someone repeats the same counter-productive behavior again and again and again and expects different results. Which brings us to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict."
The DOJ pursues the "real criminal" in the NSA spying scandal
by Glenn Greenwald
"There are few viewpoints, if there are any, which trigger more fervent agreement across the political and media establishment than the view that George Bush, Dick Cheney and other top officials should not be criminally investigated, let alone prosecuted, for the various laws they have broken over the last eight years."
On the Uselessness of Street Protest;
And the Usefulness of Web 2.0 Lobbying

by Juan Cole
"I'm sorry, but it just doesn't matter if tens of thousands of people demonstrate in Paris. Oh, it might put a little pressure on Sarkozy to remonstrate a little harder with the Israeli government, but in the larger scheme of things it isn't very significant."
Not Doing Enough
Why I worry that Obama doesn't realize just how bad things are.

by John B. Judis
"We may not simply be facing a steep recession like that of the early 1980s, from which we can extricate ourselves in a year or two, but something resembling the Great Depression of the 1930s."
Feingold's Outline for a Constitutional Presidency
by John Nichols
"Feingold wants the Senate to get serious about renewing the system of checks and balances that essentially collapsed under the monarchical pressures brought upon it by George Bush, Dick Cheney and their willing accomplices in the House and Senate."
The Balanced Budget Amendment
The GOP's dumbest idea

by Bryan Zepp Jamieson
"The main problem the Democrats face right now is that Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich's nomination of Roland Burris, a former Attorney General for the State of Illinois, is perfectly valid."
Blago and Burris vs. The Senate
Former attorney-general warms his hands on a chunk of plutonium

by Bryan Zepp Jamieson
"We're being told to expect an annual deficit of two trillion dollars next year, and that's probably optimistic. Despite the fact that it's nearly four times bigger than any previous annual deficit, it's being understated."
Walking the Plank
2009 will start with a splash

by Bryan Zepp Jamieson
Hamas Is Responsible for the Civilian Casualties in Gaza
by Mitchell Bard
"Israel cares more about the Palestinian people in Gaza than Hamas does. Yes, I know this statement will get jeered and mocked by those who support the Palestinians, but, in my view, the facts bear out my assertion."
Israel's Thinking May Provide Insight into Obama's
by Lisa Gans
"But the fact that Israel decided to launch this massive attack on the Gaza strip in the waning days of the Bush administration suggests that Tel Aviv, at least, thinks that the days for such an action might be limited."
Amway, Religious Right Pyramid Scheme, Returns to the Motherland
by Bill Berkowitz
"Some have called it a pyramid scheme, a pioneer of multilevel marketing, a cult. Over the years, its founders became a major funding source of the conservative movement."
Ten Progressive Policies Whose Time Has Come
by Bob Burnett
The GOP's White Supremacy
by Paul Jenkins
"All of this stupidity, and hatred, is a symptom of the larger problem for the Republican Party: it is utterly unrepresentative of America in the 21st century. Its Congressional representation is nearly uniformly white, and overwhelmingly male."
What's Next on Gaza/Israel and Why Americans Should Care
by Daniel Levy
"For many people, what happened today between Gaza and Israel may have all too familiar a ring to it - Israel warns and then retaliates to an alleged or real Palestinian escalation of violence, there is Arab condemnation and international exasperation, eventually things de-escalate but according to Israel's timetable as the U.S. prevents effective early international mediation, and we're back to where we started -- with the addition of more blood and death (many innocent, some less so), more wounded and more shattered families."
Palestine's Guernica and the Myths of Israeli Victimhood
by Mustafa Barghouthi, Secretary General of the Palestinian National Initiative
Why Israel Is Bombing Gaza
by Ephraim Sneh
"In January 2006, rule over Gaza passed to the Hamas government under Ismail Haniyeh. Instead of bringing investors to Gaza, the Hamas government brought the guerrilla-warfare trainers of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard."
Cheney's Legacy of Deception
"Nothing, not his suspect role in the Enron debacle, which foretold the economic meltdown, or his office's fabrication of the false reasons for invading Iraq, has ever been seriously investigated, because of White House stonewalling. Nor will the new president, committed as he is to nonpartisanship, be likely to open up Cheney's can of worms."
What helped the rise of Hamas? U.S., Israel policies, turns out
by Warren P. Strobel | McClatchy Newspapers
'Hamas is stronger than ever, and Israel's air strikes risk bolstering it further, according to current and former U.S. officials, diplomats and analysts."
Is McCain a War Criminal Who Has Served His Time?
Bomb, bomb Hanoi
by Tom Robbins
"By the time McCain's Navy fighter plane was shot down while on a bombing run over Hanoi on October 26, 1967, Pentagon officials were already convinced that bombing wasn't having much effect on North Vietnam's war-making ability."
Obama's Silence on Gaza Atrocities is Deafening
by Allen L Roland
Israel is illegally using U.S. weapons in its attack on Gaza
by Joe Parko
Understanding the Gaza Catastrophe
by Richard Falk, United Nations Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in the Palestinian Territories
"For eighteen months the entire 1.5 million people of Gaza experienced a punishing blockade imposed by Israel, and a variety of traumatizing challenges to the normalcy of daily life."
Did Israel Use Disproportionate Force?
by Lionel Beehner
"Hence, Israel now finds itself in the awkward yet familiar position of defending its actions. A state is legally allowed to unilaterally defend itself and right a wrong provided the response is proportional to the injury suffered and is immediate, necessary, refrains from targeting civilians, and requires only enough force to reinstate the status quo ante. Also implied in this argument is the right of Israel to prevent Hamas from carrying out future cross-border attacks."
Israel, Stop! Just. Stop.
by Lorelei Kelly
"The line of self-control and the awareness of the obligation to protect the lives of the innocent in Gaza must be toed even now, precisely because Israel's strength is almost limitless. Israel must constantly check to see when its force has crossed the line of legitimate and effective response, whose goal is deterrence and a restoration of the cease-fire, and from what point it is once again trapped in the usual spiral of violence."
Obama Going Easy on Bush? Say It Ain't So
by Lee Camp
"George W. Bush invades a sovereign country while lying to the American people and the United Nations. He breaks the Geneva Conventions, illegally wiretaps American citizens, and commits treason by allowing or encouraging the outing of a CIA agent (among other extra curricular activities). Result: nothing more than shitty approval ratings."

Why I Am a Socialist
by Chris Hedges
"The corporate forces that are looting the Treasury and have plunged us into a depression will not be contained by the two main political parties. The Democratic and Republican parties have become little more than squalid clubs of privilege and wealth, whores to money and corporate interests, hostage to a massive arms industry, and so adept at deception and self-delusion they no longer know truth from lies."

The Last Road Trip
Freakishly cheap gas? Nation broke? Just hit the road

by Mark Morford
"It is the frightening rule du jour: the cheaper gas gets right now, the more completely screwed you know we are. At the same time, a cheap tank of gas is one of the few strokes of fiscal relief we have right now, a tiny reprieve from the brutal economic turmoil. What a thing."

Israel's Looming Catastrophe
by Robert Parry
'"For the past three decades, Israel has charted a course that invites its own destruction by relying on two risky propositions: first, that it could extend its security perimeter beyond the reach of a devastating missile attack, and second, that it could permanently control the political debate inside its crucial ally, the United States."

-White House Email Trail Grows Cold with Death of Bush IT Expert
by Rebecca Abrahams

Bin Laden's New Weapon of Mass Destruction
by Robert L. Borosage

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