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Archived articles that appeared in Sounding Off on our Home page
from January 5, 2009-present that were linked to from outside sources.

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Older archived articles pre-2009 can be found using the below links:

Goldstone's Legacy for Israel
by Naomi Klein
We're Better off Than Egypt -- Right? Let's Take a Look.
by Richard (RJ) Eskow
What Corruption and Force Have Wrought in Egypt
by Chris Hedges
"The uprising in Egypt, although united around the nearly universal desire to rid the country of the military dictator Hosni Mubarak, also presages the inevitable shift within the Arab world away from secular regimes toward an embrace of Islamic rule."
Future Weapons, Future Wars, and the New Arms Race

by Nick Turse
"In the future, the power of magnetism will be harnessed to make today's high explosives seem feeble, 'guided bullets' will put the current crop of snipers to shame, and new multi-purpose missiles will strike targets in a flash from high-flying drones.  At least, that's part of the Pentagon's battlefield vision of tomorrow's tomorrow."
What other dictators does the U.S. support?
The Muslim Brotherhood Bogey Man
by Scott Atran
Meet Mubarak's American fan club
"Nevertheless, there are a handful of politicians and pundits who are actively decrying the protests -- and even, in a few cases, explicitly supporting the Mubarak regime."
Bipartisan praise for Joe Lieberman
Is Olbermann the victim of his own success?
SOTU 2011
Michelle Bachmann puts the puck through the uprights for a field goal

by Bryan Zepp Jamieson
Could the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision soon be overturned?
by Thom Hartmann
"The progressive organization Common Cause is asking the Department of Justice to look into possible "conflict of interest" behind the scenes of the Citizens United ruling."
America's treatment of detainees
"Amnesty International has written a letter to Defense Secretary Robert Gates objecting to the conditions of Bradley Manning's detention, which was first reported here."
Bradley Manning and Mohamed Bouazizi
by Juan Cole
The Disappearance of Keith Olbermann
by Robert Parry
"Keith Olbermann’s abrupt departure from MSNBC should be another wake-up call to American progressives about the fragile foothold that liberal-oriented fare now has for only a few hours on one corporate cable network."
How the Power of Myth Keeps Us Mired in War
by Ira Chernus 
"Call it the myth of national security -- or, more accurately, national insecurity, since it always tells us who and what to fear."
As Bad as Bush
by Mike Whitney
"His enemies call him a tyrant and a dictator, but he is neither. Hugo Chavez is a tireless champion of the poor and a committed Christian socialist. The only difference between Chavez's type of Christianity and Barack Obama's, is that Chavez walks the walk."
Palestinian Papers: What the Al Jazeera Blockbuster Me
by MJ Rosenberg
"The bottom line is that, despite the assurances it gave to the Palestinian people that it was driving a hard bargain with the Israelis, the Palestinian Authority accepted Israel's position on every key point: borders, Jerusalem, settlements, refugees."
A Tribute to Olbermann: Why He Is Different From the Pundits at Fox News
by Mitchell Bard
Conservative Supreme Court justices no longer bothering to avoid appearance of conflicts of interest
Various matters
The troops are not all right: how leaders are overlooking our soliders
Obama won't tell just how American soldiers are doing in his State of the Union tonight, and it's a shame

Goonstruck: The Mysterious Mind of Modern Progressives
by Chris Floyd
"There seems to be a widespread, deeply held supposition that politicians -- politicians! -- will save us, if we can only put the right ones in charge of the power structure."
Torture at 'Justice': Better Not to Ask
By Ray McGovern
Where Liberals Go to Feel Good
by Chris Hedges
"And at a moment when we desperately need citizens and institutions willing to stand up against corporate forces for the core liberal values, values that make a democracy possible, we get the ridiculous chatter and noise of the liberal class."
Ghailani Trial and Sentence Affirms US Federal Court System
by Daphne Eviatar
"Before Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani was sentenced to life in prison for his role in the 1998 bombings of two US Embassies in East Africa today, 11 victims of those bombings were allowed to speak to the packed courtroom."
Did Reagan have Alzheimer's while he was president?
Lawmakers And The Crazy Laws They Want To Pass In The Wake Of Tucson Tragedy
by Jason Linkins
Homeland Security's laptop seizures: Interview with Rep. Sanchez

"Seizing someone's laptop, digging through it, recording it all, storing the data somewhere, and then distributing it to various agencies is about the most invasive, privacy-destroying measure imaginable."
What the "right to bear arms" really means
The U.S. role in Gulet Mohamed's detention
Applying U.S. principles on Internet freedom
Americans Can't Agree on Guns? Wrong.
by Michael R. Bloomberg
I can find out so much about you
After I got a job tracking down information about people on the Web, I learned just how vulnerable we really are

The vindication of Dick Cheney

"The American Right constantly said during the Bush years that any President who knew what Bush knew and was faced with the duty of keeping the country safe would do the same thing.  Obama has provided the best possible evidence imaginable to prove those claims true."
Obama's unforced regulatory fumble
Suddenly, the president decides some regulations are bad. It's the wrong battle to fight, at the wrong time


"The strategy is unfathomable, and the notion that we must now seek to strike the "proper" balance -- as if the proponents of greater regulation had been carrying the day in recent years -- is just plain nutty."
Obama officials caught deceiving about WikiLeaks
The making (and unmaking) of Joe Lieberman
America in the age of primitivism

"Is the 21st century a Dark Age, compared to the 20th? Is the culture of modernity and enlightenment slipping away, in the U.S. and elsewhere in the world? Is this really an age of neo-primitivism and superstition?"
Daley is a reflection, not a cause
"The groups which Obama cares about pleasing -- Wall Street, corporate interests, conservative Democrats, the establishment media, independent voters -- all have one thing in common:  they will support only those politicians who advance their agenda, but will vigorously oppose those who do not."
"The Time That Remains": One Arab family in Israel
Pick of the week: Elia Suleiman's haunting "The Time That Remains" paints the region's history as deadpan farce

The New Math and Old Ideology Playbook of the 112th Congress
by Clarence B. Jones
The great impending OMG of 2011
by Mark Morford
"Do you remember much of 2010? Is it already a big blur, a fading Polaroid, a smeary dreamscape of pain and wonder and random celebrity deaths?"
Wrong Again, Sen. Graham
by Juan Cole
Any Respect for International Law Left in the US Congress?
by Franklinl Lamb
Mondo Inferno: The Endless Echoes of America's WMD Atrocity
by Chris Floyd
"For years, I have been writing about the American use of chemical weapons in the savage assault on the Iraqi city of Fallujah in late 2004. The results of this deployment of WMD began emerging a few months later."
The American Way of Torture
"Torture is now solidly installed in America’s repressive arsenal, not in the shadows where it has always lurked, but up front and central, vigorously applauded by prominent politicians."
The Power of False Narrative
by Robert Parry
"As the House of Representatives was engaged in its reading of an abridged version of the U.S. Constitution – leaving out parts like the sections on slavery that would make the Founders look bad – I was reminded again of the power of false narrative, especially at a time when the American Right dominates the U.S. media landscape."
DOJ subpoenas Twitter records of several WikiLeaks volunteers
"What hasn't been reported is that the Subpoena served on Twitter -- which is actually an Order from a federal court that the DOJ requested -- seeks the same information for numerous other individuals currently or formerly associated with WikiLeaks, including Jacob Appelbaum, Rop Gonggrijp, and Julian Assange.  It also seeks the same information for Bradley Manning and for WikiLeaks' Twitter account."
The Tucson Shootings
Ricochets across the entire country

by Bryan Zepp Jamieson
Government-created climate of fear
"Most of those expressing these concerns were perfectly rational, smart, well-informed American citizens.  And yet they were petrified that merely donating money to a non-violent political and journalistic group whose goals they supported would subject them to invasive government scrutiny or, worse, turn them into criminals."
Gun Violence and the Lessons of Tucson: Will the Chambers Once Again Be Loaded Against the American People?
by Drew Westen
What U.S. "justice" signifies around the world
"It's quite notable that the mere threat of ending up in American custody is considered (at least by Assange's lawyers) to be a viable basis for contesting extradition on human rights grounds."
Soldier's inhumane imprisonment
LA Times editorial
"For five months, Pfc. Bradley Manning is confined to his cell for 23 hours a day, with no sheets and without exercise, while he awaits trial on charges of providing documents to WikiLeaks."
Even Lost Wars Make Corporations Rich
by Chris Hedges
"Power does not rest with the electorate. It does not reside with either of the two major political parties. It is not represented by the press. It is not arbitrated by a judiciary that protects us from predators. Power rests with corporations."
Silent Surge: A Shocking Act of Political Violence
by Chris Floyd
"Americans showed their remarkable collective wisdom once again last week, when a shocking act of violence was met with a steady calm across the political spectrum."
Empire of Bases 2.0 
Does the Pentagon Really Have 1,180 Foreign Bases? 

by Nick Turse
Spectator Nation: Are You a Screen Junkie?
by Joe Robinson
How propaganda poisons the mind - and our discourse
Why gun control is dead in America
The five worldviews that define American politics
"Does it often seem that many American politicians and pundits are talking past each other? That is because they really are. The frustrating nature of public debate arises in large part from the fact that Americans do not share a single worldview."
Updates on Mohamed, WikiLeaks and Manning
Brookings' "centrist" opposition to the rule of law
"Dutifully fulfilling his function, Wittes has spent the last several years joining with former Bush OLC lawyer Jack Goldsmith to defend indefinite detention without charges as well as the creation of 'national security courts' to allow 'preventive detention.'"
Leading conservatives openly support a Terrorist group
Crazy is like a box of nuts
You don't know which one has the LSD in it

by Bryan Zepp Jamieson
U.S. teenager tortured in Kuwait and barred re-entry into the U.S.
"All of this underscores the rapidly expanding powers the U.S. Government and law enforcement agents within the country are seizing without a shred of due process.  For the government to put an American citizen on the no-fly list while he's traveling outside the U.S. is tantamount to barring him from entering his own country -- a draconian punishment, involuntary exile, meted out with any due process."
"It is the most monumental insanity"
Conservative historian Bruce Bartlett explains why Tea Party thinking on national debt ceiling is "idiotic"

WikiLeaks and the First Amendment
by Geoffrey R. Stone
"The bottom line is this: The proposed SHIELD Act is plainly unconstitutional. At the very least, it must limit its prohibition to those circumstances in which the individual who publicly disseminates classified information knew that the dissemination would create a clear and present danger of grave harm to our nation or its people."
Let's stop pretending the Constitution is sacred
"But Tea Party constitutionalism represents a deeply flawed understanding of America's founding, which ought to be based on the revolutionary idea of the power of the sovereign people to make and unmake constitutions of their design, not on superstitious veneration of particular constitutions handed down by wise demigods."
WikiLeaks: How U.S. tried to stop Spain's torture probe
Udall and Merkley launch campaign to save rule-bound Senate
by Ezra Klein
The worsening journalistic disgrace at Wired
"For more than six months, Wired's Senior Editor Kevin Poulsen has possessed -- but refuses to publish -- the key evidence in one of the year's most significant political stories:  the arrest of U.S. Army PFC Bradley Manning for allegedly acting as WikiLeaks' source."
Up for the Count
America comes to its census

by Bryan Zepp Jamieson
The merger of journalists and government officials
Solstice 2010
by Bryan Zepp Jamieson
The Media Gets It Wrong on WikiLeaks: It's About Broken Trust, Not Broken Condoms
by Arianna Huffington
How the Pentagon Turns Working-Class Men into the Deadliest Killers on the Planet
by Dave Swanson
What’s Behind the War on WikiLeaks
by Ray McGovern
Katrina vanden Heuvel Lays Out the Unfortunate Truth About Obama
by Roger Shuler
"If the president continues on his current course, we're looking at a failed one-term presidency that the nation cannot afford."
Journalist John Pilger speaks out on charges against Julian Assange
by Julie Hyland
"Assange’s imprisonment is a legal travesty. Its aim is to punish the WikiLeaks founder for publishing documents exposing the crimes and conspiracies carried out by US officials and others, and to intimidate anyone who dares to oppose the political machinations and warmongering of the major powers."
It's still OK to hate Joe Lieberman
--ed: hate may be putting it too mildly.
Why I Am Donating $50,000 to WikiLeaks' Defense Fund
by Larry Flynt
Afghanistan War Review Conclusions Misguided
by Rep. Barbara Lee
Why the ‘Lazy Jobless’ Myth Persists
by David Sirota
Ten Thoughts About Julian Assange and WikiLeaks
by Andy Worthington
Is it Time for Democrats to Fight Obama?
by Cenk Uygur
Obama's War on WikiLeaks -- and Us
by Michael Brenner
Joe Biden v. Joe Biden on WikiLeaks
More duplicity from Obama administration on Yemen
Politicians lie: We know it and we don't care
Survey: The public gets that most political ads are bogus, but people still believe things that are false

Hope, from now on, will look like this. Chris Hedges Speech Before Joining Anti War Vets in DC Civil Disobedience Action
by Chris Hedges
"Hope will only come now when we physically defy the violence of the state. All who resist, all who are here today, keep hope alive. All who succumb to fear, despair and apathy become an enemy of hope. They become, in their passivity, agents of injustice."
The Government's one-way mirror
"One of the hallmarks of an authoritarian government is its fixation on hiding everything it does behind a wall of secrecy while simultaneously monitoring, invading and collecting files on everything its citizenry does."
The NYT spills key military secrets on its front page
The Most Important Free Speech Issue of Our Time
by Al Franken
"This principle is called "net neutrality" -- and it's under attack. Internet service giants like Comcast and Verizon want to offer premium and privileged access to the Internet for corporations who can afford to pay for it."
Obama FCC Caves on Net Neutrality -- Tuesday Betrayal Assured
by Timothy Karr
Saving Social Security: Stopping Obama's Next Bad Deal
by Dean Baker
Joe Biden's absurd Afghanistan promise
The FCC's weak new "open Internet" rules
A partisan vote on Tuesday displeases everyone. And everyone's right

Monitoring America
by Dana Priest and William M. Arkin
"Nine years after the terrorist attacks of 2001, the United States is assembling a vast domestic intelligence apparatus to collect information about Americans, using the FBI, local police, state homeland security offices and military criminal investigators."
Health Care and the Wages of Sin
by David Michael Green
Bitter Memories of War on the Way to Jail
by Chris Hedges
"The solemnity of that funerary march, the hush, was the hardest and most moving part of Thursday's protest against the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq."
U.N. to investigate treatment of Bradley Manning
"Both The Guardian and the Associated Press are reporting that the U.N.'s top official in charge of torture is now formally investigating the conditions under which the U.S. is detaining accused WikiLeaks leaker Bradley Manning."
Speaking Ill of "the Best and the Brightest"
by Robert Scheer
"[Richard]Holbrooke not only failed to learn from the U.S. mistakes in Vietnam; he repeated them in working for every Democratic president to follow."
Is Barack Obama the Problem?
by Robert Parry
"Despite some recent victories like repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell,” many on the American Left are feeling a cumulative disgust toward President Barack Obama, not just for his generally timid policy choices but – even more so – for his failure to articulate and fight for progressive values."
What WikiLeaks revealed to the world in 2010
The media's authoritarianism and WikiLeaks
Obama is dealing away FDR's legacy
"With public attention focused on President Obama's compromise with Republican leaders to extend the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy, there has been less discussion about a feature of the deal that could have enormous long-term consequences: the payroll tax holiday."
Untellable Truths
Democrats of all stripes have been so focused on details of policy that they have surrendered public political discourse to conservatives, and with it the key to the nation's future.

by George Lakoff
The Effort to Claim That Economists Support Obama's Capitulation on Tax Cuts for the Wealthy
by William K. Black
"You know the administration is desperate when it creates a web page citing economists who support its capitulation on taxes."
Hatfill and Wen Ho Lee and Plame and al-Awlaki and Assange
by emptywheel
The triangulation Obama is guilty of
"Triangulation can also be defined, as Jonathan Bernstein writes today, as legislative pragmatism -- something that existed long before Clinton was president. This definition better fits Obama's current strategy."
Bernie Sanders' epic tax cut filibuster rant
The senator brings government to a glorious halt with an extraordinary diatribe against U.S. economic policy

"His epic rant -- perhaps one of the most extraordinary critiques of how the American economy has been managed over the last several decades delivered in living memory -- is an endless sequence of connecting the dots from one outrage to another."
Nir Rosen on the "Aftermath" of America's wars
The Assassination of America By The Coward Barack Obama
by David Michael Green
"The passion he's finally showing is for a horrific piece of legislation, and the people he's dumping on are his own base."
Attempts to prosecute WikiLeaks endanger press freedoms
The inhumane conditions of Bradley Manning's detention
"Bradley Manning, the 22-year-old U.S. Army Private accused of leaking classified documents to WikiLeaks, has never been convicted of that crime, nor of any other crime.  Despite that, he has been detained at the U.S. Marine brig in Quantico, Virginia for five months -- and for two months before that in a military jail in Kuwait -- under conditions that constitute cruel and inhumane treatment and, by the standards of many nations, even torture."
Ron Paul: Fed ‘monopoly’ could be broken if Americans use gold, silver
as currency

by Stephen C. Webster
Getting to Assange through Manning
"Federal investigators are 'are looking for evidence of any collusion' between WikiLeaks and Bradley Manning -- 'trying to find out whether Mr. Assange encouraged or even helped' the Army Private leak the documents -- and then 'charge him as a conspirator in the leak, not just as a passive recipient of the documents who then published them.'"
More Joe Lieberman-caused Internet censorship
To Tell the Truth
"Maybe the government would earn more of our trust if it leveled with us more and invaded our privacy less."
Wikileaks hounded?
from Reporters without borders
The Insurance File
Fighting both the government and the hackers

by Bryan Zepp Jamieson

"Julian Assange is in a British jail, awaiting an extradition hearing on being expedited to Sweden, where he may be accused of sexual molestation under Sweden's peculiar laws in which sex with a consenting adult can be deemed a sex crime if it concludes without use of a condom."
Julian Assange: Wanted by the Empire, Dead or Alive
"Assange can survive these theatrical blusters. A tougher question is how he will fare at the hands of the US government, which is hopping mad."
Ron Paul: ‘What we need is more WikiLeaks’
by Stephen C. Webster
The Sounds of Silence: Reactions to Political Despair
by Bernard Weiner
Tax cut fight highlights Democrats' missing convictions
by Eugene Robinson
Save Obama's presidency by challenging him on the left
by Rabbi Michael Lerner
"To many liberals and progressives, the president's unwillingness to veto any measure that includes continued tax relief for billionaires is the last straw, building on a record of spinelessness that includes his escalation of the war in Afghanistan, abandonment of a public option for health-care reform, refusal to prosecute those who tortured in Iraq or lied us into that war, and unwillingness to tax carbon emissions."
Take Off the Blindfold. Don't Be Afraid to See the Truth!
by Coleen Rowley
"About 70% of Americans, misled by the likes of Amy Klobuchar, now declare that ignorance is bliss and they want to see Assange assassinated and WikiLeaks taken out."
GOP to jobless: DROP DEAD!
by Brent Budowsky
Is Barack Obama Stupid?
by Cenk Uygur
"Of course, there are two other explanations for the actions of Obama White House. The first one is that they're not dumb, they are embarrassingly weak...The last possible explanation is the worst of all. He is complicit."
What Now for the Democrats?
by Robert Kuttner
The lawless Wild West attacks WikiLeaks
Anti-WikiLeaks lies and propaganda - from TNR, Lauer, Feinstein and more
Nobody represents the American people
"The disconnect between the actions of the government and public opinion is the central fact of American politics today."
And Now:  Anti-Semitism
by Jonathan Schell
"It's indeed amazing how often, in the past hundred years or so, the most deranged people, movements and governments have found their way, with a kind of dreary consistency, to anti-Semitism as the explanation for their activities."
The Shameful Attacks on Julian Assange
Happy as a Hangman
by Chris Hedges
"Innocence, as defined by law, makes us complicit with the crimes of the state. To do nothing, to be judged by the state as an innocent, is to be guilty. It is to sanction, through passivity and obedience, the array of crimes carried out by the state."
Western Civilization Has Shed Its Values
by Paul Craig Roberts
The crux of the WikiLeaks debate
WikiLeaks continues exposure of predatory US foreign policy
by Patrick Martin
Who's Right? Obama or the 'Base'?
by Robert Parry
"When President Barack Obama lashed out at the liberal base of the Democratic Party – condemning many on the Left as “sanctimonious” purists – he underscored how profoundly his actions have alienated some of his past supporters and how little he understands why."
The Hidden Cost of Capitulation
by Cenk Uygur
"If you are sending out your people to talk up polls about how the right the Republicans were on the tax cuts for the rich now, how are you going to send out the same people to talk about how wrong they were - and how wrong you were - two years from now?"
While Whacking Critics, Obama Gets Facts Wrong
by Dan Froomkin
The Wikileaks sex files: How two one-night stands sparked a worldwide hunt for Julian Assange
by Richard Pendlebury
Obama turned his back on his base
With the tax-cut deal, the Democrats lost their chance to stop the GOP from taking unfair advantage of the middle class

by Keith Olbermann, Special Comment
Power and the Tiny Acts of Rebellion
by Chris Hedges
"There is no hope left for achieving significant reform or restoring our democracy through established mechanisms of power."
Hi. I am now going to touch your junk
by Mark Morford
“Nice Doggie”
Wikileaks mostly showed us stuff we already knew or suspected

by Bryan Zepp Jamieson
On Korea, Here We Go Again!
by Robert Parry
"If American journalism should have learned one thing over the years, it is to be cautious and skeptical during the first days of a foreign confrontation like the one now playing out on the Korean Peninsula."
Congressional request for Pollard pardon just another example of putting Israel’s interests first
The FBI successfully thwarts its own Terrorist plot
"The FBI is obviously quite pleased with itself over its arrest of a 19-year-old Somali-American, Mohamed Osman Mohamud, who -- with months of encouragement, support and money from the FBI's own undercover agents -- allegedly attempted to detonate a bomb at a crowded Christmas event in Portland, Oregon."
Real Hope Is About Doing Something
by Chris Hedges
"Hope is not trusting in the ultimate goodness of Barack Obama, who, like Herod of old, sold out his people. It is not having a positive attitude or pretending that happy thoughts and false optimism will make the world better."
Fabricating Terror
by Paul Craig Roberts
"Why does the FBI orchestrate fake terror plots?"
The US of A breaks the Soviet record
"On Friday, the U.S.-led coalition will have been fighting in this South Asian country for as long as the Soviets did in their humbling attempt to build up a socialist state."
Cables Hold Clues to US-Iran Mysteries
by Robert Parry
"Newly released U.S. diplomatic cables from WikiLeaks show that the Obama administration, like its predecessors, has played a double game with Iran’s Shiite government, mixing public offers of reconciliation with secret collaboration on hard-line strategies favored by its Sunni Arab rivals and Israel."
Time to Save the Democrats From Themselves -- and All of Us From Deficit Extremism
by Richard (RJ) Eskow
Democracy in America
Overseeing state secrecy
In defence of WikiLeaks

from The Economist
The moral standards of WikiLeaks critics
Top Ten Middle East Wikileaks Revelations so Far
by Juan Cole
The El-Masri Cable
by Scott Horton
"Koenig [the senior career diplomat at the U.S. Embassy in Berlin], aware that German prosecutors had issued arrest warrants against thirteen U.S. government agents who were involved in El-Masri’s abduction and torture, and that an effort would shortly be made to enforce them internationally, was pressing the German government to block this effort."
US transfer of Iraqi prisoners: an ongoing war crime
by Bill Van Auken
Two more Iran nuclear scientists attacked with bombs
US embassy cables: The job of the media is not to protect the powerful from embarrassment
It is for governments – not journalists – to guard public secrets, and there is no national jeopardy in WikiLeaks' revelations

by Simon Jenkins
Wikileaks shows up our media for their docility at the feet of authority
by John Kampfner
Joe Lieberman emulates Chinese dictators
"The US struck its first blow against WikiLeaks after Amazon.com pulled the plug on hosting the whistleblowing website in reaction to heavy political pressure."
The day that Barack Obama lied to me
by Will Bunch
Obama and GOPers Worked Together to Kill Bush Torture Probe
by David Corn
WikiLeaks reveals more than just government secrets
"The WikiLeaks disclosure has revealed not only numerous government secrets, but also the driving mentality of major factions in our political and media class."
The Origin of America’s Intellectual Vacuum
by Chris Hedges
The Big Party
The GOP has a role model

by Bryan Zepp Jamieson
Why Plants Are (Usually) Better Than Drugs
by Dr. Andrew Weil
"But the fact is, the natural, whole plant often has both benefits and safety that put the isolated compounds to shame."
Barack Obama's Missing Mojo
by Bob Burnett
"Responsibility for the overwhelming defeat in the midterm elections falls squarely on the shoulders of Obama, the Party leader. Democrats lost the message battle, and as a result, lost the money war and voter turnout campaign."
Various matters
Indefinite Detention Would Harm, Not Help, National Security
by Daphne Eviatar
A False Target in Yemen
"But no one should remain under the mistaken assumption that killing Mr. Awlaki will somehow make us safer."
Use Your Executive Authority, President Obama
by Katrina vanden Heuvel
"...the president still has the power to use executive orders, rulemaking and diplomacy to further the progressive agenda without ever consulting Congress."
Israel's Shabbos GoyWhy America will come to regret the craven deal Obama is offering Netanyahu.
by Christopher Hitchens
by Jim Hightower
Obama's Bribe: Palestinians will be the Losers – Again
by Jonathan Cook
Could the Afghan war outlast Obama's presidency?
Sordid Lawsuit Scandal Threatens to Rip Neocon Infested AIPAC Apart
The lawsuit hinges around a former AIPAC lobbyist who was indicted for revealing state secrets.

by Clayton Swisher
Hateful Days
by William Rivers Pitt
Liar, Liar
by Philip Giraldi
"What Obama should have said was that it has now become clear that Israel’s Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu has no desire for any peace agreement that does not provide for perpetual and absolute Israeli dominance over the Palestinians."
President Obama: Stop the Searches or I'm Voting Against You
by William S. Lerach
Saving Progressivism From Obama
by Robert Kuttner
The Two Most Essential, Abhorrent, Intolerable Lies Of George W. Bush's Memoir
by Dan Froomkin
Government yells "Terrorism" to justify TSA procedures
My Friend Barack
by Ralph Nader
The Stench of American Hypocrisy, Part 2
by Paul Craig Roberts
Anatomy of a journalistic smear job
Enjoy that Democratic Senate while it lasts
"Assuming there are no party switches or resignations between now and then, Democrats can afford a net loss of no more than three seats (or two, if a Republican were to win the presidential race) in the '12 election if they want to preserve their majority -- a task much easier said than done."
Dear Tea Party: You Will Now Get Yours
by Mark Morford
Democrats and the rule of law
"If it were true -- as most Obama defenders argued -- that giving civilian trials to accused Terrorists is not merely a good option, but required by the Constitution, the rule of law, and our values, then isn't it logically and necessarily true that Obama's refusal to grant such trials constitutes a violation of our Constitution, our rule of law and our values?"
Eric Cantor's Pledge of Allegiance
"As Cantor's behavior demonstrates, the rules that apply to 'foreign countries' are inapplicable to Israel because in mainstream American politics, Israel is not considered and therefore is not treated as a 'foreign country' at all.
The Stench of American Hypocrisy
by Paul Craig Roberts
"Ten years of rule by the Bush and Obama regimes have seen the collapse of the rule of law in the United States."
Justice Department Prepares for Expansion of Law Prohibiting ‘Material Support’ for Terrorism
by Michael Deutsch
How Can You Compromise with people whose Primary Mission is to Undermine America?
by Eric L. Wattree
"All their talk about a smaller government and lowering the national debt is just a smokescreen."
A Small Fraction of a Man
by William Rivers Pitt
"George W. Bush was, and likely will forever be, the single worst American president in the nation's history. To outstrip his remarkable record of failure, criminality and disgrace, a future president will have to personally cause the Earth to crash into the sun."
Two presidents and their justifications
The "pro-Constitution=pro-terrorist" canard
"How could it ever "cross a line" for a civil liberties lawyer to represent an American citizen in an American court arguing that the Government is transgressing the limits of the U.S. Constitution?"
When Is the Far Right Going to Start Listening to the Military?
by Joe Cirincione
"The New START treaty has the unanimous support of America's military leaders. But you wouldn't know it from the wails of far-right pundits. For a group that traditionally poses as defenders of America against appeasing, anti-military liberals, they are amazing dismissive of the strong, urgent calls from the military for the Senate to approve this new security pact."
False promise of ‘objectivity’ proves ‘truth’ superior to ‘fact’
Special Comment by Keith Olbermann
On tap for the GOP in '12: Unpredictability
Gates v. Eisenhower and Obama v. Justice
Accountability for Torture (in Britain)
NYT Editorial
"The United States still operates the Guantánamo camp, with no end in sight. None of the truly dangerous terrorists there have been brought to justice, while many prisoners are still held who never should have been. The government not only refuses to come clean on this ignoble history, but it is covering up the Bush administration’s abuses by denying victims a day in court."
The Ghailani verdict and American justice
"When a reviled defendant is acquitted in court, and torture-obtained evidence is excluded, that isn't proof that the justice system is broken; it's proof that it works."
Congress must act quickly to save jobless benefits
Republicans say cutting taxes on the rich is better than helping the unemployed. That's rubbish

Why I'm betting on Obama for 2012
"I've written over and over that Barack Obama's fate in 2012 hinges on the state of the economy. If it's clearly improving, he'll be fine; if it's not, he won't."
Obama Administration Gets Another Scolding — on Human Rights
Voters: Forget Politics. Jobs, Please!
by Andy Kroll
"...according to a new exit poll by the firm Greenberg Quinlan Rosner. The firm's findings, released Friday, show that voters weren't necessarily allying themselves with the GOP, but rather were voicing their disapproval with Washington as a whole, and especially with the federal government's inability to restart America's economic engine."
The Trials of Homer Simpson
Even Ned Flanders couldn't help John Boehner

by Bryan Zepp Jamieson

"So here's a question for the folks back home: if the Republicans were
such big winners this week, how come they seem to be in disarray, even on the brink of civil war, and the Democrats seem to be pulling together?"
Inside Karl Rove's Diary: Back to Permanent Political War
by Bernard Weiner
The self-absorption of America's ruling class
Can Obama Go Back to Bold?
And now for the next battle
by E.J. Dionne Jr.
"President Obama allowed Republicans to define the terms of the nation's political argument for the past two years and permitted them to draw battle lines the way they wanted. Neither he nor his party can let that happen again."
Of Irony and Implosion
by David Michael Green
"This country is imploding. It has been for thirty years, if not fifty. What happened Tuesday was egregious in every respect, but at the end of the day represents little more than just another data point on a secular trend line."
This is the End of the Republican Party
by Thom Hartmann
"Whoever is saying that last night was the demise of the Democratic party - they're wrong! In reality, it's the end of the Republican party."
Prosecutors Sum Up Evidence Against Alleged Embassy Bomber
by Daphne Eviatar
Is Terrorism being used to erode free speech rights?
Can liberalism save capitalism from conservatism?
"Liberalism saved American capitalism during the depression, and if American capitalism is to be saved from the Great Recession, liberals will have to rescue it."
Obama's debt reduction disaster
If the president heeds his own panel's suggestions, he guts the liberal agenda. What happened to taxing the rich?

"How did a budget-balancing plan that includes major cuts to Medicare and Social Security, along with long-cherished Republican hobby-horses like lower corporate income taxes and tort reform, and, most amazingly, not one single mention of the disastrous fiscal effects of the unpaid-for Bush tax cuts emerge from a commission appointed by a Democratic president?"
The Bush tax cuts: Will Obama take a stand?
The president still has a chance to prevail in the upcoming lame-duck Congress. I hope he takes it

Government harassing and intimidating Bradley Manning supporters
Hard Lessons from Election 2010
by Robert Parry
"Election 2010 was a victory for corporatist Republicans even more so than Tea Party radicals, a stunning resurgence for the Establishment GOP that says as much about weaknesses among Democrats and the Left as it does about strengths on the Right."
George Bush's Deception Points
by Joseph C. Wilson
Jim Webb on Democrats and Wall Street
The Mid-terms 2010
Not a good night for Blue Dogs or Teabaggers

by Bryan Zepp Jamieson
The Tea Party is bad for business
Tea Partiers opposes free trade, immigration and the Federal Reserve. Why aren't business leaders fighting back?

Nancy Pelosi's final act of revenge?
"A report in Roll Call on Thursday suggested that John Larson, who is now the House's fourth-ranking Democrat, is toying with challenging Hoyer for minority leader."
Progressive bloggers whiff on Obama interview
Lefties meet with president but fail to ask about his atrocious record on civil liberties. Jon Stewart no better

"I'm talking about civil liberties, where Obama's record is as bad in most ways as his predecessor's."
Can"Vote Sanity" stop the madness?
The Rally to Restore Sanity may not identify the candidates driving America crazy -- but there are others who will

"At VoteSanity.org, a site put up by the Agenda Project, there is an amusing video titled "Welcome to Crazytown" that reviews the kookiest antics of the Tea Party crowd, with the help of cartoon figures and a cuckoo clock, plus a helpful list of "ten signs someone is a complete wack-a-doodle," with linked references to Sharron Angle, Carl Paladino, Glenn Beck and Nazi SS reenactor Rich Iott, among others."
Government accusations: no evidence needed
"The reality, as today's version of the NYT makes clear, is that the U.S. has no idea who is responsible for sending these bombs.  So in the dark are they that Homeland Security actually blamed two Yemeni schools that don't even seem to exist, with the only one remotely similar to it being one sponsored by the State Department."
The unbearable stupidity of American voters
Obama lowered taxes, and the economy is (slowly) growing. But that's not what the people believe. Why?

"It seems remarkable that a party that governed so badly while it was in power, preaching smaller government while engaging in total fiscal irresponsibility, would be trusted by anyone on anything."
The wretched mind of the American authoritarian
Yes, Of Course They're Brownshirts. What The Hell Did You Expect?
by David Michael Green
"American politics have been driven to a fever pitch, even though no one is talking about the real problems the country faces."
Pundit sloth: Blaming the left
The GOP's recipe for an anemic economy through '12
Could it be that Republicans want to keep the economy ailing through the next election?

Secretary Clinton: The past must be confronted
"Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton visited a former Khmer Rouge torture house in Cambodia on Monday and urged the nation to proceed with trials of the former regime's surviving leaders in order to 'confront its past.'"
NYT v. the world: WikiLeaks coverage
"The difference in how (a) the NYT 'reported on' -- i.e., whitewashed -- these horrific, incriminating revelations about the U.S. and (b) the rest of the world media reported on it, could not be more vast."
More on the media's Pentagon-subservient WikiLeaks coverage
How Obama Lost the Narrative
by David Corn
"It wasn't just what Obama did, but how he did it. The president forfeited control of the narrative—as they like to say in Washington—because he blew several specific opportunities."
Toxic Brew
by George Monbiot
"The Tea Party movement is remarkable in two respects. It is one of the biggest exercises in false consciousness the world has ever seen. And it is the biggest astroturf operation in history. These accomplishments are closely related."
WPost Downplays Iraq War Crimes
by Robert Parry
"The judges at Nuremberg after World War II had a much deeper understanding of the horrors of war than the neocon editors at the Washington Post do."
What are They Hiding? Obama Administration Defending Black Site Prison at Bagram Airbase
Bby Dave Lindorff
"A victory for the government in a federal court in New York City Monday marks another slide deeper into Dick Cheney's "dark side" for the Obama Administration."
Say No or Surrender: Progressives Seek to Close "Enthusiasm Gap" for Evil
by Chris Floyd
"Yes, Obama is back on the front lines in the legal battle to defend, uphold, entrench and expand the worst abuses of power carried out by his loathed predecessor. His Yoo-like legal minions have convinced the Supreme Court to consider quashing a case that has been upheld by several lower, conservative courts as one worthy to be heard in court."
Attack on the Middle Class!!
by James K. Galbraith
"THE REMARKABLE thing about the American middle class is that we still have one, given the job losses, housing bust, and 401(k) wipeout of the past three years—and considering that for 35 years, politicians (and the bankers who own them) have been hammering away at middle-class institutions."
The High Price of Patriotism
by Robert Scheer
"It's over for the U.S. in Afghanistan, but that doesn't mean the death and destruction are about to stop."
The Nixonian henchmen of today: at the NYT
WikiLeaks Exposes Rumsfeld's Lies
by Ellen Knickmeyer
What on Earth Are America's Friends to Say?
by Simon Jenkins
"A small band of Brits still try to defend America's current foreign policy to a sceptical world."
Two Speeches Obama Should Give -- and Probably Won't
by Robert Kuttner
"Voters are still seeking some signs that the Democrats are on their side. Here are two speeches Obama should give, and probably won't. One concerns Social Security, the other the incipient Banking Crisis II."
Think of the Embarrassment We Would Have Been Spared If We Had Known About Thomas's Alleged Porn Obsession
by Earl Ofari Hutchinson
Inhumane impact of DOMA
Murder, rape and the final proof that Britain should never have fought this shaming war
The Tea Party and the Republican Party Are the Same
by Lincoln Mitchell
Handicapping the global midterms
Future looks bright for the Taliban and China, but prospects are dim for Obama and the American economy

Job hunting in Washington
The Petroleum Broadcast System Owes Us an Apology
by Greg Palast for Truthout/Buzzflash
Midterms 2010
Why boring is better than dead

by Bryan Zepp Jamieson

"With the US careening toward midterm elections like a drunk driver approaching a train crossing, now's a good time to look at the overall situation. It isn't pretty."
A political culture free of accountability
Wall Street Hopes to Use Republicans to Re-Purchase Congress
by Robert Creamer

"Democrats in Congress and the Obama Administration turned on Wall Street and -- from Wall Street's point of view -- had the "audacity" to pass legislation that reined in the recklessness that had cost eight million Americans their jobs."
Choking on Its Contrived Objectivity, the Media Refuses to Take a Stand on Sanity
by Arianna Huffington
Glaring double standard in tolerance for anti-Muslim bigotry
Obama finds support from the Right
Inside a Secret DOD Prison in Afghanistan
by Scott Horton
David Brooks' campaign finance "facts"
WTF?: A Letter to Appalled, Puzzled European Friends
by Bernard Weiner
NPR fires Juan Williams for anti-Muslim bigotry
The real danger from NPR's firing of Juan Williams
A Long History of America's Dark Side
by Peter Dale Scott and Robert Parry

"There is a dark -- seldom acknowledged -- thread that runs through U.S. military doctrine, dating back to the early days of the Republic."
Shadow Elite: The Small Government Lie - How Both Parties Stood By as Our Government Burned
by Janine R. Wedel and Linda Keenan
Regarding the "Whiners"
by William Rivers Pitt
Obama's Mission Impossible
by Danny Schechter

"With the midterm election less than a month away and the economic crisis unabated, the Obama Administration may be at a crossroads."
More terrorism fear-mongering exposed as frivolous
The Altars of Fear: Wrong Turns on a Long, Dark Road
by Chris Floyd

"All across Europe,  thousands of people have been taking to the streets in angry protests against the “austerity measures” being imposed upon them by their governments."
DOJ’s Troubled Case Against Uthman
by Dafna Linzer

"Two men were tortured for more than a year inside the CIA's secret prisons program. One committed suicide at Guantánamo Bay. Another was driven "psychotic" from interrogations."
The Family: Secretive Christian Group of Conservative Lawmakers Building a 'God-Led' Government
by Anna Clark
The Secret Big-Money Takeover of America
by Robert Reich

"Not only is income and wealth in America more concentrated in fewer hands than it's been in 80 years, but those hands are buying our democracy as never before -- and they're doing it behind closed doors."
Why the revolution will not be tweeted.
Social media can’t provide what social change has always required.

by Malcolm Gladwell
Professional Leftist Michael Hayden praises Obama's "continuity"
A Flock of Loons
How the Roberts Decision really brought out the crazy

by Bryan Zepp Jamieson
China must fix the global currency crisis
by George Soros
How pervasive is Democratic dissatisfaction?
Right-Wing Terror Returns to Oregon
by Jon Perr
"This week, Time magazine offered an inside look at "the Secret World of Extreme Militias," the increasingly dangerous ranks of anti-government extremists, white supremacists, tax deniers, gun rights activists and anti-abortion radicals."
Trade War Is Here -- and We've Disarmed
by Robert Kuttner
How facts backfire
Researchers discover a surprising threat to democracy: our brains

by Joe Keohane
Five Ways the Democrats Can Avoid a Catastrophe and Pull Off the Mother of All Upsets
by Michael Moore
White America Has Lost Its Mind
The white brain, beset with worries, finally goes haywire in spectacular fashion

by Steven Thrasher
War on Terror logic
"What a surprise:  bombing Muslims more and more causes more and more Muslims to want to bomb the countries responsible."
Joseph Stiglitz: The Stimulus 'Absolutely' Worked, Wants Second Round
by Susie Madrak
Obama Targets Iran for Human Rights Violations and Shields Bush Officials for Engaging in Same Abuses
by Jason Leopold
"This week, in a burst of stunning hypocrisy, President Barack Obama signed an executive order that imposes sanctions on Iran for human rights abuses and targets eight Iranian government and military officials who are blamed for the torture, abuse and murder of citizens who protested Iran’s 2009 presidential election."
Sullivan's defense of presidential assassinations
"Moreover, it's almost impossible to ignore how similar are the rhetoric and rationale between (a) Bush supporters who justified presidential torture and (b) Obama supporters who now justify presidential due-process-free assassinations."
The President’s Power to Order the Extra-Judicial Execution of an American Citizen
by Scott Horton
"When the executive claims the power to take the life of a citizen without recourse to law and legal process, and seeks to sustain that under vague claims of commander-in-chief authority, that claim is in its essence tyrannical."
by Daniel Larison
The U.S. searches for war criminals
by Amy Davidson
Gliese 581g
It's not Earth II, but it proves terrestrial exoplanets exist

by Bryan Zepp Jamieson
U.N. Report finds Israel "summarily executed" U.S. citizen on flotilla
"Even more striking in terms of U.S. media and government silence on this report is the fact that one of the victims of the worst Israeli violations was a 19-year-old American citizen."
Robert Gibbs, hypocritical transparency crusader

"...Gibbs himself -- back in 2003 and 2004 -- was heavily involved in exactly the same kind of anonymous-funded negative campaign the Chamber is running now, when the brand new advocacy group for which he was the spokesman invoked the same excuses as the Chamber is invoking now to conceal its donors."
The Year in Sanity: Michael Bloomberg
They hate us for our occupations

"[Robert]Pape. . . will present findings on Capitol Hill Tuesday that argue that the majority of suicide terrorism around the world since 1980 has had a common cause: military occupation."
Ahmadinejad and the Limits of American and Israeli Power
by Juan Cole
Collapsing empire watch

"It's easy to say and easy to document, but quite difficult to really internalize, that the United States is in the process of imperial collapse."

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