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Bush riding bike
This photo is captioned with winning entry.

Here are the winners from our 7th photo caption contest:

1ST PLACE: Clinton, Denton, TX. Prize: Silver Bush Worst President Ever coin.

2ND PLACE: Winner contacted and waiting to hear back. Prize: Obama for President blue pin.

3RD PLACE: Tom Hyde, Middletown, OH. Prize: 2008 Anti-GOP bumpersticker.

All entries for this contest are posted below for your enjoyment:

I'm "flipping you the bird" because you didn't get those damn planters out of my way! I don't need to crash my bike just for a photo op!
"Look Mum" no trainer wheels! --from a viewer in Australia
Ready for a maiden spin after Cheney removed the training wheels. --from viewer Peter, Haydenville, MA
I bet Jerry Ford couldn't do this. --from viewer Tom, Middletown, OH
The Bush Solution for $4.00 per gallon gas. --from viewer Tom, Middletown, OH
See, if you ride your bike inside, you don't run over dog poop! --from viewer Tom, Middletown, OH
Mama can't make me ride outside now! --from viewer Tom, Middletown, OH
"The Chainster makes me ride indoors, because it might be offensive to our Big Oil brethren to see me not consuming gas." --from Clinton, Denton, TX
OK, smart-ass-media-dudes, I've shown I can walk and chew gum at the same time, and that I can ride a bike and talk at the same time, so where's that quail I'm supposed to shoot without wounding any bystanders?"--from Clinton, Denton, TX
"At this afternoon's press conference, I want to say - you know - want to tell the world, that I comute to work on a bike, because I feel the pain, the pinch, of high priced gas, and I care about the quality of our air, you know, which we all have to breathe, without being a 100% liar."
"At this afternoon's press conference, I want to say - you know - want to tell the world, that I comute to work on a bike, because I feel the pain, the pinch, of high priced gas, and I care about the quality of our air, you know, which we all have to breathe, without being a 100% liar." --from Clinton, Denton, TX
"Bill Clinton told me it's easy to go back to being a private citizen. He said it's like riding a bike - you just slip right back into the routine. Well I don't remember the first half of my life ever being this wobbly." --from Clinton, Denton, TX
"You know, I'm really getting tired of you guys from America's Funniest Videos following me around all the time! I've got Secret Service dudes around here somewhere, who can really mess you up." --from Clinton, Denton, TX
"You see, Lance is from Texas and I'm from Texas, he rides a bike and I ride a bike, the French hate him and the French hate me, he doesn't have any balls and I - oh, nevermind!" --from Clinton, Denton, TX
Have you ever gone to the circus and seen one of those monkeys in a suit riding a bicycle? They must be pretty smart, but would you let one of them run the country? Oh, wait - we did already! --from Clinton, Denton, TX
In a desperate attempt to improve his popularity among eco-sensitive voters, Dubya dons his best suit and hops on the re-cycling bandwagon. --from Clinton, Denton, TX
See Dick, even a monkey can ride a bike! --from viewer Paul, Landes, CA

Before he escaped, I mean resigned, Karl grabbed one of these for each staff member, from Bikes for Tykes, a charity outfit for poor kids living in DC. --from Clinton, Denton, TX

Of course I ride my bike inside! Have you ever tried to breathe the air on Pennsylvania Avenue? --from Clinton, Denton, TX
Every time Dubya uses his playroom, the ghost of Ronald Reagan is seen against the back wall, crying and moaning as he paces back and forth. --from Clinton, Denton, TX
I was trying to explain to Laura my 6-month plan to fix the economy, when she told me to go peddle my BS somewhere else cause she wasn't buying it, so here I am. --from Clinton, Denton, TX
"Look mum, no brains!" --from Brett, Melbourne, Australia
The Chainster and his Joint Chiefs of Stuff told me to go play in the street during their meeting, but I'm too smart for that trick! --from Clinton, Denton, TX
So where do I put the gas in this electric bike? --from Padma, El Sobrante, CA
Earlier today, President Bush personally defeated global warming. --from viewer Will, Radford, VA
Just practicing my escape from the subpoena servers. They'd never think of the decider as a rider !!! --from a viewer in Florida
"Why the suit? I'll tell you why - because in his causal cycling picture on the internets, Barak-O-Bahma is wearing jeans and I want to show the world that I got more classiness." --from viewer Clinton, Denton, TX
What do you mean, I should be wearing a helmet? I'll have you know some of the best paid doctors in Texas assured my folks that I could throw that smelly thing away soon as I finished middle school! What, you meant a bike helmet? A bike don't need no helmet, fool!" --from viewer Clinton, Denton, TX
"We gotta get rid of all this vegetation in my exercise room - these plants are sucking up all my oxygen!" --from viewer Clinton, Denton, TX
"This 'bird' is for you media-dopes who wrote that I couldn't even balance a bicycle, much less the national budget! Just lookit me now!" --from viewer Clinton, Denton, TX
"That Bronco Bahma is just a Copy Cat. We GOP old farts have been Biking For Democracy (with fully inflated tires) for decades." --from viewer Clinton, Denton, TX
"Every powerful man, uh, personage, has opportunities to be an infidel, uh, infidelity-doer, but when the urge strikes me, I remember what Laura always told me - GO RIDE A BIKE!" --from viewer Clinton, Denton, TX
"Now that Lance is getting into Texas politics, I thought it might be a good time for me to take his place in the biking world." --from viewer Clinton, Denton, TX
"Dude, I bet you I can jump at least three homeless people." --from a viewer in CA
Duh-Buh-Ya prepares for his most significant role in the upcoming Republican National Convention / Bike Rally in the Twin Cities. --from viewer Clinton, Denton, TX
"I'm putting in a little extra road work, 'cause I hear rumors about a possible second TOUR de GEORGIA this year. We should be able to field a team that'll send those foreigners back to where they belong!" --from viewer Clinton, Denton, TX
Karl said it would take some Olympicianonic back pedalling for me to ever have a positive legacy, so I'm back pedaling my way out of office. --from viewer Clinton, Denton, TX
"A'course I'm good at this! Who'd you think taught the FBI to backpedal so well?" --from viewer Clinton, Denton, TX
Are you sure this bike will make it to Paraguay? --from viewer Ken, Williamstown, MA
Yep, just getting a little R&R - rest and, uh, riding. Feeling pretty good now, with that gal Shara Plame on the ticket, we got looks as well as smarts. --from viewer Clinton, Denton, TX
I found this bike-of-mass-destruction behind the Russian Embassy. --name withheld by request
As you can see, I'm up on these economic cycles, so this crisis didn't catch me by surprise! I'm ready with a solution as soon as they let me back upstairs. --from viewer from Texas
Transportation for the Jetsons, boys; tires fully inflated with helium, and frame tubes full of hydrogen. Have to tie to a post to keep it from floating away up to the sun, son. --from viewer Clinton, TX
Car to cycle, and now you will be on road soon. --from viewer Narinder, India


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