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These flyers are free to anyone to print out and distribute. They will print nicely on 8-1/2" x 11" white or lightly colored paper and are available in .pdf format.

Please feel free to share these flyers with others. Post them on community bulletin boards, take them to rallies or events, leave them in stores, bars, restrooms, shopping carts, dropboxes, on airplanes, in airports, on subways... anywhere where others will see them. Mail one back when you pay your bills. Mail one back to someone who tried to solicit you for a product or service you didn't want! Leave one at any house displaying a political yard sign. We can make a difference by effectively using the printing power of everyone's computer to distribute these effective messages, which are geared toward stopping the Bush cabal. Please don't leave your flyers in any mailboxes inside or outside because it is against the law to do this without postage affixed.

Just click on the flyer names below to access the flyer (make sure you have a .pdf reader. (You can download a free version of Adobe Acrobat)

Get Adobe Reader

To download and save to your hard drive:
PCs: Right click on flyer name and then "Save to Disk"
Macs: Hold flyer name link down for options and "Save to Disk"

You can also preview a .jpg image of flyers with images. (Requires 4.0.x browser and disabling most pop-up blockers)

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New flyers will be added. So check back!
All flyers are just one page except where indicated.

Flyers for 2012 election

Top 50 Things Accomplished by President Barack Obama - By Paul Glastris and Ryan Cooper and Siyu Hu, Washington Monthly. (6 pages)

Group of colorful artistic flyers with terrific messages by Chris Fick

WANTED FOR MURDER - This poster shows the face of Bush made up from Amercan dead from the Iraq War. [1,191k] Preview
"WHERE IS BUSH?" - Poster reminds voter that Uncle Sam is a national symbol..not God. [680k] Preview
UNCLE SAM SAYS "QUIET PLEASE!" - Reminds us that the GOP is spying on everyone. [583k] Preview
BUSH LIED! - And American boys died. Yes, women are also dying because of Bush's lies but we didn't create this poster. [570k] Preview
WE'RE FIGHTING TO PREVENT THIS - Don't let Bush limit your freedoms. [818k] Preview

Group of black & white flyers with one issue text messages [no large graphics]- quick downloads, quick printing, no previews needed
(The issues on the pre-election flyers are just as valid now as they were before the election so that is why we haven't removed many of these)

Impeach Bush! - This flyer is the full page ad from the NY Times by ImpeachBush.org that you can use to become part of the grassroots impeachment movement. Easy to print out and distribute with just enough information to grab attention.
Memo to President Bush on Iraq - This is an excellent 8-page flyer from the Center for American Progress that spells out the "public" concern over the Bush Administration's mishandling of Iraq. This one is very detailed and complete but easy to read in its analysis of Iraq quagmire.[100k]
The World Can't Wait! Drive Out the Bush Regime! - This is THE two-page flyer for the mass mobilization scheduled for Nov. 2, 2005. It lists many important reasons why Bush needs to be removed from office. Please help this movement succeed by printing out these flyers and making sure they get distributed. This is a serious national movement with lots of support.[8k]
Talking Points on the Downing Street Memo - Afterdowningstreet.org put together a nice one-page flyer that with talking points that can be used to urge Congressmen to take action with respect to these memos, which prove that Bush was fixing intelligence to fit his plans to go to war. This flyer could also be used to write letters to the editor.[30k]
100 Facts and 1 Opinion: The non-arguable case against the Bush Administration - One hundred facts crammed into a one-page flyer compiled by Judd Legum, deputy research director at the American Progress Action Fund and printed by The Nation, Nov. 8, 2004 edition. Because these facts are printed on one sheet this flyer will require slight magnification to read.
Homeland Insecurity - This terrific two-page flyer is from savedemocracy.com. It has one very small graphic of Bush at the top but still is a very small file [46k]. This flyer sets out serious mistakes made by Bush in failing to protect us prior to 9/11 and what he hasn't done to protect us since. This will be a very convincing flyer to Bush supporters who mistakenly believe he is a strong leader.
THE FAILURES OF THE REPUBLICAN CONTROLLED CONGRESS TO HOLD THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION ACCOUNTABLE FOR ABUSES OF POWER - This one page flyer lists many areas where the Bush Administration has abused its power with a link to a .pdf file where this is spelled out in more detail.
Real Numbers on the Economy Reveal Why You Shouldn't Vote for Bush - This two page flyer taken from statistics on populist author, Jim Hightower's site, shows readers in simple terms the dire consequences of Bush's economic policies. Can be used now to make the case against continuing down the same path.
9 Things Swing Voters Should Know About Bush - This flyers was adapted from an article by David Corn appearing in The Nation, 9/13/04, p. 37. It has been considerably condensed down into two pages but lists 9 important pieces of information about Bush. Red text captioning with black text descriptions of each point listed.
Nonpartisan Groups United Against Bush - This flyer lists various groups opposed to Bush and/or working to defeat him. The flyer is currently 3-pages long.
President Bush: Flip-flopper-in-Chief - This is now a 7-page flyer that lists 24+ important areas Bush has changed his mind over the course of time citing quotes and sources. This flyer will be updated and is more inclusiive and detailed than the one-page one we have called The Bush Flip Flops.
Things You Need to Believe to be a Republican Today - This flyer lists 19 funny but accurate contradictions in beliefs that someone would need to buy into in order to swallow the GOP line. It not only pokes fun at Republicans but would make them question their beliefs.
What Would $123 bn. Buy? - This flyers shows what $123bn could have bought in the way of humanitarian services and essential services and needs if these monies hadn't been spent on failed wars.
15 Reasons to Boot Bush - This flyer lists 15 important reasons why Bush needs to go in clear and concise fashion. Obviously to keep this to a one page flyer we had to be very selective of the reasons we chose and couldn't come close to including them all. Can be used now to make the case for impeachment.
The Bush Flip-Flops - This flyer enumerates many areas where Bush has changed his mind and flip-flopped. Short one-page flyer.

Group of Miscellaneous Flyers - from viewers and topplebush.com

Historical Trends in White House Whoop Ass - This is a very clever well-written satirical look at the results of the November 7, 2006 election complete with funny graphics by Vicki Krajewski, freelance writer. While this isn't exactly a flyer you will want to share this one with your friends.[120k] new
This News Is NOT on TV - This is a colorful, concise, one-page, anti-war flyer that lists important information that many people aren't aware of because they get most of their information from TV and other mainstream sources. The perfect educational tool to distribute in your community.[35k]
I didn't vote for dirty air, dirty water or big oil - Green flyer with white lettering by the League of Conservation Voters. This really nice looking flyer makes a perfect statement about the mandate Bush DOESN'T have.[56k] Preview
Bush Post Office Wanted Poster - Realistic, funny poster with Bush as the person wanted complete with mug shots. This is almost identical to the FBI ones you find in Post Offices and would be a good one to post everywhere. It is two-color just like the originals. [80k]
You Don't Have to be One of Bush's Stupid Supporters - This three-page flyer features one of Tom Tomorrow's great colorful cartoons at the top that fits this theme and then goes into listing many fallacies people would have to believe to support Bush. This flyer is intended to be given out to known Bush supporters. It basically calls into question their ignorance in supporting Bush...even now.[429k]
I'm a Bush Backer - This is a very funny one page poster made to look like an Osama bin Laden advertisement for Bush because Bush has been so helpful to him in building his terrorist network because of the invasion of Iraq, which created more Middle East resentment toward the U.S. This poster was created by: www.redefeatbush.com. [3.8MB] Preview
Facts About the Iraq War - This poster lists specific and common facts about the Iraq War and is meant to be distributed when Bush visits your city or town to remind people of the real costs of this misguided war. Created and sent to us by one of our viewers who distributed this one when Bush recently paid a visit to Portsmouth, OH. The flyer also has a black and white photo of dead soldiers in coffins. [130k]
Democracy in Danger - This very well done two-page flyer lists and describes eight specific areas where the Bush Administration has created policies or acted to undermine the Constitution and Bill of Rights. This flyer would look best printed out in color. From Citizens to Save Democracy.
War Criminal George - This is a four page flyer consisting mostly of text with a unflattering photo of Bush near the top under the heading: War Criminal George. The flyer lists indictments made against Bush as a result of the war in Iraq by former U. S. Attorney General, Ramsey Clark along with some of our own. Very damning of Bush and the case for impeachment. No Preview [296k]
No Mo Bush - This is a very funny one page flyer that says,"No Mo Bush" and shows a picture of Bush looking like Moe Howard of the Three Stooges [the resemblance is uncanny] with a red STOP sign through his head. [106k] --from CT, Northfield, Minnesota. Preview

Group of black & white flyers with messages and cartoon illustrations from Bill Ambrose

No Signups - This flyers says, "Strong on terrorism, my ass! with a cartoon showing terrorist recruitment splurging. Preview
Ill Considered War - This flyer consists of text taken from an article by Carl Bernstein called: History Lesson GOP Must Stop Bush, appearing in USA Today, May 24, 2004. The message is highly critical of the Iraq war for many of the right reasons. Preview
Nobody Gets Fired - This flyer consist of text and a cartoon by Luckovich telling people to stop being played for a sucker and Defeat Bush. Preview

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