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Fox slogan

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Cable News Confidential book
Producer, pundit, and media critic Jeff Cohen offers a fast-paced romp through the three major cable news channels - Fox, CNN, and MSNBC - and delivers a serious message about their failure to cover the most urgent issues of the day. Propelled by amusing anecdotes featuring famous pundits and media personalities, Cable News Confidential highlights the foibles, hypocrisies, and absurdities Cohen witnessed at news organizations run by entertainment conglomerates.

Static book
Democracy Now! host Amy Goodman and her author brother, David Goodman synthesize radio interviews and commentary with secondary sources on charged issues that the corporate media too often overlook in Static: Government liars, media cheerleaders, and the people who fight back.

Watchdogs of Democracy book
In Watchdogs of Democracy, Veteran White House reporter Helen Thomas offers a cogent, bracing assessment of the deteriorating state of journalistic ethics. She claims that the Bush-2 White House has pioneered "methods that steer message management into outright government propaganda." And never before have Washington reporters behaved like lapdogs rather than watchdogs, unwilling to ask obvious questions and demand honest answers.

Control Room
Startling documentary reveals the conflicts between managed perceptions of truth between Arab televison network, Al-Jazeera, and the American military.

Lapdogs Book 
Lapdogs is the first book to demonstrate that, for the entire George W. Bush presidency, the news media have utterly failed in their duty as watchdog for the public. In blistering prose while honing in on the reasons for it, Eric Boehlert reveals how, time after time, the press chose a soft approach to covering the government, and as a result reported and analyzed crucial events incompletely and even inaccurately.

Feet to the Fire
In this collection of interviews with 21 journalists, Borjesson offers a penetrating look at how top reporters regard the efforts by themselves and their colleagues to cover the war and the efforts of the administration to conceal or obfuscate their policy on Iraq.

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Help Us Find a New Slogan for Fox News

Topplebush.com decided to help Fox News find a new slogan that actually fits their news programming with the help of our fantastic group of viewers. The below list includes some phrases we came up with and where indicated, the phrases submitted by our viewers. This list began on September 4, 2003 and has grown a lot since then.

Feel free to email this list of slogans to all of your friends. This project will be lots of fun if everyone pitches in to help!

List of New Slogans for Fox News:

"Just like the religious right, we can tell our customers anything and they will believe it! Another perfect model for taking money from morons."

"With ignoramuses for viewers, we can lie with impunity"

"Making the world safe for fascism"

"Sexual Predators R US"

"We'll say anything. It's up to you to decide if any of it true."

"Trump-sponsored Faux News"

"If we can defend sexual predators we are capable of saying anything"

"Worse then the Wall Street Journal's editorial section"

"Everything will always be Obama's fault"

"We'll be talking about Hillary Clinton's emails as long as we have an audience"

"Our advertisers don't care about Democracy either"

"Making all our dumb viewers think tax cuts for billionaires are good for them"

"What news? It's about spreading rightwing propaganda, stupid!"

"Trump News Network"

"We bought C-grade comedian Dennis Miller too"


"Making the the world safe for stupidity"

"News on steroids"

"If you haven't heard it before, it's because we made it up"

"Excrement in Reporting"

"Don't disagree with us! We'll sue you!"

"Unfair and Unbalanced"

"It must be true because Karl Rove said so"

"Goose-stepping in time with Conservative Republicans"

"The gospel according to Rove"

"Let's all rant and rave"

"Home of the Bickering Bitches"

"Fair and Balance...NOT!"--from a viewer

"We distort, You decide."--from a viewer

"Don't believe everything you see on Fox News. If you do, you're more stupid than you already were." --from viewer Drake

"When we lie on Fox News we get promoted!" --from viewer Drake

"Propaganda the way you like it: Straight from the horse's ass"--from a viewer

"Baffle with Bullshit"--From Richard in Las Vegas, NV

"Sly As A Fox"--from a viewer

"Spin to the Right Starts Here"--from a viewer

"Fox in the Chicken Coop News"--from Jim Brewster, Tacoma, WA

"Waterwings of the Right Wing"--from a Canadian viewer

"Bought & Paid For"--from a viewer

"The President's overpaid whores"--from Bethlyn in CA

"Combining 'T&A' with Conservative Family Values.....that's us, we're FOX!"--from Stanley S. Churchill, MS

"Cuisinart for the RNC"--from Michael

"Rupert's World"--from Michael

"Rupert in the Middle"

"America's Most Wanton"

"Literally 'King of the Hill'"

"Arrested Development II"

"Right Shining Bright"

"One Viewpoint - Works for Us!"

"You want Arrested Development? Then watch us!--from a viewer

"We're ALWAYS right!"--from a viewer with minor editing

"Who need facts when you've got right wing spin?"

"We don't allow facts to get in the way of good spin."

"Foul & Belligerent Reporting"--from Nick Saunders a viewer in Ohio

"Fox News: The Republican Slanted News Network
'It's UnPatriotic to Question Us!'"--from Billy R. Kidwell, CEO www.VetsForJustice.com

"Real Distortions Chcok Full of Catchy One Liner Journalism So Even Americans Can Follow Along"--from David Finucane, a viewer in New Jersey

"Our news is always right; the other guys can report what's left and in the middle."--from an unknown viewer

"The only Information Ministry with the guts to tell America that everything is just fine."--from a viewer [supposedly uttered on the Simpsons to describe USA Today]

"More people get their news from us than any other source. And the rest are terrorists."--from viewer B. McKenna

"The Fox that licks chickenhawks"--from a viewer

"News ... at the speed of lies"--from a viewer

"Even WE can't spin this Republican dung into electoral gold!"--from JWS, a viewer

"Just bend over so we can blow some more smoke up your ass!"--from a viewer

"Fairly Unbalanced"--from a viewer

"The network that Bush needs, period!"--from viewer, Adam Sheehan

"FOX:The network for every horse's ass!"
"The anti-liberal (though we won't admit it) network"
"The regurgitative conservative network"
"Fox--when you've had enough real news for one day"
"Tune us in for the FoxNews Spin"
"Fox: We'll take you for a spin!"
"Fox: The Enchanted Forest of Network News"
"Bill & Sean, Bill & Sean, makes you keep your t.v.'s on! Go Foux! (yourself)"
"The FoxCroft United States of America Official White House Network"
"Why settle for just news when you can settle for Fox?"--all from Maria from Chicago

"Faux News"--from viewer, Kathy in PA

"Bush Broadcasting Corporation [BBC]"
"George's Monica"
"Home of reporters with 'flags in their lapels'"
"Fox News, watch this and get fat and stupid"
"Fox News, the Matthew Hopkins of the news world"--from a viewer in England

"Foxy by name and by nature"--from a viewer

"Fox: Proud to add our voices to the Republican echo chamber--from viewer, Raphaela

"We won't confuse the issue with the facts"--from viewer, Trisha

"We're here, we're too far right, get used to it"--from viewer, Mel McGee

"Fox News, Shit or Shinola, You Decide!"--from viewer, Patrick Stephens

"News, Shmooz...We can't be bothered with that - if ya' want news, try CNN"--from a viewer named Sunny

"Your News 'Bull' Market"--from viewer, Jim Ginch

"Fox Jazeera"--from a viewer named Dan

"With the world in such flux, you need your facts flossed by Fox"--from a viewer in Australia

"Fox-all the shit that ain't fit to print"--from a viewer

"Pravda for the People" --from Aaron Cook

"FOX REWS (RUES)"--from a viewer

"Fox News - Fairly Unbalanced..."--from J.A. Landa, a viewer

"Don't let the fact that we're owned by a rich Australian Conservative and 90% of our programming is talk shows rather than news confuse you into thinking: WE'RE (not) LOOKING OUT FOR YOU!"--from viewer Mark

"Fox News: You know about 'liberal media bias' because we teach you about it in ALL of our programming around the clock." ("Liberal Media Bias" is a term stressed to the max by Fox News smut peddlers Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, and Neil Cavuto just to name a few) --from viewer Keith Rogers, UT

"Fox News: Were 'Fair and Balanced' when it comes to issues we agree on!" (Anyone who has ever watched Faux News will know what I mean) --from viewer Keith Rogers, UT

"Fox News: We'll mix inspiring music with any footage of stuff being blown up." (The last one was a reference to Fox News when they mixed in classical music in with footage of Iraq being bombed by US forces in March 2003) --from viewer Keith Rogers, UT

"Neo Con News Network"
"False and Biased News" --from viewer Erica, KS

"Fox News...because we're blind as a bat"
"The Girls of Fox News..looks, beauty and that's where it STOPS!"
"Even Hitler Wishes He Had Us Back Then"
"Fair and Balanced Journalism...Because You'll never know..."
"We report you decide, because no ones counting the times WE'VE LIED...."
"From Our Toilet, To Your Brain, As Long As Bush Is At The Reign" --from viewer Robert, CA

"Fox News: Unencumbered by the truth" -- from viewer Charles, KS

"Sheeples News! Maximum Cant, Minimum Balance!" --from viewer Lehmberg, AL

"We're so damn sly, we don't even have to try to lie!" --from viewer Nick, IL

"Fair & Balanced? Ask O'Reilly and Hannity!" --From viewer Vic, FL

"Let Freedom Re(s)ign" --from a viewer

"Fox News: Bushes Monica" -- from viewer Narine, NY

"The party line all the time, and if you disagree, go FOX yourselves!" --from viewer Steven, GA

"Your worst nightmare: A bunch of rabid right-wing zealots with a whole network as a fascist playground." --from viewer Drew, CO

"We distort it, you just listen." --from viewer John, OH

"Wecome to the Asylum" --from viewer Barbara, TX

"Right-wing Spin Zone" --from a viewer

"Stale smoke blowing from the right" --from a viewer

"The Subversion Zone" --from a viewer

"FOX NEWS: For those who can't handle the truth." --from a viewer

"FOX NEWS: Where up is down, black is white, hot is cold, and Bush is great." --from a viewer

"FOX NEWS: You don't have to be honest if you're right." --from a viewer

"Refusing to be trapped into mourning the loss of troops or asking out loud why we are in Iraq" --from a Doonesbury reference to a memo from an editor to Fox News staffers

"If you aren't getting dumber, we aren't doing our job."

"FOX NEWS: We will tell any lies to help Bush win a second term" --from viewer Ira, NY

"FOX NEWS: The Bush ass- kissing channel" --from viewer Ira, NY

"Bill O'Reilly - Not so O'Really!!" --from a viewer

"Take a Peak at Double Speak!" --from Sylvia, CA

"Agree with us or SHUT UP, JUST SHUT UP!" --from a viewer

"Outhenned by the Fox in the White House" --from a viewer

"For fox sake!" --from viewer Michael, South Africa

"Fox News supports George W.Bush,
Though he makes bad decisions while sitting on his tush,
Fox will glamorize what Dubya does,
Even though his brain cells are compressed, flaky fuzz." --from viewer Bill, PA

"Fox in the Bush-House: Virtual news from the virtual president." --from viewer Dr. Pam, SD

"Right, where we want you"
"Psychosis Television"
"Alternate Reality Television"
"Fo(lie à deu)x (Just us and you)" --from viewer Thane, Japan

"Don't be wise - Just buy our lies" --from viewer Jimmy, CA

"FNN - The Fascist News Network" --from viewer Robert, WV

"It really FOX with your brain."
"Be afraid. Stay home. Watch FOX."
"Yellow journalism never looked so white!"
"Fox Facts: From the White House to you!"
"Re-elect Bush or we'll run out of news."
"We look stupid so Bush doesn't have to."
"Keep your eyes on the Blue Dress!"
"Only leftist homos watch anything else."
"Don't worry, we'll become unpatriotic and unsupportive *if* President Kerry takes office; that's fair and balanced!" --from a viewer

"FOX News -- Spread it Around (Works great on the lawn!" --from a viewer

"We Distort, You Comply!"
"We Don't Tell You Anything We Don't Want You To Know!"
"Pay no attention to that smirking creep behind the curtain!"
"Lies! We are the Lying Liars who tell them!"
"Fox News...because we know what's good for you."
"Fox. We speak out if one side of our ass...the RIGHT side!"
"Fox News...We have "liberal" commentators...but they are pale and have no balls."
"Right is Might!"
"There IS no vast right-wing conspiracy! It's RIGHT out in the open on Fox!"
"Fox! Where Kobe is bigger than Kerry!"
"Fox...All Michael Jackson, all the time!"
"Fox! Our polls reflect how we really feel!"
"Put down your shotgun, pop open a beer and turn the antenna on your trailer to Fox! We won't disappoint you! "
"You know you're a redneck if you believe Fox News!" --from viewer Susan, TX

"Pox Vocali"
"Foxy Noose--for those too stupid to read and too lazy to think!" --from viewer "caretaker" in IN

"SHUT UP! LISTEN!... now do what you're TOLD!!" --from viewer J.P. in CA

"Trust us, we are smarter than you." --from a viewer

"Fox News - slanting the facts so you don't have to." --from a viewer

"America's snooze channel." --from a viewer

"The all Spin Zone." --from a viewer

"Your best source for trickle-down news." --from a viewer

"Fox News Channel. Proving why America needs to pay attention." --from a viewer

"Unbiased browbeating" --from a viewer

"Fox - America's news source (as long as you're not liberal)" --from a viewer

"When conservative just isn't conservative enough" --from a viewer

"Fox News: favoring Bush more than porno!" --from a viewer

"Don't let the news confuse you - that's our job." --from a viewer

"Demagogue Central!" --from a viewer

"Straight reporting, homo free!" --from a viewer

"FOX - News for the nucular family." --from a viewer

"Fair and balanced distorting" --from a viewer

"Always fair and balanced and stupid and ignorant and bigoted" --from a viewer

"Fanatically Narrow-minded Conceptions" --from a viewer

"FNC - Life Unexamined" --from a viewer

"FOX - Fostering O'Reillian Xenophobes" --from a viewer

"Fox News - a Bush league of its own" --from a viewer

"Fair and balanced regressivism" --from a viewer

"FNC - putting the "pure" in puerile" --from a viewer

"World news in the right light" --from a viewer

"Fox News: Hail to the Thief...I mean CHIEF!" --from a viewer

"Fox News: We don't lie! We just don't tell the truth!" --from viewer Moe, in England

"Fox News: Just cuz we made it up, doesn't mean it won't happen" --from a viewer in England

"FOX NEWS, Where PROPOGANDA IS KING" --from a viewer

"FNC: Fake News Conspiracy" --from a viewer

"The nation's misleading news source" --from a viewer

"Trust us because we can read you this crap and still keep a straight face!" --from a viewer

"We'd be even funnier if so many people did't think we were the voice of God" --from a viewer

"Don't call us if you don't agree" --from a viewer

"The home of Bully O'Reilly and his clone Sham Hannity" --from a viewer

"The news source George Orwell predicted" --from a viewer

"We can put a conservative spin on hog market reports" --from viewer Ken, IL

"Protecting the 'American Dream' for the few affluent actually living it" --from a viewer

"Laissez-faire imbalanced!" --from a viewer

"America's context-free news provider" --from a viewer

"News you can't get anywhere else, because we made it up" --from viewer Ken, IL

"Whadda you mean it was called propaganda in the Soviet Union? You gotta problem whit dat?" -- from viewer Ken, IL

"Information for the people by the Right, for the Right. No further discussion is needed nor allowed........unless you agree 100%" --from a viewer

"Real news covered up to the highest standards" --from a viewer

"Impaired and callous" --from a viewer

"SMEAR FACTOR" --from a viewer

"We won't bore you with confusing facts and the truth" --from a viewer

"There is no gravity, FOX SUCKS!" --from viewer Susan, CA

"WE'RE BUSH'S 527" --from viewer Ira, NY

"We get even with all those pointy-headed liberals that laugh at you" --from a viewer

"Keep it Right here!" --from a viewer

"Don't change the channel or you might miss more B**S**" --from viewer Ken, IL

"Helping Bush Fox the American public" --from viewer Greg, GA

"We can distort the news because our viewers don't require context"

"Fox News: The living embodiment of Joseph Geobbels"
"Fox News: Fair like cancer, balanced like Louis XV"
"Fox News: It's not just for Brown Shirts, anymore" --from viewer Lee, Mountain View

"Jingo is, jingo is, jingoism is the way..." --from a viewer

"Fox News: replacing cogent argumentation with good old-fashioned vitriol!" --from a viewer

"FNCGOP" --from a viewer

"Fox News: Because you're too stupid to know the truth" --from viewer Daniel, PA

"SHUT UP! Now, as we told you fifteen minutes ago.......SHUT UP!" --from viewer Ken, IL

"Stay tuned because bu..sh.. happens" --from viewer Ken, IL

"Fox news and convention production company" --from a viewer

"Are we really lying if it's for a good cause?" --from a viewer

"Fox News: Fairly Unbalanced" --from viewer John, LA

"Not Necessarily News" --from a viewer

"FOX W. NEWS: Is the dubya for White Supremacy or Warmongor? We'll let you decide. " --from a viewer

"Covering news across the Solar System - from our mouths to Uranus" --from a viewer

"FOX NEWS: If you want intelligent reporting go to Comedy Central's "The Daily Show", but for a good laugh tune into us." --from a viewer

"Specializing in news for the unedumacated" --from a viewer

"We really are fair and balanced because we let Juan Williams talk for a few seconds every Sunday morning (What are you thinking Juan?)" --from a viewer

"FoxNews: Fair and Balanced (I'm George W. Bush and I approved this message)" -- from a viewer

"Frighteningly Obvious Xcrement" --from viewer Gene, NC

"FOX out of the White(hen)House" --from viewer JS Boyd, MD

"We decide so you don't have to!" --from viewer Beth, GA

"Unfair and Biased" --from viewer Mark, Altoona

"The FCC should be fining us too for indecency"

"FOX SUX!" --from a viewer

"It's not Propaganda, it's Hypothetical Reporting!" --from a viewer

"Watch Fox News - No other channel has B.O." --from a viewer

"Uncovering sex scandals on The O'Reilly Factor" --from a viewer

"Direct news from the front lines of OIL (Operation Iraqi Liberation)" -- from a viewer

"We learned our cheap shots and dirty tricks from the Republicans" --from a viewer

"Oil's well that ends well!" --from a viewer

"FOX NEWS? Replace our "o" with a "u" 'cause that's what we do! --from a viewer

"You are watching FOX NEWS: the new CNN, where the "C" is for crap!" -- from viewer Murita

"Because you always need fear"
"All flair, no credibility"
"We spew diarrhea, so you don't have to!"
"Because we control the media"
"Because you're too lazy to discredit us"
"Self-righteous incompetence"
"The McDonald's of news networks" --from viewer Michael, NH

"FEAR and BALONEY" --from viewer Jesse, NV


"Baffled by the Bushshit...I mean BULLshit" -- from a viewer

"Fox News: Proud Home of the Hick Magnates" --from Jennifer, IN

"Leaning so far to the right we sometimes fall over..." --from Jack, MA

"We distort, you subscribe" --from Keith, OH

"Fox News---- where reality is not relevant" --from a viewer

"FNN (Fascist Neocon Network)---We tell you what to think!" --from a viewer

"Fox News - You're a terrorist if you watch anything else"
"Fox News - Because Bush said so"
"Fox News - KILL THE TERRORISTS!!!! No the Muslim ones not the Republicans"
"Fox News - All the truth, all the time, all the way from Bush's mouth"
"Fox News - Bush. If only all men were like you *sigh* In other news Fox would like to point out that it does not favour any administration"
"Fox News - Why the hell are you watching this shit?"
"Fox News - Bias towards Bush?!?!?!?!? What have you been watching!!!!!!" --from a viewer

"Thinking is tough work. Leave it to us." - The Fox News Channel - A refreshing start for brain-dead individuals" --from a viewer

"Either you are with us or you are against us" - Fox News Channel - "You can run but you cannot hide" --from a viewer

"O'Reilly Fact-err - The Nose Pin Zone" --from a viewer

"FOX - The Frustrated Old Xenophobes news network" --from Greg, PA

"Bush re-elected. Mission accomplished"
"Kerry's been shot. News at 3:00 AM"
"Tilted talking heads and proud of it"
"Catering to Bubbas and Biblethumpers for four elections now" --from viewer Rob

"The Stepford News----Held together with Screw---balls!"
"Listen and Watch ONLY to Find the Morals & Values-----NOT!"
"Stand with Us & Topple the United States" --from Debbie, NV

"Robots' Rhetoric and Stepford Women-24/7" --from a viewer

"An unfair and biased look at the wrong" --from a viewer

"Why go ask Alice? Try Fox!"
"Fox, right as reign!" --from viewer Waddie, CA

"Fox: The only only Network that shows were the troops WILL be."
"Fox: We will take you flip-floppers...Like Mr. Miller" --from viewer Chris, WV

"Maximum news with minimum Trust" --from Misbah, Pakistan

"Fox News - First in Right Wing Lemming Blather"
"Fox News - Can you believe this shit?"
"Fox News - Blindly lead by Bushisms" -- from a viewer in WA

"The Daily Show, no longer the only fake news" -- from Joseph, KY

"All the news we made up" -- submitted by a viewer

"FOX: Redefining 'A new low'"
"Fox: Fake news for fake people"
"FOX: Keeping the mass in a state of fear since the Republicans came to power" --from viewer Dan, PA

"99% bullshit - and we're working on the rest" --from Alice, UK

"9 out of 10 white supremists prefer us"--from a viewer

"Less content than porn without a plot"
"We're like the CIA...without the intelligence" --from a viewer

"Fox News: Blight Made Right"
"Dumbing down the news so everyone can understand it." --from a viewer

"Bullshit with flavour" --from Waqar in Pakistan

"News That Is Unbalanced And Fabricated - If You Want The Truth Find Another Source" --from viewer George, IA

"Keeping the People misinformed" --from a viewer in Germany

"I'm George Bush and I approve of this news."
"If you didn't hear it from us then I couldn't have happened." --from Arlough, UT

"We're always RIGHT!" --from Patricia, VA

"Fox News: THE Mother of Invention"
"Fox News: Air Heads of the Air Waves"
"Fox News: Fair and Balanced just like the Bush budget..."
"Fox--where we care enough to vend the very least"
"Fox--at the bottom of your television dial" -- from viewer GG

"Fox News-Fairly Biased" --from Mike, NJ

"Foxzi News"
"Dutchland under Ailes"
"Far Unbalanced"
"The Mistrusted Name in News"
"We distort, lie, and hide"
"Ratso Reilly"
"The No Spine Zone" --from Adam, MA

"Fox: We're so right we're wrong!" --from Justin, S. Africa

"73% opinion..the rest fact"

"Fox News: Because ignorance really is bliss!!"
"Fox News: The official "News" service of the Fatherland" --from a viewer

"Fare and Balanst" (the Fox slogan as meaningless gibberish) --from Rick

"Fox News: Are we right, or are we right?" --from a viewer

"Fox News: Simple News For Simple Minds" --from Mark, PA

"The official news agency of the American Taliban!" --from Rick, FL

"We Distort, You Decry" --from Pradeep, Australia

"Propagating paranoia"
"Hicks believe us, and that's what matters"
"The closing of the American mind"
"Over-exaggerated and over-appreciated" --from Motomo, ME

"The American Al Jazeera Network" --from Rick, FL

"News for Taliban Republicans and their fundie base"

"Cluster Faux"

"Fox Tabloid News - Our slogan is: 'You can fool some of the people some of the time, but we think we can fool Fox viewers all of the time.'" --from Bill, Aberdeen, Scotland

"Fox News: the Good News: To show we are fair and balanced we have hired a Democrat. the Bad News: It is Zell Miller" --from Bill, Aberdeen, Scotland

"From now on we will be called 'Aruba News Channel'" --from Bill, Aberdeen, Scotland

"We prove that mad cow disease can be transmitted to humans - watch us when Ann Coulter is on." --from Bill, Aberdeen, Scotland

"Bush's lies without the stutter..." --from viewer Al

"THE BUSH BLOW JOB NETWORK" --from aussiegirl

"MNN - The Mushroom News Network. We keep you in the dark and feed you crap." --from a viewer

"LIE NOW! STONEWALL LATER!" --from a viewer

"FOX NEWS AT THE SPEED OF LIES" --from a viewer

"DON'T BELIEVE THE TRUTH!" --from viewer JoJo


"I heard a Fox News commentator who reminded me of Joseph Goebbels."
"Oh Really?"
"No O'Reilly!" --from viewer TD

"Fox News, all the news thats fit for Republicans"
"Fox News, Proudly paid for by the RNC" --from viewer, Jimmy, MO

"All Fascist, All the Time" --from viewer Jill, NV

"We make you feel better about being an a**hole...24 hours a day" --from viewer Erich

"FOX: Flatulence, Offal, Xcretia" --from viewer Alamaine

"Get off on the Right foot...with Fox Paws (faux pas, n'est-ce pas?)" --from viewer Lizzie, TN

"We report the truth like 'HILTER'" --from viewer Larry, Los Angeles, CA

"Tip of the Right Wing Sword Now With Added Geraldo" --from Gregg, Sacriston, England

"sLIE as a FOX" --from Gregg, Sacriston, England

"Someone in the media had to ridicule the victims of Hurricane Katrina"

"Spooning on the shit in American-sized portions" --from a viewer in Wales

"Weapon of Mass Stupidity"
"Hot Air Central"
"Swagger City" --from a viewer

"FOXSNOOZE! "Keeping You In The Dark" --from viewer Arnold, SK, Canada

"Exclusive Reality" --from viewer Herbert, Bonn, Germany

"GOP-TV" --from J., Naples, FL

"Evangelical anchors gone wild!"
"Fairly Balanced on our GOP stump"
"No boring news reports here, just 24 hr. a day GOP stumping"
"Evangelicals Reporting On Our Church Run Government" --from viewer Dennis, Kokomo, IN

"FOX FEAR and SMEAR" --from a viewer

"Fox drums for war" --from viewer Mary, MD

"FOX NEWS, FOX US, FOX YOU" --from viewer Laura, Brooklyn, NY

"FOX News: Fear and Misbalance"
"FOX News: We Purport to Report. You Cannot Decide It."
"FOX News: Where Bill O'Reilly says 'SHUT THE FOX UP!'"
"Even Stewie Griffin and Homer Simpson are Funnier than O'Reilly!" --from viewer in Canada

"Off our meds and proud of it!" --from a viewer

"Faux News: Verbal diarrhea. We deceive you believe."
"Faux News: We make The Enquirer look credible." --from a viewer in WI

"FOX NEWS? rrrrriiiggghhhttt, sure, we got news. really we do. We just won't tell you"
"And you thought Terri Schiavo was brain dead?"
"Faux News: When real news breaks, we fix it" --from viewer Dennis, RI

"FOX NEWS: The yearly winner of Joseph Goebbels' award for truthful, fair and balance reporting." --from a viewer

"For Only (e)Xtremists"
"Not Ever Worth Seeing" --from a viewer

"FIX News. We report what we decide." --from a viewer

"Where lying comes easy! --from George, Oxnard, CA

"We report, you deride!"

"News spewing from the right Fox hole" --from viewer Richard, Dana, IN

"WWM - The fair and balanced Factor as to why White Women are Missing" --from viewer LP, Cambridge, MA

"The news thats fair and balanced for all republicans" --from a viewer

"F: Fascist...O: Oligarchs...X: Xenophobes"
"WE divide and hate...and... We expect you to" --from Mark, Littleton, CO

"Hey, if it makes us money..." --from viewer Libby, IL

"Our news is FOXed up" --from viewer Richard, Canada

"Sound bites for the Right" --from a viewer

"All the news thats fit to tint" --from viewer Ron, Wes Covina, CA

"Fox News- Because the truth is so boring!" --from viewer Dennis, Marion, IN

"Fox News Network or Repubcan Spin Newtwork ? You Decide" --from viewer Steve, Joplin, MO

"Why not us? You already buy every other lie we tell you" --from viewer Dennis, Marion, IN

"We view CNN's loss of Bob Novak as our gain!"

"Fear & Slanted (always to the right)" --from viewer Joel, Canada

"We report, we decide" --from a viewer

"Whores of the Court of Imperial George" --from a viewer

"When you NEED to hear just what you WANT to hear choose FOX News"
"FOX News: Fairly partial to the Imbalanced."
"F alse
O bscene
X enophobic"
"If you're not frightened to death then we are not doing our job." --from viewer MLarkin, Philadelphia, PA

"Warped Corporate Reporting Without The News"
"Right Reported News At All Times" --from viewer Larry, Seffner, Florida

"The No Facts Zone" --from a viewer

"Unfair and Slanted" --from viewer Clay, Florence, Alabama

"FOX News BIG BROTHER in Action, coming right to your living room, all day, every day! Keep watching, or else..!" --from a viewer

"Fox News: The brown acid for the 21st Century" --from viewer Bo, Richmond, VA

"Fux News: Daily Ration of Bushit" --from viewer rdeluca, Auburn, New York

"The Misinformation Superhighway"
"For the Fearful and Unbalanced"
"F_orum O_f X_enophobes (F.O.X.)"
"W_hite H_ouse O_mnipresent R_eactionary E_xecutive S_pin (W.H.O.R.E.S)" --from viewer L. Douglas, Columbus, OH

"NON-STOP SPIN ZONE" --from viewer Brian, Hollywood, FL

"Rupert sez" --from a viewer

"Check out our blonde brain dead bimbo Stepford wives" --from a viewer

"Fox, the real never ending story (of bullshit)" --from a viewer

"Fox News: Let's Play Slime Ball" --from Zonker, PA

"Fear and Biased" --from a viewer

"Putting the 'duh' in W.--from viewer Dave, Lake Placid, FL

"Fox Newspeak - "False is true" --from viewer B. White, Parsonfield, ME

"Fox! Big Brother's Little Brother" --from viewer Zubverzive, Texas

"FOX NEWS...Because You Can't Handle The Truth" --from a viewer

"Fox News: Someone has to give Brit Hume a job!" --from viewer Stash, Washington

"Don't attempt to adjust your TV set. We control the vertical. We control the horizontal. We control the fairness and balance"
"The rub is the shrub"
"This has been a Bushvision Production" --from viewer Stephen, Portland, OR

"Fox, the RIGHT news, where the truth matters less..." --from viewer Steve, MA

"The news channel that gives horseshit a bad name" --from a viewer

"CHICKENHAWK TALK & COOKIECUTTER CUTIE FOR SALE UNTIL 2008!! (Get yours before the excuses start)" --from RenoMike, Reno, NV

"Fox News - The Station That Can Even Make Ann Coulter Look Smart!" --from a viewer

"If it's news, we'll misreport it!" --from a viewer

"News?...What News?" --from viewer Sunny

"Flame and Blame" --from viewer Clif

"THE SPIN STARTS HERE -What say YOU, Mr. O'Reilly?"
"No Bloviating, Just BullSh&t" --from viewer Kathy, Blytheville, Arkansas

"Fox News: Facts Free News"
"Listen to Sean Insanity and Bill UnReality"
--from viewer Harry, Grand Rapids, MI

"FOX NEWS: No Boring Facts - Just News The Way We Like It!" --from viewer W. Schmitt, CT

"Delivering all the news you should not believe!"
"Misinformation creates opportunity!"
"Don't worry, we will report what we said we would sometime tonight"
"We all wear heavy makeup and that makes us believable"
"We call it spin because we turn stories around to suit us" --from a viewer

"We read the White House talking points, you decide"
"Ignorance isn't bliss--it's next on Fox News" --from viewer Professor Smartass, Santa Monica, CA

"We NEVER let facts sway our reporting"
"We never report it until we know it's right--FAR right!"
"If it didn't happen the way we say it happened, then it never happened at all" --from viewer Dallas, Dallas, TX

"Boombox Bluster for Benighted Boneheads" --from viewer Jaxon

"Fox News = "Goebbelsvision" --from a viewer

"HOME OF "GOSSIP AND RUMOR"" --from a viewer

"Fox Noose: We'll tell you when to jump" --from viewer Mud_Slide_Slim2005

"We distort, you abide" --from a viewer

"We contort, We deride..." --from a viewer

"Fox 'News': And to the interests for which it stands: one station, unbelievable, with bigotry and malice for all." --from a viewer

"Now presenting The Faux News starring Bully O' Liely" --from a viewer

"We are even more sleazy than Simon Cowel" --from Dennis, Warwick, RI

"Theocratic Kleptocracy for IDIOTS"
"Any fool can delude the unwary with falsehood; whereas a champion liar adheres scrupulously to incontravertable fact"
"Think of the media as a great keyboard on which the government can play"
"Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe"
"How fortunate for leaders that men do not think"
--from a viewer

"Faux News: The Right Way to believe" --from viewer Ed, Spokane, WA

"Fox News: Fighting the War on Truth" --from a viewer

"Fox News: Defenders of facism in America" --from viewer Albert, OH

"Brought to you by the Ministry of Truth" (from Orwell's 1984) --from viewer Chad, TX

"Fox News: Watch it! Believe It! Because Big Brother Told you to!" --from a viewer

"You're watching Fox, we're watching you!"
"Fox news: Our truthfulness pays off"
"Fox, The most Biased name in Propoganda"
"Fox news: Spreading Foxpox, not anthrax"
"Fox news: Fearfilling and Broken"
"Fox news: Right and Unbalanced"
"Fox news: We got the Shepard, now you be the sheep!"
"Fox news: Propoganda with a smile"
"Fox news: We decide, you lose"
"Fox news: Filtered for you from that evil truth!"
"Fox news: Because we can"
"Fox news: Safe and sound in a Bush"
"Fox news: Saving your mind from free thought and speech!"
"Fox news: Where the F stands for Fear, the O stands for our IQ, and the X is just there to scare you even more"
"Fox news: Standing for Freedumb!" --from viewer David, CA

"We're off our medication and we believe what the voices are telling us" --from a viewer

"The Home of Sean Vanity, Giraldo "The Map" Riviera, Bill O'Really, and the Twilight Zone Non-Factor"
"Fairly Unbalanced"
"Fox Entertainment News...the War Channel"
--from a viewer in CA

"Fox: Lies disguised as truth" --from viewer Jane, Redwood Falls, MN

"FOX...Full Of Xhit" --from a viewer in CA

"Fox News: For dumb Republicans like you" --from a viewer

"Fox - Fake news for fake people" --from viewer Craig

"We might be Right but we're Wrong" --from a viewer

"Fairly Unbalanced" --from a viewer

"It's a fine line between truth and news...and we don't care" --from a viewer

"All GOPIG, All the time . If you aren't getting the truth from Fox, U R a commie-pinko-pansy-atheist traitor. Please leave the Holy Fatherland!" --from viewer Greg, Reading, PA


"Joseph Goebbels News on Steroids" --from viewer Musgrave, CO

"argumentum ad nauseam. The truth in such big words you won't understand them" --from viewer in CO

"In the big lie there is always a certain force of credibility. Joseph Goebbels, Editor In Chief, FAUX News" --from a viewer

"The official news agency of the Bush Administration" --from viewer Gail, Arlington Heights, IL

"The Propaganda Station for a psychopathic Nation!"
"Media for Meatheads!"
--from a viewer

"We're still getting advertisers to pay for this crap!" --from a viewer

"We call 'em as we see 'em and we always make 'em up" --from a viewer

"News on qualudes" --from a viewer

"The Third Reich just wishes they had us" --from a viewer

"Even after a week, we still find all races in the election too close to call" --from a viewer

"Right wingers wish it, so we dish it!"
"Where the wrong is made Right!"
--from viewer Sam

"FOX NEWS The ONLY TV channel available in HEAVEN!" --from viewer Gary, PA

"For the anti-intellectual, xenophobic, jingoistic, conformist, unreasonable few" --from Mitch, Frankfort, IL

"We distort, you decry"
"Billowing Billo since 1996!"
"Fox - from our imagination to your television set"
"We tell lies, then deny"
"War? What war?"
--from viewer Ryan in Canada

"Fox News - because drunken pedophiles and influence peddlers need love too" --from viewer Trippin

"Fox News: No liberal traitors allowed, God bless our right-wing conservative bigots!" --from viewer Sue

"The Official Presidential Spokeschannel!" --from viewer Randy, Mercer Island, WA

"Fox News: Fair and balanced weather reports. That's about it." --from viewer James, Bloomington, IN

"If Hitler had us, you'd all be speaking German now." --from viewer Robert, CA

"Brought to you by Citizen Murdoch." --from viewer Paul, Groton, CT

"We're voting for Rudy and so must you!"

"Democrats are Blue Collar - Republicans are Red Necks --from viewer Joy, San Jose, CA

"Fox Noose: Don't worry dummies, we'll tell you when to jump" --from viewer mud_slide_slim2005

"Fox News...it's like journalism only less so." --from viewer Dexter, FL

"Stupid and Proud to Broadcast It Anywhere!" --from viewer Suze, Greensboro, NC

"Hannity & the Tramp" --from viewer Eric, El Paso, TX

"FOX NEWS: "We deceive, you believe" --from viewer Mike, Denver, CO

"Faux News Propaganda..No, We DON'T subscribe to the Television Code!" --from viewer Kim, NJ

"Faux News...rated number one by Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church Bunch!" --from viewer Kim, NJ

"Fox news is really:
NNN-Neanderthal News Network
CBS-Constantly Bull*hit and Stupidity
NBC-NO one in their right mind BOTHERS or CARES
We Lie, Red Staters buy it!
SUX News, Screwing Democrats over since our inception!
Fox News Smut..Larry Flynt loves us!
Fox News..where there's no such thing as the TRUTH!
BNN..Bill O'Reilly Nutcase News!
Fox News, just as silly as watching the grass grow!" --from viewer Kim, NJ

"FAUX News...You won't see our reporters on an A380 jet anytime soon, because we're still boycotting France!"
"Faux News..Truly Tasteless Blecch!"
"The unofficial Ministry of Misinformation of the Republican Party!"
"The following bunch of lies is brought to you in PUTRID STINK-O DEFINITION on FAUX!"
--from viewer Kim, NJ

"Fox News-Chicken Soup for the Rich White Male Soul!"
"Faux News...goes great with a gallon of moonshine!"
"Faux News..news for people like Britney Spears and Paris Hilton!" --from Kim K. NJ

"All the poop thats fit to scoop! Literally! Where else are you gonna get the latest in Republican poop dujour pontifications?" --from 'Wax Mundane"

"Faux News...watched by more skinheads, neo-Nazis, and Klan members than any other news network!"
"Fox News...dishing out more dirt than the National Enquirer, Star, Weekly World News, and US Magazine combined!"
--from Kim K. NJ

"Right to the Point!"
"The Right News at the Wrong Time!"
"Right, Wrong and Ridiculous!"
"We never let the truth ruin a good story!"
"The Right Way to Spend Your Day!"
"The Rights You can Depend On!"
"News Done Right!"
"We're Right and We Can Prove it!" --from Peter, Newbury Park, CA

"Faux News...The Ministry of (Un)Truth!" --from Kim K. NJ

"Fox News...because you can't handle the truth!" --from Kim K. NJ

"If you agree with us, than we'd both be wrong" --from viewer in Albuquerque, NM

"For Oblivious Xenophobes" --from viewer Wendy in Capitola, CA

"Fox News- Because mediocracy is always at it's best." --from viewer Mike in Minneapolis, MN

"Running out of spin" --from Robert

"FAUX NEWS....We love to lie, and it shows!" --from Kim K., Pleasantville, NJ

"FAKE NEWS CHANNEL..the #1 news channel for patriot militias everywhere!" --from Kim K., Pleasantville, NJ

"BREAKING NEWS...the sky is falling! More details as soon as we concoct them!" --from Kim K., Pleasantville, NJ

"FAKE NEWS CHANNEL...best enjoyed while stoned on Oxy's!"
"FARCE NEWS CHANNEL...in case you wonder where the horse manure goes!"
"FAUX NEWS CHANNEL...where all our on-air talent graduated the sixth grade, learnin' how to cipher!"
"Farce News-proud to bring rednecks news in a way they can actually comprehend!"
"Farce News...if we say THE END IS NEAR, you better believe it!"
"Farce News-the best kitty litter you`ll ever use..because that's all it's good for!"
The 24-hour BS telethon, sponsored by the right-wing bull$hitters from the GREEDY OLD PERVERT party!"
"We lie...and we expect you to swallow all of it!"
"FAUX NEWS....approved by members of the Aryan Brotherhood!"
"Shut up, eh? No, Bully O'Ruthless, YOU SHUT UP!"
"FARCE NEWS CHANNEL...brainwashing detergent!!"
"All the falsehoods, all the time!"
"Sponsored by..the Republican Party, the Koch Brothers, Rush LIEbaugh, ExxonMobil, and BP/Amoco!"
"Farce News, brought to you by the Moral Majority and the John Birch Society!"
"FAKE NEWS..the reason why Red Staters buy a dish..so they can pop open a brew and get their daily ration of baloney!"

"Who cares if we make sense? You're dumb enough to watch anyway!"
"If we did news like we do sports, we would truly be fair and balanced. THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN!"
--from viewer Kim K., Pleasantville, NJ

"We don't rely on Fact Checkers" --from a viewer

"Fox News: Fairly Biased" --from a viewer

"News on OxyContin"
"Murrow is rolling in his grave, we're so awful!"
"Doing the Republican's dirty laundry, 24/7/365..366 on a leap year!"
"You want publicity for your Tea Party hoedown...Just send in Murdoch's bunch of clowns!"
"MCNN-Male Chauvinist News Network"
"NOG-News On Geritol"
"Faux News...all our on-air talent can blow up a polygraph machine!"--from viewer Kim K., Pleasantville, NJ

"Fox News keeping people dumb since 1997"
"At least The Daily Show doesn't try to sell itself as real news. It's called satire."
"Fox News Channel: Blowing the dog whistles You want to hear - 24/7. We blow; you decide."
"And zero wasted time with pesky facts. Why burden the listener with the truth."
"FOX NEWS: Pretending to Be Persecuted By Liberals Since 1997"--from viewer Drake

"Fox News: Where Truth Goes To Die"--from viewer bleuskies777

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