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You'll want to own our new book called Trump in Limericks featuring many of the limericks we wrote for our site currently plus lots of new ones you won't find anywhere else. There are over 300 limericks and 200 pages in the book. You will really enjoy reading it. Available in paperback and ebook. Get more ordering information here.

More Trump in Limericks book
And you'll also want to buy our most recent book More Trump in Limericks with original artwork, poems, a few interesting topics, and over 100 limericks right up to the election. Now available in paperback. Find more ordering information here.

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Recommended Books and DVDs

The Republican War on Science
Chris Mooney skillfully explores what is behind the GOP attempt to turn a country on the cusp of innovation backwards into the Middle Ages of skepticism about science and evolution. Mooney guides the reader through this unfathomable undertaking that is an organized Republican effort to undo our national heritage of innovation and scientific advancements.

Money & Free Speech
Melvin Urofsky, one of our nation's most respected legal historians, takes a fresh look at efforts to rein in campaign spending and counter efforts in the courts to preserve the status quo. He offers a thoughtful and balanced overview of campaign finance reform and the legal responses to it, from the Progressive era through the Supreme Court's landmark ruling in McConnell v. FEC (2003) and its impact on the 2004 election.

No Place to Hide book
O'Harrow, a Pulitzer finalist who covers privacy and technology issues for the Washington Post, tracks the explosive growth of this surveillance industry, with keen attention to the problems that 'inevitable mistakes" along the way have created in mainstream society, from victims of identity theft who have been placed in financial jeopardy to travelers detained at the airport because of the similarity of their names to those of criminal suspects.

The Plot Against Social Security
Peterson, secretary of commerce under Nixon, citing study after study, shows that it is a failure of leadership, not knowledge, that has let deficits loom while offering solutions to fix social security.

How Democrats and Progressives Can Win
Linguist George Lakoff will help you understand the critical role of language in today's politics and the ways you can make language work for you in this 25 min. DVD.

A Patriot Act DVD
A Patriot Act is a brilliant, funny, but chilling indictment of the Bush administration's stealth movement to subvert the US Constitution and replace American democracy with religious values.

The Hunting of the President
The documentary version of the excellent book of the same name by Joe Conason and Gene Lyons showing the organization of the right wing conspiracy to get Clinton

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What Will it Take for Republicans to Stop Defending Trump?

We are asking our viewers for help in creating clever and funny scenarios under which the Republicans might stop wiping Trump's ass every time he shits on the Constitution and acts in a reckless manner endangering us all while demeaning the office. What will it take for Republicans to protect their own country and our democracy? We need to come to grips with the fact that our out-dated and flawed electoral college system allowed this Cheeto-faced nincompoop to govern us but we don't have to stand quietly by while he destroys all our institutions. Although we can only hope he won't destroy mental institutions because he belongs in one. The only to get rid of him for good is to convince enough Republicans how stupid they look in supporting a manchild who will shit again right after they change his diapers. We have started this list to help you get a feel for the types of ideas we might be looking for. To read a good list of what our Predator-in-chief has already done to discredit himself, The Republican’s Guide to Presidential Behavior, By THE NEW YORK TIMES EDITORIAL BOARD, MAY 13, 2017, is a good place to start.

This project will be lots of fun if everyone pitches in to help! Even though he's now longer in office, he still remains the Top Chef of the GOP.

List of horrible things Trump could do that might make Republicans abandon him [emphasis on "might"]:

Having a hissy fit, he throws a bottle of ketchup at the wall and overturns his table full of plates, silverware, and food in his White House private dining room and lets the staff clean it all up with no apologies. Oh, wait he did that and the GOP still supports this manchild.

He pisses all over the White House floor and tells his staff to lick up the puddle.

In the next violent attack by the Trump mob that he and/or his supporters urged on, it's Congressional Republicans in leadership positions who get injured and killed instead of Capitol police.

He starts an insurrection of an angry violent mob that storms the U.S. Capitol building where police are killed and many seriously injured and the building is severely damaged both inside and outside. Oh, wait! That really did happen and Trump was not impeached over any of it and now the Republican whores are still aligned with him and defending him EVEN AFTER he lost the election and their party lost control of all branches of government.

Reporters finally get their hands on the medical emergency that sent Trump to Walter Reed hospital and it shows he took much Viagra.

He dyes his fake hair and it turns green.

Thinking he needs to send a loud signal to his white male racist supporters that he's still one of them, he gives his first State of the Union address wearing an all white robe and KKK hood. He could wear this KKK garb with a red tie or not.

He has sex with an underage girl (or boy) on the front steps of the White House in broad daylight. It has to happen this way in broad daylight or else his supporters will blame the victim and blame the media for reporting this as fake news.

He releases his tax returns so Republicans will become horrified at what they find.

He starts construction on another Trump Tower on the White House lawn and brings in all his mafia-connected friends from the good old days to lay all the concrete.

He plants marijuana and opium poppies where Michelle Obama's vegetable garden used to be.

He dyes whatever hair he has left dark black and sports a Hitler mustache.

He starts playing a lot of Wagner music over speakers in the White House.

He actually shoots someone in broad daylight for no reason on 5th Avenue in New York City to see if it affects his poll numbers and number of supporters.

He starts ordering the White House chef to only prepare beef stroganoff and other Russian specialties for dinner.

He invites Putin and lots of Russian oligarchs to golf with him at Mara-a-Lago on weekends.

He gets photographed riding a white horse shirtless and without a man-bra.

He runs in the NYC Marathon wearing only gold-colored Speedos [thanks to Rick Wilson - an MSNBC contributor].

He poses naked for the cover of Time magazine and it horrifies everyone not because he's naked but because he's a big fat orange-colored tub of lard.

He issues an executive order declaring a U.S. alliance with Russian interests.

He rapes Melania like he did his other two wives and she goes around to all the talk shows telling all.

He gropes more women who record the ordeal on their cellphones and post the videos on YouTube.

Another video comes out where this time he brags about having sex with a goat.

He parades around New York City like the good old times with a new mistress.

He calls Mitch McConnell a "son of a tortoise."

He calls Paul Ryan a ferret [because he looks like one].

He shows everyone his penis to prove it's not as small as his tiny hands would indicate but everyone gasps because it does look like a mushroom as Stormy Daniels described it.

He releases the results of a recent psychiatric exam proving he's insane.

He releases the results in a real physical exam and this time it shows he really is obese and has a heart condition.

He shows up bragging about how he won the election at a Klu Klux Klan rally.

He hands out loaded guns to all his derenged white male supporters at one of his rallies.

He diplays the Russian flag alongside the United States flag at events where a flag on the stage is common.

He releases his draft records to show how he avoided the draft. It wasn't bone spurs but that he was judged to be mentally retarded.

He releases all his college transcripts and school report cards so Republicans can see how dumb he really is.

He orders the courts to unseal all his divorce records to prove that he was accused of raping both wives.

He sodomizes a priest and liked it.

He attends and participates in a gay pride rally.

He shows up at a Rolling Stones concert wearing a red tie and suit.

He shows photos of himself partying with all kinds of known mobsters and drug kingpins. Showing up with convicted child molester Jeff Epstein and his partner in crime Ghislane Maxwell just wasn't enough.

He plasters the walls of the White House with photos and portraits of the world's worst dictators. despots, amd tyrants.

He takes a big dump on the Senate floor when he doesn't get his way.

Air Force One always has to make a stop first at one of his properties before flying elsewhere.

He sells tickets for access to him at every event and he pockets all the money.

He reopens Trump University because he can and cons more gullible students into enrolling and he charges more this time because he is the President.

He orders three scoops of ice cream on top of a large piece of pie just to show everyone that he doesn't care about his arteries. And that's after eating a whole bucket of Kentucky Fried chicken and two Big Macs with cheese.

He meets with the Pope while in Rome and kicks him in the ass while claiming he knows more about the Bible than the Pope does.

He tells all his faux macho white male suppoters that he's gay...that he was hiding his real sexuality all along. Also he tells them that he doesn't really own any guns and he is afraid to fight even a frail old woman.

He forces the country into bankruptcy just like he did his casinos and other failed businesses.

At one of his events a mouse runs across the stage causing him to swings his arms wildly in the air while running away shrieking like a frightened child.

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