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Archived articles that appeared in Sounding Off on our Home page
from January 5, 2009-present that were linked to from outside sources.

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Iran sanctions now causing food insecurity, mass suffering
Yet again, the US and its allies spread mass human misery though a policy that is as morally indefensible as it is counter-productive

by Glenn Greenwald
"The Economist this week describes the intensifying suffering of 75 million Iranian citizens as a result of the sanctions regime being imposed on them by the US and its allies..."
Israel’s refugee hypocrisy
Its mythology is grounded in exile and return, so why won't Israel grant refugee status to North Africans in need?

Paul Ryan’s thin skin
Running with Mitt Romney has introduced him to something he's not very comfortable with: Follow-up questions

by Steve Kornacki
Romney’s shameless appeal to women
Mitt turns to a strategy that worked for him 10 years ago in the only general election he's ever won

by Steve Kornacki
"This is an extension of the strategy Romney employed at last week’s debate, simply playing dumb when confronted with the aspects of conservative ideology that are difficult to market outside the Republican Party base."
Substance-free Republicans default to lazy mendacity
Romney's criticisms of Obama -- on full display during the debates -- don't even make sense. Does it matter?

by Jonathan Bernstein
Romney and Obama: Too Cowardly to Discuss What Really Matters
by Alexander Reed Kelly
"Acclaimed social philosopher Noam Chomsky wants you to know that presidential candidates Mitt Romney and Barack Obama are ignoring two of the gravest threats to humankind: climate change and nuclear war."
The US presidential debates' illusion of political choice
The issue is not what separates Romney and Obama, but how much they agree. This hidden consensus has to be exposed

by Glenn Greenwald
Can Republicans scare their way to victory?
Make no mistake, this election has become a horse race -- thanks in no small part to the GOP's barrage of lies

by Robert Reich
"Remember: The biggest party in America is neither Democrats nor Republicans. It’s the party of non-voters — a group that outnumbers the other two."
How British companies pour cash into the American elections
As the presidential election enters its final phase, FTSE 100 companies are making use of relaxed campaign financing rules to bring their influence to bear

by Simon Bowers
US media angrily marvels at the lack of Muslim gratitude
NBC News, along with a leading US newspaper, insist that Egyptians should be grateful to the US for having 'freed' them

by Glenn Greenwald
How Obama stole the GOP’s issue
Once a GOP strength, it shouldn't be surprising that it's suddenly become a potent political weapon for Democrats

by Steve Kornacki
"But for now, Mitt Romney is gaining no traction from his effort to portray the unrest as an indictment of American policy under Obama –and may actually be hurting himself."
Guantanamo prisoner’s tragic letter
Adnan Latif suffered at the hands of the U.S. government in ways that most people can't begin to comprehend

by John Knefel, Alternet
"He suffered at the hands of the US government in ways that most people can’t begin to comprehend, and his death should be a reminder that the national shame that is Guantanamo Bay lives on and now enjoys bipartisan support."
Conservatives, Democrats and the convenience of denouncing free speech
Westerners love to decry censorship aimed at them by Muslims while ignoring the extreme censorship they impose on them

by Glenn Greenwald
Romney’s tax return comedy
How the candidate "disqualified" himself from the presidency by manipulating his deductions

by Andrew Leonard
Five lessons from the de-listing of MEK as a terrorist group
A separate justice system for American Muslims, the US embrace of terrorism, and other key political facts are highlighted

by Glenn Greenwald
"On Friday, the Guardian's Washington reporter Chris McGreal added substantial information about the recipients of the funding and, especially, its sources. As he put it, the pro-MEK campaign "has seen large sums of money directed at three principal targets: members of Congress, Washington lobby groups and influential former officials", including the GOP Congressman who chairs the House Intelligence Committee, Mike Rogers."
Mitt and the threat of abandonment
Romney might face the same indignity -- abandonment -- as the last Republican to challenge an incumbent, Bob Dole

by Steve Kornacki
US investigates possible WikiLeaks leaker for 'communicating with the enemy'
US military's new legal theory threatens to convert unauthorized leaks into a capital offense. Who is the real 'enemy'?

by Glenn Greenwald
"How could leaking to WikiLeaks possibly constitute the crime of "communicating with the enemy"? Who exactly is the "enemy"? There are two possible answers to that question, both quite disturbing."
Blame Fox News, not Mitt
Romney's run an awful campaign. But his real problem is most Americans reject the Fox News/Limbaugh fairy tale

Feingold: “Even worse than we expected”
Russ Feingold tells Salon the post-Citizens United world is "even more shameless" than he imagined

Smoke in the cabin? Just open the window
After Ann Romney's plane made an emergency landing, the pilot explains to Mitt the mysteries of pressurization

State department attacks CNN for doing basic journalism
Obama officials hide behind Ambassador Stevens' family to delegitimize reporting that reflects poorly on them

by Glenn Greenwald
A Culture of Delusion
by Paul Craig Roberts
"Many Republicans cannot get their minds around the fact that if civil liberties are subject to the government's arbitrary discretion, then civil liberties do not exist."
How Can You Plan a Revolution when Big Brother is Watching?
by Thom Hartmann
"It's increasingly looking like the United States is one generation away from completely forgetting what privacy means. And the consequences of this Great Forgetting will be tragic for our nation."
New Stanford/NYU study documents the civilian terror from Obama's drones
New research shows the terrorizing impact of drones in Pakistan, false statements from US officials, and how it increases the terror threat

by Glenn Greenwald
"A vitally important and thoroughly documented new report on the impact of Obama's drone campaign has just been released by researchers at NYU School of Law and Stanford University Law School. Entitled "Living Under Drones: Death, Injury and Trauma to Civilians From US Drone Practices in Pakistan", the report details the terrorizing effects of Obama's drone assaults as well as the numerous, highly misleading public statements from administration officials about that campaign."
Army That Poisons Together Metastasizes Together -- Cruelly and Unusually
by Tracy Turner
How Mitt Romney’s Bain “harvested” Sealy mattress company
Sealy was America's No. 1 mattress brand -- until Bain Capital got its hands on it

Nobel Peace Prize or Nobel War Prize: Will Assange and Manning Restore the Integrity of the Nobel Peace Prize?
by Ruth Hull
Ryan: The lyin’ king
The definitive list of the V.P. candidate's untruths, beginning with his epically error-filled RNC speech

by Jillian Rayfield and Salon Staff
Mitt’s shameful Libya statement
This is what happens when one party spends four years convincing itself the president is something he isn’t

by Steve Kornaki
Stand against Rahm!
First Wisconsin. Then Occupy. Now Chicago. The teachers' strike is the next chapter in the fight against plutocracy

by Rick Perlstein
The tragic consulate killings in Libya and America's hierarchy of human life
The murder of American staff over a hate film is an unmitigated wrong. But so are deaths caused by the US that go unremarked

by Glenn Greenwald
Mitt’s specificity problem
Scrutiny from the media and Democrats is one thing, but now even Republicans are calling on him to provide details

by Steve Kornacki
Author of “No Easy Day” Admits to Committing a War Crime
by Kevin Jon Heller
Democrats parade Osama bin Laden's corpse as their proudest achievement
It's one thing for Democrats to fete Obama's tougher-than-thou national security credentials, but this ghoulish jingoism is warped

by Glenn Greenwald
The Obama administration and the cover-up of CIA torture
by Bill Van Auken
"Coming barely one week after Obama’s attorney general, Eric Holder, announced the Justice Department’s shutting down of all investigations into CIA torture and other crimes committed in the “global war on terrorism,” the report makes clear that the use of torture was far more extensive than previously acknowledged and underscores the continuing criminality of US foreign policy and both major political parties."
How to Save the GOP
by Robert Parry
"Having been raised in a family of pro-business Republicans in Massachusetts, I sometimes wonder what it would take to restore the GOP to its earlier status as a reasonable and responsible political organization like it, more or less, was during the days of Dwight Eisenhower."

Torture, Executions, Drone Killings, Indefinite Detention -- a Nation Without Morality
by Ruth Hull

Romney Is a Corporation Masquerading As an Individual for President
by Ralph Nader
"Hey, Mitt, why start with the 47 percent? Fully 100 percent of the nation's 500 biggest corporations are dependent on various kinds of corporate welfare -- subsidies, giveaways, bailouts, waivers, and other dazzling preferences -- while many pay no tax at all on very substantial profits (see their familiar names -- General Electric, Pepco, Verizon etc."
Border fence’s devastating toll
It's slowed the flow of illegal immigrants from Mexico, but the price -- human and environmental -- has been costly

by Frank Clifford, The American Prospect
Inside the campaign: How Mitt Romney stumbled
"Romney’s convention stumbles have provoked weeks of public griping and internal sniping about not only Romney but also his mercurial campaign muse, Stevens."
Mitt Romney insults half the country
The GOP nominee writes off 47 percent of Americans as lazy, dependent Obama voters. Good luck getting elected, sir!

"I admit it: I’m challenged to constantly come up with new superlatives to describe Mitt Romney’s latest craven and/or self-destructive move on the campaign trail."
The Federal Bailout That Saved Mitt Romney
Government documents prove the candidate's mythology is just that

by Tim Dickinson
"Mitt Romney likes to say he won't 'apologize' for his success in business. But what he never says is 'thank you' – to the American people – for the federal bailout of Bain & Company that made so much of his outsize wealth possible."
Make my day, Mitt
by Brent Budowsky
"I understand, Governor. You believe a politician should say anything to get elected. But you can bet your Swiss bank accounts we are better off than we were four years ago."
Who Is The Smallest Government Spender Since Eisenhower? Would You Believe It's Barack Obama?
by Rick Ungar
"Amidst all the cries of Barack Obama being the most prolific big government spender the nation has ever suffered, Marketwatch is reporting that our president has actually been tighter with a buck than any United States president since Dwight D. Eisenhower."
Will Obama get a real bounce
If the show Democrats put on in Charlotte doesn't break through to voters, no convention can anymore

by Steve Kornacki
"With apologies to Joe Biden, the next few days could literally determine whether political conventions as we’ve come to know them will endure through the next presidential election cycle."
First night of Democratic convention
Phony populism from a party of corporate America

by Patrick Martin
Kenworthy: We’re All Dependent On Government, and It Has Long Been Thus
Lane Kenworthy has an important rebuttal to Nicholas Eberstadt's "A Nation of Takers"

posted by Mark Thoma
Mitt Romney’s Fair Share
by Joseph E. Stiglitz
"If presidents and those around them do not pay their fair share of taxes, how can we expect that anyone else will?"
Romney's Success at Bain Capital: The Business as Scam Model
by Dean Baker
"While it is questionable how much success in business prepares a person for success in the White House (Herbert Hoover was the last president with notable success as a businessman), it is important to understand that Romney is not a successful businessman in the same way as others who have built successful companies."
CNN and the business of state-sponsored TV news
The network is seriously compromising its journalism in the Gulf states by blurring the line between advertising and editorial

by Glenn Greenwald
"CNNi has aggressively pursued a business strategy of extensive, multifaceted financial arrangements between the network and several of the most repressive regimes around the world which the network purports to cover. Its financial dealings with Bahrain are deep and longstanding."
The Myth of an Affirmative-Action President
Why, I wonder, do so many people question how Barack Obama got where he is, while no one asks the same about Mitt Romney?

by Ta-Nehisi Coates
Greed and Debt: The True Story of Mitt Romney and Bain Capital
How the GOP presidential candidate and his private equity firm staged an epic wealth grab, destroyed jobs – and stuck others with the bill

by Matt Taibbi
"His legendary flip-flops aren't the lies of a bumbling opportunist – they're the confident prevarications of a man untroubled by misleading the nonbeliever in pursuit of a single, all-consuming goal."
Obama's justice department grants final immunity to Bush's CIA torturers
By closing two cases of detainees tortured to death, Obama has put the US beyond any accountability under the rule of law

by Glenn Greenwald
"The Obama administration's aggressive, full-scale whitewashing of the "war on terror" crimes committed by Bush officials is now complete."
Top Ten Clint Eastwood Empty-Chair Falsehoods
by Juan Cole
The Cost of Israel to Americans
by Alison Weir
"Our uniquely massive support for Israel has cost trillions of dollars and multitudes of lives. It has diminished our moral standing in the world, lessened our domestic freedoms, and exposed us to unnecessary and growing peril."
When It Comes To The DoJ And Wall Street, Don't Call It "Justice"
by Richard (RJ) Eskow
Romney's Foot-in-Mouth Disease is Terminal
by John Little
Mitt Romney's Psychiatric Symptoms
by Rob Kall
"Then, there's the way he keeps revising the truth, changing the narrative in distorted, dishonest way."
God the insufferable jerk
by Mark Morford
Another Guantánamo prisoner death highlights Democrats' hypocrisy
With closing Guantánamo given up as a lost cause, Obama's policy has moved onto assassination rather than detention

by Glenn Greenwald
"Indeed, dying in due process-free captivity now appears to be the only way for many of these detainees to leave."
Making the Election About Race
"The Republican ticket is flooding the airwaves with commercials that develop two themes designed to turn the presidential contest into a racially freighted resource competition pitting middle class white voters against the minority poor."
How to spot completely miserable women
by Mark Morford
"Do you see it? Do you see it, most frequently and with a tragic sigh, in the women of the GOP, from the senseless female candidates themselves (Hi, Ms. Bachmann!) to the sallow wives and disoriented daughters of the ultraconservative males who fear and detest everything real women represent?"
Waging War on Leaks
Targeting dissent and truth. 

by Stephen Lendman
Top Ten Repeated Paul Ryan Lies
by Juan Cole
"This year’s Republican campaign may be the most dishonest in history. A couple of weeks ago I listed 10 major falsehoods and gaffes of Republican VP candidate Paul Ryan. "
Paul Ryan Address: Convention Speech Built On Demonstrably Misleading Assertions
by Ryan Grim
Mitt’s humor: Tampa will be under water in a century
Isn't climate change hilarious?

by Alex Pareene
"So Romney will only promise to help you and your family. Unless you and your family will be affected by climate change, I guess. Then no, probably no help."
MSNBC host mimics Fox News' bullying jingoism
by Glenn Greenwald
The GOP’s tough-love approach, heavy on the tough
by E.J. Dionne Jr.
"Something odd is happening in Mitt Romney’s Republican Party. The GOP is marketing the concept that a great many Americans need to suffer before they can prosper."
Michael Moore on Clint Eastwood’s Delusional Speech at the Republican National Convention
by Michael Moore
"The Hollywood legend growling at an empty chair will live on in infamy as the moment when a crazy old man hijacked a national party’s most important gathering to tell off the president."
McCain, Condi call for wars at the Republican Convention that even Republicans don’t want
by Megan Carpentier
Romney’s Carter delusion
His acceptance speech was perfectly tailored to topple a president he's not running against

by Steve Kornacki
"The speech Romney delivered is the speech that a candidate who believes he’s running against another Carter would deliver. The problem for Romney and Republicans is that the 2012-as-1980 model doesn’t hold up well to scrutiny."
How the US and Israeli justice systems whitewash state crimes
by Glenn Greenwald
"The same exploitation of the justice system is glaringly evident in the Rachel Corrie travesty. As the Guardian's former Israel (and now Washington) correspondent Chris McGreal writes, the dismissal of this suit is simply a by-product of the 'virtual impunity for Israeli troops no matter who they killed or in what circumstances'".
RNC Opens with Pol who  "Should be in Jail"
by Greg Palast
""Tim Griffin should be in jail." That's the conclusion of civil rights attorney Robert F. Kennedy Jr. after going through the evidence I asked him to review."
Afghanistan's Base Bonanza
Total Tops Iraq at That War's Height

by Nick Turse
"Afghanistan may turn out to be one of the great misbegotten "stimulus packages" of the modern era, a construction boom in the middle of nowhere with materials largely shipped in at enormous expense to no lasting purpose whatsoever."
Obama campaign brags about its whistleblower persecutions
Excuse me if I don't join in Democrats' sycophantic cheerleading for an Obama presidency that has shredded laws and liberties

By Glenn Greenwald
The Pursuit of Julian Assange is an Assault on Freedom and a Mockery of Journalism
by John Pilger
Human rights critics of Russia and Ecuador parade their own hypocrisy
by Glenn Greenwald
Secret Bain documents reveal that Mitt Romney is rich
Secret Bain documents reveal that Romney has a lot of money doing complicated things in a lot of strange places

GOP Convention Will Formally Endorse the Todd Akin Platform
by John Nichols
Still Praising Ryan as "Fiscal Hawk"
by Robert Parry
US drone strikes target rescuers in Pakistan – and the west stays silent
Attacking rescuers – a tactic long deemed by the US a hallmark of terrorism – is now routinely used by the Obama administration

by Glenn Greenwald
by John Cassidy
WikiLeaks and Free Speech
By Michael Moore and Oliver Stone
What a Romney-Ryan budget would mean for Americans
by Andrew Fieldhouse
"What stands out is that Ryan’s budget blueprints impose huge cuts to non-defense spending yet still fail to address long-run fiscal challenges in any serious way.
The New Statesman must correct its error over Assange and extradition
by Glenn Greenwald
"The claim that Swedish courts, not government, have final say on extradition is a crucial mistake that distorts the Assange case."
The Republican Right Gets What it Wanted: A Ryan-Romney Ticket
by John Nichols
Criminalizing Dissent
by Chris Hedges
"The administration's added failure to restore habeas corpus, its use of the Espionage Act six times to silence government whistle-blowers, its support of the FISA Amendment Act -- which permits warrantless wiretapping, monitoring and eavesdropping on U.S. citizens -- and its ordering of the assassination of U.S. citizens under the 2001 Authorization to Use Military Force, or AUMF, is a signal that for all his rhetoric, Obama, like his Republican rivals, is determined to remove every impediment to the unchecked power of the security and surveillance state."
Secrecy creep
Executive branch agencies have learned well from the Obama administration's fixation on punishing whistleblowers

Goldman Non-Prosecution: AG Eric Holder Has No Balls
by Matt Taibbi
"Our prosecutors and regulators have basically admitted now that they only go after the most obvious and easily prosecutable cases."
The new totalitarianism of surveillance technology
by Naomi Wolf
The sham “terrorism expert” industry
A highly ideological, jingoistic clique masquerades as objective scholars, all to justify US militarism

Paul Ryan and the right’s long game
The V.P. selection of conservative dreams is about a lot more than boosting the GOP's chances this fall

Raise Taxes on Rich to Reward True Job Creators
by Nick Hanauer
What you need to know about Ryan’s budget
Rep. Paul Ryan is at the top of the GOP. Here's what you need to know about the budget that got him there

“Romney Hood” recalls Reagan
Romney may be running as the small government candidate, but his only real goal is to cut taxes

Paul Ryan: Randian poseur
Mitt Romney couldn't have chosen a better example of the fakery at the heart of today's GOP

"Ironically, Ryan came to national attention trying to dismantle the very program that helped him go to the college of his choice, pushing an even more radical version of President Bush’s Social Security privatization plan, which failed."
The Right’s brittle heroes
The contrast between Paul Ryan's iconic image and his personal reality is typical of America's partisan leaders

"The American Right has an amazing ability to lionize leaders whose lives are the precise antithesis of the political values that define their image."
Ryan + Romney = Beavis & Butt-Head
The Republican Ticket

editorial by The Boston Phoenix
Fear of a Black President
As a candidate, Barack Obama said we needed to reckon with race and with America’s original sin, slavery. But as our first black president, he has avoided mention of race almost entirely. In having to be “twice as good” and “half as black,” Obama reveals the false promise and double standard of integration.

by Ta-Nehisi Coates
The bizarre, unhealthy, blinding media contempt for Julian Assange
It is possible to protect the rights of the complainants in Sweden and Assange's rights against political persecution, but a vindictive thirst for vengeance is preventing that

by Glenn Greenwald
Warring over tax returns
by Eugene Robinson
"Mitt Romney’s defiant secrecy about his personal finances looks like a cross Republicans will have to bear all the way to Election Day. To put it mildly, the burden seems to chafe."
Stop rigging system against small business
by Elizabeth Warren
"Washington politicians line up 10-deep to claim they support small businesses, but they avoid talking about a harsh reality: The system is rigged against small business."
Unintended causation
Is there a causal link between racially-motivated violence by individuals and U.S. foreign policy?

Romney’s impossible tax plan
A quick analysis based on class shows that the math doesn't add up, particularly for the poor and middle class

More on "Vanity of Perfectionism"
by Robert Parry
"So, when we treat elections as if they are our moment to express ourselves, rather than to mitigate the damage that a U.S. president might inflict on the world, we are behaving selfishly, in my view."
Real-life hunger games
If earth continues heating at its exponential rate, our post-apocalyptic fantasies could become everyday realities

by Michael Klare
Combating Islamophobic violence
Helping a burned-to-the-ground Missouri mosque quickly re-build would make a powerful and constructive statement

"On Monday of this week — the day after the Sikh temple shooting in Wisconsin — that same Joplin mosque burned to the ground, completely destroyed by a fire that began in the middle of the night."
“Total Recall” and America’s false-memory syndrome
Do we know who we really are? The 2012 election is a Philip K. Dick showdown between dueling American fantasies

by Andrew O'Hehir
Obama the Pioneer
The accusation that the President has failed to deliver Change is, in certain key respects, unfair

by Glenn Greenwald
Mitt Romney’s “culture” war
His comment about Palestinians wasn't a gaffe: It was part of his concerted efforts to demonize his opponents

by Erik Nielson
Paul Begala on the Swing Voters Who Will Pick the President
by Paul Begala
NBC’s war for fun and profit
A new reality show of soldiers and celebrities playing war games showcases our national religion: military worship

Obama Defends Freedom of Religion: Be Not Afraid of Mitt Romney
by George Lakoff
"Do you believe in freedom of religion? President Obama does, and he is defending Americans' freedom of religion against Mitt Romney and Fox News in the administration of his health care bill."
The Ryan Choice
by Robert Reich
"Paul Ryan is the reverse of Sarah Palin. She was all right-wing flash without much substance. He's all right-wing substance without much flash."
Romney-Ryan Bet on "Greedy Geezers"
by Robert Parry
"The newly minted Republican ticket of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan is placing a big -- and some might say cynical -- bet that the stereotype of the "greedy geezer" is real, that Americans now eligible for Medicare or close to it don't care that the popular health program won't be there for their children and grandchildren."
Is Israel fixing The intelligence to justify An attack On Iran?
by Ray McGovern
"Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's strong pro-Israel statements over the weekend, including his endorsement of Jerusalem as Israel's capital (a reversal of long-standing U.S. policy), increases the pressure on President Barack Obama to prove that he is an equally strong backer of Israel."
Gore Vidal and the Unfinished American Revolution
by John Nichols
Gore Vidal’s reading list for America
The author's recommendations were as brilliant and eccentric as he was

Afghanistan’s escalating violence
The American mission in Afghanistan failed years ago. We've just refused to notice

"In 2012 — and twice last week — Afghan soldiers, policemen, or security guards, largely in units being trained or mentored by the U.S. or its NATO allies, have turned their guns on those mentors, the people who are funding, supporting, and teaching them, and pulled the trigger."
The curative powers of the Internet
A well-crafted hoax is quickly uncovered, showing the advantages of Internet journalism over the traditional model

Did I “sell out” liberals?
Some of my fans are angry about my new radio show. But my goal is to break through the media echo chamber

Obama's and Romney's Opposed Visions for a Free America
by George Lakoff and Elisabeth Wehlin
"Obama is acknowledging an important truth about American private life and enterprise: It builds on the public."
Mitt Romney thinks you’re a sucker
For Romney, if you pay more taxes than you owe, you're not unlucky--you're pathetic

Extremism normalized
How Americans are efficiently trained to acquiesce to ideas once deemed so radical as to be unthinkable

Mitt Romney’s unexamined past
How did the Republican Party miss so many of Mitt's problems? You can thank his weak primary opponents

by Jonathan Bernstein
"Remember that Romney’s most visible opponents during most of the nomination process were either dramatically underfunded or were otherwise unable to run a normal campaign with a fully staffed opposition research operation and the ability to effectively challenge Romney with what they learned."
Romney tour ’12 — gaffepalooza
by Eugene Robinson
Most likely to attack Iran
One of the White House's favorite Middle East reporters insists -- as a compliment -- that Obama deserves the title

"On the matter of Iran, however, Netanyahu would be wrong to root for Romney. Barack Obama is the one who’s more likely to confront Iran militarily, should sanctions and negotiations fail."
We honor Sikhs by learning about them
by Maureen Costello
The Dispossessed Majority
by Paul Craig Robert
"The working poor have been convinced by Republican propaganda that voting Democrat means giving the working poor's tax dollars to the non-working poor, to providing medical care and schooling for illegal aliens, and being soft on terrorism."
Unrestrained savagery
In Yemen, Al Qaeda bombs a funeral of someone it killed days earlier. How can Terrorist monsters do this?

Washington Puts Its Money on Proxy War:
The Election Year Outsourcing that No One's Talking About

by Nick Turse
"From Asia and Africa to the Middle East and the Americas, the Obama administration is increasingly embracing a multifaceted, light-footprint brand of warfare."
Ter-ror-ism (Noun): When OTHER People Do What We Do
by Washington's Blog
"The United States is arguably the world's largest sponsor of terrorism, although we call it 'self defense' and fighting "humanitarian" wars."
For Obama's Lethal Presidency, New Suit Aims at Justice
by Tom Junod
"In a lawsuit to be filed on Wednesday morning, the ACLU seeks to hold 'senior military and CIA officials,' the ACLU liable for the 'wrongful deaths' of Anwar al-Awlaki, his son Abdulrahman al-Awlaki (above), and Samir Khan."
Aurora won’t change anything
George W. Bush gutted our nation's gun laws, and Democrats are too scared to change them

High v. low-level leaking
Today brings more high-level classified disclosures from an administration fixated on punishing whistleblowers

Blame the Republicans!
A new book is an incredibly useful primer on our budget crisis, except when it comes to assigning blame for it

by Andrew Leonard
Assault Weapons Immune From Post-9/11 Security Crackdown
by Dan Froomkin
"'There is something wrong when one person can get pulled aside at the airport because he left a couple of paper clips in his pocket, while someone else can buy thousands of rounds of ammunition online without anyone noticing,' said Marc Rotenberg, executive director of the Electronic Privacy Information Center, a civil libertarian group."
Journalism v. propaganda
The US and Israel blame Iran for the suicide attack in Bulgaria, but offer no evidence for the accusation

The U.S. Economic Policy Debate Is a Sham
by Betsey Stevenson & Justin Wolfers
"In reality, there’s remarkable consensus among mainstream economists, including those from the left and right, on most major macroeconomic issues. The debate in Washington about economic policy is phony. It’s manufactured. And it’s entirely political."
It's the Guns -- But We All Know, It's Not Really the Guns... a note from Michael Moore
by Michael Moore
"But here's the difference between the rest of the world and us: We have TWO Auroras that take place every single day of every single year! At least 24 Americans every day (8-9,000 a year) are killed by people with guns -- and that doesn't count the ones accidentally killed by guns or who commit suicide with a gun. Count them and you can triple that number to over 25,000."
The Obama GITMO myth
New vindictive restrictions on detainees highlights the falsity of Obama defenders regarding closing the camp

The War on Old Folks
"Because if the Republicans get their way, more and more retirees are going to be increasingly impoverished."
A Spiteful New Policy at Guantánamo Bay
NYT editorial
"The Obama administration’s latest overuse of executive authority at Guantánamo Bay is a decision not to let lawyers visit clients in detention under terms that have been in place since 2004."
Dianne Feinstein’s “espionage”
The California Democrat is both the prime enemy of leaks and "one of the biggest leakers in Congress"

Chris Hayes on elite failure
Why don't American oligarchs fear the consequences of their corruption, and how can that be changed?

Federal Voting Commissioners AWOL As Election Approaches
by Dan Froomkin
"As local officials gear up for a national election where razor-thin margins could tip the balance of power, the federal agency established after the Florida ballot disaster of 2000 to ensure that every vote gets counted is leaderless and adrift."
Are Republican Governors Ready to Kill Tens of Thousands to Placate the Tea Party?
by Rob Kall
"Kill is a strong word. It's my word, not the word of a source or researcher. But it's the word that came to mind when I read reports of a Harvard study, reported in the New England Journal of Medicine. The study reported that there was a greater than six percent decline in death rate in states that expanded Medicaid."
David Brooks Thinks Romney's a "Modern Capitalist." He's Right.
by Richard Eskow
Harassing the Whistleblowers
by Ray McGovern
With needed defense cuts on the horizon, industry forces rev up the propaganda machine
by Robert Greenwald
"You know it's a big moment for defenders of the United States' bloated military budget when some of the all-time superstars of the Military-Industrial-Congressional Complex descend on Capitol Hill to fight for their perceived right to profit."
Michele Bachmann tops a team of conspiracy-crazed clowns
by David Horsey
"Michele Bachmann, Rush Limbaugh and lesser jesters in the GOP circus were just a few fake noses and a seltzer bottle short of performances worthy of Ringling Brothers."
Carnival Deception: While Mitt and Barry Posture, the Imperial Beast Plods On
by Chris Floyd
"Behind the all-consuming, overheated hypermania of the presidential campaign -- Romney! Taxes! Swiss banks! Bain, Bain, Bain! -- the dull-lidded behemoth of empire continues to trudge its way back and forth across the earth, knee-deep in human blood."
The No Billionaires Campaign
by Thom Hartmann
"In fact, I say it's time we outlaw billionaires by placing a 100% tax on any wealth over $999,999,999. Trust me, we'll all be much better off in a nation free of billionaires."
CNN on the Iran threat
The news network's Pentagon reporter reasons that "Iran already has a missile that could reach the U.S"

Wisconsin Recalls Finally Check and Balance Scott Walker
by John Nichols
"But Wisconsinites always knew there was more to the story of the fight to check and balance Walker. And, this week, they successfully completed the critical struggle, ending the governor's complete control of state government."
Mitt Romney's New Lie
by Robert Parry
"They clipped Obama's remarks in such a way as to make it seem that the President was saying that business owners didn't build their own businesses, when the comment actually refers to the building of roads and other public investments."
Excuses for assassination secrecy
A high-level defender of Obama's drone secrecy says "it's not to cover up wrongdoing." Let's see if that's credible

"...only a religious-type faith in the Goodness of Barack Obama and his officials, or willful ignorance, or both, would permit someone to believe that this rampant secrecy has nothing to do with an attempt to conceal wrongdoing, ineptitude and even corruption."
Protectors of Wall Street
A vital new book from the TARP IG, and yesterday's vote on a Fed audit, reveal some disturbing truths

Triptych: Sugaring Over Evil, Looting the World, Opening the Ark
by Chris Floyd
"As the Observer reported this weekend, an extraordinary new study shows exactly where the money went: into the off-shore tax havens of the super-super rich. How much of the world's wealth has been squirreled away by this tiny group of gilded buccaneers? At least $21 trillion."
Tricks, Traps and Accountability
by Elizabeth Warren
"Markets work when people can evaluate the prices and risks of different products, then pick the ones that work best for them. But when the terms of the deal are hidden, competition doesn't work. And customers aren't the only ones who are hurt."
Rahm Emanuel’s dangerous free speech attack
Chicago blocks a business from expanding because its president opposes same-sex marriage

Obama’s killings challenged again
A legal challenge to the Obama assassination program should create common ground for its supporters and critics

"The ACLU and the Center for Constitutional Rights this morning filed a lawsuit in federal court against several Obama officials, including Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and CIA Director David Petraeus."
The Dark Side of Roberts’ Ruling
by Bill Blum
Kagan’s Medicaid vote
The Obama Court appointee once again sides with the right-wing faction in an important ruling

Justice Elena Kagan: Overlooked turncoat on health care law?
"Kagan voted for portions of Chief Justice John Roberts's controlling opinion declaring unconstitutional a major provision in President Barack Obama's health care law, namely the Medicaid expansion."
Mitt’s primary season demons return
Unlike Newt, Rick and his other GOP foes, Democrats know how to exploit Romney’s vulnerabilities

Glenn Greenwald: How America's Surveillance State Breeds Conformity and Fear
Once the government is able to monitor everything we do and say, we will be unable to fight back
transcript of a speech delivered by Glenn Greenwald at this month's Socialism 2012 conference
Various matters
Peter Bergen's drone propaganda; State Department admission on human rights; unpopularity of NATO's Libya war

We mustn't allow Muslims in public life to be silenced
Even in polite society, fear-mongering, negative stereotyping and abuse are now out of control – as I know from bitter experience

by Mehdi Hasan
The Lethal Presidency of Barack Obama
"But no president has ever waged war by killing enemies one by one, targeting them individually for execution, wherever they are."
Rules of American justice
An American banker is shocked to encounter accountability for his acts in Britain because the U.S. provides none

The Hollowing Out
"Both candidates are only tinkering at the edges of the most important issue facing the United States: the hollowing out of the employment marketplace, the disappearance of mid-level jobs."
Classified in Gitmo trials: Detainees’ every word
"Any and all statements" are "presumptively classified," according to a government order

by Cora Currier, ProPublica
"Can the government automatically classify anything a Guantánamo detainee does or says?"
Romney’s tax nightmare
The real question about Mitt isn't "What is he hiding?" It's "Why didn't he clean up his act years ago?"

Franken’s torture smackdown
Newly released letters from the Minnesota senator are the harshest rebuke any Bush official has faced for torture

Are job creators a myth?
The idea that the rich create all the economy's value is simply not true. What's more, Obama knows it

by Mike Konczal
How Big Pharma and Dr. Drew Made a Fortune Deceiving America
Aggressive marketing and paid promotion by doctors like Drew Pinsky obscure medication risks and can lead to human tragedy.

by Lynn Parramore
A Leftist Guide to the Fourth of July
by Billy Wharton
Some Outrageous Facts About Inequality
Is the Obamacare backlash a bad idea?
Republicans are vowing to fight a grueling land war against Obamacare -- here's why it might backfire

"Should opponents of the Affordable Care Act give up their fight after last week’s Supreme Court ruling and move on? They don’t think so, but most Americans do."
Tea Party “treason”
What powers should the president have against those who advocate open, violent revolt against the U.S. government?

by Glenn Greenwald
Bravery and drone pilots
The Pentagon considers awarding war medals to those who operate America's death-delivering video games

"The Pentagon is considering awarding a Distinguished Warfare Medal to drone pilots who work on military bases often far removed from the battlefield. . . ."
Let’s Draft Our Kids
"Unlike Europeans, Americans still seem determined to maintain a serious military force, so we need to think about how to pay for it and staff it by creating a draft that is better and more equitable than the Vietnam-era conscription system."
The GOP’s crime against voters
by Eugene Robinson
"The Republican-led crusade for voter ID laws has been revealed as a cynical ploy to disenfranchise as many likely Democratic voters as possible, with poor people and minorities the main targets."
America’s own Terror group
Huffington Post publishes, and then deletes, a post by a MeK spokesman. What does this tell us about Terrorism?

The "America-Held-Hostage" Narrative
by Robert Parry
"But it's no secret that the Republicans have done all they can -- since Inauguration Day 2009 -- to obstruct the President's plans to boost hiring."
Rick Scott’s true TB blunder
The Florida governor's rejection of Medicaid funds could prove more dangerous than his closure of a TB hospital

Harold Ford, Jr.: smirking sociopath
Harold Ford Jr., sleazy corporatist and nepotist, offers up a particularly grotesque defense of U.S. aggression

Dems finally defend Obamacare
After ignoring the Affordable Care Act in 2010, Democrats have begun using it as a political weapon this election

How Obama Can Really Hurt the GOP: Focus on Its Radical Economic Plan
by Michael Tomasky
"The president can sink Romney by trumpeting the details of the ludicrous economic solutions he’s been backing. How Mitt would turn America into one big Pottersville."
The Wall Street Scandal of all Scandals
by Robert Reich
"Suppose the bankers are manipulating the interest rate so they can place bets with the money you lend or repay them -- bets that will pay off big for them because they have inside information on what the market is really predicting, which they're not sharing with you."
10 Reasons Most People Like Obamacare Once They Know What's Really In It
by Joshua Holland
"And here's the kicker: Kaiser found that the most popular parts of the law were also the ones most Americans weren't aware of, and vice-versa."
Various Items
Ongoing banker-government corruption; media hostility and Assange; our friendly Iranian Terrorists

by Glenn Greenwald
A Weapon We Can’t Control
"THE decision by the United States and Israel to develop and then deploy the Stuxnet computer worm against an Iranian nuclear facility late in George W. Bush’s presidency marked a significant and dangerous turning point in the gradual militarization of the Internet."
A Cruel and Unusual Record
"Revelations that top officials are targeting people to be assassinated abroad, including American citizens, are only the most recent, disturbing proof of how far our nation’s violation of human rights has extended."
Romney’s Bain Capital invested in companies that moved jobs overseas
by Tom Hamburger
"Mitt Romney’s financial company, Bain Capital, invested in a series of firms that specialized in relocating jobs done by American workers to new facilities in low-wage countries like China and India."
Romney cover-up of his tax returns, offshore tax shelters and outsourcing profits must end
by Brent Budowsky
Collapsing U.S. credibility
Condemning foreign governments for abusive acts while ignoring one's own is easy. But the U.S. leads the way

by Glenn Greenwald
Campbell: Israeli PM Sharon Threatened Bush with Nuking Iraq (Mearsheimber & Walt vindicated)
by Juan Cole
"It is also clear that the threat was intended to force George W. Bush to act aggressively against Saddam:"
44 Senators Tell Obama To Do Israel’s BiddingThese 44 senators forgot about the terrible reviews of the 2003 Shock and Awe production. They just know Shock and Awe: The Sequel, will be a success. Their June 15 foreign policy letter is reproduced here, complete with signatures.
 by James Wall
Dianne Feinstein targets press freedom
The California Democrat, long a prime defender of the Surveillance State, renews her assault on the First Amendment

"The supreme Senate defender of state secrecy and the Surveillance State, California Democrat Dianne Feinstein, yesterday issued a statement to Australia’s largest newspaper, The Sydney Morning Herald, demanding (once again) the prosecution of WikiLeaks and Julian Assange."
Why the interest rate scandal could bring real change
by Nick Thompson
"Bob Diamond's resignation sets a precedent -- we have to realize that Barclays was the first of 15 banks that are under investigation for LIBOR manipulation. Let's say that even half of those banks come to the same conclusion and are fined by the regulators. Does this mean we're going to lose seven or eight of the most powerful bank CEOs in the world?"
What’s keeping Obama in the game
Voters don’t like where the economy is now, but they’re surprisingly optimistic about where it's heading

Can Americans Escape the Deception?
by Paul Craig Roberts
"No speaker will acknowledge that in the 21st century the Bush/Obama Regime, with the complicity of the Department of Justice, federal courts, Congress, presstitute media, law schools, bar associations, and an insouciant public have murdered the Constitution in the name of the 'war on terror.'"
Shamir's October Surprise Admission
by Robert Parry
"One question was whether his Likud predecessor, Menachem Begin, had collaborated with Republicans before the 1980 election to block President Jimmy Carter's attempts to negotiate freedom for 52 U.S. hostages then held in Iran."
Republicans won’t repeal Obamacare
The insurance industry won't let them

Don’t trust the religious
Does science support the idea that we should have extra confidence in the devout? No way, says a prominent atheist

Bankers constantly lying, defrauding; most still not in jail
Barclays, JPMorgan and the rest of the megabanks reach new heights in malfeasance, suffer few consequences
Are liberals national security hypocrites?
Many Obama supporters are mum about policies they hated under Bush. Here's why

Assange asks Ecuador for asylum
The WikiLeaks founder is motivated by one thing: a desire to avoid extradition to the U.S. Can anyone blame him?

by Glenn Greenwald
Iranian nukes? No worries
by Kenneth Waltz
"Most important, policymakers and citizens worldwide should take comfort from the fact that where nuclear capabilities have emerged, so, too, has stability."
Bipartisanship and Iran
The most liberal and conservative senators join together to demand a harder line, and more threats, against Iran

"Is there any doubt that a proposed military attack on Iran would quickly and easily command support from the leadership of both parties, just as the attack on Iraq did?"
America’s war mistakes
President after president has fallen into similar traps when it comes to conflict. An expert explains why

"By conservative estimates, the United States has been at war for 40 of the last 100 years."
“Officials say” journalism
Yet again, the American media misleads by uncritically printing unverified, false claims from the U.S. military

When Chomsky wept
I first met Noam Chomsky in Laos, where I showed him the devastating effects of U.S. air raids

CNN journalist: don’t be nosy
A self-mocking column has real value: it expresses the predominant attitude of America's media class toward secrecy

Earth still probably doomed no matter which way court rules
Don't worry, even if the Supreme Court strikes down Obamacare, we're still destroying the planet

Wiretapping run amok
NSA won't reveal whom it's spying on because ... it respects privacy?

"The surveillance experts at the National Security Agency won’t tell two powerful United States Senators how many Americans have had their communications picked up by the agency as part of its sweeping new counterterrorism powers. The reason: it would violate your privacy to say so."
Scalia's scary thinking
by Paul Campos
"Scalia’s whole academic and judicial career has been built around maintaining a strict division between, on the one hand, the Rule of Law (the capitalization is his), and, on the other, the grubby world of politics. Politics is the business of politicians, while law is for the judges."
Why We Fight
by Chris Hedges
"Camden's plight is worse than that of Youngstown, Ohio, or Detroit, worse than that of east New York or Watts. It is a dead city. It makes and produces nothing."
The U.S. and the Saudis
by Glenn Greenwald
"For all the righteous talk about human rights oppression and violent assaults on democratic protesters in the Muslim world, any honest ranking would place Saudi Arabia near or at the top of that list."
Grand Tradition: Obama Does it the Old-Fashioned Way in Honduras
by Chris Floyd
"Last Saturday, the Obama Administration finally came clean on its "commando-style" operations in Honduras -- the country whose government Obama helped overthrow in the rosy dawn of his progressive presidency."
High Court Produces a Politics of, by and for Corporations
by John Nichols
Will conservatism bankrupt America?
The right's privatizing alternative to the welfare state will leave us broke

Semi-Secret Drone War Needs Public Accountability
by Cynthia Tucker
Unspeakable Things: The Liberals' Clumsy Dance Across Obama's Killing Floor
by Chris Floyd
"Thus the only consequence from the revelation that the U.S. government not only asserts the arbitrary right to kill anyone on earth but actually has a formal process to carry out this serial murder is that it will now be harder than ever to expose any of the crimes and corruption and sinister follies of the vast national security apparat."
Leon Panetta: Macho Renaissance man
The U.S. media becomes extra sycophantic when it comes to U.S. military leaders, as 60 Minutes showed last night

"Of all the ways in which America’s establishment media lionizes political leaders, none is quite as sycophantic as when it involves military policy and those who implement it."
Wisconsin Recall Results: Why Some People Don't Vote Their Self-Interest
by Seymour Patterson
America's Street Priest
by Chris Hedges
"The Rev. Daniel Berrigan, undaunted at 92 and full of the fire that makes him one of this nation's most courageous voices for justice, stands in New York City's Zuccotti Park."
After Wisconsin: Race, the 2012 Race, and Beyond
by Thomas de Zengotita
Obama defender Rep. Peter King
Why does one of the House's most radical right-wing extremists so often find common cause with the President?

When libertarianism fails
Chinatown buses revolutionized urban transit but had awful safety records, proving not every ingenious idea is good

Apocalypse soon
A new report in Nature warns that we've changed the planet so much, we'll no longer recognize it in a few decades

"By 2025, just 13 years from now, humans will have modified half of all the land on Earth."
War on whistle-blowers widens
Why is Congress trying to help the administration punish people who blow the whistle on state secrets?

"When a democracy functions properly, media revelations of executive branch misconduct typically result in an investigation by the legislative branch."
Media, drones and rank propaganda
As usual, the leading spokespeople for government policies are disguised as the nation's Adversarial Watchdog Press

Is Barack Obama Morphing Into Dick Cheney? Four Ways the President Is Pursuing Cheney's Geopolitics of Global Energy
by Michael T. Klare
The failure to explain health reform - Whose Fault is it that the Public Doesn't Understand?
by Trudy Lieberman
"What is not measured in those pro and con numbers, though, is how poorly the law is understood."
Health Care: Give the People What They Want
by Robert Scheer
"The nutty thing about the health care debate that will play a prominent role in the next election is that most Americans want pretty much the same outcome: to control costs without sacrificing quality."
History Is The Enemy As "Brilliant" Psy-Ops Become The News
by John Pilger
"In 1970, a US Senate report revealed that "the US has dumped [on South Vietnam] a quantity of toxic chemical amounting to six pounds per head of population, including woman and children."
Do Liberals Support Obama's Kill List?
by Ari Melber
Deliberate media propaganda
The media now knows that "militant" is a term of official propaganda, yet still use it for America's drone victims

by Glenn Greenwald

"Earlier this week, The New York Times reported that the Obama administration, in order to conceal civilian deaths caused by their drone attacks, 'counts all military-age males in a strike zone as combatants.'”
Obama at Large: Where Are the Lawyers?
by Ralph Nader

"The rule of law is rapidly breaking down at the top levels of our government. As officers of the court, we have sworn to "support the Constitution," which clearly implies an affirmative commitment on our part."
What gets declassified?
JFK assassination documents offer surprising lessons about government secrecy -- and Obama's presidency

by Russ Baker

"Believe it or not, more than 50,000 pages of JFK assassination–related documents are being withheld in full. And an untold number of documents have been partially withheld or released with everything interesting blacked out. But why?"
Origins of a healthcare lie
The unknown history of the argument against the individual mandate

by Andrew Koppelman

"The constitutional limits that the bill supposedly disregarded could not have been anticipated because they did not exist while the bill was being written. They were invented only in the fall of 2009, quite late in the legislative process."
Iraq and Iran: A Partnership Made in America
by Arianna Huffington
"As the flow of Iraqi oil is increasing, so is the combined power of the two countries."
U.S. drones deeply unpopular around the world
"The new multi-nation poll finds that 'in predominantly Muslim nations, American anti-terrorism efforts are still widely unpopular.'”
The CIA’s secret push to keep Bush-era torture rules
Exclusive: Before Obama took office, the CIA ran a stunning pressure campaign to retain Bush's detention policies

by James Mann
We’ve been brainwashed
It's no accident that Americans widely underestimate inequality. The rich prefer it that way

by Joseph E. Stiglitz
"How, in a democracy supposedly based on one person one vote, could the 1 percent could have been so victorious in shaping policies in its interests?"
The new Obama doctrine: A six-point plan for global war
Special ops, drones, spy games, civilian soldiers, proxy fighters and cyber warfare

By Nick Turse
The Democratic Road Not Taken
"The Democratic response of triangulation and centrism, essentially splitting the difference between reactionary liberalism and increasingly virulent conservatism, cost the party its identity."
The Rise of the New Global Elite
"F. Scott Fitzgerald was right when he declared the rich different from you and me. But today’s super-rich are also different from yesterday’s: more hardworking and meritocratic, but less connected to the nations that granted them opportunity—and the countrymen they are leaving ever further behind."
Al Qaeda’s best friend
An amazing Op-Ed in the NYT by a 23-year-old Yemeni explains that U.S. attacks are strengthening the Terrorists

Romney’s impossible budget
The difference between Obama and Romney's spending plans is the difference between reality and fantasy

Mitt Romney: GOP myth-buster
The Republican base distrusts its candidate because he threatens the party's core ideology

What might cause another 9/11?
It is supporters of Obama's aggression, not its opponents, who are likely to provoke another Terrorist attack

Drone strikes: playing God in Pakistan
When is a last resort truly a last resort, particularly in areas well back from recognised battlefields?

Editorial from The Guardian-UK
Obama, drone-strikes and human rights
Raw Story’s liberal rhetoric
Sliming critics of the President's policies as Terrorist-lovers was once an exclusively right-wing tactic: no more

Northern Light
by Chris Hedges

"The importance of the Occupy movement, and the reason I suspect its encampments were so brutally dismantled by the Obama administration, is that the corporate state understood and feared its potential to spark a popular rebellion."
Birds of a Feather: The Hardcore Faith of the Ruling Clucks
by Chris Floyd

"Anyway, here he is: Mitt Romney, same as he ever was. For despite all their brazen flip-flops, our rulers remain admirably consistent in their core -- indeed, their hardcore -- belief: the maintenance and expansion of elite power and privilege " by any means necessary."
We are sleepwalking into the Drone Age, unaware of the consequences
Obama's policy of killing 'militants' in Pakistan may go down well in the US, but it is provoking an extremist backlash abroad

by Clive Stafford Smith
U.S. again bombs mourners
The Obama policy of attacking rescuers and grieving rituals continues this weekend in Pakistan


"In February, the Bureau of Investigative Journalism documented that after the U.S. kills people with drones in Pakistan, it then targets for death those who show up at the scene to rescue the survivors and retrieve the bodies, as well as those who gather to mourn the dead at funerals..."
Israel Uber Alles
by Philip Giraldi

"There has been a virtual flood of action by Congress to help Israel, much of it moving very much under the radar with no real debate and suspensions of rules to expedite the voting."
Obama's role in the selection of drone missile targets
by Bill van Auken
Why the right, the GOP and some Dems fear Elizabeth Warren and Occupy Wall Street
by Brent Budowsky

"On the issues of fairness in finance, economics and consumerism, Elizabeth Warren and the Occupy Wall Street movement speak for the majority of Americans."
Drone wars and state secrecy – how Barack Obama became a hardliner
by Paul Harris
Tough Guy Leaking: Iran edition
A White House obsessed with secrecy and punishing whistleblowers loves classifed disclosures that glorify Obama

Risking Global War
The risk is real.

by Stephen Lendman

"Tyranny and permanent wars define Obama's agenda. Since taking office, he exceeded the worst of George Bush."
The Kill List
Showing that Hostage-Taking Works
by Robert Parry

"The dismal May jobs report underscores the success of the Republicans' strategy of frustrating President Barack Obama's economic policies from the second he took office and, in effect, holding the struggling U.S. economy hostage to GOP electoral victories."
Please don’t kill me, Obama
Why I created a petition for the president to create a "do not kill" list -- and why you should sign it

by David Sirota
"That’s why this week’s revelations about President Obama personally overseeing a “Kill List” is so significant — the president’s extralegal actions undermine the very right from which all other rights exist."
The Wrong Résumé
"But history shows that time in the money trade is more often than not a prelude to a disastrous presidency. The less experience in business, the better the president."
Florida’s Discriminatory Voter Purge
NYT Editorial
"In Florida, where a few hundred votes can determine a presidential election, Republicans have never stopped searching for new ways to keep ballots out of the hands of minorities and poor people, groups that tend to vote Democratic."
A reminder about WikiLeaks
As the risk intensifies that Assange may be prosecuted for his journalism, it is vital to remember what's at stake

"Ample evidence, including my prior reporting, proves the Obama DOJ has an active Grand Jury investigation of WikiLeaks."
Obama the warrior
"(Aaron David) Miller devotes himself to debunking one of the worst myths in Washington, propagated out of self-interest by conservatives and progressives alike: namely, that there is a vast and radical difference between the parties on most key issues and that bipartisanship is so tragically scarce."
Hymns to the Violence: The NYT's Love Letter to Obama's Murder Racket
by Chris Floyd
"I must, at last, admit defeat. I simply have no words, no rhetorical ammunition, no conceptual frameworks that could adequately address the total moral nullity exposed in Monday's New York Times article on the death squad that Barack Obama is personally directing from the White House."
Mitt Romney’s Economic Failure in Massachusetts
Mitt Romney loves to attack Barack Obama’s record of job creation as president. Too bad Mitt’s record as Massachusetts governor pales in comparison.

by Michael Tomasky
Globalizing the Global War on Terror

by Andrew J. Bacevich
"Yet when it comes to military policy, the Obama administration's success in shutting down wars conducted in plain sight tells only half the story, and the lesser half at that.  More significant has been this president's enthusiasm for instigating or expanding secret wars, those conducted out of sight and by commandos."
“Militants”: media propaganda
To avoid counting civilian deaths, Obama re-defined "militant" to mean "all military-age males in a strike zone"

"By “militant,” the Obama administration literally means nothing more than: any military-age male whom we kill, even when we know nothing else about them."
Florida purging voter rolls
Governor Rick Scott moves forward with a plan to disqualify thousands of mostly Hispanic and Democratic voters

by Alex Pareene
Mitt Romney's Issues (that He Doesn't Want Discussed)
by Steven Jonas
"In the upcoming Presidential election, Mitt Romney faces a serious problem: there are three major issues that relate directly to him --- and he wants to discuss none of them."
The face of collateral damage
Photos of missile debris help trace the path of a CIA drone missile that killed a young girl

by Jefferson Morley
Do We Live In A Predator Nation
Pulling Punches? Inside Job Director Charles Ferguson Indicts Our "Predator Nation'

By Danny Schechter
"The financial sector has become increasingly criminalized, with the widespread fraud that caused the housing bubble going completely unpunished."
The Imperial Mind
American rage at Pakistan over the punishment of a CIA-cooperating Pakistani doctor is quite revealing

"In light of all the righteous American outrage over this prison sentence, let’s consider what the U.S. Government would do if the situation were reversed: namely, if an American citizen secretly cooperated with a foreign intelligence service to conduct clandestine operations on U.S. soil, all without the knowledge or consent of the U.S. Government, and let’s further consider what would happen if the American citizen’s role in those operations involved administering a fake vaccine program to unwitting American children."
The Authoritarian Mind
Yet another Afghan family (and a bakery in Pakistan) is extinguished by an airstrike: unleash the justifications

The War on Contraception: It's Time to Take Sides
by Cristina Page
Probing Obama’s secrecy games
Will high-level Obama officials who leak for political gain be punished on equal terms with actual whistleblowers?

The cure for the Tea Party?
Norm Ornstein tells Salon how California’s new primary system could help combat the biggest problem in Washington

by Steve Kornacki
"But more importantly, what we know about voter behavior suggests that money is least important in presidential (general) elections."
What’s the matter with Wisconsin?
The real lesson in the recall vote is that the GOP will stop at nothing to turn the middle class against itself

"It hurts not only because we failed to boot a corrupt and ruthless governor from the state capitol, but also because it underscores a more troubling phenomenon: A new kind of class warfare is emerging in the Heartland, and it is one the Republicans have been so good at orchestrating in order to win elections."
Barack O'Romney
Ignore what the candidates say they'll do differently on foreign policy. They're basically the same man.

"Despite his campaign rhetoric, Romney would be quite comfortable carrying out President Obama's foreign policy because it accords so closely with his own."
WH leaks for propaganda film
The administration takes a break from its war on whistleblowers to provide classified information to filmmakers

"But there’s one type of leak of classified information that the White House not only approves of but itself routinely exploits: the type that glorifies the President for propagandistic ends."
Warrantless spying fight
Obama officials demand full, reform-free renewal of the once-controversial power to eavesdrop without warrants

by Glenn Greenwald
NATO Talks a Sham: War in Afghanistan Is Not Ending
by Dennis Kucinich
"The North Atlantic Treaty Organization is not a benevolent organization. NATO is not about the North Atlantic and it's not about our collective defense."
Bringing It All Back Home: Occupied Chicago is America's New Normal
by Chris Floyd
NYT Admits Lockerbie Case Flaws
by Robert Parry
"Only a few non-mainstream news outlets, like Consortiumnews.com, bothered to actually review the dubious evidence against Megrahi and raise questions about the judgment of the Scottish court that convicted Megrahi in 2001."
Bain or … Bush?
Is all of the attention on Bain helping the GOP achieve its goal of pretending W was never president?

Even more bloated than you think
Ignore the GOP's budget cut outrage: National Security will still acount for a third of the projected 2013 budget

Democrats and Bain
Executives at Romney's old private-equity firm have donated more to the Democratic Party than the GOP. Why?

My break with the extreme right
I worked for Reagan and wrote for National Review. But the new hysterical right cares nothing for truth or dignity

Don’t take the Bain bait
The Obama campaign hopes the focus on Romney's firm will keep attention away from systemic political corruption

"But while Romney’s bragging about his time allegedly creating jobs certainly makes the Obama assault fair, it doesn’t make that assault constructive."
A Victory for All of Us
by Chris Hedges
"U.S. District Judge Katherine Forrest, in a 68-page opinion, ruled Wednesday that Section 1021 of the NDAA was unconstitutional. It was a stunning and monumental victory."
John Brennan’s new power
President Obama's counter-terrorism chief has "seized the lead" in secretly determining who will die by US drone

Who will drones target? Who in the US will decide?
A new procedure puts the White House squarely in control of who will be targeted by drone attacks

"White House counterterror chief John Brennan has seized the lead in choosing which terrorists will be targeted for drone attacks or raids, establishing a new procedure for both military and CIA targets."
How John Roberts sold us out
Jeffrey Toobin's Citzen's United blow-by-blow leaves no room for doubt: The "moneyed interests" have won

Missile defense is back
At the NATO Chicago summit, one of Bush's most disastrous ideas will return in full force -- with Obama's support

"It is based in Europe, will be rolled out in phases, and, compared to the Bush-era system it replaced, was sold as an adaptive approach to some of the political and technological realities of European missile defense."
What’s the matter with Nebraska?
Forget Article IV of the Constitution! Isn't it about time we stop pretending that all states are created equal?

Drone filmmaker denied visa
A Pakistani student is unable to accept his film festival award because he is denied the right to enter the U.S.

A drone near-disaster?
An airplane pilot reports a near collision with a "remotely controlled aircraft" over Denver

Who gets to be an FBI threat?
A recent Rolling Stone article raises troubling questions about FBI entrapment schemes and their targets

How extremism is normalized
The Obama administration has converted once unthinkable government claims into permanent political fixtures

"Every year that these assaults on core liberties are entrenched and expanded further — the Firth Amendment guarantee of due process 'can be satisfied by internal deliberations in the executive branch' – the more normalized they become, the more invulnerable to challenge they are, the more unlikely it is that they will ever be reversed."
Twelve Questions for Mitt Romney That Journalists Might Not Ask
Is This the Most Boring Election Ever?
by Matt Taibbi
"The apathy factor in American presidential politics has seemingly never been higher."
The “U.S.” House of Representatives Again Promotes Israel Over America
by Bob Johnson
A 'Treason' Trial for Barack Obama?
by Robert Parry
"The woman’s “treason” charge at a town-hall meeting in Euclid, Ohio, on Monday fits with a right-wing disinformation campaign about what the Framers of the Constitution intended and what the Constitution actually says."
Shock Doctrine at the Post Office: How the GOP Manufactured a Crisis and Too Many Dems Went Along
by Laura Clawson
"Hold one thought in your mind every time you read about the "crisis" the U.S. Postal Service is in: There is a crisis, but it's a manufactured one."
Israel's huge reward
by Nina Burleigh
"But the settlements have not stopped and, rather than rebuking Israel, the U.S. government is preparing to reward it more than ever before."
Various matters
Our guns and butter economy
by David Sirota
"In this coldblooded view, a job-creating export is a job-creating export, and that’s as far as any conversation should go."
Rep. Smith on his controversial bills
The Washington Democrat discusses his bills to ban domestic indefinite detention but allow domestic "propaganda"

Total Eclipse
"We interrupt reality to bring you Arizona, once known as the Grand Canyon state. So glorious, this home to sublime cacti and ugly javelina, an outdoor stage for the high histrionics of geologic time, but so very, very crazy."
Fear the zombie drone
How do you safely launch thousands of new aircraft into already crowded skies? The safety concerns of domestic UAVs

"While most of the critical attention on domestic drones has focused on privacy issues, safety is an equally pressing concern: How do we launch thousands of new aircraft into already crowded airways?"
Partisan death jam
The two parties aren't just making progress impossible, they're destroying our political system. An expert explains

"If you thought the debates over the debt ceiling last year – one of the most striking examples of political dysfunction and gridlock in recent memory — were over, think again."
Joe Biden Was for Marriage Equality Before He Was Against It
by Michelangelo Signorile
Surveillance state democracy
As the FBI seeks full access to all forms of Interent communication, it is not voters who need to be convinced

"The FBI general counsel’s office has drafted a proposed law that the bureau claims is the best solution: requiring that social-networking Web sites and providers of VoIP, instant messaging, and Web e-mail alter their code to ensure their products are wiretap-friendly."
The Book of Mitt
Pundits still haven't figured out how to talk about Romney's Mormon religion. Here's everything you need to know

Right-wing sexual pathos
Attempts to ban talk of birth control and homosexuality from classrooms reveal conservatives' deepest sexual fears

by Tracy Clark-Flory
Chomsky on Obama
by Glenn Greenwald
Obama Can't Knock the Hustle
by Robert Scheer
"Even after it was known that Jamie Dimon's bank blew more than $2 billion on the same suspect derivatives trading that has bankrupted the world's economy, Barack Obama still had praise for the intellect of his political backer and the integrity of the bank he heads..."
Obama’s broken immigration promise
ICE said it would target dangerous immigrants, but it's actually deporting a higher percentage of non-criminals

How Odd That Mitt's Smitten With Clinton
by Robert Reich
Likely victory for MeK shills
by Glenn Greenwald
Obama's new free speech threat
by Glenn Greenwald
"President Obama plans to issue an executive order Wednesday giving the Treasury Department authority to freeze the U.S.-based assets of anyone who 'obstructs' implementation of the administration-backed political transition in Yemen."
Israel poses threat to Arab world: Analyst
PressTV interview with Jennifer Lowenstein, Associate Director of Middle East studies program at the University of Wisconsin
The neutering of Mitch McConnell
How the Tea Party is destroying the Senate GOP’s leader’s clout – and why it’s bad for America

by Steve Kornacki
Is American decline real?
by Robert J. Lieber
"Without a doubt, the United States now confronts serious problems at home and abroad. Nonetheless, recent declinist arguments carry an unmistakable echo of the past."
Federal court enjoins NDAA
by Glenn Greenwald
"A federal district judge today, the newly-appointed Katherine Forrest of the Southern District of New York, issued an amazing ruling: one which preliminarily enjoins enforcement of the highly controversial indefinite provisions of the National Defense Authorization Act,"
Israel's drone dominance
by Jefferson Morley
America's drone exceptionalism
by Tom Engelhardt
Colonized by Corporations
by Chris Hedges
"We have been, like nations on the periphery of empire, colonized. We are controlled by tiny corporate entities that have no loyalty to the nation and indeed in the language of traditional patriotism are traitors.
When Half a Million Americans Died and Nobody Noticed
by Alexander Cockburn
Colin Powell's New Book: War With Iraq Never Debated
by Dan Froomkin
"In his new book, former Secretary of State Colin Powell provides what may be the most authoritative confirmation yet that there was never a considered debate in the George W. Bush White House about whether going to war in Iraq was really a good idea."
The spectacle of terror and its vested interests
by Naomi Wolf
"Many other, much-ballyhooed cases of "homegrown terrorism" show this creaky, effortful, farcical quality of people who, left to their own devices by the FBI or NYPD, would have remained harmlessly playing video games in their childhood bedrooms, smoking their doobies, or babbling gently to themselves, on their anti-psychotic meds, about geopolitical forces."
Energy wars heat up
From Africa to South America, conflicts over waning resources are becoming more tense -- and dangerous

Oops — wrong future!
What kind of infrastructure do we really need?

"Unfortunately, the case for infrastructure investment has suffered from the lack of a plausible vision of the next American infrastructure."
Obama “evolves” on marriage
The president deserves credit for his actions in this civil rights area, regardless of his motives

by Glenn Greenwald
The American Character
"The rise of this national security state has entailed a vast expansion in the government’s powers that now touch every aspect of American life, even when seemingly unrelated to terrorism."
U.S. has made war on terror a war without end
by Fareed Zakaria, CNN
"While we will leave the battlefields of the greater Middle East, we are firmly committed to the war on terror at home."
A Trifecta of Intolerance
A vital and unlearned lesson from Julius Caesar
Dear Mitt: You Did Nothing to Save Detroit
by Gov. Jennifer M. Granholm
President Obama’s Moment
NYT Editorial
"With those 10 words, Mr. Obama finally stopped temporizing and “evolving” his position on same-sex marriage and took the moral high ground on what may be the great civil rights struggle of our time."
US attack kills 5 afghan kids
Barack Obama's Private War
The Obama administration has acknowledged the use of the drones and revealed plans to increase the frequency and ferocity of the attacks.

by Andrew Napolitano
Jobs aren't coming back
Wealth is concentrated with the 1 percent because America no longer makes things: Financiers just manipulate money

The People's Bishop
by Chris Hedges
No one went to jail, so why is Wall Street so mad?
Not prosecuting any of the parties responsible for the recession has just served to embolden them

Secret of a Lifetime
How long a neutron lives holds clues to the cosmos

by Rebecca Cheung
Ernest Callenbach: Last Words to an America in Decline
by Tom Engelhardt
"We live, then, in a dark time here on our tiny precious planet. Ecological devastation, political and economic collapse, irreconcilable ideological and religious conflict, poverty, famine: the end of the overshoot of cheap-oil-based consumer capitalist expansionism."
Everyday ethics
A philosopher talks about what we owe future generations and whether
we should be able to sell our organs
More federal judge abdication
The branch designed to be insulated from political pressures has been the most craven of all in the post-9/11 era

National Journal reports: Things are bad out in Real America
The crumbling of once-great institutions isn't to blame for middle-class decline and anger.

Is this man a terrorist?
Francis Grady is accused of trying to burn down an abortion clinic, but the feds haven't charged him with terrorism

Since bin Laden's death
The War on Terror and its various civil liberties assaults have escalated, not been reversed or even slowed down

Hiding 9/11's last secrets
The military tribunal for Khalid Sheikh Mohammed means the American people will never know what drove him to terror

Do Nothings and Know Nothings
"The House run by John Boehner is stuffed with zealots and intellectual dead-enders who think compromise is a synonym for treason. Americans agree on very little, but there seems to be shore-to-shore consensus on a view of this Congress: We hate you."
The Democratic Senate might just survive
A Senate map that looked bleak a year ago is now littered
with surprise pick-up opportunities
The Peace Prize War President
by David Bromwich

"President Obama, it has been said, is a master of having it both ways. Nowhere is this truer than in foreign policy."
NBC News’ top hagiographer
The role of Brian Williams is to glorify political and military leaders, but he really outdid himself last night

Republican fear factor
Conservatives' paranoid alternate-reality can be explained by their brain chemistry -- and their media choices

"So conservatives appear to be more likely to be hard-wired to be highly sensitive to perceived threats, and their chosen media offers them plenty."
‘Beyond Debate’
NYT editorial
"By using the 'enemy combatant' category, the Bush administration stirred debate that had not existed about whether rights of an American citizen in custody depend on how he is classified."
The Bushies are back
Missed the neocons? Don't worry: Mitt Romney's getting the band together again

Celebrating our warrior president
by Glenn Greenwald
"This is what the Obama administration does over and over. It’s a flagrant abuse of its secrecy powers. It uses anonymous leaks to selectively boast about what it does and thus shape media narratives and public understanding of its conduct (also called 'domestic propaganda'). But it then simultaneously insists that the whole matter is classified — Top Secret — when it comes time to be subjected to any form of legal accountability or have its assertions publicly tested."
Ab-ed moves ahead
A sexist, anti-gay abstinence-only program quietly gets the Obama administration's stamp of approval. Why?

Fuck the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner
by Hamilton Nolan
Behind our stalled economy
The GOP's austerity obsession is responsible for the nation's economic slowdown

"Cuts in government spending are reducing domestic demand precisely at the time when consumers are reaching the end of their ropes and can’t spend more."
The Idolatry of Politics and the Promise of the Common Good
by Jim Wallis
"Left and Right are political categories -- not religious ones. Attempting to mold faith to fit those labels distorts its meaning and power."
Occupy a Wing of the Democratic Party
by Gov. Jennifer M. Granholm
"Instead, perhaps the original Occupy movement should occupy a wing of the Democratic Party. Become an alternative to the Tea Party, as Josh Harkinson from Mother Jones has suggested. And then, once that happens, occupy the majority in Congress."
Drone victim's defender speaks
by Jefferson Morley
"If you want to see how President Obama’s drone war efficiently turns America’s friends into adversaries, meet Pakistani attorney Shahzad Akbar."
Dog training the press corp
by Glenn Greenwald
Wall Street’s immunity
Why has the Obama administration so aggressively protected the financial industry from legal accountability?

by Glenn Greenwald
"Of all the ignominious actions of the Obama administration, the steadfast, systematic shielding of Wall Street from criminal liability is probably the most corrupt in the traditional sense of that word."
Feds ready whistleblower trial
by Jesselyn Radack
"As I touched on earlier this week, Kiriakou blew the whistle on waterboarding and exposed torture as policy rather than the actions a few rogue agents. But waterboarding was not Kiriakou’s last disclosure."
Obama justice and medial marijuana
The President's justification for his crackdown on medical marijuana dispensaries has to be heard to be believed

Crime boasting for profit
Shielded from all forms of accountability, a CIA official is able to publish a book glorifying his illegal acts

Obama's Amendment One silence
The election year limits of his gay marriage “evolution” are o
n display in North Carolina today
Federal judge complicity
by Glenn Greenwald
"Two of the most under-discussed afflictions in American political life are inter-related: (1) the heinous, inhumane treatment of prisoners on American soil (often, though certainly not exclusively, Muslim political prisoners), and (2) the virtually complete abdication by subservient federal courts in the post-9/11 era of their duty to hold Executive Branch officials accountable for unconstitutional and otherwise illegal acts in the War on Terror context."
Horrors we hide
From slaughterhouses to sweatshops, modern society is constructed to let us ignore atrocities

Robert Bork, Romney Standard-Bearer
NYT Editorial
"Robert Bork has been among the most divisive figures in American law and a right-wing standard-bearer in Republican politics for nearly 40 years."
Has the Pentagon learned nothing?
The Army's response to the attacks in Kabul reflects deadly misunderstandings that date back to the Vietnam War

by Nick Turse
UCLA professor warned about Israel views
What kind of person goes to college and demands to be shielded from political views they dislike?

by Glenn Greenwald
Machine-Made News
Word Order: The Internet as the Toy With a Tin Ear

by Lewis Lapham
"Why then does it come to pass that the more data we collect -- from Google, YouTube, and Facebook -- the less likely we are to know what it means?"
Iran Terror to the South!
by Glenn Greenwald
Europe's Austerity Recession
Budget cuts have plunged the EU economy back into crisis, and America should pay attention

Mitt Romney's war on context
The key to winning swing voters: Never, ever let them think about what the economy was like before January 20, 2009

Surveillance State evils
by Glenn Greenwald
"In the immediate aftermath of 9/11, George Bush ordered the NSA to spy on the communications of Americans on American soil, and they’ve been doing it ever since, with increasing aggression and fewer and fewer constraints."
How the Media Has Shaped the Social Security Debate -- The Press Plays a Dubious Role
by Trudy Lieberman
Not Just Labor Rights; Scott Walker Is Also Dismantling Women's Rights
by John Nichols
The Globalization of Hollow Politics
By Chris Hedges
"The emptying of content in political discourse in an age as precarious and volatile as ours will have very dangerous consequences."
Personalizing civil liberties abuses
"As is true for most groups of humans who remain hidden, they are therefore easily demonized."
Sugar Daddies
The old, white, rich men who are buying this election.

by Frank Rich
"If you want to appreciate what Barack Obama is up against in 2012, forget about the front man who is his nominal opponent and look instead at the Republican billionaires buying the ammunition for the battles ahead."
Attacks on RT and Assange reveal much about the critics
U.S. filmmaker repeatedly detained at border
"With no oversight or legal framework whatsoever, the Department of Homeland Security routinely singles out individuals who are suspected of no crimes, detains them and questions them at the airport, often for hours, when they return to the U.S. after an international trip, and then copies and even seizes their electronic devices (laptops, cameras, cellphones) and other papers (notebooks, journals, credit card receipts), forever storing their contents in government files."
Israel’s free speech aversion
German writer Gunter Grass is hardly the first person to be banned for criticizing the Jewish state

Obama targets journalists
by Jesselyn Raddack
"While the Bush administration treated whistleblowers unmercifully, the Obama administration has been far worse. It is actually prosecuting them, and doing so under the Espionage Act — one of the most serious charges that can be leveled against an American."
Human Rights in Bahrain, a Casualty of Obama's Double-Standard
by Ahmed Shihab-Eldin
Searching for Justice in Florida
NYT editorial
U.S.’s shameful Bahrain policy
Bby Murtaza Hussain
"Part of the reason for the reluctance of U.S. officials to publicly call on the regime to free Alkhawaja and end its crimes is the strategic importance of Bahrain to U.S. interests in the Middle East."
The drones are coming — to America
Congress has opened up U.S. airspace to the drone industry -- and your privacy is about to be at risk

New Bush-Era Torture Memo Released, Raises Questions About What Has Changed And What Hasn't
by Dan Froomkin
"A six-year-old memo from within the George W. Bush administration that came to light this week acknowledges that White House-approved interrogation techniques amounted to 'war crimes.'"
Obama Administration Silencing Pakistani Drone-Strike Lawyer
by Medea Benjamin
"While drones were initially used for surveillance, these remotely controlled aerial vehicles are now routinely used to launch missiles against human targets in countries where the United States is not at war, including Pakistan, Somalia and Yemen. As many as 3,000 people, including hundreds of civilians and even American citizens, have been killed in such covert missions."
The Real Health Care Debate
by Chris Hedges
"It is a law (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act) that forces American citizens to buy a deeply defective product from private insurance companies. It is a law that is the equivalent of the bank bailout bill -- some $447 billion in subsidies for insurance interests alone -- for the pharmaceutical and insurance industries. It is a law that is unconstitutional."
The Wall Street backlash
Big banks are throwing even more money at Congress to scale back reform designed to protect your savings

Report: U.S. trained terror group
"Despite the growing ties, and a much-intensified lobbying effort organized by its advocates, M.E.K. has remained on the State Department’s list of foreign terrorist organizations – which meant that secrecy was essential in the Nevada training."
ALEC Backs Down
America’s drone sickness
"There are many evils in the world, but extinguishing people’s lives with targeted, extra-judicial killings, when you don’t even know their names, based on “patterns” of behavior judged from thousands of miles away, definitely ranks high on the list."
Obama’s dismal civil liberties record
Despite vows to increase transparency, the president has made the government ever more authoritarian and intrusive

Cut Off Aid To Israel If It Attacks Iran
by Sherwood Ross
A Stain That Won’t Wash Away
"TWO years after a series of gambles and ill-advised decisions on a BP drilling project led to the largest accidental oil spill in United States history and the death of 11 workers on the Deepwater Horizon oil rig, no one has been held accountable."
America’s Christian hypocrisy
The Bible preaches tolerance and liberal economics. So why do its proponents embrace right-wing politics?

The real criminals in the Tarek Mehanna case
"In one of the most egregious violations of the First Amendment’s guarantee of free speech seen in quite some time, Tarek Mehanna, an American Muslim, was convicted this week in a federal court in Boston and then sentenced yesterday to 17 years in prison."
Drone activist denied visa
by Murtaza Hussain
"The London based Bureau of Investigative Journalism has documented more than 160 cases of children who have been killed by CIA-operated Predator drones among over 800 confirmed civilian deaths."
“If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon”
The president's first remarks about the Trayvon Martin killing were just right – and unfortunately, they had to be

The Obama DOJ and strip searches
"What virtually none of this anti-Florence commentary mentioned, though, was that the Obama DOJ formally urged the Court to reach the conclusion it reached."
Campaign 2012's Biggest Disconnect: Americans Want Out of Afghanistan, Candidates Would Rather Ignore It
by Arianna Huffington
"You'd think a ten-and-a-half year war would be a major issue in a presidential campaign -- especially a war going as badly as the one in Afghanistan. And especially in the wake of Sen. Jay Rockefeller publicly urging President Obama to speed up the withdrawal of U.S. troops."
Why Rush Limbaugh and the right turned on Trayvon Martin
A national tragedy became another awful political shouting match, thanks to vile pundits and talk-radio hosts

"In the parallel conservative media bubble, of Fox News and talk radio and right-wing websites, Trayvon Martin’s story didn’t register."
Is capitalism worth saving?
Robert Reich talks about how to overcome the moral crisis of our economy and restore America's democracy

Philosophy Is Not a Science

"For roughly 98 percent of the last 2,500 years of Western intellectual history, philosophy was considered the mother of all knowledge. It generated most of the fields of research still with us today."
Lawsuit filed over discriminatory immigration law
"...the Defense of Marriage Act, the 1996 statute enacted by a huge Congressional majority in both parties and signed into law by President Clinton, expressly bars the granting by the Federal government of any spousal benefits, including immigration rights, to same-sex couples."
How billionaires destroy democracy
Wealthy Wall Streeters have rigged the economy and the government against the people. Here's how they did it

Florida. How Soon We Forget.

"Last spring, Florida made some changes to its election law. Cloaked as technical tweaks, the new laws have the potential to swing the 2012 election."
The conservative grip on power
A ruthless GOP power grab, centered around the Supreme Court, has cemented conservative control in Washington

"And it’s not just the federal government. In 2010, fueled, in part, by the money the conservative justices unleashed, the conservatives took over state legislatures across the country."
The ‘Voter Fraud’ Fraud
by Ari Berman
"A major probe by the Justice Department between 2002 and 2007 failed to prosecute a single person for going to the polls and impersonating an eligible voter, which the anti-fraud laws are supposedly designed to stop."
Still a 1 percent recovery
As this rest of us struggle, America's wealthiest households are reaping big economic gains

"The top 1 percent got 45 percent of Clinton-era economic growth, and 65 percent of the economic growth during the Bush era."
The Most Transparent Administration Ever™
" The harms from excessive governmental secrecy vastly outweigh the harms from excessive disclosures; they’re not even in the same universe That’s why WikiLeaks is such a vital and important movement."
America’s forgotten POW: Bowe Bergdahl
by Murtaza Hussain
"For nearly three years Bergdahl, a 26-year old from Sun Valley, Idaho has been held captive by the Afghan Taliban".
Wells Fargo’s prison cash cow
by Charles Davis
"As Wells Fargo has grown over the years, using its bailout funds to gobble up rival Wachovia and expand to the East Coast, so has the U.S. prison population."
Why Obama's JOBS Act Couldn't Suck Worse
by Matt Taibbi
The man the State Dept. wants silenced
by Jesselyn Radack
The liberal betrayal of Bradley Manning
by Charles Davis
"Like those on the right who now crow about fascism but spent the Bush years gleefully declaring left-wing celebrities “enemies of the state,” many of those on the liberal-left treat issues of war and civil liberties as useful merely for partisan purposes."
Beware of Faulty Intelligence
Scoundrels Attack Gunter Grass Truths
by Stephen Lendman
A year later, Libya is still a mess
After the West's much-ballyhood intervention, Libya is dominated by a complex tangle of violent militias — and the chaos is spilling into neighboring countries

by Daniel Larison
Ironies in American justice and political cheerleading
"In any event, the real point here is that our government has become so radical and warped that it outstrips one’s ability to create absurd hypothetical powers to test the validity of a principle: before you blink your eyes, you find that your hypothetical has become reality."
Did Sgt. Bales have help?
The rush to proclaim him "a lone nut" stumbles on official secrecy and conflicting evidence

"A group of Afghan parliamentary investigators has concluded that Bales was part of a group of 15-20 soldiers."
The surprising new alliance between the Tea Party and labor
Could an anti-union bill in Georgia erase right-wing protesters too? Tea Partiers aren't taking any chances

What Republicans Argue When They Have Nothing Left to Say
by Robert Reich
"So what are Republicans to do now? What they always do when they have nothing else to say. Call for a tax cut, of course."
Fiscal Affairs: A Colossal Mistake of Historic Proportions: The "JOBS" Bill
by Simon Johnson
"With the so-called JOBS bill, on which the Senate is due to vote Tuesday, Congress is about to make the same kind of mistake again -- this time abandoning much of the 1930s-era securities legislation that both served investors well and helped make the US one of the best places in the world to raise capital."
Boycott Won't Rush Him Out
by Michael Smerconish
"Though the advertising boycott of Rush Limbaugh is significant for its size and scope, it will ultimately prove ineffectual in dislodging him from his commanding perch above the talk-radio world."
Discussing the motives of the Afghan shooter
"There is, quite obviously, a desperate need to believe that when an American engages in acts of violence of this type (meaning: as a deviation from formal American policy), there must be some underlying mental or emotional cause that makes it sensible, something other than an act of pure hatred or Evil."
War Is Brain-Damaging
Obama takes Bush’s secrecy games one step further
"The ACLU is suing the Obama administration under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), seeking to force disclosure of the guidelines used by Obama officials to select which human beings (both U.S. citizens and foreign nationals) will have their lives ended by the CIA’s drone attacks .."
Right-Wing Bullies Continue to Attack Children
by Bob Cesca
"Trayvon Martin is the latest in a long roster of conservative targets."
Obama Vs. Obama, Part 2: Of 'Grand Bargains' and Lost Hope
by Arianna Huffington
Guest Op-Ed: MEK and its material supporters in Washington
3 Congressional challengers very worth supporting
Rethinking Zionism
Jews have gone from powerless to powerful in the last few decades -- and now it's time to acknowledge what it means

by PETER BEINART excepted from his new book “The Crisis of Zionism”
A “train wreck” for Obamacare?
The panicky, alarmist reports coming out of the Supreme Court today are best taken with a grain of salt

The Electric Car, Unplugged
"Yet the state of the electric car is dismal, the victim of hyped expectations, technological flops, high costs and a hostile political climate."
What NPR means by “reporting”
"NPR national security reporter Dina Temple-Raston does what she (and NPR reporters generally) typically do: gathers a couple of current and former government officials (with an agreeable establishment think-tank expert thrown in the mix), uncritically airs what they say, and then repeats it herself."
Citizenship for sale
A sleazy visa program lets the rich buy green cards while other immigrants wait in line

NOM’s gross race-baiting tactics
Newly released documents show just desperately Maggie Gallagher's anti-gay group tries to"fan hostility"

Koch Brothers' Attempted Takeover Of Cato Could Be Part Of Bold Plan
by Dan Froomkin
"Anyone wondering why the ultra-conservative billionaire industrialist Koch brothers are trying to seize control of the libertarian Cato Institute might want to look toward Wisconsin."
How The NRA Fueled Florida’s ‘Stand Your Ground’ Law
by Josh Israel
GOP Justices Ignore the Founders
by Robert Parry
"The Republican partisans who control the U.S. Supreme Court appear to have no regard for the actual language of the Constitution or the intent of the Founders."

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