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This list includes articles for 2003-2004 by title on the Bush presidency. The newest additions (but not necessarily the more recent in date of publictation) are added at the bottom, which is consistent with using our "Previous" and "Next" buttons. If you have a good article that would add to the information we have on file in this section, please send it along and we will post it.

Because we have so many excellent articles in this particular section, we created another index for these same articles arranged by category and from most recent to past in publication, which will make it easier to locate a topic of interest and also the most current ones. Choosing this index would be better for locating specific articles of interest.

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The `Ignoble Liars' Behind Bush's Deadly Iraq War, by Jeffrey Steinberg
April 18, 2003 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.
"Cheney asserted that Saddam Hussein was actively pursuing the acquisition of nuclear weapons, when, days earlier, International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) chief weapons inspector Mohammed El-Baradei had testified before the UN Security Council that the allegations were based on documents determined to be forgeries."
Bush May Invoke 9/11 Executive Privilege and Secrecy, by Tom Flocco
May 3, 2003
Proof of prior knowledge of the September 11 attacks is continuing to trickle out of the purportedly ³leak-proof² White House, as more corroborative chickens of 9/11 are coming home to roost..."
Washington shelved report of 44-trillion-dollar deficit
Thu May 29, 2003 8:53 AM ET
"In the midst of negotiating a steep tax cuts package, the US government shelved a report that showed the United States faces future federal budget deficits of more than 44.2 trillion dollars."
Is There Anything Left That Matters? by Joan Chittister, OSB
Thursday, May 29, 2003, National Catholic Reporter.
Finally, they told us that we were invading Iraq to destroy their weapons of mass destruction. Now they say those weapons probably don't exist. Maybe never existed. Apparently that doesn't matter either. Except that it does matter."
Denial and Deception, by Paul Krugman
Tuesday, June 24, 2003 The New York Times
"There is no longer any serious doubt that Bush administration officials deceived us into war. The key question now is why so many influential people are in denial, unwilling to admit the obvious."
White House in Denial, by Nicholas D. Kristof
June 13, 2003,
The New York Times
"...Mr. Tenet and the intelligence agencies were under intense pressure to come up with evidence against Iraq. Ambiguities were lost, and doubters were discouraged from speaking up."
Duped and Betrayed, by Paul Krugman
June 6, 2003, The New York Times

This article is about the most recent tax cut bill.
Stating the Obvious, by Paul Krugman
May 27, 2003
, The New York Times
Do the extreme Republicans really want an economic train wreck?
Toward One Party Rule, by Paul Krugman,
June 27, 2003
The New York Times
"We may be heading for a replay of the McKinley era in which the nation was governed by and for big business."
Bush's Scorched Earth Campaign, by Neal Gabler
June 8, 2003, The Los Angeles Times
"The presidency's real goal is to disable the Democratic opposition, once and for all."
Former Bush Intelligence Insider Assails Counterterrorism Tactics:
Beers says enemy is underestimated
, by Laura Blumenfeld
June 16, 2003,
The Boston Globe
What you can do about Bush, by Harley Sorensen
June 23, 2003,
The San Francisco Chronicle
Folks, Bush has gone too far, too many times. He is a one-man wrecking crew, destroying, bit by bit, what decent men and women have created and improved upon for 227 years. We have to stop him. We have to do it soon. If we don't, we won't have an America to protect."
911 Top 500 Questions New - Updated, by Nico Haupt,
- Rense.com
Liberals vs. Conservatives? It's the Corruption, Stupid, By Maureen Ferrell
May 20, 2003
, On Buzzflash.com
"...duped citizens continue to make this an issue of "liberals versus conservatives," while missing the larger point. Attacks on George Bush are not attacks on America and this game of "which team are you on?" is just plain stupid."
Dereliction of Duty, by Paul Krugman
June 17, 2003
, The New York Times
"Behind the rhetoric - and behind the veil of secrecy, invoked in the name of national security but actually used to prevent public scrutiny - lies a pattern of neglect, of refusal to take crucial actions to protect us from terrorists."
Rolling Back the 20th Century, by WILLIAM GREIDER
April 24, 2003
, From The Nation
"George W. Bush, properly understood, represents the third and most powerful wave in the right's long-running assault on the governing order created by twentieth-century liberalism."
Guilty for 9-11
Section 3: Bush in the Open
, by Illarion Bykov and Jared Israel
Posted: January 18, 2002,
from the Emperor's Clothes
"...this stand-down of the air protection systems could not have occurred absent the involvement of top officials. We have named George Walker Bush, Donald Rumsfeld and General Richard B. Myers."
Bush's Fiscal Policy Not Creating New Jobs, by Seth Sandronsky
Posted: July 9, 2003
, from Alternet
"...the administration had forecast the creation of 1.4 million new jobs by year-end 2004 after its most recent tax cut became law. Against that backdrop, 913,000 workers joined the ranks of the unemployed between March and June, according to the Labor Department."
Bush's secret plan to win in '04, by Harley Sorensen
Posted: Wednesday, May 21, 2003,
, on Smirking Chimp
"The New Yorker magazine was so impressed by Mr. Bush's proposal that it did the math. And the way the math comes out is one job for every $550,000 of rich-folks tax cut."
We Used to Impeach Liars, by William Rivers Pitt
Posted: June 4, 2003
, on Rense.com
"...the threats surrounding weapons of mass destruction in Iraq were wildly overblown by the Bush administration for purely political reasons."
Clip 'n Save Guide To WMD Lying, by Lunaville.com
Posted: June 11, 2003
, on Rense.com
Just as the title suggest: All of the quotes from the Administration exposing their lies. Now Bush is trying to pin the blame on the CIA. Here's the ammo you need not to let him.
Why the CEO in Chief Needs an Audit, by Richard Cohen
Thursday, July 10, 2003; Page A23, The Washington Post
"It therefore should come as no surprise that George W. Bush, a Harvard MBA after all, is doing what other CEOs do when they get into trouble. In his case, he's "restated" his reasons for going to war."
Pattern of Corruption, by Paul Krugman
Tuesday, July 15, 2003
, The New York Times
"So the Iraq hawks set out to corrupt the process of intelligence assessment. On one side, nobody was held accountable for the failure to predict or prevent 9/11; on the other side, top intelligence officials were expected to support the case for an Iraq war."
20 Lies About the War, by by Glen Rangwala and Raymond Whitaker
Published on Sunday, July 13, 2003, by the lndependent/UK
"Falsehoods Ranging from Exaggeration to Plain Untruth Were Used to Make the Case for War. More Lies are Being Used in the Aftermath."
The First Casualty
, by John B. Judis & Spencer Ackerman
Post date: 06.19.03 Issue date: 06.30.03, The New Republic
"The United States may have been justified in going to war in Iraq--there were, after all, other rationales for doing so--but it was not justified in doing so on the national security grounds that President Bush put forth throughout last fall and winter. He deceived Americans about what was known of the threat from Iraq and deprived Congress of its ability to make an informed decision about whether or not to take the country to war."
An extremely long article but one of the best we found on the this topic.
Tenet: Wolfowitz Did It, by JASON LEOPOLD
July 19, 2003, Counterpunch
"...the Office of Special Plans, using Iraqi defectors from the Iraqi National Congress as their main source, rewrote some of the CIA's intelligence to say, undeniably, that Iraq was hiding some of the world's most lethal weapons. Once the intelligence was rewritten, it was delivered to the office of National Security Adviser Condoleeza Rice, where it found its way into various public speeches given by Vice President Dick Cheney, Deputy Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and Bush, the Senators said."
A Nation of Victims, by Renana Brooks
June 12, 2003, The Nation
President Bush, like many dominant personality types, uses dependency-creating language. He employs language of contempt and intimidation to shame others into submission and desperate admiration."
Passing It Along, by Paul Krugman
July 18, 2003, New York Times
It has been obvious all along, if you were willing to see it, that the administration's claims to fiscal responsibility have rested on thoroughly cooked books."
Nothing Left To Lie About
With BushCo reaming the nation on just about every possible front, is implosion imminent?
, by Mark Morford, SF Gate Columnist
July 16, 2003, SF Gate
"And the lies, the flagrant GOP bitch slappings of the American public, the maniacal jabs straight in eye of truth with the icepick of utter BS, have just reached some sort of critical mass, some sort of saturation point of absurdity and pain and ridiculousness and you just have to stand up and applaud."
Unemployment At Highest In Nine Years - Bush 'Concerned'
7-3-3, From Rense.com
The economy has lost 394,000 jobs since January and more than 2.5 million over the past two years."
Weakest Link
Why Bush will be vulnerable on the economy in 2004

7.10.03, From The American Prospect Online
"Well, this writer thinks the administration is whistling past the graveyard. Here's why the economy is likely to rain on George Bush's 2004 election parade: For starters, the unemployment numbers are truly awful. Since Bush took office the economy has shed almost 2.5 million jobs, the worst performance since the administration of Herbert Hoover. A weak job market also means flat or declining wages and benefits for those employed."
The $44 trillion hole? Recent study says Social Security, Medicare shortfalls could be far bigger than previously thought.
May 29, 2003: 3:46 PM EDT, By Mark Gongloff, CNN/Money Staff Writer

"The implications of the study, which looks beyond the 75-year window the government currently uses for its estimates, could be staggering -- meaning that if the federal government wants to meet its Medicare and Social Security obligations in coming years, it would have to raise taxes, slash federal spending, or both. "
The Bush Economy
Bush Lies And Wins, You Lose

02.15.03, From Bush Watch, edited by Politex
"The Bush deficit of $304 billion, the largest in history as well as the most precipitous, is pre-budget. With the new Bush budget in place, our deficit is $5.4 trillion over ten years. (Bush is back-loading the deficit so the entire economic penality of what he is doing will not be readily apparent until after he is out of office.)"
Connect the Enron Dots to Bush: Enron is Whitewater in spades, by Robert Scheer
December 11, 2002, from the LA Times
"This isn't just some rinky-dink Recent land investment like the one dredged up by right-wing enemies to haunt the Clinton White House--but rather it has the makings of the greatest presidential scandal since the Teapot Dome. Dec. 11, 2001."
Enron and the Bush administration: kindred spirits in fraud and criminality
by David Walsh
18 January 2002,
from the World Socialist Web Site
"It is pointless at the moment to speculate whether or not Enron will prove the present government¹s undoing. The more critical issue is grasping the extent to which Enron as a criminal and parasitic enterprise expresses the social essence of the Bush administration and the American ruling elite as a whole."
All The President's Enrons, by Frank Rich
July 6, 2002,
from the NY Times
"The sight of a corporate crook being led away in handcuffs, Giuliani-style, would do far more to restore confidence in Wall Street than any more presidential blather. Mr. Bush says that only "a few bad actors" are at fault. Why is the administration so lax about bringing them to justice?"
One Way Discussion on Energy
March 28, 2002,
From the NY Times
Toxic Deception: Whitman Misleads 'Today' Show Viewers... And The Rollbacks Roll On
Published: Mar 19 2002,
from TomPaine.com
"It was a toxic deception: Two days earlier, Whitman approved a two-year delay of Clean Air Act rules that would cut toxic emissions from 80,000 industrial sources. The rules -- among scores of Clean Air Act deadlines that the EPA is currently violating -- are already more than a year overdue."
The New EPA: Protecting Polluters EPA Administrator Christine Todd Whitman's Tenure Is Marked By Rollbacks and Missed Deadlines, by Steven Rosenfeld
Published: Mar 18 2002,
from TomPaine.com
"The EPA is doing a terrible job in controlling emissions. It has missed every single deadline in recent memory for controlling toxic air pollution. As a result, almost half of the industries that emit major amounts of toxic air pollution are still not regulated."
Global Warming is Now a Weapon of Mass Destruction: It Kills More People Than Terrorism, Yet Blair and Bush do Nothing, by John Houghton
Published on Monday, July 28, 2003, by the Guardian/UK
. impacts of global warming are such that I have no hesitation in describing it as a "weapon of mass destruction".
Who Profits from Erasing Iraq's Debt?, by Heather Wokusch
Published on Monday, July 28, 2003, by CommonDreams

"At stake is more than $184 billion of pending contracts and debts against Iraq, many of which transpired before the 1991 invasion of Kuwait. In other words, even deals inked when Saddam Hussein was considered a US ally could now be considered odious debt."
The Bush Doctrine, R.I.P., by Frank Rich
April 13, 2002, From the New York Times

"It takes some kind of perverse genius to simultaneously earn the defiance of the Israelis, the Palestinians and our Arab "allies" alike and turn the United States into an impotent bystander."
A Real Look At GDP And The War Economy
Safe Money Report.com
August 5, 2003, From Rense.com

"Defense spending contributed more than three-quarters of the 2.4% growth rate. Without defense spending, the economy barely grew at all."
Population Control Politics
July 23, 2002, From The New York Times
There is a mind-bending illogic behind the Bush administration's decision yesterday to withhold $34 million from the United Nations Population Fund, which is working in China despite continued practices there of coerced abortion and sterilization."
Rove's Way, by MATT BAI
October 20, 2002, From The New York Times

"White House tours don't pass through Karl Rove's office, but most everything else around the presidency does. Rove determines which lobbyists and supporters get access to the White House, and he weighs in with Bush on every major domestic-policy decision, from stem cells to farm subsidies."
Ignoring a Growing Peril, by BOB HERBERT
June 6, 2002, From The New York Times

"The Bush administration has acknowledged that the U.S. will experience far-reaching and, in some cases, devastating environmental consequences as a result of global warming. But it does not plan to do much about it."
Every Breath You Take, by Paul Krugman
November 26, 2002, From The New York Times

"Last week the Bush administration announced new rules that would effectively scrap "new source review," a crucial component of our current system of air pollution control. This action, which not incidentally will be worth billions to some major campaign contributors, comes as no surprise to anyone who pays attention to which way the wind is blowing (from west to east, mainly - that is, states that vote Democratic are conveniently downwind)."
Vets served and sacrificed yet Washington plays politics, by Myriam Marquez
Published July 24, 2003, From The Orlando Sentinel

"During the 2000 campaign, Bush promised vets their due, yet the White House now threatens to veto any legislation that would grant parity. Even a congressional compromise reached last year that would give the most severely disabled retirees with combat-related injuries or illnesses a fair shake has been stuck in a bureaucratic limbo of rule-making to see who would qualify -- at best, only about 5 percent of all disabled career military."
Missile Defense: The Untold Story, by BILL KELLER
December 29, 2001, From The New York Times

"In the nearly 40-year fight over building weapons to shoot down incoming missiles, the proponents have generally fallen into two camps, the dreamers and the schemers."
A Fiscal Fantasy, by PAUL KRUGMAN
January 22, 2002, From The New York Times

"The proposed tax cuts are also heavily tilted toward the wealthy. Two-thirds of the population would receive nothing at all; well over half of the total goes to people earning more than $200,000 per year."
Truth and Lies, by PAUL KRUGMAN
September 2, 2001, From The New York Times

"Mr. Bush promised not to dip into the Social Security surplus; he has broken that promise. Critics told you that would happen; they have been completely vindicated. Mr. Bush told you it wouldn't; he lied."
Twilight Zone Economics, By PAUL KRUGMAN
August 15, 2003, From The New York Times

"But while the growth and new claims numbers were good news, they didn't tell us that the economy is improving. All they said is that things are getting worse more slowly."
Fight Club, by MATT BAI
August 10, 2003, From The New York Times

"Outside of Washington, only Stephen Moore's relatives have ever heard of him -- and even some of them would probably have to think on it a while. But in this era after campaign-finance reform, as the fund-raising dominance of the two parties diminishes, it's the people you've never heard of who will change the course of politics, and Moore seems bent on taking a hammer to George W. Bush's carefully sculptured majority party."

US admits it used napalm bombs in Iraq, by Andrew Buncombe in Washington
10 August 2003, Independent.co.uk
"We napalmed both those [bridge] approaches," said Colonel James Alles, commander of Marine Air Group 11. "Unfortunately there were people there ... you could see them in the [cockpit] video. They were Iraqi soldiers. It's no great way to die. The generals love napalm. It has a big psychological effect."

ŒLet Them Eat Cake¹ Economics: Bush is a regular guy who doesn¹t care a whole lot about regular people. The first is a political asset. The second is his greatest vulnerability, by Jonathan Alter
July 28, 2003, Newsweek

"But God forbid he admits that his huge tax cuts are in any way relevant. That would risk saying something inconvenient and true."
Campaign Reform Farce
April 9, 2002, The New York Times

"Only the most confirmed cynic would have imagined that after passing a historic campaign reform bill last month, Congress would start undoing its achievement right away. Yet that is exactly what is happening this week in Washington."
Missing Weapons Of Mass Destruction: Is Lying About The Reason For War An Impeachable Offense?, by John Dean
June 6, 2003, Findlaw

"Presidential statements, particularly on matters of national security, are held to an expectation of the highest standard of truthfulness. A president cannot stretch, twist or distort facts and get away with it."
Whistleblower on Niger uranium claim accuses White House of launching 'dirty-tricks campaign', by Kim Sengupta
August 4, 2003, The Independent UK
"The former American diplomat who exposed false claims that Iraq was trying to purchase uranium from Niger has accused members of the Bush administration of a dirty tricks campaign against him."
The human cost of the 'war on terror', by John Pilger
July 31, 2003

"Every day now, in the United States, the all-pervasive media tell Americans that their bloodletting in Iraq is well under way, although the true scale of the attacks is almost certainly concealed."
Pentagon Office Home to Neo-Con Network Analysis, by Jim Lobe
August 7, 2003, Ipsnews.net
An ad hoc office under U.S. Undersecretary of Defence for Policy Douglas Feith appears to have acted as the key base for an informal network of mostly neo-conservative political appointees that circumvented normal inter-agency channels to lead the push for war against Iraq."
IRAQ'S NUCLEAR FILE : Inside the Prewar Debate Depiction of Threat Outgrew Supporting Evidence, by Barton Gellman and Walter Pincus,
Washington Post Staff Writers

Sunday, August 10, 2003; Page A01
"But the danger of a nuclear-armed Saddam Hussein, more potent as an argument for war, began with weaker evidence and grew weaker still in the three months before war."
Civilian War Deaths in Iraq
To: Mr. Jude Wanniski
From: Dr. Mohammed Al-Obaidi, General coordinator of the Iraqi Freedom Party
August 21, 2003

"After more than five weeks of intensive and thorough investigations carried out by hundreds of our party's cadre, which included all villages, towns, cities and some of the desert areas etc. affected by the aggression (with exception of the Kurdish area), and also by interviewing hundreds of undertakers, hospitals officials and ordinary people in these places, the figure of civilians killed since the beginning of the invasion came to 37,137. This figure does not include militia, paramilitary or Saddam's Fiday'een."
Now We Are The Iraq Extremists, by John Pilger
, The Daily Mirror - UK
"The "liberation" of Iraq is a cruel joke on a stricken people. The Americans and British, partners in a great recognised crime, have brought down on the Middle East, and much of the rest of the world, the prospect of terrorism and suffering on a scale that al-Qaeda could only imagine."
Drowning, First-Class Style, by James K Galbraith
May 7, 2003
, appearing on Tom Paine
"Today almost nine million are unemployed. Many millions more are underemployed, and most of all, underpaid. That is our economic problem. Bush and company did not entirely create these conditions, but they have done nothing to make them better and much to make them worse."
Gore Vidal Delivers Chilling Predictions of Despotism A Wry Scourge On The Attack, by Arthur Jones
8-1-03, National Catholic Reporter
NCRONLINE.ORG and appearing on rense.com
"Yes, it is -- was -- about oil and, of course, giving the Cheney-Bush junta's friends like Halliburton vast contracts to rebuild what we have carefully knocked down."
Amnesty: 'War on Terror' Has Made World Worse, by Gideon Long
May 28, 200
3, Reuters
"Washington's "war on terror" has made the world more dangerous by curbing human rights, undermining international law and shielding governments from scrutiny, Amnesty International said on Wednesday."
Life and Death on the Front Lines: The Things That Keep Us Here
August 20, 2003, from Counterpunch
"The car that carried Anwar's family into a line of fire that pumped more than twenty bullets through the windshield and chassis into the warm living flesh, vital organs and skulls of her husband and children remains outside."
Ken Lay-George W. Bush Contacts Date Back To 1994, by Reed Irvine
2-8-02, NewsMax.com appearing on Rense.com
"Former Enron chief executive Kenneth Lay's contacts with President George W. Bush date back to 1994 before he became governor of Texas, The Dallas Morning News reported Thursday."
September 2, 2003 issue of Ether Zone
"Dead men walking, that is what our troops in Iraq have become not to mention the Iraqi natives. Slow poison death in the heat of the Iraqi desert, where dust particles are in the plenty which just happens to be radioactive courtesy of the United States and British governments."
The China Syndrome, by Paul Krugman
September 5, 2003, The New York Times
"A funny thing happened this week: the Bush administration, with its aggressive unilateralism, and its contempt for diplomacy and international institutions, suddenly staked its fortunes on the kindness of foreigners."
Don't Say We Were Not Warned About This, by Robert Fisk
9-5-3, The Independent - UK
How arrogant was the path to war. As President Bush now desperately tries to cajole the old UN donkey to rescue him from Iraq - he who warned us that the UN was in danger of turning into a League of Nations "talking shop" if it declined him legitimacy for his invasion - we are supposed to believe that no one in Washington could have guessed the future."
America's Hidden Military Casualties In Iraq, by Jason Burke in London and Paul Harris in New York
9-14-3, The Observer - UK
"The true scale of American casualties in Iraq is revealed today by new figures obtained by The Observer, which show that more than 6,000 American servicemen have been evacuated for medical reasons since the beginning of the war, including more than 1,500 American soldiers who have been wounded, many seriously."
We're losing the war in Afghanistan, too, by John Sifton
August 21, 2003, Salon
"A human rights worker reports from the other front in the U.S. war on terror, where warlords rule supreme, music is once again banned, journalists hide from gunmen, and even the streets of Kabul are filled with fear."
My government went to Afghanistan and all I got was this stupid pipeline, by Ted Rall
©2002, Citypaper.net
"As the Pentagon was laying out targets, the State Department was mapping pipelines."
The Tax-Cut Con, by Paul Krugman
September 14, 2003, New York Times
"All politicians say they're for public education; almost all of them also say they support a strong national defense, maintaining Social Security and, if anything, expanding the coverage of Medicare. When the "guy on the news" asks whether we can afford a tax cut, he's asking whether, after yet another tax cut goes through, there will be enough money to pay for those things. And the answer is no."
The Military's Bloated Budget: It hasn't been this big in 50 years - Here's how to trim the fat, by Fred Kaplan
September 12, 2003, Slate
"This year, if all goes as President Bush plans, the United States will spend more money on the military than in any year since 1952, the peak of the Korean War."
Washington Insiders' New Firm Consults on Contracts in Iraq
by DOUGLAS JEHL, The New York Times
September 30, 2003, Yahoo News
A group of businessmen linked by their close ties to President Bush, his family and his administration have set up a consulting firm to advise companies that want to do business in Iraq, including those seeking pieces of taxpayer-financed reconstruction projects."
US Soldiers Bulldoze Iraqi Farmers' Crops, Orchards, by Patrick Cockburn in Dhuluaya
October 11, 2003, An Independent/UK article
also appearing on rense.com
"US soldiers driving bulldozers, with jazz blaring from loudspeakers, have uprooted ancient groves of date palms as well as orange and lemon trees in central Iraq as part of a new policy of collective punishment of farmers who do not give information about guerrillas attacking US troops."
Don't Look Down, by Paul Krugman
October 14, 2003, New York Times
"And there's one thing I can't help noticing: a third world country with America's recent numbers - its huge budget and trade deficits, its growing reliance on short-term borrowing from the rest of the world - would definitely be on the watch list."
Economist tallies swelling cost of Israel to US, by David R. Francis, Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor
December 9, 2002, Christian Science Monitor
"Since 1973, Israel has cost the United States about $1.6 trillion. If divided by today's population, that is more than $5,700 per person."
The Spin is Not Holding, by David Corn
October 4, 2003, The Nation
"The spin is not holding. Facing two controversies--the Wilson leak...and the still-MIA WMDs--the White House has been tossing out explanations and rhetoric that cannot withstand scrutiny."
CIA Identity Leak Far Worse Than Reported, by Warren P. Strobel
October 11, 2003. Knight Ridder Newspapers
"It's just a 12-letter name - Valerie Plame - but the leak by Bush administration officials of that CIA officer's identity may have damaged U.S. national security to a much greater extent than generally realized, current and former agency officials say."
The Bechtel Corporation, by Mick Youther
October 3, 2003, Intervention Magazine
"A history of poor planning, mismanagement, cost over-runs, and environmental destruction lands Bechtel Corporation a sweetheart deal in Iraq -- and American taxpayers pick up the tab!"
Where was George?, by Eric Alterman
September 18, 2003, The Nation October 6, 2003 issue
"September 11 is often said to be the defining moment in the Bush presidency, even of modern history. How strange, therefore, that Bush's behavior that moming-along with that of his Administration-is almost never examined in any detail."
Spending $87 Billion to Defend and Rebuild Iraq
Do the Numbers Add Up?
, by Mary Boyle
October 21, 2003, Common Cause

Ashcroft Justice Department tries to hide criticism of self in diversity audit
October 31, 2003, The New York Post
"An internal report that harshly criticized the Justice Department's diversity efforts was edited so heavily when it was posted on the department's Web site two weeks ago that half of its 186 pages, including the summary, were blacked out."

Making the troops pay twice, by Dan Carpenter
November 9, 2003, Indystar.com
"If you notice there are more veterans to honor this Veterans Day than there were last year, thank the Bush administration and the Republican Congress. If you want more help for those veterans, better ask the Democrats."

Bush ally's firm vies for Medicare cards, by Wayne Washington and Susan Milligan, Globe Staff
December 12, 2003, Boston Globe
"A Texas company owned by a campaign contributor and former business associate of President Bush could profit if Medicare endorses its drug card program under guidelines set by legislation the president signed into law on Monday, according to a report released yesterday by a research group run by a former Clinton administration official."

Court: Terror Suspects Must Get Lawyers, by DAVID KRAVETS, Associated Press Writer
December 18, 2003, AP Story
"A federal appeals court ruled Thursday for the first time that prisoners held at Guantanamo Bay Naval Base in Cuba should have access to lawyers and the American court system. The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals (news - web sites)' 2-1 decision was a rebuke to the Bush Administration."

Ozone Layer 'Sacrificed' To Lift Re-Election Prospects, by Geoffrey Lean, Environment Editor
November 24, 2003, The Independent - UK
"His administration is insisting on a sharp increase in spraying of the most dangerous ozone-destroying chemical still in use, the pesticide methyl bromide, even though it is due to be phased out under the Montreal Protocol in little more than a year. And it has threatened that the United States could withdraw from the treaty's provisions altogether if its demand is not met."

States might lose controls on corporate crooks, by A.C. Thompson and James A. Thompson
November 19, 2003, inthesetimes.com
"The Bush administration is quietly seeking to roll back oversight of the banking business and the scandal-riddled securities market through two pending proposals--a planned rule change for the banking industry and a house bill--that diminish the ability of states to police banks and stock brokers."

9/11 Chair: Attack Was Preventable
December 17, 2003, from CBS News-New York
"For the first time, the chairman of the independent commission investigating the Sept. 11 attacks is saying publicly that 9/11 could have and should have been prevented, reports CBS News Correspondent Randall Pinkston."

Keeping Secrets: The Bush administration is doing the public's business out of the public eye. Here's how--and why, by Christopher H. Schmitt and Edward T. Pound
December 22, 2003, U.S News & World Report - Investigative Reports
"Like other chief executives before him, Bush moved to unravel the efforts of his predecessor. Bush's chief of staff, Andrew Card, directed federal agencies to freeze more than 300 pending regulations issued by the administration of President Bill Clinton. The regulations affected areas ranging from health and safety to the environment and industry. The delay, Card said, would 'ensure that the president's appointees have the opportunity to review any new or pending regulations.' The process, as it turned out, expressly precluded input from average citizens. Inviting such comments, agency officials concluded, would be 'contrary to the public interest.'"

Missing The Warnings 
by The Center for American Progress, a nonpartisan research and educational institute based in Washington, D.C.
December 18, 2003, appearing on tompaine.com

"A storm is brewing over reports that the White House ignored intelligence that could have prevented 9/11. CBS Evening News reported on Dec. 17, 'For the first time, the chairman of the independent commission investigating the Sept. 11 attacks is saying publicly that 9/11 could have and should have been prevented.'"

A Time For Truth On DU, by Steven Rosenfeld-senior editor for TomPaine.com
December 21, 2003, TomPaine.com
"The health impacts of depleted uranium (DU) munitions on soldiers who served in the Iraq and the Persian Gulf Wars will be studied by Congress' General Accounting Office, according to two congressmen who have requested a new investigation into whether the Pentagon has ignored the medical consequences of the armaments."

December 18, 2003, The Daily Mis-Lead
"In a high-tech cover-up, the Washington Post this morning reports the White House is actively scrubbing government websites clean of any of its own previous statements that have now proven to be untrue."

Possible Deal Aborted? Claim: U.S. Government Spurned Peace Talks Before the War With Iraq by Brian Ross and Chris Vlasto
November 5, 2003. ABC NEWS
"A possible negotiated peace deal was laid out in a heavily guarded compound in Baghdad in the days before the war, ABCNEWS has been told, but a top former Pentagon adviser says he was ordered not to pursue the deal. Imad Hage, a prominent businessman and an emerging political leader in Lebanon, said the U.S. missed a chance to avert war with Iraq."

Bush Sells Out Another Democracy - Hypocrisy On Taiwan, by Davd Lindorff
January 4, 2004, appearing on rense.com
"When it comes to rampant hypocrisy, it doesn't get much worse than the Bush Administration's recent sell-out of the people of Taiwan. At the same time that the Bush Administration is claiming to be a champion of democracy and democratization in Iraq and the Middle East, the president has slapped down a country that has been making historic strides away from a millenium's-old totalitarian culture and polity and creating a vibrant democracy: the Republic of China on the island of Taiwan."

Iraq's Arsenal Was Only on Paper - Since Gulf War, Nonconventional Weapons Never Got Past the Planning Stage, by Barton Gellman, Washington Post Staff Writer
January 7, 2004, Washington Post
"Tamimi's covert work, which he recounted publicly for the first time in five hours of interviews, offers fresh perspective on the question that led the nation to war. Iraq flouted a legal duty to report the designs. The weapons they depicted, however, did not exist. After years of development -- against significant obstacles -- they might have taken form as nine-ton missiles. In March they fit in Tamimi's pocket, on two digital compact discs."
Washington conceals US casualties in Iraq, by David Walsh
February 4, 2004, World Socialist Web Site
"The Bush administration is deliberately concealing from the American people the number and condition of US military personnel who have been wounded in Iraq. The efforts by those few politicians and media figures who have pursued the issue make this clear."
BEYOND BUSH - Part I, by Michael Ruppert
July 7, 2003, fromthewilderness.com
"There is no longer any serious doubt that Bush administration officials deceived us into war. The key question now is why so many influential people are in denial, unwilling to admit the obvious...But even people who aren't partisan Republicans shy away from confronting the administration's dishonest case for war, because they don't want to face the implications..."
Bush's 'success' just another fiction
January 11, 2004, Lexington Herald-Leader
"Of course, as a candidate for re-election, Bush can hardly be expected to tell the truth and nothing but the truth, because the truth is that his administration has been an economic disaster. During his stint in office, 2.9 million people have lost their jobs. Nine million people are still out of work, salaries are stagnant and wages are down in terms of the 1999 dollar, while an estimated 250,000 people are not listed among the unemployed because they have quit looking for work."
IMF Warns US Budget Gaps Endanger World Economy, by Joseph Rebello
Dow Jones Newswires
January 8, 2004, on rense.com
"In a report on U.S. budget outlook, IMF researchers described the state of government finances as 'perilous" in the long run and urged Congress and the White House to take steps to quickly rein in the deficits. Although federal tax cuts and spending increases since 2001 bolstered the global economy in the short run, the report said "large U.S. fiscal deficits also pose significant risks for the rest of the world.'"

North Korea - Basic Facts Good People Should Know, by Gary Leupp
January 5, 2004, from rense.com
Colin Powell's State Department has been working with China, Russia, Japan and South Korea to negotiate the dissolution of North Korea's nuclear weapons program. But on December 12, Vice President Cheney appeared to want to sabotage that effort, telling those attending a high-level meeting in Washington that he wants to defeat Pyongyang, not talk with it."

Iraq May Be On Path To Civil War, CIA Officials Warn
by Warren P. Strobel and Jonathan S. Landay
January 22, 2004,
Knight Ridder Newspapers
"CIA officers in Iraq are warning that the country may be on a path to civil war, current and former U.S. officials said yesterday, starkly contradicting the upbeat assessment President Bush gave in his State of the Union address."

December 19, 2003
"Vice President Dick Cheney admitted the weekend after the September 11th terrorist attacks that there was no evidence of Iraq's involvement in September 2001."
How the White House Shelved MTBE Ban, by PETE YOST Associated Press Writer
February 16, 2004, Guardian - UK
"The Bush administration quietly shelved a proposal to ban a gasoline additive that contaminates drinking water in many communities, helping an industry that has donated more than $1 million to Republicans."
O'Neill Calls Bush a Disengaged President , by MARTIN CRUTSINGER, AP Economics Writer
January 9, 2004, Associated Press

"In an excerpt released by CBS, O'Neill said that a lack of real dialogue characterized the Cabinet meetings he attended during the first two years of the administration and gave O'Neill the feeling that Bush 'was like a blind man in a roomful of deaf people.'"
Questions Regarding the 9/11 Commission Interview with President Bush
from The Family Steering Committee for the 9/11 Independent Commission
February 16, 2004

"The Family Steering Committee believes that President Bush should provide sworn public testimony to the full ten-member panel of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States."
Risky Business, by Naomi Klein
December 18, 2003, The Nation
"This is ReBuilding Iraq 2, a gathering of 400 businesspeople itching to get a piece of the Iraqi reconstruction action. They are here to meet the people doling out the cash, in particular the $18.6 billion in contracts to be awarded in the next two months to companies from 'coalition partner' countries."
Rubin Gets Shrill, by Paul Krugman
January 6, 2004, New York Times
"In a paper presented over the weekend at the meeting of the American Economic Association, Mr. Rubin and his co-authors - Peter Orszag of the Brookings Institution and Allan Sinai of Decision Economics - argue along lines that will be familiar to regular readers of this column. The United States, they point out, is currently running very large budget and trade deficits. Official projections that this deficit will decline over time aren't based on 'credible assumptions.' Realistic projections show a huge buildup of debt over the next decade, which will accelerate once the baby boomers retire in large numbers."
Scientists Accuse White House of Distorting Facts, by JAMES GLANZ
January 18, 2004, New York Times
The Bush administration has deliberately and systematically distorted scientific fact in the service of policy goals on the environment, health, biomedical research and nuclear weaponry at home and abroad, a group of about 60 influential scientists, including 20 Nobel laureates, said in a statement issued today."
New Army war college report blasts Bush on war on terrorism, from Associated Press
January 11, 2004, Billings Gazette
"A scathing new report published by the Army War College broadly criticizes the Bush administration's handling of the war on terrorism, accusing it of taking a detour into an 'unnecessary' war in Iraq and pursuing an 'unrealistic' quest against terrorism that may lead to U.S. wars with states that pose no serious threat."
Pentagon report on Afghanistan criticizes war strategy, AFP
April 4, 2004
A retired army colonel commissioned by the Pentagon to examine the war in Afghanistan concluded the conflict created conditions that have given 'warlordism, banditry and opium production a new lease on life.'"
Bush Admin Ordered Medicare Cost Estimates Withheld, by Tony Pugh
March 12, 2004, Knight Ridder Newspapers, appearing on rense.com
"The government's top expert on Medicare costs was warned that he would be fired if he told key lawmakers about a series of Bush administration cost estimates that could have torpedoed congressional passage of the White House-backed Medicare prescription-drug plan."
Bush Puts Giant Sequoias On The Chopping Block, from BushGreenwatch.org
March 2, 2004, appearing on rense.com
"Under the guise of forest fire prevention, the Bush Administration's Forest Service has proposed logging in California's Sequoia National Monument, home to some of the world's tallest and oldest trees, reaching ages of 3,200 years or more."
Poisoned? Shocking report reveals local troops may be victims of America's high-tech weapons, by JUAN GONZALEZ DAILY NEWS STAFF WRITER
April 3, 2004, NY Daily News
"Four soldiers from a New York Army National Guard company serving in Iraq are contaminated with radiation likely caused by dust from depleted uranium shells fired by U.S. troops, a Daily News investigation has found."
Republican Congressmen Advised To Deny Global Warming, by Antony Barnett
April 4, 2004, The Observer, as appearing on rense.com
"George W. Bush's campaign workers have hit on an age-old political tactic to deal with the tricky subject of global warming - deny, and deny aggressively."
Human Rights Abuses in Afghanistan, by Brian Whitaker
April 4, 2004, The Guardian-UK
for educational use and discussion on Libertyforum
"Having gone to war to combat terrorism and remove the oppressive Taliban regime, the United States is now undermining efforts to restore the rule of law and endangering the lives of civilians, Human Rights Watch says."
White House Minimized the Risks of Mercury in Proposed Rules, Scientists Say
April 7, 2004, New York Times
"While working with Environmental Protection Agency officials to write regulations for coal-fired power plants over several recent months, White House staff members played down the toxic effects of mercury, hundreds of pages of documents and e-mail messages show."
No proof found to link Al Qaeda with Hussein
March 3, 2004, Detroit Free Press
"Nearly a year after U.S. and British troops invaded Iraq, no evidence has turned up to verify allegations of Hussein's links with Al Qaeda, and key parts of the Bush administration's case have either proven false or seem increasingly doubtful."
Pre-9/11 Files Show Warnings Were More Dire and Persistent
April 18, 2004, The New York Times
"But now, after three weeks of extraordinary public hearings and a dozen detailed reports, the lengthy documentary record makes clear that predictions of an attack by Al Qaeda had been communicated directly to the highest levels of the government."
The New Pentagon Papers, by Karen Kwiatkowski
March 10, 2004, Salon
"The new Pentagon papers A high-ranking military officer reveals how Defense Department extremists suppressed information and twisted the truth to drive the country to war."
Gen. Zinni: 'They've Screwed Up'
May 21, 2004, CBSnews.com
"But Zinni broke ranks with the administration over the war in Iraq, and now, in his harshest criticism yet, he says senior officials at the Pentagon are guilty of dereliction of duty -- and that the time has come for heads to roll. Correspondent Steve Kroft reports."
Bush Knew About Leak of CIA Operative's Name
by Staff and Wire Reports
June 3, 2004, Capitol Hill Blue
"Witnesses told a federal grand jury President George W. Bush knew about, and took no action to stop, the release of a covert CIA operative's name to a journalist in an attempt to discredit her husband, a critic of administration policy in Iraq. Their damning testimony has prompted Bush to contact an outside lawyer for legal advice because evidence increasingly points to his involvement in the leak of covert CIA operative Valerie Plame's name to syndicated columnist Robert Novak."
Report: White House Wrong on Medicare
May 2, 2004, Associated Press
"Bush administration officials were wrong to prevent a budget expert from giving Congress estimates of the cost of Medicare legislation, congressional researchers have concluded."
Enron Tapes Hint Chiefs Knew About Power Ploys
by Jonathan Peterson Times Staff Writer
May 18, 2004, Los Angeles Times
"Enron Corp. employees spoke of 'stealing' up to $2 million a day from California during the 2000-01 energy crisis and suggested that their market-gaming ploys would be presented to top management, possibly including Jeffrey K. Skilling and Kenneth L. Lay, according to documents released Monday."
Brutal interrogation in Iraq Five detainees' deaths probed
by Miles Moffeit Denver Post Staff Writer
May 19, 2004, Denver Post
"Brutal interrogation techniques by U.S. military personnel are being investigated in connection with the deaths of at least five Iraqi prisoners in war-zone detention camps, Pentagon documents obtained by The Denver Post show."
Memos Reveal War Crimes Warnings
by Michael Isikoff, Newsweek
May 17, 2004, appearing on truthout.org
"The White House's top lawyer warned more than two years ago that U.S. officials could be prosecuted for 'war crimes' as a result of new and unorthodox measures used by the Bush administration in the war on terrorism, according to an internal White House memo and interviews with participants in the debate over the issue."
IRAQ INTELLIGENCE: Defector lied to U.S. about weapons
May 18, 2004, Detroit Free Press
"The Bush administration helped rally public and congressional support for an Iraq invasion by publicizing the claims of an Iraqi defector, although a lie-detector test indicated he was lying and U.S. intelligence agencies had rejected him as unreliable months earlier."
Mergers lead to costly gasoline
Study looks at role of the White House

by JIM EFSTATHIOU JR. for Bloomberg
May 18, 2004, Detroit Free Press
"President George W. Bush allowed an increase in oil-refinery mergers to go unchecked since he took office and may have contributed to the highest gasoline prices in 20 years as the November election approaches, Bloomberg research has found."
Avoiding attacking suspected terrorist mastermind Abu Musab Zarqawi blamed for more than 700 killings in Iraq
by Jim Miklaszewski Correspondent NBC News
March 2, 2004, NBC News
"But NBC News has learned that long before the war the Bush administration had several chances to wipe out his terrorist operation and perhaps kill Zarqawi himself -- but never pulled the trigger."
Occupation Made World Less Safe, Pro-War Institute Says
by Kim Sengupta
May 25, 2004, The Independent - UK
"The US and British occupation of Iraq has accelerated recruitment to the ranks of Osama bin Laden's terrorist network and made the world a less safe place, according to a leading London-based think-tank."

Democrats: Medicare Bill Cost Kept Secret
by MARK SHERMAN, Associated Press Writer
July 7, 2004, Associated Press
"Democrats say an internal Bush administration investigation into the new Medicare law confirms there was a coordinated effort to keep its true costs from Congress and the public."

Iraqis inherit a country that's crumbling
June 30, 2004, Detroit Free Press
"Despite $13.7 billion in reconstruction spending so far, the Iraq that the United States handed back Monday is worse off than before the war in key ways, including electrical output, the judicial system and overall security, according to a new report by the General Accounting Office."
UN's report on Iraq discusses possible coalition war crimes
June 5, 2004, Detroit Free Press
"Coalition forces involved in the mistreatment of Iraqi prisoners might be guilty of war crimes, the top UN official for human rights said in a report released Friday."
Pentagon's mess hurting U.S. troops
July 23, 2004, Detroit Free Press
"The Pentagon's finances are in such a shambles that no one knows precisely how much of the $450 billion that the Defense Department spends each year goes astray -- or what happens to the bills it pays or the equipment it buys."
Rumsfeld, Military Leaders Faulted in Prison Abuse
by Charles Aldinger and Will Dunham
August 24, 2004, Reuters

"Top Pentagon officials and the military command in Iraq contributed to an environment in which prisoners were abused at Abu Ghraib prison, according to a report released on Tuesday by high-level panel investigating the military detentions."
Bush Administration Directs Agencies to Ignore Clean Water Act
September 14, 2004, Salon
"Using a back-door route to deregulation, the Bush administration has removed clean water protections for 20 million acres of American wetlands and tens of thousands of miles of streams, lakes and ponds, according to documents obtained through the federal Freedom of Information Act."
Intel Officials Have Bleak View for Iraq
by KATHERINE PFLEGER SHRADER, Associated Press Writer
September 16, 2004, Associated Press
"The National Intelligence Council presented President Bush this summer with several pessimistic scenarios regarding the security situation in Iraq , including the possibility of a civil war there before the end of 2005."
U.S. Leaks Report of No Weapons in Iraq
by CHARLES J. HANLEY, AP Special Correspondent
September 18, 2004, Associated Press
"In the end, as a hurricane distracted Americans, as terrorist car bombings and U.S. air strikes bloodied Iraq, the findings of a Duelfer-led investigation were quietly leaked in Washington. And after 16 months of trying, what his teams have found is less than little."
Secrecy in the Bush Administration
by Rep. Henry A. Waxman
September 18, 2004, Truthout.org
"Rep. Henry A. Waxman has released a comprehensive examination of secrecy in the Bush Administration. The report analyzes how the Administration has implemented each of our nation's major open government laws. It finds that there has been a consistent pattern in the Administration's actions: laws that are designed to promote public access to information have been undermined, while laws that authorize the government to withhold information or to operate in secret have repeatedly been expanded. The cumulative result is an unprecedented assault on the principle of open government."

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