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Bush in Limericks book cover
You'll want to own our new book called Trump in Limericks featuring many of the limericks we wrote for our site currently plus lots of new ones you won't find anywhere else. There are over 300 limericks and 200 pages in the book. You will really enjoy reading it. Available in paperback and ebook. Get more ordering information here.

More Trump in Limericks book
And you'll also want to buy our most recent book More Trump in Limericks with original artwork, poems, a few interesting topics, and over 100 limericks right up to the election. Now available in paperback. Find more ordering information here.

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Below is a list of funny anti-Trump photos by title located on topplebush.com that were posted on our home page. The newest ones are added at the bottom. If you have a funny Tump image to share, please send it along and we will post it. If you feel a image we are using on our site has been taken without credit or reprint rights, please contact us and we will give you credit or remove the item.

This list will include Trump photos posted from 2017 through 2020. Use the bottom navigation iinks to view Bush photos in this section.

Please note that below each photo in this section, is a separate numbered navigation bar allowing you to skip the normal sequence and view our photos in any order you choose from this list.

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Triump the Insult Comic Dog
Donald Trump shoots himself to make America great
Donald Trump urinals
Trump and Cristie are proof of obesity in America
Orange is the new hack
Ted Cruz starring as Grandpa Munster
Trumpfeld - a show about nothing!
Forrest Trump
Trump and Pence pose for a photo op in Louisiana
The emperor has no hair
Kellyanne leaves her waitress job to work for the Trump campaign
Enstein discovers the elusive dark energy in the universe
The Trumputan
Trump points at Kellyanne's titties
Republican Senate Whores
How we view Trump's missile attack on Syria
The gall of AG Jeff Sessions
Mr. Irrelevant
The Real Trump shares his thought on Memorial Day
Republicans first reaction to attack at baseball park
Don Dong-Dung
What Trump should be thinking now
Four Asses, the Turd, and the Schlong
Gen. Kelly: Trump's last best dope, Cover Time magazine
During Halloween Trump meets with young children in the Oval Office
Pedophile Judge Roy Moore receives 11th Commandment from God
The Tortoise and the Hair
Elephant's revenge: Taking Donald Trump, Jr.'s head for a trophy mount
Trump on the Cover of Time Magazine
Merry Christmas from the White House
Trump: America's shithole
How Gen. Kelly described Trump's MAGA crowd
Elect Beto O'Rourke and not the dork (Ted Cruz) for U.S. Texas Senate
The Deplorables greet Trump
The T.rump
Trump on the cover of Time Magazine
Trump's Space Force
New sign goes up outside the U.S. Supreme Court
Melania Trump in all her trashy spendor
Conspiracy Theories for Dummies
A Man Without a Conscience
The Thing
The March of the Penguins
He's not my type
Slumlord Millionaires
Bret Kavanaugh at Senate confirmation hearing
King Trump wears a coronvirus crown
Trump standing in front of church holding a bible upside down
The Incredible Shrinking Man
Trump raking the forest
The Biggest Loser
The Republicans base whose votes they need
Good riddance to bad rubbish
QAnonsense-Welcome to the GOP
KING OF HELL, poem by By Karen Reid with graphic
The Ivy League lying Trump enablers
Kill Mike Pence, the insurrection
Don't DeSantis my Florida
America's MAGA Maggots
Political whores on the US Supreme Court
How we'll now know that the Supreme Court has reached a decision
Poor Crybaby Kyle Rottenhouse
The Flynn-Flam brothers
Sen. Manchin has Build Back Better All Wrong
Comrade Tucker Carlson
Just how gay is Senator Lindsey Graham
Mr. Irrelevant 2022
The Corrupt U.S. Supreme Court
The accurate GOP symbol/logo
Congressman "Huge Schnoz" Steube and his guns
The Illegitimate Supreme Court
Republican Kool-Aid
How long can the body survive without a brain?
How do you milk sheep?
Trump's seven point conspiracy
Mike Lindell instroduces new MyCardboardbox

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