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GOP slogan

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Recommended Books and DVDs

The Republican War on Science
Chris Mooney skillfully explores what is behind the GOP attempt to turn a country on the cusp of innovation backwards into the Middle Ages of skepticism about science and evolution. Mooney guides the reader through this unfathomable undertaking that is an organized Republican effort to undo our national heritage of innovation and scientific advancements.

Money & Free Speech
Melvin Urofsky, one of our nation's most respected legal historians, takes a fresh look at efforts to rein in campaign spending and counter efforts in the courts to preserve the status quo. He offers a thoughtful and balanced overview of campaign finance reform and the legal responses to it, from the Progressive era through the Supreme Court's landmark ruling in McConnell v. FEC (2003) and its impact on the 2004 election.

No Place to Hide book
O'Harrow, a Pulitzer finalist who covers privacy and technology issues for the Washington Post, tracks the explosive growth of this surveillance industry, with keen attention to the problems that 'inevitable mistakes" along the way have created in mainstream society, from victims of identity theft who have been placed in financial jeopardy to travelers detained at the airport because of the similarity of their names to those of criminal suspects.

The Plot Against Social Security
Peterson, secretary of commerce under Nixon, citing study after study, shows that it is a failure of leadership, not knowledge, that has let deficits loom while offering solutions to fix social security.

How Democrats and Progressives Can Win
Linguist George Lakoff will help you understand the critical role of language in today's politics and the ways you can make language work for you in this 25 min. DVD.

A Patriot Act DVD
A Patriot Act is a brilliant, funny, but chilling indictment of the Bush administration's stealth movement to subvert the US Constitution and replace American democracy with religious values.

The Hunting of the President
The documentary version of the excellent book of the same name by Joe Conason and Gene Lyons showing the organization of the right wing conspiracy to get Clinton

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Help Us Find a New Slogan for the GOP

We are asking our viewers for help in finding a new name or slogan for the GOP using your creative spirits, energies, and funny bones. We have started our list to help you get a feel for the types of ideas we might be looking for.

Feel free to email this list of slogans to all of your friends. This project will be lots of fun if everyone pitches in to help! Who knows? We might even discover a great idea for a new bumpersticker from this list!

List of New Slogans for the GOP:

Guardians Of Plunder-from a viewer

The Gas & Oil Party

Now the GOC: Grand Old Cult

There are fine facists on our side

GREEDY...OLD...PRICKS-from viewer Ben, Cincinnati, OH


Great Old Parasites
Greedy Old Parasites-from a viewer

Gang of Putin-from viewer Mike, AZ

Genitally Obsessed Patricians
Geriatrics Oogling Pussies-from viewer Eric. Beloit, WI

Under TRUMP__The Contemporary GOP:
-- from a viewer

Greedy old partisans -- from a viewer

Gang of Perverts --from a viewer

The Trump Enablers

The Know-Nothing Party

Grabby Old Perverts/Pedophiles --from viewer NihLyle, NJ

"Grand Old Pedophiles"

"Greedy old prostitutes"--from a viewer

"GOP - Growing Our Portfolios"
"GOP - Gaggle of Pariahs"--from viewer Sherri, Jackson, MS

"Grope, Obstruct, Pollute"--from a viewer

"Grand/Greedy Old Putins"

"Greedy Obtuse Profiteers"--from a viewer

"Grope Oppress Pollute"


"Gushing Over Putin"

"Gropers of Pussies --#GropersOfPussies

"BRAIN SIZE does NOT matter. HAND SIZE DOES! --from viewer Riley





"GOP=Groundless Operators of Power" -- from viewer

"We care more about you at the moment you were conceived and when you die than we do in all the other years in between"

"Only good Christians need apply...unless we need more votes from Miami and NYC"

"We are here to serve the rich...the rest of you pay for it"

"African Americans are welcome as long as they don't expect us to actually do anything for them"

"Of the rich, by the rich, and for the rich voted in by those who aren't but think they are"

"GOP: Greedy Old Party"

"GOP: God-fearing Old Party"

"Bullies R US"

"We don't send any of our children to serve in our wars"

"Wars for everyone else's kids"

"Rejecting science when it isn't good for business"

"We don't need to support abortion rights as long as we have enough money to pay for one"

"Have you hugged a frozen embryo today?"

"We abuse religion to reel in new supporters"

"Standing with Tom DeLay because our Party is infected with termites"

"We win elections the old fashion way - We steal them!"

"Wedge Issues? Are there any other kind?"

"A woman's right to choose should be how long to stay in the kitchen"

"If it weren't for leaders like Bush, you wouldn't hear so many Bushisms"

"We can't elect anyone who doesn't need a teleprompter"

"Our Presidents resemble the Royal family - They're all figureheads"

"If you won't play dirty to win...we don't want you!"

"Con you once, shame on us...con you twice, because we can!"

"GOP: God's Own Puke" --from a viewer

"George Bush: Often in Error Never in Doubt" --from a viewer

"Greed Over Peace" --from viewer Pete in San Ramon, CA

"G.O.P.: Guardians of Petroleum" --from viewer Bryant, NJ

"GOP: Got Our Paychecks" --from a viewer

"GOP:Government Oppression of the People - By Decree of King George" --from Anthony, Cookeville, TN

"Body bag" Barbara, "Camp Casey" Cindy, "Victims condemned" Katrina ... so this is "compassionate conservatism"? --from a viewer

"We Make Your Life Hell So You Don't Have to"
"We use your Social Security to wipe our asses" --from viewer Gregg, England

"Greedy Obnoxious Pricks" --from Karen, Niskayuna, NY

"Global Oil Pirates" --from a viewer

"America, a new kind of republic, brought to you by the Banana Republicans" --from a viewer

"WITH LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR OIL" --from viewer Laura, Brooklyn, NY

"Love thy neighbor, (but not if they're poor)" --from viewer Karla, Minneapolis, MN


"GOP: Grand Old Pa$t$"
"Where Polluting, Taking Money from the Poor and Minorities, and Hugging CEOs are Traditional Values"
"We Hate Those Commie Bleeding-Heart Liberal Pinkos So Much, We Borrow Ideas from Stalin!" --from a viewer in Canada

"Destroy the environment! Together we can make our party's symbol extinct" --from a viewer

"GOP: And you thought bull s**t came from cows"
"GOP: We like taking away your civil liberties"--from viewer Dennis, RI

"Republicans. In your heart, you know we're evil."
"Republican, the other white meat" --from Keith, Springfield, OR

"Grievously Over Paid and proud of it" --from viewer LP, Cambridge, MA

"Republican: The party of the rich, the religious fundamentalist and the redneck" --from viewer Joan.

"Gay old Party" --from a viewer

"The RepublicEnron Party"
"The RepubliKKKan Party"
"The RepubliKKKaans Party"
"The Republican Party: Rednecks, tramps and thieves"
"The RAPEublican Party"
"Grand Old Plantation"
"We create fascism over here so they can fight fascism over there." --from a viewer

"GOP....We don't need no stinking constitution!!!!" --from viewer Steve

"Sieg Heil! (accompanied by fuehrer hand salute, of course)" --from viewer Vic, Eagle Lake, FL

"GOP: Insanity unleased!" --from a viewer

"EVERYBODY HATES GEORGE" --from a viewer

"G.O.P.= Greed Over People" --from viewer Nancy, Cincinnati, OH

"The Profit First, People Last Party" --from viewer Joyce, Muncie, IN

"Half-fascists" --from a viewer

"No thanks Osama we are distroying America by ourselves" --from a viewer

"GREEDY ONE PERCENT" --from Juli, Jacksonville, FL

"We sell wars and fear because we have nothing else we can sell you!"

"GANG OF PROFITEERS" --from a viewer

"Gerrymandering Overspent Panderers" --from viewer Kevin

"Gouging Other People"
"Game Over, People!"
"Guess Our Price!"
"Greed Over Patriotism"
"Grabbing OUR Piece"
"Grandiose Obnoxious Pricks"
"G.O.P.= Greed Over Principles" --from viewer Sunny

"Bush trying to say 'terrorists' - $5
Watching FOX news kiss Bush's butt - $6
Broadcasting VP Cheney shooting a lawyer - PRICELESS !!!!!!!" --from viewer Kathy, Blytheville, Arkansas

"George Orwell's Pig's" --from viewer Laurence, Silver Spring, Maryland

"Borrow + spend = GOP" --from viewer Dorothy

GOP Stands for:
"We're Making America Safe for Hypocrisy."
"Grassroots' (Gasbags', Gommers' or Goobers'?)
"Organized Poison."
"Group Of Punks"
"Grassroots' Organized Poison."
"Gathering Obnoxious Parasites."
"Govern 'mentally' Outrageous Psychos."
"Governmentaing Oligarchy Publicly."
"George's Outer-limits Pushers."
"Governmental Octane Poppers."
"Gorilla /George's Orgy Patrol."
"Goofy's Ominous Politicians."
"Grievous (which means Body or Mind harmed by Drugs) Oral Puppets."
"Gooneybirds On Power."
"Glorified Official Paperboys."
"Gory Oxymoron Peddlers."
AND "George's Oily Peccadilloes". --from viewer Chris, Orange Co., CA

"GOP: (Jeff) Gannon's Only Patrons"
"We kill democracy DEAD" --from Professor Smartass, Santa Monica, CA

"GOP...GIVERS OF PAIN" --from viewer Mystic, TX

"GOP (GROSS OLD PAYOFF)"--from viewer Suzanne, Santa Monica, CA

"GOP: Good Old Petroleum" --from a viewer

"Miserepublicans: Deflecting the afflicted; comforting the comfortable." --from a viewer

"Giga-buck Oil Profits"
"Giant Oil Prices"
"Greedy Old Politicians" --from viewer Tom, Middletown, OH

"Ours is not to question why, ours is but to do and let someone else die" --from Tom, Middleton, OH

"Always putting corporate profits ahead of sound policy"

"Greedy, Overweight, & Pathetic!" --from a viewer

"GOP--this is not your father's party!" --from a viewer

"The rich are served. The rest of you go to [bleep] and die. [maniacal laughter]"
"The Grand Party of Total Monarchy and Chaos"
"Morons' R' Us" --from a viewer

"The only thing we have to sell is FEAR itself"

"Flaccid and impotent - Just like George!"

"GOP: The best politicians money can buy!" --from Tom, Middletown, OH

"The Rebiblican Hypocracy" --from a viewer

"Making ourselves richer by making everyone else poorer"

"G.O.P.= Greater Oil Profits"
"G.O.P. = God Ought to be Pissed-Off" --from viewer Dino, Pittsburgh, PA

"GOP: Gaggle of Pimps"

"GOP, Proud Defenders of Theocracy, Divine Right of Kings and Social Darwinism!" --from a viewer

"The GOP: We'll take you from conception to birth, after that you're on your own"
"The GOP: Your Kids' Blood for Our Kids' Oil" --from a viewer

"GOP: Gasbags on Painkillers"

"GOP: Gaudy Oil Profiteers"

"GOP: Our God is bigger than yours" --from viewer Vicky, CT

"Leave No Multimillionaire Behind!" --from a viewer in WI

"Good Oil Party"

"Gluttonous Old Pigs" --from DRC in Boston, MA

"Staying one step ahead of the game by creating new lies to replace our old ones"

"The Party of Greed and Fear"

"GOP: Greed Over People"

"One nation under surveillance"

"The Macaca party"

"Greedy Old Perverts"

"Grubby Old Pedophiles"

"The Party ALWAYS Comes before Country"

"It's all Clinton's fault!" --from viewer Tom, Middletown, OH

"Sure, we lie to start wars, shoot people in the face and wipe our wealthy butts with the Constitution. We ignore hurricane victims and terrorist threats and blame the results on the last Administration. Yeah, we take bribes and go on golfing trips paid for by lobbyists. Yes, we can't wait to get our grubby hands on your Social Security, sell our ports to Arabs, and run up another trillion dollar debt. True, we are internet predators and pedophiles, but putting the Democrats in charge would be a DISASTER!" --from viewer Tom, Middletown, OH

"Greed On Parade" --from a viewer

"Grief on parade" --from a viewer

"Guns, Oil and Pages" --from a viewer

"Gays Ogling Pages" --from a viewer

"Groping Our Pages" --from a viewer

"Gerrymandering Old Perverts" --from a viewer

"Grand Old Pedophiles" --from a viewer

"We PREY ON your family not PRAY FOR your family" --from a viewer

"No Gays in the Military, we save them for our congressman to prey on!" --from a viewer

"Guarding our perverts" --from a viewer

"Gnats On Pricks" --from a viewer

"It's a fine line between politics and insanity!" --from a viewer

"Greedy Oil Pirates" --from a viewer

"Global Oil Prostitutes" --from a viewer

"Gnarly Old Perverts" --from a viewer

"G O P = Group Of Predators" --from viewer Nick, Palm Harbor, FL

"Screw religion. We've got real power now" --from a viewer

"If you're not white, you're not right" --from a viewer

"I don't care how wrong I am, I'm Right damn it!" --from viewer Bob, Denver

"Screw Bush and the Elephant he rode in on!" --from viewer Brett, Golden, CO

"Vote for us! We'll Rove you hard up your Cheney with our Bush!" --from a viewer

"See what happens when you put Legacy Students with money and Athletics ahead of Academics and Research in our universities?" --from a viewer

"Achieving Diversity between the far Right and the extreme Right!" --from viewer Pete, Golden, CO

"Look what YOU voted for now that your over 30!" --from viewer Marlyn, Boulder, CO

"How many K's in RepubiKKKan?" --from a viewer

"We only have to block the pesky extradition treaty with Paraguay for two more years!" --from a viewer

"We're a big tent party so long as you're white and stupid" --from a viewer

"The democrats WILL raise your taxes to pay for our war! Do you really trust those tax and spend democrats?" --from a viewer

"Hillary told you it was a vast Islamist, Iraqi, North Korean, Liberal Media conspiracy. Remember?" --from a viewer

"It's not our fault, YOU voted for us!" --from a viewer

"Vote for us once, shame on you. Vote for us twice, oh it doesn't matter now, we built the voting machines!" --from a viewer

"Prove to us that you are as stupid as we think you are, vote for us" --from a viewer

"We will lie to you until you're scared enough to vote for us!" --from a viewer

"What you have to understand here, uh, is that, uh, 31% is a mandate because the terrorists, uh, yeah, the terrorists want you to believe otherwise........" --from a viewer

"Meet us in South America...where all the really good facists retire!" --from a viewer

"Coming Soon! The LAMEST DUCK ever!" --from a viewer

"God, Oil & Pedphiles; Does it get any better than this?" --from a viewer

"We actually make Fascism look like a viable alternative to us!" --from a viewer

"GOP = Geeks on Perade"
"Government on Parole"
"Get Out Please"
"Grand Old Peasents"
"Group of Piss-Ants"
"Of The Rich" "By The Rich" "For The Rich" --from viewer Scott, St. Paul, MN

"Creating enemies faster than we can kill them!" --from viewer Musgrave, OH

"The Democrats were wrong again, Dan Quayle wasn't the biggest dumbass and least qualified candidate for President on the planet" --from a viewer

"We have ways of making you vote for us" --from a viewer

"Bribery Gone Wild" --from a viewer

"With leadership like this who's following?" --from a viewer

"God's Own Payback for raping the planet" --from a viewer

"We have nothing to sell but fear itself" --from viewer Pete, Golden, CO

"We are the best at creating terrorists"

"Lock stepping and skipping along in the name of God and Oil" --from a viewer

"Perhaps those furthest in the closet protest too much" --from a viewer

"Hypocrits, heal thy self!" --from a viewer

"We're hoping that the evagelicals go the way of the mood ring, the pet rock, and the macarayna...soon!" --from a viewer

"Setting new standards for hypocrisy everyday" --from a viewer

"GOP: Goofballs On Parade (think pink elephants on parade...)"
"GOP: We Don't Need No EDUCATION."
"GOP: If You're Not For Us, You're Against Us"
"GOP: Galavanting Old Peepers"
"GOP: Garbage On Pedestal"
"GOP: "GOD" is watching you"
"GOP: Gavel-Welding Old Partisans"
"GOP: "C" what DADDY can do for you!"
"GOP: Global Oil Profiteering"
"GOP: Holier Than Thou"
"GOP: Grumpy Old Psychos"
"GOP: And You Thought Only Dracula Drank Blood"
"GOP: Got Phallic Fixation? No Problem!"
"GOP: If You're Having Trouble Sticking Your Head Up Your Own Ass...Let Us Do It For YOU! FOR FREE!"
"GOP: Not Enough $hit To Deal With? We Deliver!"
"GOP: Would You Like Flies.....I mean, Fries With That!"
"GOP: Useful......Like Toilet Paper"
"GOP: We Don't Charge For The Spectacle. Oh Wait.....We Just Got The Memo.....There's Been A CHANGE IN POLICY" --from a viewer

"Even with all our BS the public is still getting smarter" --from a viewer

"Of course we don't want you to use contraception. Where would we get all the bodies we need for our wars?"
--from a viewer

"Disregard for the law, just one more service we offer" --from a viewer

"Gestapo On Parade" --from a viewer

"Greedy Oppressive Pocket-pickers"
"The GOP: We'll find away to rob everybody. Because after all, ifs for their own good."
"The GOP: Heck, we lie about all kinds of stuff. But Its not really lying, because we said so."
"The GOP: Yeah, we know we've ripped off America, but we felt having billions wasn't enough. Because after all, men like us, you can never have too much money."
"The GOP: The truth? Yes, as long as we end up making money, we consider it the truth."
"The GOP: We can lie as much as we want, because its the right thing to do when there's this much money at stake."
--from viewer Wally, Portland, OR

"Going outta power" --from viewer Benny, Bellefonte, PA

"Do AS We Say, Not As We Do" --from Mitch, Frankfort, IL

"GOP=Greedy Opionionated Pricks" --from a viewer

"Leave no cash behind"

"I was always warned if I was not careful, something would jump out of the "Bushes" and grab me." --from a viewer

"If you can't impress them with intelligence, dazzle them with bullsh**." --from a viewer

"I am a War President."..I know how to make war...peace is not an option for me." --from a viewer

"God, Ovaries, Plutocracy!" --from Thane of Towson

"Capitalism for the poor - Socialism for the rich" --from viewer Ted N., MD

"How stupid can the voters be? We have not yet found out." --from a viewer

"We lie so much we can't even listen to ourselves anymore," --from a viewer

"GOP = Good ol' Phatkats" --from a viewer

"GWB--God Withheld Brains" --from viewer Joy, San Jose, CA

"Greedy Oil Pigs" --from a viewer

"Goofy Old Perverts" --from viewer Linda, St. Charles, IL

"A Bridge To The 12th Century" --from a viewer

"WAR--We Are Republicans" --from viewer Joy, San Jose, CA

"GOP: God's Ordained Party" --from a viewer in IL

"Show me a Texan with tangled spurs and I'll show you 'W'" --from viewer Joy, San Jose, CA

"Grumpy Old Perverts" --from viewer Steve, Egg Harbor, NJ

"Gouging Oil Prices" --from a viewer

Below is a big list sent to us by a viewer in Oklahoma compiled from these sources: soonersusan1954, m2violin on demookie.com, greco, Aimee in Oklahoma City, Bruner Blog, Carl Owen, Bill Ryan, coast2coast, nancylebov, cybercitizen, and Jon Stewart site's comments:

Limited Government... except for that whole "Unitary Executive" thing.
Faster, Bushycat! Kill! Kill!
War Profiteering is on the march.
You have bootstraps. Why don't you pull yourself up by them?
The earth is 6,000 years old, stem cell research = killing babies, and George W. Bush is not a war criminal.
For the masochist in all of us.
Dark Ages Rising.
Got Fascism?
No country for (anyone but) old men.
Corrupt is what we aim for.
Politicizing tragedy since 2001.
The party of Jesus - Screw the sick, screw the poor, rape the earth, we need more war.
Hope schmope.
Equality! Unless, of course, you're a woman, a homosexual, or an immigrant.
We're sorry?
Don't make us do this the hard way.
Keep fear alive.
What was so great about the Middle Class anyway?
Theocracy Now!
Killing you softly since 1994.
When you find yourself in a hole, keep digging.
The Life Nazis - No health care for you!
Aiding and abetting Wallstreet welfare kings, trust fund tagalongs, and hedge fund havens.
Tranfusing taxpayer blood into the military-industrial-pharmaceutical-insurance complex.
We're sorry.
We'll steal it anyway. Vote Republican.
Bush who?
We'll always have Bagdad.
Tippacanoe and Tyler too. (it worked before).
Please we don't want to have to spend more time with our families.
GOP 2008: Change Is Scary
Vote McCain. Pain. No Gain.
We bank on your insecurity and cash in on your stupidity.
Torture you can depend on.
Bend over, here it comes again!
WAR-We Are Republicans
The Republican Party. Not your parents' fascism.
And you thought bulls*** came from cows.
GOP=Giving Oilmen Prosperity
Straight talk from straight folks with a wide stance.
Survival of the richest.
We've got the change you deserve-right here!
Freedom's just another word we'd like to help you lose.
The Republican Party. We'll pull out, we promise.
GOP. Where hypocrisy is a way of life.
Conservatism... When being wrong is not enough.
Our eagle can fly high with just a right wing.
when repugs talk about change you deserve, they mean small change
anice in Palo Alto, Obama blog:
Change you deserve, if you can afford it.
Let them eat cake.
You Mean, This Isn't What Jesus Would Do?
Representing the Richest 1% and the Dumbest 48%
Pro-Life and Pro-Death
Give Us Four More Years and We Promise Pestilence and Plague
Blah Blah Blah Jesus Blah Blah Jesus Blah Blah Jesus Blah
Election Fraud Works!
Leveling the Playing Field Between America and the Third World Accountability is for losers
LALALALA! We're Not Listening!!!! Madmex1966:
We Don't Just Feel Your Pain, We're Responsible For A Good Portion Of It. And We Don't Care.
No More Sniveling, Except By Us.
When Good Things Happen To Bad People.
Wrong in 2000, wrong in 2004, why stop now?
We don't care for our candidate, his ideas or his track record. We just want to put him in office for bragging rights.
Speaking power to truth
The capture Bin Laden or bust party.
The beans in every pot, empty tank in every garage party.
The bring back 1984 party.
The elephants stampeding the Constitution party.
The bankers gone wild party.
Our cannon fodder is willing to fight your cannon fodder
WW3-Why Wait?
Give us the Keys to the White House Again

Of course we use dirty tricks...
What do you expect us to do, run on our record? --from a viewer in Tampa, FL

mcCAIN isn't ABLE --from viewer Joy, San Jose, CA

"Promoting racial and religious bigotry to win elections since we don't have any issues."

"Gross Old Pigs" --from viewer Janet, Eugene, OR

RNC -- REAL NUT CASE --from viewer Joy, San Jose, CA

Greedy Old Parasites --from viewer Joseph B. Tucson, AZ

"GOP: Gouge Our People" --from viewer Joy, San Jose, CA

"Great Oil Prophets" --from viewer Musgrave, CO

"GOP-Greedy Old Profiteers" --from viewer Kim, NJ

"We're so desperate we took advice from 'Joe the Plumber'"

"Hate, bigotry and Ignorance - three mainstream American ideals we can unite behind!"

"Please hate responsibly" - from viewer Tom, Middletown, OH

"GOP: Greeds Our Priority" -- from viewer Joy, San Jose, CA

"God's Oil Pigs"

"We don't believe in killing the unborn so we wait to kill them later with wars, industrial pollution, and no health insurance!"

"Lower Wages-Higher Profits" --from a viewer

"Vote GOP and you will "trickle down" to Poverty."
"Vote GOP and the Middle Class will "trickle down" to nothing"
"Vote GOP...the masters of the Big Lie and Sabotage"
"Vote GOP...the gods of pietism" --from Wisconsin viewer

"Life begins at erection" --from viewer Tom in Wichita Falls, TX

"(G)od's (O)ddest (P)artners: Giving Christianity a bad name since 1980. --from viewer P. Carr, Seattle, WA

"Government by the rich and famous,only FOR the rich and famous!"
"Screw the working poor! Let 'em eat Government cheese!"
"The GOP...the reason why Old Mother Hubbard's cupboard is bare!"
"Screw the poor! White christian males only, no one with a shred of kindness need apply!"--from viewer Kim K., Pleasantville, NJ

"God-awful Old Party"

"GOP-Greed On Parade"
"We're ALWAYS sucking up to greedy corporate demagogues!"
"Men can do everything...women,stay home and in the kitchen!"
"GOP-The party of unchecked greed!"
"Greedy Oligarch Politicians"

"Gouging Our People"
"God-botherers On Percocet!"

"Greedy Old Pack of wolves!"
"We don't need no stinkin' act of Congress to start a war!"
"ABOVE THE LAW and lovin' it!"
" FAKE PATRIOTS! Yep, that's what we are!"
"We get the best health care! Screw the mere commoners! Let 'em go to the ER and wait for hours!"
"We only pretend we're good Christians!"
--from viewer Kim K., Pleasantville, NJ

"Gorging on Prozac" --from Jeremy C., Bradenton, FL

"Greed Oriented Politicians" --from a viewer

"We will by our message as long as we suppress the vote of Black people, brown people, Gay people, Women and educated people through voter suppression, gerrymandering and keep our goober base fired up with propaganda. God bless
stupid voters." --from Jeff Mathis, Palm Bay, FL

"Make America Great again by putting God back in school, guns in every home and get the black man out of our White house" --from viewer Jeff Mathis

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