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Help Progressives Beat the Extreme Right by Creating New and Better Language To Replace Their Deliberately Mis-leading Words and Phrases

We think Democrats and Progressives need help in cleaning up their own language. Often we use words and phrases right out of the GOP playbook that don't really mean anything or are part of the GOP lexicon, which ends up hurting us. We have offered up a few examples to get our viewers going to see what we mean. Hopefully your creativity will kick into gear and help us to add many more to our list to make it a valuable resource and effective tool in defeating the GOP-FOX News "spin and smear" machine.

Feel free to email a notice of our list of phrases to all of your friends. This project will be more effective if everyone pitches in to help! Let's change the political landscape by fixing our poltical language.

List of GOP Words and Phrases With Their Progressive Counterparts:

Words or phrases the GOP would like you to use
The Progressive Response
Trump Rally

America's Biggest Losers' Event

FL Governor Ron DeSantis FL Governor Ron DeathSantis
The Republican Party The Republican Cult, The Trump Party, The Anti-Democratic Party
Fox News State TV, Trump TV, FAUX News
China (Chinese) Virus Trump pandemic
United States Government Trump government
"A Better Deal" "A Better Option"
GOP-Trump tax reform plan Failed trickle-down economics, Billionaire's Bonanza
Trump is new to government and needs more time to learn how things work around here. Trump is both emotionally and intellectually unqualified for the job.
Trumpcare TrumpDeath

President Trump

Also you will want to view the Daily Kos list of 99 other names for Trump.

The (Our) Minority President, The Predator-in-Chief, Orange Julius, Agent Orange, Trumpled Foreskin, Bone-spur Bozo [Roger Cohen, NYT], The Orange Scourge, The Orange-speckled Golem, Cheeto-face, Groper-in-Chief, The Obscene Tangerine, Orange Roughy, Orange Nixon, Mango Unchained, lil' Mushroom Dick, Individual-1, The Orange Lardo

Hate crime Trump crime
Small-government conservative Segregationist
Violation of International Law When some other country engages in the same type of illegal and/or immoral activity that the U.S. does.
Iraq War Bush's Folly, Occupation of Iraq, the failed Republican occupation of Iraq
Burdensome Government Regulations Consumer / Environmental Protection
Terrorist Surveillance Program Bush and the NSA illegally spying on all Americans / illegal circumvention of FISA court
Clean Skies Toxic pollutants from weakened regulations
No Child Left Behind Under-funded Government Mandate
Real Conservative Pro-Corporation, Pro-war, Pro-rich ONLY supporter
The Christian Right The American Taliban / The Religious Reich
Running a tight ship Purging all dissenters / outing CIA agents
Pro-Defense Pro-Defense Contractors
Horrible Clinton Administration The Good Old Days
Climate Change Climate Crisis
Bush Presidency The Bush Presidency is over for all practical purposes with his poll numbers in the low-30's.
Republican Congressman Bush Enabler
Voter ID Voter suppression
Flat Tax Tax increase for everyone but the rich
We're at war We're occupying Iraq - the Iraq War ended on May 1, 2003
War against terror A perpetual state of being with no end in sight and no definitive way to measure results; empty phrase that sounds tough with main purpose being to funnel taxpayer money to defense contractors who then funnel more back to the politicians to help them get elected
We won't "cut and run" ...Except from Afghanistan and anywhere else that doesn't have lots of oil or other resources we want
We are fighting terrorists there so we don't have to fight them here We are creating more terrorists there so we have to fight them everywhere including here
We are mostly fighting al Qaeda terrorists in Iraq We are fighting a resistance to occupation by Iraqi people that doesn't either like or include many al Qaeda members
Activist Judges Freedom judges, Activist President
September 11, 9/11 Catch-all excuse for Bush/GOP excesses and abuse of power
Bush's steadfast resolve Bullheadedness, stubbornness, state of delusion
"Embryo Adoption" "Snowflake Baby" Terms used to prevent cures for serious diseases from stem cell research
This situation in Iraq is "challenging" There's civil war and ethnic cleansing in Iraq
Sectarian violence (in Iraq) Civil War (in Iraq)
Iraq War Greatest strategic disaster in U.S. history
September 11, 9/11 Bush's first major failure to protect America --from viewer Kathy
Illegal wiretapping program Illegal spying on Democrats' program
We need to "win in Iraq" We have already lost in Iraq about every way this can be measured and it's only a question of how much more losing and loss of life Americans will tolerate
This war will end all other wars There is no such thing as a war to end all other wars
Freedom, human rights, and democracy Terms the right has corrupted to sell regime change and unilateralism
Adapt and win (in Iraq) Same thing as "stay the course" to the GOP
The good decent Senator, Joe Lieberman... The de facto Republican Joe Lieberman, Israel's best Senator, Zell Lieberman
The Iraq War is central to fighting the war against terrorism Fighting terrorism with the war in Iraq is like putting out fire with gasoline --from viewer Scot Spitzner, CO
Operation Enduring Freedom Operation Enduring Occupation
It's a choice between staying in Iraq to win the war versus cutting and running and losing It's really a choice between staying in Iraq and losing slowly versus exiting Iraq and losing quickly
Who's better at fighting terrorism? Who's better at creating more terrorists?
Pro-Life Anti-abortion, a women's right to choose
Pro-Life Using the law and government to impose a religious belief on everyone --from viewer in Columbia, SC
Troop surge Escalation of the war, McCain/Lieberman Doctrine
Troop augmentation Troop escalation
Mission in Iraq Quagmire in Iraq
The American sacrifice Tax cuts and go shopping!
Not winning or losing in Iraq Lost in Iraq
Family values, abortion is murder, no to embryonic stem cells that save and improve people's lives... Hundreds of thousands of dead Iraqis, many more seriously wounded, and millions displaced, over 5,000 dead American soldiers and many more seriously wounded
Iraqis are free Iraqis have no electricity, sewage treatment, jobs, or security and millions have already fled Iraq
Heathy Forest Initiative Clear cutting forests
More billions for Iraq ..as long as it isn't my money
I'm the decider Where's the plan from the Democrats?
"My fellow Americans" uttered by any Republican My Evangelical base and Tea Party supporters
Bush will work with Congress Bush will veto everything the Democrats pass
We must help the Iraqis rebuild But we don't even have enough money to help New Orleans rebuild
We need more troops in Iraq ...as long as it isn't any from my family
Gay marriage Same sex marriage rights
Protectionism [as applying to trade] Fair trade
We're at War We are only "at war" with Al Qaeda and various terrorist groups, but not Iraq. Wasn't the strike on Iraq a pre-emptive strike to prevent a war or attack on the US? The resolution conditions for pre-emptive strike have been met, now we should redeploy the grounds troops and have troops only to train the Iraqis to defend their country and help with reconstruction. Military troops are only needed to protect these members while they do their job.--from a viewer
No Child Left Behind No Child Like Bush --from a viewer
Even if you think it was a mistake to go to war in Iraq..... We know it was a mistake to go to war in Iraq.,,
The terrorists will follow us here if we don't defeat them in Iraq. There aren't any real terrorists in Iraq. Most of the terrorists who want to cause us harm live elsewhere including many in this country.
The terrorists will follow us here if we don't defeat them in Iraq. Why should the terrorists come here when they have plenty of Americans they can and do kill everyday in Iraq?
..troops killed in Iraq today Troops whose lives were wasted in Iraq today
Conservative Regressive
George Bush is keeping us safe --we haven't been attacked again since 9/11. We were never attacked even once during the entire eight years of Pres. Bill Clinton's term.
USA Unaccountable
Administration --from viewer Joy, San Jose, CA
RED STATES AND BLUE STATES The RED STATES are feeling BLUE, and the BLUE STATES are RED HOT. --from viewer Joy, San Jose, CA
Quagmire--from viewer Joy, San Jose, CA

Ethno-Sectarian violence

Civil War
Socialism Attempt to help the poor and others who have been left behind through no fault of their own
Spreading democracy Creating open societies
Harsh interrogation Torture
The "Democrat" Party has been hijacked by the anti-war left The GOP has been hijacked by the American Taliban
The "Democrat" Party has been hijacked by the anti-war left Almost 70% of all Americans support an end to the occupation of Iraq so the anti-war left is not an extremist wing of the Democratic party. It is mainstream position of most Americans.
Barack Hussein Obama John [a Semitic name from the Hebrew Yochanan which became Johan and then John] Sidney McCain
John McCain McBush, John McCain't
Detainees Prisoners being held indefinitely without habeus corpus - many of whom would be set free if given a hearing or trial
Free markets Ethics-free markets--from viewer PS Thomas, Greene Co, IN
Voter ID laws Voter Suppression laws
Tax breaks for the job creators More "trickle down" economics that only benefits the rich
Social Security is an entitlement Social Security is a benefit that was paid for by employees and employers
Mitt Romney Willard Romney
The Mormon religion The Mormon cult that acts and looks like a religion
Christian Right Church of America--from viewer Sheldon in Wichita, Kansas

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