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Below is a list of Bush/Political humor. If you have a funny political humor piece please send it along and we will post it. Many of the items on this list were sent to us by other viewers and friends. We always give credit to the creator of the piece when this information is supplied or available. If you feel something we are using on our site has been taken without credit or reprint rights, please contact us and we will give you credit or remove the item.

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Shooting War - a hard-biting comic series about war and the media by Anthony Lappe and Dan Goldman
The Making of "Bush: The Musical" - audience award winning video at the 48-hour film festival with rave reviews
The Wizard of Oil - good spoof of the Wizard of Oz complete with revised script and altered photos.
Georgina Bush - You get to be the President in drag in this interactive satire from georginabush.com.
The Gospel According to Bush - as revealed to Doug Long. A funny interpretation of bible verse.
If this were only real - BushCo on Trial, from Whiskey Bar
Bush Administration's Book Changes History, from The Spoof - funny spoof of a new pro-Bush textbook
Declaration of Independence from President George II. The original document of 1776 lists 27 grievances against King George III. The updated version lists 27 grievances against President Bush. In a society with such a short collective memory, this may serve as a reminder of the alarming volume of atrocities and failures perpetrated by the Bush Administration. Most importantly, each grievance is backed up by sources and related reading at other web addresses.
Collection of Diebold humor
2004 Republican National Convention Schedule - May 6, 2004, by Pat Henry, from Democraticunderground.com.
Dick is a Killer - free downloadable mp3 audio file with clips from Bush speeches set to music, from thepartyparty.com
Two funny Bush speeches set to music from rx at www.thepartyparty.com/. The first is called "Dick is a Killer" and is a redux of the 2004 State of the Union address and a sarcastic take on Bush's sanctity of marriage. The second is called "Boys & Girls" and is a redux of the 2003 State of the Union mocking the war on drugs, the war on terrorism, and the dictator in D.C. Free downloads.
Funny mp3 tune called: Sonofa Bush performed in hip hop style with the 'voice' of George W. Bush, rapping his way through recent history, with lyrics inspired by his Bushism mispronunciations and misguided thoughts. Free clip available for download or play in Real Audio and song available for purchase. - from Sea Lion Records.
Funny Bush Speech - by Mike Fictiti0us, in mp3 format for free download, 1.7MB
The Bushiad and The Idyossey - Narrative epic poems of 24 chapters each, The Bushiad and The Idyossey demonstrate that when power-mad, testosterone-poisoned religious fanatics in league with greedy multinational corporations wield unlimited military might, all humanity is vulnerable. Written by Victor Littlebear. Very impressive collection of poems!
Re-written Declaration of Independence - RogerArt.com
Big List of Bushisms from Slate.com
Real Anti-War Signs Protesting the War in Iraq - gathered from recent anti-war protests
Really Funny Bush Speech - mp3, 1016K download
Bush to Phase Out Environment in 2004 - from a viewer
Differences Between U.S. Government and Terrorists
Make the Pie Higher - Bush poem created by writer Richard Thompson of the Washington Post. Sent to us by a viewer.
Homeland Security Self Examination by Ray Lesser of Funny Times
SLOPS Warning from WHO
WMD Error Messages
Letterman's Top Ten Reasons We Didn't Find Those WMD
From the Late Show with David Letterman, May 6, 2003
I Never Promised You a Ruse Garden -- A Letter from Michael Moore to George W. Bush
June 26, 2003
Test George Bush's Credibility with this interactive Twister Game
Bush Officials Vow Tax Cuts Will Boost the Economy from fracturednews.com
Chickenhawk Salad Recipes - submitted to Buzzflash.com
Definitions To Keep On Top Of Current Events, By Eric Margolis
Contributing Foreign Editor, Toronto Sun, 7-28-03
Apologies From Canada
Rick Mercer from "This Hour Has 22 Minutes", a CBC television comedy program.
The Dubya War Glossary, By Geov Parrish, from WorkingForChange.com
Scientific Breakthrough! Science today announced "Scientific Breakthrough Reported", Author unknown
Late Night Comments Re: War
BUZZFLASH NEWS ANALYSIS, collected by BuzzFlash Reader R. Miller
Michael Moore Opens 'Mike's Office Of Homeland Security'
From Michael Moore
Desperately Seeking Saddam, By Stephen Dowling
BBC News Online, Entertainment Staff
Some excellent ideas for new Bush/Cheney 2004 re-election bumper Stickers
Complied by Daily Kos bloggers
Michael Moore - Three Easy Pieces for Any Decent American, September 15, 2003
A partial deck of funny NeoCon playing cards from internetweekly.org
Rush Limbaugh Leaves Rehab, Says He's Now a Liberal, by Kim Day
Entry from the Diary of Barney, the White House Dog!!, by Cheryl Seal
Real Patriots Don't Monkey with the Bill of Rights, by Spartacus Jones
25 Rules for Being a Good Republican, by Zepps Commentaries.com
New California State Flag, by Edward Boswell
These two guys walk into a bar and joke's on us, by Leonard Pitts, Jr., Miami Herald
New Purported Bush Tape Raises Fear of New Attacks, by the Disassociated Press, a parody from CommonDreams.org
A Visit from St. George, just in time for Christmas by one of our viewers
Bush's Turkey Day - Bad foreign press
Top 10 things overheard during Dubya's visit to Buckingham Palace, from democraticforum.com
Late Night Comments, from democraticforum.com
Dave's Top Ten Items on Rush Limbaugh's To-Do List, from democraticforum.com
Satire on the Bush War in Iraq, by Burt Hall
And the winner is.......from Diary of a Mad Law Professor, by Patricia J. Williams
Bush Lays Off Congress. Will Outsource Lawmaking To India
My War, by Larry David
More Late Night Humor
What Would Jesus Do? by Kerry Tomasi
Wimpmaster '73, by Hubert Wilson
Top 10 reasons that George W. wants to go to the moon, by The Hun
Tribal Wisdom versus Government
Google WMD search
Anti-Bush poem in rap style, by Jonathan T. Barker, 5/04
Bush and Cheney's Medals, from a member of Americans For B.U.S.H. (Bush Undergoing a Swift Heave)
A Message from on High: Names we can't call Bush
The Bush Lying Machine, a political statement in automata, by Andrew A. LaTorre
This Won't Hurt Much, by Terry Jones
United States Grammar School Interim Report to Parents, by Nancy Greggs
HOCUS POCUS LOCUS, by Mark H. Wilson - a poem about Cheney
Bush verse from Beverly Hillbillies television theme song, by Perkins from Owasso
Bush on Vacation, from Bongo News
Small George, verse by Perkins from Owasso
Outsourcing the Job of U.S. President, sent to us by viewer Antares
Another Bush song sung to the tune of the Beverly Hillbillies, from viewer Sari, Evanston, IL
Make the Pie Higher - Bush Haiku
Things you have to believe to be a Republican today
Letter to Bush regarding his military service, by Independent Media Institute
Top 10 reasons that George W. Bush wants to postpone the Presidential Elections in 2004, from www.wordsareimportant.com
A Man Named George, by Lee from Mountain View
Bush playing unfair
Republican National Convention Opening Day Schedule - sent to us by a viewer
The Hedge Man and the Three Goats - a short story by Dena Spohn
Psalm 2004 - from Sari, Evanston, IL
NOT-SO-SWIFT TEXAS NATIONAL GUARD VETERANS FOR BUSH (Script for a TV ad for the Bush Campaign) - from the author of Kiss My Left Behind, a parody of the fundamentalist "Left Behind" series
Battle Hymn of the Republican (for 2004) - from Preston
Bush Verse - from viewer C.C.
George W's Dream - Parody lyrics by bil and Bobbie Scher, 2002
The Devil and Karl Rove - short screenplay by Paul Lewis
Some Things To Do Before Bush's Second Inaugural
Concession Speech - from the blog of one of the NPR "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me" guys
Dr. Seuss Might Say it This Way - a poem by Maxine
How I Stole Your Election by George W. Bush - from HRA
Letter from George Bush
Dear President Bush - from unknown devout Christian
The night before Christmas in Washington - by Val Magnus
George W's Thing - verse by Bil Scher and Bobbie Scher
Sermon on the Mount: The King Bush Version - by Nancy Gregg
Declaration of Revocation - by John Cleese
The 25 Dumbest Quotes of 2004 - by Daniel Kurtzman, AlterNet
Letter to Bush family to adopt me - by Scott Mahler
The New Harmony -a very good poem by Robert Calvin Powell
Robin William's Peace Plan
The Bush Zone - by John Cory
CNN employee newsletter - from viewer Nancy
Bush Wayne - A "Caped Crusader" in a comic book world - by Jerry Ghinelli
Andrew Jackson and George W - a poem by Hubert Wilson, ILOVEPOETRY.COM
Katrina and George W - a poem by Hubert Wilson, ILOVEPOETRY.COM
Loathsome Dud - a poem by Hubert Wilson, ILOVEPOETRY.COM
Cabinet Report on American Predicament - by Hubert Wilson, ILOVEPOETRY.COM
News Bulletin: Fire Destroys Bush Presidential Library - from Shirley
Sung To The Song American Pie by Don McClean - by Dave
Who's On First -- Next Generation!
The New 23rd Psalm - from Nigel
Ten reasons gay marriage is wrong
Would Jesus? - by Doug Long
Bush urges Americans to spy on each other - by C, Andy Borowitz, borowitzreport.com
Bush Resigns - by Russell Mokhiber and Robert Weissman appearing on commondreams.org
Bush sells Louisiana back to the French
"Fly on the Wall" series Justice Manson- by Kerry Tomasi
T''was the night before Fitzmas - appearing on politicalhumor.about.com
The Night Before X-Mas - by Wilson Ray at the Southerner Daily News
Thinking - from unknown author
President Discusses Iraq in Address to the Nation - by Jason Miller
The Biggest Lies of the Last Seven Presidents - from viewer in Middletown, OH
Bush Visits His Shrink, Session #2 - By Bernard Weiner, The Crisis Papers
Bush Job Outsourced - from a viewer
'06 predictions - by Will Durst
Wonder Drug Inspires Deep, Unwavering Love Of Pharmaceutical Companies - from a viewer
Bush's history test from Yale
Bush Library rooms - from viewer Glenn Grimes
Addressing Climate Crisis, Bush Calls For Development Of National Air Conditioner - from The Onion, June 20, 2007
Calling the White House - from viewer Christian
Steve Martin's 'Tribute' to McCain: King Glut - by Don Davis
8 Reasons Sarah Palin is More Qualified than Barack Obama - by Seth Grahame-Smith
Letter to Red States - author unknown
How racism works, What if??? - author unknown
New internet scam, Don't these usually come from Nigeria!! - from angrybear.blogspot.com
Top Ten Reasons McCain 'Bailed' on Letterman - by Don Davis, from satiricalpolitical.com
Interesting and funny word scrabble - from a viewer
A day in the life of Joe Teabagger - from a viewer
God tells Tim Tebow to knock it off!! - from topplebush.com
Mormon Jackass - song lyrics by Zepp Frankly

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