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Send Your Pills to Rush Limbaugh

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Urgent! Rush Needs Your Pills
(Friends Don't Let Friends Broadcast or Go Through Multiple Divorces Unmedicated)

We all wanted to see Rush in the slammer - not getting off with just a slap on the wrist like he just did because he had enough money to buy himself out of more serious trouble.

Pill Package

Above: Pill package sent to Rush in a Ziploc bag
by one of our viewers with our printable label included

Topplebush.com is urging our viewers to keep sending in your old pills to Rush Limbaugh. If he resorts to illegally buying prescription drugs again, it would revoke his recent settlement for fraud. Please mail him anything you have lying around that isn't needed any longer or has expired with the exception of controlled substances that can't be sent legally through the mail. We advise you NOT to put your own return address on any of these shipments. But keep in mind it is perfectly legal to send prescription drugs through the mail as long as it isn't a controlled substance. For your convenience we already have a pre-made pill bottle label and address label with instructions you can printout now. Rush is benefiting from our help as evidenced by these stupid, insensitive, and moronic on-air rants on the human rights abuses in Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq. This has to be coming from the well-medicated Rush we have always known:

"I'm sorry, folks. I'm sorry. Somebody has to provide a little levity here. This is not as serious as everybody is making it out to be. My gosh, we're all wringing our hands here. We act like, 'Okay let's just die,' you know? 'Let's just give up. What can we do to make these people feel better? Let's just pull out of there, and let's just go. Let's just become a neutral country. Let's just do that.' I mean, it's ridiculous. It's outrageous what's happening here, and it's not -- and it's not because I'm out of touch; it's because I am in touch, folks, that I can understand.

"This is no different than what happens at the Skull and Bones initiation, and we're going to ruin people's lives over it, and we're going to hamper our military effort, and then we are going to really hammer them because they had a good time. You know, these people are being fired at every day. I'm talking about people having a good time, these people, you ever heard of emotional release? You [ever] heard of need to blow some steam off?"

"It's the only way to deal with this, and that's why obsessing about a single incident or two of so-called abuse in a prison is nothing more than a giant distraction and could up being something that will really ties [sic] our hands and handcuffs us in what the real objective is here, which is the preservation of our way of life and our country."

Rush also sounded whacko in remarks he made about actor Michael J. Fox who he claimed was faking his Parkinson's symptoms by exaggerating them in an ad Fox made for the McCaskill campaign in support of stem cell research.

CAUTION! Remove any personally identifiable information from real pill containers, BEFORE attaching the new label!

Pill Note

Above: Funny note sent to Rush with a pill package by one of our viewers

Why we started this new campaign

As you probably already know Rush Limbaugh had a serious addiction to painkillers. He got out of Rehab in Arizona after only five weeks--not enough time to cure an addiction to the powerful painkillers he was abusing shamelessly in huge quantities: OxyContin, Lorcet, and Hydrocodone. What's worse, his former housekeeper, Wilma Cline, who was one of his main pushers for a number of years ratted him out, turning over all of her records of her dealings with Rush to local Palm Beach Co., Florida authorities. Rush Limbaugh finally reached a settlement with prosecutors Friday April 28. 2006 in a fraud case involving prescription painkillers, though he maintains his innocence. Limbaugh turned himself in to authorities about 4 p.m. on a warrant for fraud to conceal information to obtain a prescription, the first charge in the nearly 3-year-old case, said Teri Barbera, a spokeswoman for the state attorney. He was released an hour later on $3,000 bail. This was just a slap on the wrist and shows what high-priced lawyers and lots of money will get you in the judicial system.

Rush needs your pills now more than ever

Rush and his third wife and internet bride, Marta are splitting after 10-years of marriage. The story broke June 12, 2004 (Reuters). Apparently she can't take anymore of this windbag either. Now what this means is that Rush is going to need your pills more than ever. We doubt he can go through this troubling time without some pain relief. So scroll to the bottom of this page and get your pill bottle and mailing labels now!

Why an unmedicated Rush is a problem in need of a solution

Rush Limbaugh's recent addiction was only the tip of the iceberg in a long series of similar problems he has had with painkillers. This was his third trip into rehab. Obviously he likes his pills and depends upon them to stay on the air broadcasting in a drug induced euphoria. Personally we think his fans only relate to Rush on the air when he's in the throes of Morpheus. His dittoheads demand this high quality of broadcast journalism and should get it. If he can't stay properly medicated God only knows what he might say or do on the air. He might even become something other than a mouthpiece for Karl Rove and we can't have that happen. Dittoheads require their superhero to deliver the same error filled, right wing hate-mongering talking points they have been long accustomed to receiving...the same simple-minded one-sided messages that resonate with an audience that gets all of their news from Rush and FOX News.

Therefore we need to make sure that Rush stays well medicated even if it can't be with the same "Hillybilly Heroin" he was taking before. We must continue to hear Rush speak from that same drug-induced state we've grown accustomed to hearing for so many years now. So please help us by sending in your old pills to Rush. Let's make this campaign a huge success!! Rush deserves it, needs it, and depends upon it.

Don't have any old meds you can send? But you still want to help Rush?

You can! Just send some aspirin tablets, cold pills, ExLax, Tylenol, Ibuprofen, or whatever you have - any over-the-counter pills that can be obtained anywhere. Pills are pills! At this point Rush probably won't care what they're for!"

The fast and easy way to send Rush pills if you don't want to print labels

Put a handful of pills in a plain white envelope or ziploc bag and mail to:
The Rush Limbaugh Show
1270 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10020
ATTN: Rush Limbaugh.

Up to 1-oz costs just .44 cents in a flat enough envelope. Where can you find that much pleasure for so little time and money?

Spread the word to your friends. Use this link to let others know how we are trying to help Rush Limbaugh so they can help too.

And if you can, we urge our viewers to leave positive feedback and support for Barry Krischer, the Florida State Attorney, who led this investigation and kept the heat on Rush. You can also use the below links to thank everyone who helped convict Rush for fraud even though he did get off with a wrist slap for serious felonies.

Palm Beach Feedback
Palm Beach Post Opinion

Many thanks to both Ken and Arlene, some of our great viewers who supported this campaign!

R. J. Crane, Editor

Use this link to open up a pop-up window where you can print-out a pre-made pill bottle label, mailing label, and instructions to send your pills to Rush.

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